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JUNE 2021

Two Military Pilots Killed In Accident With F-5 Fighter Jet In Iran

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Two Military Pilots Killed In Accident With F-5 Fighter Jet In Iran

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Two pilots of the Iranian Air Force were killed as a result of a “technical problem” on the F-5 fighter jet on June 1, state broadcaster IRIB reported.

According to some Iranian media, the plane was on the ground and the crew were preparing for takeoff, when the ejection device turned on.

The incident happened at an air base near the city of Dezful, in the southwest of Iran.

A report, citing an informed source, identified the pilots as Kianoush Basati and Hossein Nami, without providing their rank.

An investigation is underway as to what had caused the malfunction of the Iranian air force’s F-5 fighter jet.

American-made F-5 fighters have been in service with the Iranian Air Force since the 70s. Unlike more modern combat aircraft, ejection from obsolete models is a greater risk to the health and life of the pilots. Iran also has Russian-made MiG and Sukhoi aircraft.


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Silent Rage

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Prophet Orange

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Ahah wow xD Such a fitting nickname for such cheap teenage mockery. If that’s all you can cling onto to keep faith in your “victory”against Iran then there is strictly nothing to worry about on their side.

Not a year ago an Israeli F-16 fell similarly ,and in the last 3 years several US pilots also did, ditto a Turkish one and a French.

Such accidents happen every now and then for basically every air branch in the world, you retarded moron lol

Sometimes rootcause is pilot error ,technical fault or both. It’s actually great to see Iran not being much above the average trend considering the issues still plaguing its fleet,like airframe lifespan and spare parts sanctions that their homegrown industry has been working hard to compensate and it shows :Such accidents 10 years ago were much more common, now it barely happens more than any regional state for ypu to desperatmy rejoince like an imbecile.

Technically spraking,while I obviously feel nad for the young pilots, F5s are well on their way out of the IRIAF’s inventory anyway. A locally upgraded and refurbished F-4/F-14 or Mig-29 /Su-24 would have been really bad news in every respect.

Bottom line is : Some basic culture on public military statistics never hurts ;-)

Last edited 12 days ago by Gryzor

Such accidents happen hale krishna but how Iran can recover its sucking fleet?Lets focus on assymetric instruments there is no future for you in air, symmetric warfare anyway.


I agree, and so do Iran’s decision-making circles, hence their heavy and successful emphasis on drones, A2/AD ,Air defenses and obviously ballistic and cruise missiles. The whole of their core doctrine is based on asymetric warfare specially in the naval field.

Until Iran can secure a reliable partnership to jointly produce a fighter jet with a major power such as China (doubful at best) or Russia (even less minely),its best bet is to keep gradually modernize its existing fleet’s sensor packages and weapon-systems to keep them airworthy and efficient against neighboring foes,which it does quite well.

Indeed no ressources should be overly allocated into vain homegrown production effort of a fully-fledged fighter,which in all fairness would take way too long and little sense for Iran to achieve all by itself.

Last edited 12 days ago by Gryzor
Phantom pilot

Iran needs to buy some J-10 or even more modern Chinese aircraft. It’s airforce is now non functional and that is not satisfactory for such a large country that faces various threats.

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Iran barley have money to keep the economy from colapse and you are talking about buying airplane??
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For the foreseeable won’t happen.
Regarding the Enriched Uranium. If Iran attempts to create nuclear bomb. Iran will become next Iraq or worst Vietnam.


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Proud Hindu

What does barley have to do with airplanes dumbass Jew. LOL

Iran deserves better

The mullahs have been afraid of the airforce since they hijacked the revolution in 1979 and have not invested in the airforce which is now a museum piece. These accidents can be avoided if Iran had modern planes.

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US military crashed 200 planes between 1985-2010….incompetent LGBT US pilots cannot comprehend modern technology

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all that can be said about such things is that the investigation should be done very well to find the reason and not to have this happen another time

jens holm

It cant happen again. They died:(


This is not Mossad. These things just happen.


