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Two Philippine Army Soldiers Killed, Eleven Injured By Friendly Fire


Two Philippine Army Soldiers Killed, Eleven Injured By Friendly Fire


On July 13, the Philippine Army announced that two of its soldiers were killed and eleven others were injured after being targeted by mistake by the Philippine Air Force in the city of Marawi where the fight with ISIS terrorists was ongoing.

“Initial report from Marawi indicates that the bomb was 250 meters off target. The impact of the explosion caused the collapse of nearby structures. Large debris from heavily reinforced buildings accidentally hit two of our personnel, who succumbed to death in the process,” a spokesperson for the Marawi Task Force, Lt. Col. Jo-ar Herrera, said.

Col. Edgard Arevalo public affairs chief in the Philippines Army added that the military has launched an investigation of the incident.

“Investigation is being conducted to determine the circumstances surrounding an incident where an ordnance missed its target during an airstrike conducted at about 12 noon of 12 July 2017,”he said.

So far, the Philippine Arm has killed  389 fighters of ISIS and captured 9 others in Marawi city. In turn, the Philippine Army has lost 90 soldiers, and 60 others are still missing.

The ongoing battle in Marawi (over 50 days) have claimed the life of at least 113 civilians. It’s believed that at least 100 ISIS fighters still active inside the city.



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  • Kell

    Oh dear.
    Seems like most of the Philippine Army losses so far are own goals.
    Australia should probably be giving them a hand training their Airforce and Army in counter-insurgency and air to ground coordination, I know we have Orion’s there doing “something” probably Sigint and photo reconnaissance.

    • australia ? they have zero experience in winning battles except bragging in bars..

      • Justin Ryan

        Watch your mouth!
        U think this because u know nothing! NOTHING!

        • maybe it is because you know nothing about australian military history , who only seem good because they are UNDER the US and UK ? by itself , australia is worse than the philipphine army who got practical combat experience fighting moro insurgents for decades..

          what australia fought in the last 20 years ? koala and kangaroo insurgency ? Abo pacification and repression ?

          • Kell

            Man your a delusional fuckwit lol

          • your post just confirm the fact that the only time australia shine is because they are under international coalition and not fighting by itself.

            putting australian defense force ALONE against ISIS in philipphine would be an impossible undertaking for australian , who have zero experience fighting alone without US support..

            As for Aussie SAS, please dont get suckered into the movie special forces supermen stereotype.. they are just human who prone to accidents.. like the fatal helicopter collision that killed so many aussie SAS in TRAINING without enemy fire ? The fame of british SAS is their own , the australian SAS have done nothing worth praising..

            Sorry , you are blind to the fact that australian defense force are nothing without the backing of US military support and logistics.

          • Kell

            Lol our SAS dont brag, you will hear nothing about what they do unlike the Americans.
            We only hear second or third hand accounts of their actions usually through allied nations media, Americans were shocked by their effectiveness in Afghanistan.

          • why is it the australia military fanboys think their military have such big impact in the real world , when the bulk of the fighting are done by the american and the british and the french forces ?

            australian military commitment are too small to made an impact anywhere..

            the only thing that shocked american people is the chest pounding of australian military fanboys over their fictional accomplishment..

          • Kell

            Its only considered so by johny come lately Americans lol

          • well at least we came in just in time to save your behind from japs

          • Kell

            We were in the war from day 1, we defeted the Japs in New Gunea, we inflicted first ever defeat on germany in WWII against Rommel in North Africa

          • No , Aussie RAN away from singapore in fear , in civilian refugee ships .. and they need help from US marines and navy stopping jap invasion..

            in fact the history of australian military seem to stem from defeat after defeat since galipoli..

          • Justin Ryan

            We won Gallipoli u dumb fuck!
            WE WON!
            The Brittish left!

          • hahaha nice fantasy you got there.. australian soldiers was sacrificed in mindless assaults in Gallipoli until they are destroyed as a unit. Their embarassing performance during the galipoli campaign already recorded in history.. it rank the same as the australian cowardice during the defense of singapore , where australian soldiers RAN AWAY in civilian refugee ships leaving their defensive positions..

            today we got fanboys like you trying to cover up the historical record of australian embarassing defeats..

          • Kell

            Lol poor glass heart here has to deny history to help his self estime, poor glass heart

          • so you are out of arguments now ? that’s par for the course since in reality there’s nothing that australian military can boast about..

          • Kell

            Thats ok glass heart – project all you like, just dont go shoot up a school like your self hating bretheren Elliot Rodger

          • Kell

            Lol no

          • What Australian SAS ? just because they have “SAS” dont mean they are the same quality as British SAS.

            heck australian SAS cant even practice night helicopter insertion without disasterous accident that wiped them out.

          • Kell

            You wouldnt know lol

          • yeha because their helicopters collided and wiped out the australian SAS team during night training

          • Kell

            Like this?
            Sorry man but as far as military fuck ups go America takes the cake by a long shot,. you are also constantly bombing allied units by mistake a situation British and Australian units know very well and is an indictment on the lack of profesionalism within certain parts of the US military aparatus.


