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Two New De-Escalation Zones In The Eastern Qalamoun And Afrin

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On September 5, representatives of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups in the Eastern Qalamoun region signed an agreement with Syrian and Russian officials to establish a new de-escalation zone in the Eastern Qalamoun region in the Rif Dimashq Governorate (the “Governorate of the Countryside of Damascus”).

The agreement was approved by the Following FSA groups:

-Liwa al-Sanaded

– Ahmad al-Abdo Forces

– Jaysh Usud al-Sharqiya

-Liwa Shuhda’a al-Qaryaten

-Ahrar al-Sham

-Jaish al-Islam

-Faylaq al-Rahamn

The new de-escalation zone includes al-Dumayr and al-Ruhaybah towns; Jayrud, al- Mansoura, al- Nasiriyah villages, as well as Mansoura and al-Mughr mountain areas.

Two New De-Escalation Zones In The Eastern Qalamoun And Afrin

According to the agreement Russian Military Police will be deployed in several positions around the de-escalation zone. Moreover, four crossings will be established in al-Dumayr, al-Ruhaybah, Jayrud and al- Nasiriyah villages to allow humanitarian aid to enter the de-escalation zone.

The agreement is expected to be held up properly because a number of the FSA groups already had agreements with the Syrian government. The agreement was approved by all combat effective forces in the Eastern Qalamoun region.
Two New De-Escalation Zones In The Eastern Qalamoun And Afrin

On September 6, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that another de-escalation zone was established around Tell Rifaat town east of Afrin city in the northern Aleppo countryside. The Tell Rifaat de-escalation zone will include Tell Rifaat town and many other Arabian villages under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) east of Afrin.

“In order to prevent provocations and possible clashes between detachments of the Free Syrian Army formations in the north of Syria and the Kurdish militia, with the assistance of the Russian reconciliation center, a deconfliction zone has been established in the Tell Rifaat area,” said chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the Russian General Staff, Colonel General  Sergey Rudskoy.

Gen. Rudosy announced that SDF units left the de-escalation zone, while the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) deployed its forces in it. So it means that the SDF hands over these areas to the SAA.

“Units of the Syrian government troops replaced Kurdish armed groups that left the area. In order to prevent possible provocations and maintain the regime of cessation of hostilities, a unit of military police of the Russian Armed Forces was deployed to the de-confliction zone,” Rudskoy said.

From its side, the FSA operation room in Euphrates Shield (ES) areas “Ahl Adar” announced that FSA didn’t approve the de-escalation agreement. Furthermore, Ahl Adar said that FSA groups would continue its military operation in this area.  However, the FSA will have to obey the agreement because it has been apparently approved by Turkey, the FSA only sponsor in the northern Aleppo countryside.

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Len Zegelink

they fuckt up by russia en assad .whoppa


the are encirlcled…waiting for the attack…so they play nice to the Russians hoping they will be mercifull. their time will come soon enough though. they have made enemies even with other ‘moderate opposition’ groups…..

John Brown


Brother Ma

Yep.They are blood thirsty erdogan islamist associated terrorists themselves that u’ merika tried to call moderate so dumb western audiences can like them.probably many grey wolves and turcoman headchoppers in here too.the last ones shot russian soldier in parachute and laughed and filmed it.

Note the many names that they keep changing to hide from western audiences.

I think in general shoot them all as they just one little step below turk and qatar and saudi supported isis muslim brotherhood headchoppers.


The Kurds in Afrin had long been a lot more cooperative with Syrian Government than the Kurds to the east (who suck up to USA a lot more too), but I’m still sceptical about them going and handing over a stretch of territorry like that – the only reason I can think of is them trying to shrink the front, but there was no indication that they’re short on manpower either. I’ll wait for more sources to confirm that SAA actually took the place before believing it.

John Brown

YuiYui The Kurds know an all out attack by the Turkish army against them is coming in the east of Syria and in Northern Iraq any day now, so they actually do have a shortage of manpower when it comes to such an attack of that scale.


Such a thing will not happen, believe me. I am from Turkey and I can easily tell you that it won’t happen.

Erdogan doesn’t even launch an operation towards Qandil Mountains, which would be 100x more acceptable as PKK is a designated terrorist org. in EU, US etc.

Yet he doesn’t do it. Not sure why but I am sure he has some kind of hidden agenda.

Perhaps he received this Jew’s Service Reward back in the day for a reason eh? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d705a07fbcc046dedabd2fc3391e35fcab14d0805617d044aeb9e0460d31e1a1.jpg

Brother Ma

I agree ,support them but never give them part of Syria.


Do they have a choice? Think about it! They have the country of turkey to their north and west! HTS and to their south. SAA to their south and south east AASham and Turkish forces to their East! And they have Russian forces and a Russian base near Afrin!

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