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Two Syrian Pilots Die After Their Warplane Crash In Deir Ezzor Province – Reports


Two Syrian pilots – Suleiman Shantir and Ali Mustafa – have reportedly died after their warplane crashed in the province of Deir Ezzor, according to media reports.

It is not clear where in the province the incident took place, but pro-ISIS media accounts have already clamed that the warplane was downed by ISIS members. These claims cannot be confirmed independently.

Two Syrian Pilots Die After Their Warplane Crash In Deir Ezzor Province - Reports

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  • Barba_Papa

    If Atlantis were to rise from the depths of the ocean ISIS would claim it as their action. They like to claim more incidents then an American claims lawyer.

    • John Whitehot

      lmao well said :D

    • Thegr8rambino

      Hahaha ikr?

  • dutchnational

    In a warzone, the chance of a crashed plane crashing as a result of being downed is much larger than it crashing by itself. A plane crashing by itself is mostly caused by either bad weather of bad maintenance. As there was no bad weather reported, it would then likely be bad maintenance.

    So now the choice is between being downed by someone (IS?) or bad maintenance.

  • Attrition47

    Condolence to the next of kin.

  • dutchnational

    Syria frontlines‏
    8 min8 minuten geleden
    Nov, 21: #SyAF L-39 crashed on the approach to land after receiving ground fire during attack in #DeirEzZor. Both crew members Major Ali Mustafa & Cpt. Sulaiman Yunes died. RIP.

    Seems to me this clearifies the situation.

  • gustavo

    ¿ Crash ? Maybe ISIS is right since USA-Israel could provide ISIS with MANPA weapons.

  • Deo Cass

    It was shot down by US colonial occupation terror forces for flying over the Eastern banks of the Euphrates river which the colonial imperialist US invasion terror forces want to claim as their own. These aggressions by the US/Zionist terror occupation forces will only increase if the resistance axis doesn’t challenge these invaders and show them who owbs that land. This applies also to the foreign Kurdish invaders and settlers who occupy that Syrian Arab land who have sided with the foreign Western colonial imperialist forces to steal Syrian Arab soverign land and place Syria once again under Western/Zionist colonial rule. Thus Syria and its allies of the resistance axis need to reclaim what’s left of the territory on the Eastern banks of the Euphrates river, especially the Syrian/Iraqi border area cost what it will before tgey are severed from the Syrian state permanently and annexed to the artificially created So called: ‘Free Syrian Federal State.’

    • dutchnational

      With all the subjectives, this is just ranting and hardly comprehensible.


    • John Whitehot

      pathetic. this is exactly the kind of “suggestions” zionists try to force on folks.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    several times i wrote, the Albatros is not for fights. It is training plane, of course, some desperate governments, generals send the woeful pilots on slaughter. better to lose 2 migs then 2 pilots. idiot saa generals! albatros never will be able to defend itself.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    rip pilots!

  • Thegr8rambino

    RIP and hope the terrorists who downed them were destroyed