          • the brave always made mistakes while the coward never even bother to try

          • Kell


          • Kell
          • Kell
          • Kell
          • Kell
          • where’s australian soldiers in the video ? oh i forgot they are in the rear with the gear . while the american and brits do the hard work

          • Kell

            Actually our SAS teams were first in Iraq hunting scuds and attacking airbases which are actuaslly way out in front lol
            Cry on glass heart

          • silly kid , the SCUD hunters all british SAS , not aussie’s .. and SAS dont attack airbases , that’s the Ranger / Infantry job. Your lack of military knowledge and history exposed your foolishness..

            maybe if you dont get your information from video games , and for once start going to school , you might broaden your knowledge

          • Kell

            Wow your stupid lol

          • so you cant argue the statement and now trying to act tough ? kid , learn history. read a book , dont waste your life playing videogames…

          • Kell

            Hows it feel to be publically humiliated like this lol

          • the only one making fool of himself is you kid , with your fantasy about australian achievements in combat , when there’s none..

            tell me which one ear aussie fought alone and won ? without help from brits or yanks ?

          • Kell
          • Kell
          • you are expert in posting non related pictures.. no lolcat pictures yet kid ? it’s your bed time

          • Justin Ryan

            The remarkable feats may have also influenced U.S. defense policy in relation to their own special forces. Said Greg Sheridan,
            “The decision announced in the 2006 U.S. Quadrennial Defense Review to vastly increase U.S. Special Forces almost certainly owes something to the example of the Australians, for whom the Americans come to have the highest regard. In terms of the alliance, Iraq drew the Australian and U.S. militaries very much closer together.”
            The SAS involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan has fundamentally altered the relationship between the two militaries; today American commanders give the Australian contingent great operational priority. As U.S. Marine Corps Brigadier General James Mattis wrote,
            “We Marines would happily storm hell itself with your troops on our right flank.”
            Finally, for those who see the praise as nothing short of apple-polishing, let’s envision the following act. Once again, Greg Sheridan:
            “It’s a peaceful image from Afghanistan just after Anaconda. The battle is over … the dead are being mourned. A large group of U.S. soldiers is lined up at the mess for food. It’s a fairly sound rule in life not to get between a soldier and his food but this day some very strange happens. A few Australian SAS men arrive and join the food queue. Suddenly the marines recognize them and the food line breaks up, the Australians are applauded and ushered to the front of the food queue to be served first. In its way, this is as eloquent a testimony as ever you could find.”

          • If australian SASR cannot perform helo insertion training DURING PEACETIME safely , then their performance in combat is questionable.

          • Kell

            Awwww poor glass heart awwwww

          • go back to mommy kiddo , time to sleep

          • Kell

            Keep it going Elliot, this is facinating, lets see how deep your self loathing goes.


          • Justin Ryan

            When the U.S. decided to take action against the Taliban in Afghanistan, Canberra’s response was to send in the cream of Australia’s military, the SAS. Modeled on the British SAS and feared by potential enemies, little was known of Australia’s Special Forces, the Australian Government has been secretive of there operations, the personal and intensive training methods; something that proved valuable in operations.

            In relation to matters technology and skill levels, the U.S. views many of its allies as being somewhat backward, the exception being the U.K thus for Australia, the Afghanistan operation, known as Anaconda provided an opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of its own special forces, which were up to worlds best practice, highest state of readiness, in possession of there own equipment and superbly trained. Anaconda proved just how enormously capable the Australian SAS is, and represented another defining moment in the history of the U.S. – Australia alliance; in that single operation the SAS saved the U.S. a significant loss of troops. Former U.S. Secretary of State and Special Forces officer himself, Richard Armitage and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, also a decorated former soldier noted that the regiment is as good as any such formations the world, said Armitage,

            “The Australian SAS are shit-hot and our people love to work with them.”
            Added Lieutenant-General Frank Hagenbeck in a television interview “The Australian SAS are shit-hot and our people love to work with them.” Added Lieutenant-General Frank Hagenbeck in a television interview,
            “The Australian SAS displayed those kinds of things that make them elite, in my view, of small-unit infantrymen throughout the world … that’s autonomy, independence, tenacity that they will never be defeated.”
            The Australian SAS is a somewhat diverse soldier to that of a U.S. Special Forces unit member. Being trained for a more traditional role of patrol and long-range reconnaissance with an emphasis on independence and endurance together with core tasks including recovery, counterterrorism, and offensive operations making them highly capable when infiltrating behind enemy lines and/or to undertake covert operations for extended periods. The typical Australian SAS is a leaner mass than his American equal and is trained to endure on little for very long periods. The other notable difference relates to technology. Whilst the Australians both possess and value both Hi-tech tools and support systems, the focus is more so on the soldier, not the gear – as we shall see, this factor weighed heavily during Anaconda. It is not suggested that this makes them better, just different.

            The operation took place in February 2002 and involved some two-thousand coalition soldiers. It was designed to crush the enemy, (in this case Taliban elements and al-Qaeda fighters) between converging coalition forces in Shahikot Valley. At one stage, it went horribly wrong, in order to illustrate the role of the SAS, the following description represents the basic sum and substance of the operation.

            From the onset the enemy area was pounded from the air by U.S. jets, but unknown to coalition forces at the time, this proved largely ineffective due to the many tunnels and caves for the fighters to shelter in. When U.S. helicopter borne troops arrived there was some intense skirmishes, those not killed would escape through the many tracks leading to where Australian troops were waiting. The Afghan vehicles broke down and a convoy became separated, soon the enemy, being more capable and larger than expected attacked hard. A U.S. helicopter sent in to assist had to back off due to intense enemy fire and in doing so; a U.S. soldier fell from it and was immediately shot. More U.S. helicopters arrived on the scene but two were shot down resulting in the deaths of six troops and dozens wounded. A rescue mission was called off as 36 U.S. soldiers found themselves isolated, surrounded and under attack by a powerful Taliban force that greatly outnumbered them. It would not be till nightfall that a new rescue mission would be mounted.

