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Two Separate Attacks Target Syrian Intelligence Patrols On Damascus-Daraa Highway

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Two Separate Attacks Target Syrian Intelligence Patrols On Damascus-Daraa Highway

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On March 17, two patrols of the Syrian Political Security Directorate (PSD) were targeted with improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on Damascus-Daraa highway.

The first patrol was targeted near Khirbet Ghazaleh bridge, while the second came under attack a few minutes later next to the al-Ayman gas station.

According to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a number of PSD officers were wounded in the IED attacks. The London-based monitoring group alleged that some of the wounded are in a critical condition.

Following the attacks, the Syrian military, security forces and intelligence deployed large reinforcements along the Damascus-Daraa highway.

No group has claimed responsibility for the IED attacks, so far. ISIS, whose cells are known to be present and active near the Damascus-Daraa highway, remains the main suspect.

The situation in the southern governorate of Daraa has been chaotic. Two days earlier, four officers of the General Intelligence Directorate were killed during clashes with members of ISIS in the town of Jasim in the governorate’s western countryside. The terrorists were reportedly behind a number of recent IED attacks in Daraa.

Overall, it appears that the security situation in Daraa is deteriorating once again. ISIS appears to be rebuilding its influence there. Syrian government forces should take decisive action before the situation in the governorate spins out of control.


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Strangely specific attacks me thinks.

Maybe Syrian intelligence personel should travel without their mobile phones, both private and official ones. Keeping taps on phones across Syria is of course out of reach for ISIS, but not for terror supporting scumbags like Is***l and the failing empire. Just a thought ;)

jens holm

They really should use their intelligense brighter and remove Assads and the worst part of the Bad Artist top.

I can only see one positive aspect. Syria has more asphalt then it can use and export🛀

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