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Two Russian Military Advisers Killed In Fierce Clash With Militants In Syria – Media

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Two Russian Military Advisers Killed In Fierce Clash With Militants In Syria - Media


Two Russian military advisers – Captain Eugene Konstantinov and Major Aleksander Skladan – have been killed in a fierce clash with militants in Syria, according to reports in the Russian media. The incident allegedly took place on May 3.

The source of the reports is the veterans organization “Brothers in Arms” that reported the incident citing some documents received from the Russian Defense Ministry.

According to the report, Konstantinov was attempting to rescue his injured counterpart when Syrian soldiers stopped providing fire cover to the advisers and retreated from the area. When the Syrian military restored the lost points, the Russian military servicemen were dead.

The report added that Konstantinov was actively involved in planning and conducting military operations against terrorists in the war-torn country. He also participated in training of Syrian troops.

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Thats one thing about these arabs on all sides: They tuck tail and run fairly easily…


Well yes and no. Even if their defeat now seems inexorable, ISIS has proven itself to be a formidable adversary even though their numbers were never that large. I’ve heard westerners make countless similar claims about Afghans and Iraqis, and look who lost, or is losing, in those countries in the end… Maybe takfiri Islam *is* the only idea that can successfully unite and motivate people in that part of the world–a sobering thought.


They only had early wins because of exploiting a incorrectly configured defensive force, surprise, and corrupt upper leadership.
Every single contributing factor to the defensive team losing was brought on by the defensive team itself.

Julius Meinel

So much for reliable SAA troops. If they flee when they have Russian military personnel on their side, one can imagine the chaotic scenario when they are under attack on their own, with no Russian support. I said it before and I will say it again: all Arab armies are rabble that are not worth a penny. Rest in peace Russian soldiers, fighting for unworthy ally.

Ilies Bekhtaoui

as i arab myself i can tell you that you are right , but al lthe money and technologies in the world will not change this , arabs are divided into many sub ethinic groups , each region in any arab country have it’s own culture + the division inside society made all of us only think of our own survival , we don’t care about the rest as long as we as individuals survive . and this is a big issue , i don’t want to die for people that will not die for me , that’s why arab countries are so easily over run , once the shit starts it all in chaos . look at the kurds , they are nationalist and they don’t give a shit they fight the iraki isis turkey most terrorist organisation the syrian arab army still they aren’t afraid because they are one people united in one idea . the eurpe is dooming itself into a fake sense of power by doind this look at russia 150 million that will fight till the last men , look at europe 600+ million people 25% migrant . 25% femists and anti war …….. multiculturalism if not united in one idea is suicide

Gabriel Hollows

Now I see why Irak collapsed so fast in 2003. This is what happens when Western countries draw arbitrary borders and create fake countries that mix a whole myriad of ethnic groups that want nothing to do with each other.

Pavel Pavlovich

Maybe their army is not worthy, but geopolitically Assad and even the hopelessly self-destructive Baath have proven to be reliable enough.

Samuel Boas

Probably the NDF. This would not have happened with the Tiger forces or the regular SAA units.

Julius Meinel

Russian advisers do not waster their time with local NDF. They train units most likely to see action, which are part of the active SAA battalions. Anyway… this is not the last incident of its kind, and unfortunately, unlikely to be the last.

The Russians would not be in Syria if they would not need to address 3 matters very important to them.
1) keep a close eye on NATO ships and submarines which can lunch cruise missile attack on Russia’s south from eastern Med.
2) kills as many Caucasian and Central Asian jihadist as it can and
3) prevent Qatar from running its gas pipes through eastern Syria to Turkey and then Europe to compete with Russian gas.

Pavel Pavlovich

Launch missiles at a nation with as many nukes as the agressor would have?
I don’t think so. That does not mean NATO should not be watched from up close.

Solomon Krupacek

no 3 is illegal

Leon Auguste

Unfortunate! RIP

Solomon Krupacek



I think you are very sad,
Is this correct ?

Solomon Krupacek

yes. i am prorussian.

desite all critics. a speak russian, read russian books, have russian movies.

Miguel Redondo

A prayer for their souls


Jonathan Cohen

Where did this take place? which front? which militia faction were they fighting?

888mladen .

The only difference between ISIS and SAA is that there is no marshall court in SAA. Level of discipline is appalling.


“The only difference between ISIS and SAA ” WTF !!

888mladen .

My friend have you ever heard about something like context? Try to use your brain rather than reacting. The article is talking about leaving your comrades on the battlefield unprotected on mercies of an enemy. Isn’t it? Do you think that SAA and ISIS would have dealt with this breach of conduct in the same way? I hope you understand now what it means “only difference”. It’s only but nevertheless it’s huge. ISIS would have sent those guys to the firing squads or rather chop their heads off SAA pays them salaries. War is not entertainment it’s a serious business and I’m pretty sure those guys who have left RU soldiers unprotected don’t get it.

Baudouin Jérusalem





Middle East needs a Genghis Khan. Without someone like this, the different regions all fall into fighting one another on sectarian lines. Genghis Khan would have kept the peace and stopped any faction causing trouble for others. Next time, this Khan should not stop at Palestine, he should go all the way south and west, to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Algeria.

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