            This is where the Australian SAS mission became critical. High in the mountains above, in extremely harsh environmental conditions; conditions that we humans are not supposed to survive in, with frozen water bottles and suffering altitude sickness, the SAS patrols had entrenched themselves long before to gain an overview of the battle. With there instrumentation they could not only see the Americans in the valley, but also the enemy, who were now quickly advancing in for the kill. From there mountaintop hideaway the SAS team reported a looming disaster to the coalition command tent. Fortunately, throughout the many hours that followed the SAS called in very precise and successful American air strikes to engage the enemy thus frustrating their attempts to approach the trapped U.S. soldiers.

            The operation demonstrated that technology had limitations, the hostile conditions made it difficult for U.S. spy planes to see the enemy sufficiently well to guide the bombers and the dense fog in the Shah-i-Kot valley rendered the Predator surveillance drones ineffective. That meant an SAS observation team was to play a crucial role in saving a platoon of US Rangers. The incredibly fit and highly trained SAS unit did a remarkable job, accurately directing U.S. firepower and in doing so, a human tragedy was averted.

            Indeed, there were other very significant contributions. At the onset of the Iraqi invasion, with there speed, weaponry, mobility, they swept across the desert, identifying targets for the Americans and destroying Saddam’s command and control structure. Significantly, they seized the huge Al Asad airfield, the second largest airbase in Iraq and with it discovered and grounded Fifty-five Soviet built Migs and seized eight million kilogram of explosives. President Bush expressed gratitude to our leaders, as it was learned that the SAS removed the threat of Iraqi strikes on Israel having also knocked out Scud missile launchers in the desert. It is perhaps to this that former Israeli Prime minister Ehud Barak referred to when commenting on the Australian SAS’s successes.

          • Justin Ryan

            In a six-year period the Australian and New Zealand SAS in Vietnam conducted nearly 1,200 patrols[47] and inflicted heavy casualties on the Viet Cong, including 492 killed, 106 possibly killed, 47 wounded, 10 possibly wounded and 11 prisoners captured. Their own losses totalled one killed in action, one died of wounds, three accidentally killed, one missing and one death from illness.

            South Vietnam: 220,357–313,000 military dead; 1,170,000 wounded => 1,400,000 casualties
            US Military: 58,315 dead; 153,303 wounded => 210,000 casualties
            North Vietnam and Viet Cong: 444,000–1,100,000 military dead or missing;
            600,000+ wounded => 1,700,000 casualties

          • Everyone knew body count statistic are mostly inflated lies. In vietnam australia’s AO are one of the quietest area compared to the AO assigned to US marines and US army. Australian forces never deployed to the DMZ area or the Central Highland or the border areas where division sized NVA roamed with impunity and supported by their long range artilery.

            so to brag about australian involvement in vietnam is rather sad , because australian soldiers prefer ‘safe’ areas , compared to other american alllies like the South korean , the philiphinos , in south vietnam.

          • Kell

            Lol poor glass heart

          • Justin Ryan

            The SASR then moved to eastern Afghanistan where it played a key role in Operation Anaconda in March 2002.[106] During the operation SASR teams were to provide on-location, in-depth operational intelligence and reconnaissance after they infiltrated the Shahi-Kot Valley ten days prior to the operation, and also saved the lives of 24 soldiers of the US 75th Ranger Regiment after their helicopter was shot down, by providing sniper overwatch and guiding in precise air strikes to end the enemy advance as they attempted to overrun the isolated Americans. Up to 300 al Qaeda fighters were later estimated to have been killed as a result of the airstrikes they called-in.[107] Two SASR advisory and liaison officers were attached with the US 10th Mountain Division to help plan the division’s air assault operations, and were subsequently involved in heavy fighting after the unit they were with became pinned down and took a number of casualties. Supported by heavy close air support they were evacuated by helicopter that evening.

          • SASR contribution are small.. they dont ‘save’ rangers during the disasterous Op Anaconda debacle. Just like during vietnam , australian contribution were VERY SMALL and yet their fanboys brag the loudest.. Compared to the effort of Brits, French and US , the australian in afghanistan is just too small to count..

          • Kell

            Elliot – your very small

          • Justin Ryan

            “In Vietnam the Vietcong called them Ma Rung — the “phantoms of the jungle” — and later admitted they were the only troops they genuinely feared. But the Defence chiefs in Canberra didn’t all share the enemy’s hard-won respect for the dark and deadly arts of intelligent guerilla warfare.”

            “The accolades flowed after Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan in 2002, when the Australian Special Air Service Regiment had done what it does best, in this case fighting alongside United States forces in a valley full of predictably fanatical but surprisingly well-armed al-Qaeda guerillas.

            SAS soldier Trooper Mark Donaldson of Special Operations Task Group at Camp Russell on MOB Davis, Tarin Kowt. Picture: Supplied
            What should have been a textbook operation teetered on the edge of disaster. The eerie moonscape of the Shahi Kot Valley almost became Death Valley. The Pentagon read the battle wrong in Washington but the Australian special forces on the ground got their bit right. There were only 100 of them but the men the Yanks had joked about as Steve Irwin “crocodile hunters” punched above their weight.

            Afterwards, a former US Secretary of State Richard Armitage — himself an ex-special forces soldier — was blunt. He told a journalist: “The Australian SAS are shit-hot and our people love to work with them.”

