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Two Russian Corvettes Armed With Kalibr Missiles Enter Mediterranean

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Two Russian Corvettes Armed With Kalibr Missiles Enter Mediterranean

FILE IMAGE: Grad Sviyazhsk launched a Kalibr cruise missile

Two Russian Buyan-M class missile corvettes armed with Kalibr cruise missiles have entered the Mediterranean. Grad Sviyazhsk and Velikiy Ustyug of the Caspian Fleet dpearted from the Russian port city of Sevastopol on June 16 and passed the Bosphorus Strait on June 17.

These missile corvettes will join a Russian naval task group, which operates near Syrian shores. They have already been involved in the anti-terrorist operation in the war-torn country. On October 7, 2015 Grad Sviyazhsk and Velikiy Ustyug launched 26 Kalibr cruise missiles at 11 terrorist targets in Syria.

The Russian Navy has 9 Buyan-M class missile corvettes in active service. Five more warships are currently under construction.

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Maybe some juicy targets are developing in Syria, if not, it is an effort to integrate smaller tonnage ships (costal defense ships) with larger ones as a combined fighting unit in the open sea.


I think more to the Kalibr attack availability. Unless the Russian hands Syrian new warplanes to use i don’t think the Russian would cover Syrian and it’s allies operations in close proximity with the US with air defense umbrella.


I personally do not think Trump wants to be in Syria or get involved deeper; whatever provocations and arrangements US initiates in the area is the result of secondary and tertiary echelons that are influenced by the deep state and special interests. Yea, Mattis says one thing, however he is responsible to Trump.
On the other hand Putin is choosing to reduce the intensity of the Syrian conflict by not pouring more gasoline on the fire, working out political arrangements with loudmouth Israel and US in regards to south Syria. Russia will be in Syria for the foreseeable future and she will play the game that is most suitable to her.


As long as USrael gets the f*ck out of Syria…everything is okay… If not.. the U.S. Will create a HUGE Problem for themselves… The longer it lasts the more precarious it will become…Alea iacta est


Any prime minister or president supporting the child butchers Trump, Salman, Netanyahu and Israel is in fact declaring himself the child butcher, terrorist and thief…..

Support mean that remain silent on butchering children in Palestine, Syria and Yemen……..

Kell McBanned

A signal to Israel and the US fleet in the eastern Med.


More to signal that their deterrence would be enough to break their jihadist mercenaries offensive if it down to that.

Wise Gandalf

There is no us fleet in the Mediterr.


I thought you Blocked me….are you still my friend? Have you seen Smaug btw? We started a game and he took off…..


Yeah… sure.. Cause you said so ;)
US carriers position on 16 May 2018comment image

Wise Gandalf

Lern the terms. There ere some ships for short time. But no fleet. Fleet is something big. Also ruskies have several shops and submarines, but not fleet in med.


Perhaps he used the wrong term(fleet) however the USS Truman and its associated battle group is in the Mediterranean.
Most normal people think of a carrier task force as a fleet.



Just trying their new “toys”
A SIGNAL would be to finally use that f*king S-400 and shoot down some Israeli planes that bomb Syrian troops

Peter Moy

Payback is on the way. This is a notice to all NATO ships – specifically the US and its lapdogs Prime Minister Big Bird (Theresa May) and little stinky (the French ballerina Macaroni and Cheese). Stay away from the Syrian coast you arrogant, murderous, slack jawed worms!

Concrete Mike

These little ships are not to be messed with. They sometimes contain “aid ” packages for the operations rooms NATO like set up in al nusra turf


Nice they are such a beauties

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