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JULY 2020

Two Radical Militants Eliminated After Assassinating Syrian Officer In Daraa


Two Radical Militants Eliminated After Assassinating Syrian Officer In Daraa

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Late on April 16, radical militants assassinated an officer of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the western countryside of Daraa.

Local sources said Lt. Hussein Fawaz Ramadan was shot and killed in the town of Khirbet Qeis by two militants riding a motorcycle. The victim was a Daraa native and was reportedly serving in the ranks of the SAA’s 15th Division.

According to Halab Today, a pro-opposition news channel, a unit of the Military Intelligence Directorate (MID) chased the assailants and managed to kill both of them.

“One of them [the assailants] was identified as Mohamad Atah al-Saytari, while the other remain unidentified as for now,” the channel’s reporter said.

A day earlier, four Syrian soldiers were killed or injured when they fell into an ambush on the Izraa-Buser al-Harir road in northern Daraa. Another ambush targeted Syrian troops on a road linking the towns of al-Sourah and Naamer.

ISIS claimed responsibility for both attacks in a statement released by its news agency, Amaq. The assassination of Lt. Ramadan was very likely carried out by operatives of the terrorist group.

By carrying out such attacks in Daraa, ISIS is working to destabilize southern Syria. The group likely seeks to strengthen its influence there through these actions.




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  • Thomas Osa Jeng

    Cowards can’t they just go on the offensive now