RIP brave heroes

None of you

In case of war..
Israel vs Iran .
Iranian air force is so inferior to Israeli aircraft.
Imagine a game where you have one of the best aircraft in the world vs an antique plane .
Is purely the truth. No BS.
Israeli airforce will take them out like siting ducks.


the israeli air force wont get anywhere near iran before getting downed

jens holm

Thats a highly incorrect assumption.

If there really was that kind of warfare Israel would send fx 20 jets from UAE at the same time and some with their small nukes and some would penetrate well.

Thats what Israel do in Syria. People there shout WE HIT ONE or WE HIT TWO.

But thats already calculated losses that 7 or 8 of 10 missiles reach their targets.

Get it slowbody:)


Oh is that so ?then what is Bibi waiting for then ,if a snap of a finger is enough to take care of the so-called Iranian menace once and for all ?all we’ve seen is occasionnal hot air about an impznding strike and Israel “taking matters into its own hands’,and that recurring bullshit has been going on and on for more than 20 years and counting. A never-coming strike perpetually happening “next month”in a virtual calendar that never reaches D-Day.

You made a highly unintelligent remark as always based on near zero actual military knowledge. The very comparison with Syria speaks volumes as to your crude ignorance. Syria sits right at the border with the entirety of Israel’s missile and fighter force, doesn’t come close to the number of military assets and technology that US-taxpayers provide Tel-Aviv, is a ruined,war-ravaged, devastated country with little to no advanced air defense systems under its own control (the best there are manned by Russian crews and Putin forbids them from moving a finger against IDf planes),and has no credible airforce to currently speak of

By contrast, Iran enjoys one of the most diverse, precise and powerful arsenal of cruise and ballistic missiles with demonstrated wartime capability that can crater the hell out of every major Israeli airbases in less than 10 minutes with 150+ 1-2 ton warheads MRBMs per base at the very least excluding decoys, and would kill the bulk of its fighter fleet on the ground and render bases unusable or the long-term.

Besides, Iran is now a recognized air-defense powerhouse with a true net-centric IADS organized in layered C4I quadrants involing automated SHORADS,mid-range,long -range all the way to very long range SAMs supported by both active and passive EW sensor arrays and bi-staric ibterception capability spanning UHF and VHF bands that will see every single Israeli planes taking off from their homebases the moment they take it to the air, as it would need a minimum of 80 planes to even try attacking Iran.

Add to that 80+ modernized frontline fighters such as F14-AMs and Mig-29 SMs and even F4s in AA configuration that will act in tandem with Ground Control Intercept to engage incoming F-16Is with long range AAMs,such as solid-state R-27 and AIM-54 derivatives developed over the past 15 years by their own industries. Israeli planes will be coming with a dire disadvantage anyway, having to penetrate Iranian airspace deep while low on fuel and carryong their heavy bomb-load impeding their margin for steep evasive manoeuvers while IRIAF planes will operate much more freely in close proximity of their homebases and in skies further protected by friendly air-defense and active ECM further degrading Israeli capability while coordinating defense.

It is widely accepted by defense circles worldwide and including Israel’s own father of the Arrow ABM system Uzi Rubin, that Tsahal simply doesn’t have the kind of logistical capacity to undertake such a long-distance endeavor against a country with the land mass ,terrain, and strategic depth such as Iran. Its another ballpark altogether compared to anything the IDF has ever gone against. IDF strike packages will mostly get pulverized on the way to or back from their target areas or will have to land in catastrophe in midget petromonarchies licking their arses accross the Persian Gulf

Let’s face it. The dreaded “Great Israeli attack on Iran”has become a running gag,a perpetual pipe-dream that has long ceased being realistic,and most informed people of power in their right minds and not interested in political PR know it full well already in Tel-Aviv. Even Pompeo himself and Orange guy publicly both admitted that Israel can’t do shit against Tehran without massive US involvement.

So get real and get over it pal,that ship has sailed for a decade at least,ever since the West has understood that Iran’s missiles are accurate and nulerous enough and their air-defenses and SIGINT /ECM capabilities are real.

Last edited 11 days ago by Gryzor

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Proud Hindu

Idiot Jew, the IDF could not even fight Hamas let alone Iran LOL

jens holm

Shit happens


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