            His countryman Lieutenant-General Frank Hagenbeck was more delicate but the message was similar: “The Australian SAS displayed those kinds of things that make them elite, in my view, of small-unit infantrymen throughout the world … that’s autonomy, independence, tenacity.”

            They call themselves “the Regiment”, which tells you something. There are plenty of regiments but this is the regiment.”

          • why you keep inventing silly stories ? vietcong dont even acknowledge any australian soldiers in vietnam.. they are in low intensity zone and they prefer it that way so they dont have to run away fleeing the VC every day..

          • Justin Ryan

            From the start it was thought that Australians and New Zealanders, with their mostly rural backgrounds, would be more self-reliant than their more urbanised British counterparts. However, General Blamey was restricted by a directive issued by the Australian government that Australian personnel were to fight together as the AIF and were not to be parcelled out to non-Australian formations. The New Zealanders were approached next and 150 New Zealand volunteers were then selected with the permission of General Freyberg, the New Zealand commanding general in the Middle East theatre. Bagnold had reasoned that the New Zealanders, being mostly farmers, would be more adept at using and maintaining machinery. Later additions to the group included British and Rhodesian units. An Indian Long Range Squadron was also set up, which operated as a semi-autonomous formation within the LRDG.

            Jock Lewes (an Australian) was born to a British father, chartered accountant Arthur Harold Lewes, and an Australian mother, Elsie Steel Lewes. He grew up in New South Wales Australia and attended The King’s School, Parramatta.

            He invented an explosive device, the eponymous Lewes bomb, and was the founding principal training officer of the Special Air Service.[1] Its founding commander, David Stirling said later of Lewes: “Jock could far more genuinely claim to be founder of the SAS than I.

            Australia and New Zealand ARE TIER 1 SPECIAL FORCES FROM DAY 1!

            Z Special Unit is Tier 1 Special Forces from DAY 1!

            Z Special Unit Special: Operations Executive (SOE), Special Operations Australia (SOA) or the Services Reconnaissance Department (SRD)—was a joint Allied special forces unit formed during the Second World War to operate behind Japanese lines in South East Asia. Predominantly Australian, Z Special Unit was a specialist reconnaissance and sabotage unit that included British, Dutch, New Zealand, Timorese and Indonesian members, predominantly operating on Borneo and the islands of the former Netherlands East Indies

            Although the unit was disbanded after the war, many of the training techniques and operational procedures employed were later used during the formation of other Australian Army special forces units and they remain a model for guerrilla operations to this day.

          • please , your continuous effort to inject australian mighty contribution in every allied war effort is pitiful.. the world and history recorded that australian soldiers put in small effort to help the allied cause in WW2 , and so it is rather embarassing to tout the horn for such small contribution , when it is in fact british and american lives that were sacrificed for the victory

          • Kell
          • ah im sure your parents are glad you can post pictures now… maybe the next step you should go to school and learn someting about history

          • Kell

            I was 5 years in the Royal Australian Army in the 90s kid – your so ignorant it makes my sides hurt, your like a meme of the stupid butthurt Asian American vindictive Elliot Rodger type – a glass heart with no history, no belonging, nothing to be proud of hahahaha

          • look kiddo , playing call of duty on xbox do not qualify ad serving in military.

          • Justin Ryan

            2011 marks the 70th anniversary of Australia’s first major battles of the Second World War. These actions and campaigns were fought in the Middle East and the Mediterranean where the three Australian services were continuously in action throughout 1941.

            The second year of the war had begun with a series of impressive British and Commonwealth successes against the Italians in Libya. Australian troops led the advance. But a rapid German offensive quickly reversed these early victories. All that stopped the Germans’ march on Egypt was the defiant garrison at Tobruk.

            For eight long months, surrounded by German and Italian forces, the men of the Tobruk garrison, mostly Australians, withstood tank attacks, artillery barrages, and daily bombings. They endured the desert’s searing heat, the bitterly cold nights, and hellish dust storms. They lived in dug-outs, caves, and crevasses.

            The defenders of Tobruk did not surrender, they did not retreat. Their determination, bravery, and humour, combined with the aggressive tactics of their commanders, became a source of inspiration during some of the war’s darkest days. In so doing, they achieved lasting fame as the “Rats of Tobruk”.

          • dream on fanboy.. the success of allied effort in the middle eastern theatre are atrributed to the british and american effort.. australian contribution are very small but seem like they have the LOUDEST braggart on the cheering line..

          • Kell

            North Africa was won before America even entered the war LOL

          • what history you reading ? GI joe ? it is american forces and british forces that destroyed Afrika Korps under rommel.. at great sacrifice of lives… while australian soldiers attack the liquors at rear area bars..

          • Kell

            Lol Rommel was over with in 1942, lost his best troops and multiple defeats already, out of fuel and spent.

          • Kell

            My Grandfather was there, 8th Div Mud over Blood

          • Justin Ryan
          • Kell

            Like this you mean?


          • Justin Ryan

            Panama SEAL’s mostly died!
            Operation Annaconda! Australian SAS SAVE American Special forces lives!
            Operation eagle claw America left a trail of smoke seen from space!
            Australian SAS had a kill ratio in Vietnam of 500:1
            The few that died were not deaths from enemy!
            Australian SAS taught Delta in 1979 u dumb fuck!

