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JUNE 2023

Two Russian Radars Spotted At Key Eastern Syria Airport

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Two Russian Radars Spotted At Key Eastern Syria Airport

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On March 9, Twitter account Status-6 shared new satellite images showing two Russian radar systems at Deir Ezzor Airport in eastern Syria.

The systems, a P-18 “Spoon Rest D” and a Kasta 2E2 “Flat Face E,” were apparently deployed at the military section of Deir Ezzor Airport in 2019.

The P-18 is a 2D VHF radar with a maximum range of 250 km and an altitude of 35 km. The more modern Kasta 2E2 is a 2D UHF radar with a range of 150 km and an altitude of 6 km.

While the P-18 radar is generally used for early warning, the Kasta 2E2 is a low-level surveillance radar that can be also used to detect stealthy air targets.

Together, the two radars allow Russia to keep an eye on the skies of Syria’s central, eastern and northeastern regions. The US-led coalition operates in the northeastern region. The Israeli Air Forces, on the other hand, carried out several attacks on targets in the central and eastern regions in the past.

Russia has been working to strengthen its military presence in central and eastern Syria for a few years now. Recent reports revealed that Russian forces are allegedly building a large base near the ancient city of Palmyra in the heart of the war-torn country.


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Blas de Lezo

Useless Russian garbage. Israeli F-35s go anywhere in Syria and could take those out if they feel like it.

Rhodium 10

Dont be stupid!..Israeli aircraft dont enter in Syria airspace…they have cruise missile Delilah ( 250km range) and aerial guide bombs GBU 39 with 120km range and dont need to enter there!..among other reasons that plane can be shot down and then Russia could get parts of the plane or F-35 could crash there for tech reasons which would be a valuable loot.


pffffft , Lezo. F-35s have stayed out of Syria proper, pretty much, since Israel almost had 2 of them shot down by S-200s of the SyAAF. What you said is pure garbage, probably because your either paid to say stuff like this or you have zero idea as to what is going on over there.

Blas de Lezo

Ya sé, ya sé. Coño man! So now I have to wait for the shooter outside my fence to come into my home so I can claim self defense. Merde!

cechas vodobenikov

dildo thinks like deermo

cechas vodobenikov

maricon in rehab…..maneando cuando novio viene con dildo


problem is that the jews rarely enter syrian airspace and thus they fire their missiles or whatever from either lebanese airspace or jordanian. however if the russians can get a line on a jew plane it can be downed with a missile and land on lebanese land which would be a serious setback for the jews and a serious advantage for the russians and if it should happen to be one of the flying mistakes, the f35, double bonus for russia and the jews wouldn’t dare to sneak their ugly faces over the nearest hill of fear to be pulverized.

Supreme Blyat

Keyword: “can”


Verner, what about the “de-confliction agreement”? As if Russian command in Syria doesn’t know about the attacks usually at least an hour beforehand.

Did something changed since the last 2 weeks?


Something seems to have changed recently in Russia. President Putin and the Russian government seem to have finally decided to get tougher with the US and NATO.

This is good news, in my opinion.

The the US and NATO must be careful what they wish for, as Russia can and will strike if the need arrises.

NATO is just a farce these days.


I wonder if it has anything to do with our parliament speaker’s visit (Qalibaf) and delivering the message of Ayatollah Khamenei to president Putin. We don’t know the details but at least the timing is right.


Yes, and Russia is quite aware that Iran is vital for Russian and Chinese security.


There’s some historical “bad blood” between Iranians and Russians. Forgetting the treaties of Akhal (separation of Iranian lands from Aral lake to Atrak river), Gloestan and Turkamanchai (losing all southern Caucasus, including our access to the black sea and even losing the right to have any ships in the Caspian sea) is not possible for Iranians, specially Turkamanchai which became a symbol or humiliation. In 19th century we lost about %60 of our soil to both Imperial Russia and Britain (which means the whole or large parts of current countries of Uzbekistan, Tajikstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Georgia, Armenia, republic of Azerbaijan, Basrah, Baghdad, and eastern Anatolia. Bahrain, some Persian Gulf islands, the Qara Su valley and water sources of Hirmand river in the east are the gifts of Pahlavi dinasty to Turkey and the British-run Afghanistan).

Invasions of WW1 and WW2 and the soviets’ attempt to separate the whole north-west and western part by creating Communist “republics” also didn’t help. Here I’m not going to talk about the British role in that era.

Later arming Saddam with the latest Soviet toys (like Tu-22, Mig-25, Tu-16 and SCUD missiles) which enabled Saddam to kill our civilians is still fresh in our memory.

Siding with the west in their shambles of the UN and sanctions and embargoes, negating on their contracts for S-300 and Bushehr nuclear power plant wasn’t helpful either.

Iran and Russia had an understanding and cooperation during the time which Ottomans were a threat. Basically in the past anytime Russia sensed a real danger from west, they get close to Iran and as soon as the threat was defused or they reached an understanding with them, they immediately forgot all their words, promises, treaties and contracts with us, this was up to a decade ago. And in Shah era, there was always the danger of a coup by the communist part of Iran, Hezb-e-Toudeh and/or dorect invasion (I gotta say if this didn’t happen was because Americans didn’t tolerate it and threatened USSR with a nuclear war). Still, many Russian companies (and even state-run companies) also left after Trums sanctions.

This is all in the past and just from the Iranian point of view. I’m sure Russians also have something to say, how much of it relates to reality is another matter.

There’s an excellent article on Saker blog by Ms. Mansoureh Tajik about this.

We understand that the new today Russia under president Putin is a different entity. The west and Zionists still have a lot of power on Russia but signs show that this power is not going to last.

It takes a lot of effort to amend these wounds and build a mutual trust between the countries. The current tactical level of cooperation is not going to help either of us, what both countries need is a strategic partnership or alliance. With this hybrid war going on both countries, if we don’t cooperate they’ll pick us one by one.

I hope the leadership of both countries understand this issue to the bone and work on their respective population so we can see eachother as reliable partners and allies. If Iran falls, so will Russia eventually and vice versa. But to me it seems the archaic “balance doctrine” still plays a significant role in Russian decision-making.

Time will tell us what will happen These 3 countries together form an undefeatable force which is able to change the world for the better.


nah the russians getting tired of the jews incessant pin prick attacks and have told them to cease and desist which is more or less ignored by tel aviv. although there has been a lull in the attacks lately but that can change in a flash of a second and more likely due to netanyahu’s plan to cause an attack on Iran, i.e. nuke ’em!!

cechas vodobenikov

CIA employees at SF claim f-35 can challenge a bi-plane ,,,so many defects the amerikans are humiliated—cannon flies as straight as their LGBT military…pilots now admit they cannot use 20% of the tech simultaneously because it confuses them

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