          • Panama dont have SEAL unit.. oh maybe you mentioned the SEAL disasterous assault on Patilia Airfield during Panama invasion by US ? hey at least they died fighting the enemy while Aussie SASR killed themselves by crashing their helicopters during TRAINING ..

            Delta are not taught by aussie lol.. where do you get all these fantasy ? from your drug induced brain ? as for vietnam , australia did next to nothing there except drinking beer in the rear with the gear..

          • Justin Ryan

            Dumb fuck!
            East Timor!
            Gulf war 1
            Gulf war 2
            The USA couldnt pull out of Vietnam until they had the same kill ratio as Australia!
            The SAS was founded by Sterling and Jock lewe (An Australian)
            The SAS when it was founded was made up of 95% Australian and New Zealanders (The LRDG)
            Australia had the first OFFICIAL Special Forces in the world! Z Special Unit! Of which had a Special Forces Command!
            1942 SAS made up of 95% Australian and NZ’s and Co-founded by and Aussie
            1943 Z Special Unit Destroys an Entire Japanese Armada with just 12 operators!

            The USA’s first tier 1 Special Forces (First Special operations Detachment Delta) were instructed by Brittish and Australian instructors!

            Operation Annaconda, Australia rescues the rescue force and the unit the Rescuers the Americans tried to Rescue in Afghanistan!

            Its well known that Australia and NZ do most of the coalition Recon ops! (the main task of any SF units)

            We were there at the beginning of SF creation, the beginning of tier 1 SF and Taught most nations these tactics which were founded by Britain and Australia!

            Besides Britain, Australia is the Highest paid Defence force in the world! Our forces attract very smart people!

            Phillipines wouldnt have a chance in hell!

            The Viet Kong were so scared of Australians they called us “phantoms of the Jungle”.

            We had the best kill ratio in all of vietnam!
            Killed the most with the least deaths!

            So like i said!
            Show some fucking respect!
            The one thing Australia is REALLY GOOD AT is Killing Asians!
            Really, Really good at killing gooks!

          • Sorry mate , your list only showed campaigns where ADF only act as small part of international coalition.

            in every major war / campaign, australia is just very small part of big team with US leading the charge.

            thats the fact and you are delusional if you believe otherwise

          • Justin Ryan

            You’re right we act as a helping force! We haven’t had our own war or a war we lead (except for East Timor) but that was nothing!
            But then again we don’t start wars either!
            There is only one nation capable of invading us and that is the USA.
            No other nation has the ability to do so! Yet we always back up our mates. And we always commit the most forces per head of capita in al major wars! So maybe u should show some respect!

          • East Timor is pacification mission , which australia did with UN mandate along with other asian nations like Singapore. There’s no war in East Timor. To be honest , for a small military like australia , you should be humbler .. because you might need US help later in the future when China invades

          • Kell

            Lol the West has set China up to be the bogie man specifically for WWIII,. watch what happens to them when they make the first move.

          • i highly doubt china will make the first move , their long term strategy is preparing the way for other economic zones that doesnt depend on the sea lanes thats under control of US naval power’s global reach. They go straight for the new Silk Road strategy / OBOR that focused on building an economic trade lines thru countries that the world neglect due to their land locked positions.

            Watch chinese more investments in Africa and South America.. they want no conquest or invasion , but they want to make other nation prosper so they can buy chinese products..

            it is all economic and trade for the chinese.. even their naval power are built only to make sure they dont get sidelined by powerful western navies.

            Australian Govt should make a decision , for long term survival. Or become sidelined like singapore whose economic strategy collapsed when Trump canceled TPP deal. Singaporean Govt’s insults to china and their open alliance (including military) with US will be their undoing . because like australia , singapore is closer to china than to america , and a strong alliance with china means future guarantee of economic prosperity to both nations.

          • Kell

            There are two sides within China, a Globalist, Communist, Banker side and a Nationalist side with ancient links to the Japanese and Europe, the Nationalist side was nearly wiped out during the cultural revolution but seems to be making a resurgence.
            It is yet to be seen what side will ultimately win out and which strategy they ultimately employ, if they are smart they wont be baited into stupid confronational situations like the Senkaku’s or Spratley islands that the US has successfully used to turn Chinas neighbors against it, indeed parts of China are playing long game and other parts are not and what side wins out will decide whether China becomes an ashtray or a new silk empire.

          • lul the aussie military fanboy suddenly expert in china ?

          • Justin Ryan
          • Kell

            If you say so Elliot.

          • Kell

            Go on Glass heart, tell us of your nations great and heroic achievements?

          • Our country saved your’s from japanese invasion.. and today’s aussie kids like you think oz can defend itself without USA ? pathetic

          • Kell

            What is not known about Australia is greater than what is known, ill leave it at that.

          • Kell

            Really are you White?

          • are you Abo ?

          • Kell

            No i didnt think so haha, glass heart

          • yea , figured , no Abo would be that stoopid in making up nonsense about non existent glories of ADF..

          • Kell

            Wow I didnt acually know that LRDG Aussie connection cheers man, yet more glory to us on the world stage,. just wondering when the glass heart asian is going to start regailing us with his nations achievemnts lol

        • Kell

          Dont worry, Im assuming hes another glass hearted Philippineo by the sounds of it with a built in inferiority complex, seems they are as bad as the Chinese, dont criticize or even offer help, that glass heart may shatter.

      • Kell

        Lol we inflicted the first defeat on the until then invincible German army (Rommel) in North Africa, and the same with the Japanese where Australian reserve forces routed the previously undefeated crack Imperial Marines in New Guinea, we were in WWII 3 years before American and same in WWI.
        Every time a US ship docks or Marine unit shows up for training in an Australian town/training area you will find Australian soldiers and civilians out on the piss after kicking their arse in bar brawls.
        You clearly haven’t had your head kicked in by an Australian yet lol

        • it is mainly british soldiers/armour that won the war in africa against afrika korps , not the aussie

          it is the US marines , US navy and air corps that won the war in pacific. The reason japs havent invade aussie back then because they are over extended and they have long supply lines , harrased by US SUBMARINES..

          so you claim glory for what the brits and the US done ? tsk tsk

          • Justin Ryan

            We stopped the Japs in New Guinea u dumb fuck all the while still fighting in Singapore, Malaysia and Europe!

            Do u even know who the Desert Rats were?

            Do u even know about the Anzacs who outflanked Rommel and literally won the African war?

            Do u even know that we won and held the high ground in Turkey until the Brits decided to leave (retreat but leave) just like the USA left Vietnam!

            Do u even know that Australia has 37% of the worlds Uranium?
            Do u even know that in the 1950’s Australia had the worlds biggest Rocket base?
            (in a town called Woomera)
            Do u even know that all of the Brittish nuclear testing was done in Australia by mainly Australian scientists?
            Do u even know that the Nuclear non-prliferation treaty HQ is in Melbourne Australia (WE DECIDE WHO GETS NUCLEAR POWER)

            So if we got the most Uranium, nuclear tech since the 1950’s Missile tech born in the 1950’s and secret Bases where God knows what happens…. what makes u think we dont have 10,000 ICBM’s?


            We either have 10,000 ICBM’s!
            WE CAN HAVE 10,000 ICBM’S!

            Its our choice!

            so…… SHUT YOUR FOOKIN MOUTH u fucking Gook Cunt!

            And if u are secretly Attrition47! Well fuck u too Jew!

          • Gboy Corona
          • Justin Ryan

            1. We won in Gallipoli! Even the Turks admit that!
            2. Australia was populated by the ‘Gold Rush’! People came here from all over the world to get rich! Brave opportunists who risked a 50% chance of dying on a journey that many fell to shipwreck and Disease!
            3. You post pedo shit because u are a sick fuck! U might sit there with a smerk on ur face but lets face it, u got that shit on ur mind! Your not just a troll, ure a fucking loser who has done nothing with his life! I know what u are! ure uninformed, keyboard troll, fuckin sick loser! Say it! come on say it! Just say u are a loser! i know when u say it, a piece of it will hit home!
            Ure gonna kill urself one day!
            Mark my words!
            Ull kill urself because ure a fuckin loser!

          • Gboy Corona

            Anzac LOST the great battle of Gallipoli. that’s a historical fact . Australia’s first ever venture in the olden version of the modern day “coalition of the willing” . One drunkard living as a parasite on a decadent welfare state’s measly funds should not distort this historical fact. the defeat of Australia then. Then again, one can never underestimate the mind-warping effects of too much kangaroo and tasmanian devil “back-arsing” … And yes Australia does have a billion nuclear weapons aka Icbm (whatever),,, in a retarded person’s ever-imagining mind . …

          • Kell

            No they didnt,. they won against all odds what was supposed to be a diversionary attack – troops were withdrawn 9 months latter after Turkey was removed from the war and forces re-deployed to the Western Front to fight Germany.

          • Kell

            Are you saying your country is crime free?
            Really lol do go on and tell us where you are from and stop being an anonymous coward if you dare :D

          • I think you are overblowing the australian limited achievement in the wars. in which the brits and yanks are the one who bleed in battle while australian contribution is minuscule compared to them.

            as for ADF having nukes and icbm ? how ? they cant even operate their submarine force efficiently…

          • Gboy Corona

            Anzac LOST the great battle of Gallipoli. that’s a historical fact .
            Australia’s first ever venture in the olden version of the modern day
            “coalition of the willing” . One drunkard living as a parasite on a
            decadent welfare state’s measly funds should not distort this historical
            fact. The defeat of Australia then. Then again, one can never
            underestimate the mind-warping effects of too much kangaroo and
            tasmanian devil “back-arsing” …

            And yes Australia does have a billion
            nuclear weapons aka Icbm (whatever),,, in a retarded person’s
            ever-imagining mind . … pathetic .

          • It is sad that of all the positives of australian soldiers, their fanboys are overinflating their small achievement so much that it become such a joke.

            anyone who think australian defense force can sustain a war alone without US help are out of their friggin mind

          • Justin Ryan

            1. we are apart of a commonwealth/ We only spend 2% of GDP thats why our living conditions are soo much better than the USA.
            2. We literally taught u guys 1st tier Special Ops (You’re welcome)
            3. We don’t start wars we can’t win (like the USA)
            4. Maybe we have nukes! How would u know? We have the tech and the most uranium! Now what? WHAT?????
            Woomera was the biggest rocket base in the world! We did nuke tests in the 1950’s and 1960’s. We have ALL THE URANIum and we control the nuclear non-proliferation treaty in Melbourne! We decide who gets nuclear power!

            So what makes u think we don’t have 10,000 Nukes in our secret bases? Its why the phrase was coined “An ace in the hole”.

            so now what?
            if I even get started on Vietnam its going to be the worst day for a US person to learn! Terrible tactics!

            USA losing Syria, losing Iraq, losing to Iran, losing to Russia!

            USA is gonna have bread lines soon!

            They are fucked!

          • sigh..

            look kiddo , ADF without US military are nothing …

            what is it with australian military fanboys that so zealous in defending these lies ? lack of real achievement in real wars ? being helped by bigger and better nations like US and UK ? totally dependant of foreign military for aid ?

            sorry to say but you are delusional

          • Kell

            Lol I think you have little idea of the real history of the world,. your worldview comes from video games and Hollywood

          • Kell

            Says glass heart asian from where exactly?
            Lol jealousy is so unattractive

          • Shure kid , go back to your xbox and call of duty..

          • Kell

            Lol shure to be shure Glass heart

          • Justin Ryan

            Like i said, its virtually impossible for any military to invade Australia!
            Thats all we need!
            We have a DEFENCE FORCE not a globally military!
            We have no intention to take over the world and have our currency as the Reserve currency!
            Why would we want to have nukes?
            Why would we want a massive military force?
            Why do we need a massive military force?
            Who cares if America is stronger, they have 320 million people and 20% of the worlds wealth!
            But when it comes to individual soldiers, hell yeah Australia is one of the best, certainly much better than American!
            And if u are asian, well, what can i say. Asians are subservient to White nations! We all know that!

            Can i ask u why u want to argue so much that Australia is nothing without UK or USA?

            As a matter of fact, thats why we ally with them!
            So why do u feel the need to announce this when we are talking about professionalism and not over all power WHICH U KNOW comes down to wealth! The wealthiest nations usually have the most powerfully military!

            So again, what point are u trying to make that everyone on this planet doesnt already know?

          • You need armed forces to defend againt Abo insurrection in the future

          • Kell

            What can your country sustain?
            Whats its great achivements lol?

          • Justin Ryan

            We I’ve been to Gallipoli! And I know for a fact (because I’ve been to every site) that we won Gallipoli and the Brits lost it!
            We held the High Ground and their General Ataturk could not defeat us even when the Brits finally came with “superior troops” and shelled our positions that we held for 6 months on nothing but rations. Then Ataturk makes another charge and we still beat him off!
            So when the relief finally came, the Aussies went down to the river beyond the hill we held and the brits were over run in 1 hour!
            The Brits could not hold for 1 hour what we held for 6 months on rations!

            We never got the high ground back so the Brits decided to retreat under what they called the greatest retreat in history WHICH WAS A TOTAL LIE!

            The Turks have an Ancient tradition of never shooting (attacking) a retreating army in the back). So the Anzacs won their battles and the Brits lost the Turks war!

            Turks LOVE Australians, show us so much respect! but u would never know this because all of ur knowledge is from movies!

            All America does is lose!

            The Brits also screwed the Turks out of :
            1. money to build 2 battle ships for the Turks to defend against Russia
            2. Russia wouldn’t join the war and help the Brits if the Brits built the battle ships
            3. Brits keep the money and don’t build the Ships
            4. Turkey forced to ally with Germany to keep safe from Russia
            5. Australia and New Zealand sent to attack Turks (former empire)
            6. Brits drop some in the wrong position yet we still win the battles to take the Dardanelles
            7. We held and controlled access to the Dardanelles (Black Sea access) for 6 months until the Brits replaced the ANZAC’s and lost it in 1 fucking hour!

            8. We have always been better than the Brits at everything! EVERYTHING! They know it, we know it! Its just a fact of life!
            The Brits were defeated by the fucking nepalese for God sakes!
            Even the NZ Mauldies defeated them!
            Also, their SAS is made up of 70% Scots!

            They might be smart but they rant tough!
            All I know is that America loses all the time!

            Japan were on their own! Yet America had the HELP of the world!

            Germany were on their own yet IT TOOK THE WHOLE WORLD TO DEFEAT THEM!

            America is Nothing compared to Japan and Germany!

            But u know nothing. Uve most likely never travelled!

          • Kell

            Yes amazing the hubaris of these glass heart asians who are small fly and will never be involved in the momentus movements of the planet as we were even in our formative stages.

          • Kell

            Gallipoli achived its objectives – troops were withdrawn when Turkey was taken out of the fight.

          • Justin Ryan

            Jesus, we had nothing to do with the wars! NOTHING!
            We help and commit the most troops per capita!
            In ww2 our population was 12 million people!
            Yet what we achieved was insane!
            We WERE the LRDG (the SAS) they were all ANZAC’s!
            We STARTED modern day Special Forces with Z special Unit!
            We have all the Uranium!
            We had all the rocket tests (biggest rocket station in the world)
            We had the nuke tests!
            And we don’t have nukes! (or so we????)

            And yet u little fuckin filthy scum bags come to a forum and bag the shit out of allies who fight with and for their allies!

            What kind of people are u?

            One of ur troll friends sends links to redo sites!

            So if I call u a Jew, its because I think Jews are filth! Low than scum! And I think u are a Jew! This is Jewish behaviour u are portraying here!

          • Australian population and economy cannot support real military. They are too small in number to defend themselves. Thats why australia need US to help in defense matters.

          • Kell

            We are a nation, we are an entire continent unto our own, we have a rich and illustrious history what have you got?

          • and yet you never win a war on your own , unless we come and help you..

          • Kell

            Yeah thats because we dont start wars – you do – then require everyone to come in and save you from inevitable disaster.

          • Kell

            Lol you just have no idea and get your info from Hollywood movies where history is re-written that America does everything lol

          • you cannot accept the fact that in reality australia’s military cannot even defend their nation when japs attack.. cognitive dissonance , mate.. hit hard on your noggin

          • Kell

            We inflicted the First defetes on both Japanese and Germans before America had even taken its nappy off.

          • what the heck is defetes ? some kind of australian STD ?

          • Kell
          • aw kid , you can post pictures now .. you have grown..

          • Gboy Corona
          • Gboy Corona
          • yeah, australian soldiers have been involved in worst defeats in history. Galipoli disaster is one , Singapore capitulation is 2nd. As brave as they are , they are not capable acting alone without help from US and UK.

            this is what most delusional military fanboys in australia cannot grasp.. a grade school soccer team cant stand shoulder to shoulder with regional soccer champs , let alone world cup level..

          • Kell

            Both British operations where Australian troops were used as colonial auxiliaries,. in Gallipolis example they took the brunt of the fighting while the British sat on the beach and drank cups of tea,. despite it being a diversionary attack much to the British’s surprise the Anzqaca actually faught through the most heavily defended area and seized most of the ithsmus.

            It was a British officer called Churchills plan who would latter become Prime Minister in WWII, the Gallipoli invasion was called off and forces withdrawn after Russian involvement destroyed Turkeys further involvement in WWII.
            Latter Australian light horse took Beersheba and opened the way to Jerusalim finally destroying the Ottoman empire for good :D

          • Tell me, what level of intelligence did australian have when they meekly follow order to be slaughtered on gallipoli ?

            australian soldiers contributed FAR less than other nations yet they scream the loudest.. remember how australian soldiers ran away from singapore abandoning the island?

            tsk tsk , such a cowardly display

          • Kell

            Lol truth hurts you doesnt it, fabracate whatever story makes you feel better about yourself mate, Australias military history is largely flawless unlike Americas.

          • aww cry more kiddo… cant accept the fact that ADF just a small military which couldnt function outside the US military..

          • Kell

            We maybe small but have a big bite,. history proves it,. we dont cower like America does, we fight savagely and die, our blood covers many continents where we have gone and returned victorious.
            Man for man we out fight Americans easily and this has been proven on many battlefields and even within allied exercises.
            Sorry to ruin your illusions of grandure buddy but those illusions are why your troops fall to pieces and start crying when they take a hit,. because thay have been told they are the best their whole life,. their paradigm shatters very easily, Australians however are brawlers and know how to take hit after hit and fight to the death if required.

          • history proves australian military are just cannon fodder and totally inept at warfare , except for boasting and stealing liquor ..

            their special forces got mauled by taliban in afghanistan and have to run back home..

          • i wouldnt call Galipoli flawless , except for a flawless slaughter of australians

          • Kell

            You are an idiot – it was the Australian 8th division that restisted the Rommel attack and counter attacked almost seizing his headquarters,. we captured his Enigma code machines and inteligence unit that would be pivotal to the breaking of Germany – you clearly know nothing of hiostory lol

          • i think you watched to many fictional war movies , it is the brits and yanks that won the war in middle eastern theatre of war , not the aussie whose only achievement is emptying liquor kegs in bars

          • Kell

            According to Hollywood maybe but reality is actually far different, we had already inflicted the first losses on both major powers before America was even involved – 3 years after everyone else lol

          • read history more kiddo , australian effort in WW2 never amount much and commanders at that time knew the embarassing australian rout and desertion during defense of singapore..

          • Kell

            You know nothing of Singapore, British surrendered it Australian and Indian forces wanted to fight on.

          • nice try white washing the cowardly australian soldiers who flee from singapore and thus break the defense lines.. Boasting and Cowardice go hand in hand it seems..

          • in reality the only fights australia got involved in WW2 were bar fights over liquor and women.. while real men from US and UK go to front lines

          • Kell

            Watch us we will show you how to find the front lines lol

          • it is easy to find the front lines, just go opposite of the fleeing australian soldiers.. it is australian tradition right ? running away from the enemy

          • Kell

            Lol its never happened yet but project whatever you like if it will stop you slitting your own wrists lol

        • Gboy Corona
          • Justin Ryan

            Is that all u got?
            I know ure a Jew!
            I know it!

          • Gboy Corona

            nuclear power australia ? with what payload ? a ton of didgeridoos? don’t even have the brains to replicate the simplest version of the russian “bulavas” and “sarmats” !!! not an iota of an idea from an outback mind …

          • Kell

            Acually Hubert Oliphant one of the main guys in Tellars A bomb team was an Australian.
            We officially dont have any Hydrogen weapons, we do however have the bombers to deliver them strangely enough and some of them used to be painted anti-flash white, for aesthetic reasons of course, you wouldnt know what Australia has.

          • Kell

            Yes we are well aware of our losses in the great battles we have fought, many of those brave men actually survived the japanese slave labor camps to fight on and occupy Japan.

        • Gboy Corona

          can these australian soldiers still kick people’s heads ? anzac losers’ descendants … https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a6bd5381256ef81a51a5d0304cf6ea533309580eb58c03068cbf87cbf6e3fe5d.jpg

          • Kell

            Yes they dont run, unfortunately they were under British command and the British commander surrendered.
            Anzac units continued to fight in isolated positions and islands the rest of the war against massive japanese forces, many were destroyed but despite this fight they did and win they did :D

  • Russell A Wilson

    Not Australia but another fine example of US training. Not any different than what going on in Syria and Iraq, train terrorist better methods than the armies trying to get of them.

  • gfsdyughjgd .

    Friendly fire is always Nato Paramount to destroy a country and weakening national armies.

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