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JUNE 2020

Three Mass Shootings Hit United States This Weekend (Updated)


Three Mass Shootings Hit United States This Weekend (Updated)

The shooting site in Dayton [John Minchillo/AP Photo]

UPDATE: A third mass shooting just happened in Douglas Park on Chicago’s West Side. At least 7 people were wounded in the incident.

The incident in Chicago became the 23rd mass shooting since the start of 2019 and the fifth over the past week.


At least 29 people were killed and dozens were wounded in two separate mass shootings in the US.

On August 4, 10 people, including the suspect, were killed in a shooting in Dayton, Ohio, and at least 16 others were taken to hospital with injuries, according to numbers provided by police.

Police said the suspect opened fire in the Oregon district of the city of Dayton at 1m local time (6am BST). He killed 9 people before he was shot and killed by responding officers.

The mayor of Dayton, Nan Whaley, revealed that the attacker gunman employed body armour, a 223-caliber rifle magazine and had additional high-capacity magazines with him.

“In less than one minute, Dayton first responders neutralised the shooter. While this is a terribly sad day for our city, I am amazed by the quick response of Dayton police. They saved literally hundreds of lives,” she said.

Matt Carper of the Dayton police department said the initial investigation suggested the shooter had been acting alone, but that inquiries were in their early stages.

The Ohio shooting came hours after a young man allegedly opened fire in a crowded shopping area in El Paso, Texas, leaving 20 dead and 26 others injured.

El Paso police identified the gunman as Patrick Crusius, a 21-year-old male from Allen, Texas, following the shooting at a Walmart store and elsewhere at the Cielo Vista Mall, one of the largest malls in El Paso.  According to Greg Allen, the El Paso police chief, the killings could be a potential hate crime after police officers uncovered “a manifesto” linked to the suspect.

That mass shooting in Dayton became the 22nd mass killing in the US in 2019. The first 20 mass killings in 2019 claimed 96 lives.



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  • AJ

    More outrage from the Dems to take your guns.

    • Harry Smith

      Oh yeah!

      the attacker gunman employed body armour, a 223-caliber rifle magazine and had additional high-capacity magazines with him.

      Say hello to another “magazines clip” hysteria and new attempts for high capacity magazines ban. Bet my old socks, both shooting places are “guns free zones”.

  • verner

    the dysfunctional states of A being teared up from within while the taxpayers money is squandered on useless wars and regime change operations and sanctions that no longer hold water and the sacred right of free speech and liberty no longer are valid and workable corner-stones of the imploding former democracy have nothing left for the 95% hanging on by their teeth hoping things will get better – they won’t. tough being an american seeing the country sold out to the corporations and to the squatters.

  • AM Hants

    Talking of the US, headlines to make you laugh. No doubt he was quite surprised by the result. He looked quite masculine, all things considered haha.

    Unexpected news: Male basketball star banned for two years after drug test revealed he was PREGNANT… https://www.rt.com/sport/465764-male-basketball-star-pregnant-drug-test/

    • occupybacon

      Russia Today along with Buzz Feed are tabloid news with click bait titles, for low IQ people. HCG hormone is extracted from pregnant women urine and injected in men increase natural production of testosterone, which is pure doping and banned in sports for many years.

      • AM Hants

        Do believe you are mistaking Russia Today for the BBC, CNN or any one of the media outlets controlled by just one of ‘6’ corporations.



        • occupybacon

          Lol, you are desperate to prove you have a low IQ. Being a tabloid with click bait titles doesn’t require to be part of a bigger trust/corporation. Firstly it requires to have brainwashed readers that believe any bullshit like a male basketball star was found pregnant with Caps Lock.

          • AM Hants

            I have no problems if I have a single digit IQ or not. It was what I was born with.

            With regards the male basketball player, did I not state, headlines to make you laugh? Just assumed it was a NATO member, who liked basketball and Pride Parades.

          • occupybacon

            You assumed whatever RT wanted you to assume, your single digit IQ if perfect for their audience. They have Instagram models on their first page on daily basis.

          • AM Hants

            Like Russia Today, find it a fresh of breath air, to what we get from our state funded media in the UK. Also, have no problems having a single digit IQ, it is what I was born with.

          • occupybacon

            I appreciate that you accept your condition. If I’d be you I would enjoy RT also. I don’t like BBC either.

          • AM Hants

            Never realised the level of a person’s IQ could be classed as a condition?????????

            Personally, I do not regard myself as having an intellectual disability, owing to an intelligence quotient, score derived from a standardized test which was designed to measure intelligence.

          • occupybacon

            Yeah I know you are a non-binary IQ-fluid that fights against a skull insignia

          • AM Hants

            If you insist. Although personally, I find that quite offensive, to those who are mentally impaired, to view them as unworthy, owing to not fitting into a set of manufactured criteria.

          • occupybacon

            You seem to not care of the vulnerable minority wearing skull insignia and tattoos

          • AM Hants

            The only ones that bother me are the idiots with their swastikas and love of the Nazis.

          • occupybacon

            A skull is not quite a swastika, right?

          • AM Hants

            Like I said, the only ones that bother me are those who embrace the swastika and Nazi ideology.

            Quite like the ‘Love of God’ skull creation, by Damien Hurst. Plus, like my hair best when short, so short or cropped hair, does not bother me either.


          • occupybacon

            Can you recommend me a nice horror movie?

          • AM Hants

            Odessa Trade Union Massacre 2 May 2014. Sadly it was a true life story. RIP to all those who were slaughtered on 2 May 2014 in Odessa.

          • occupybacon

            Thanks, I’ve seen it, I like the happy ending movies, the colorado zombies got what they deserved

          • AM Hants

            I love karma, especially when it comes back unexpected. Cannot wait, either in this life or the next, for those b * s t a r d s, that raped, strangled and then set on fire a heavily pregnant young woman, to get their due deserts. Their mummies must be so proud of the savages they raised. Not forgetting the rest of the kids they slaughtered.

            I would be absolutely horrified if I gave birth to something so evil. The only time I would be in favour of abortion, if I had a choice and knowledge of the future.

          • occupybacon

            Speaking of Karma, Russian soldiers raped 2 million women in Eastern Europe after Germans retreated, their nickname was “Ivan the Rapist”. Maybe you should think twice before wishing karma go after others ;)

          • AM Hants

            Darling, when Hitler was shown the way back to Berlin, remember, the Soviet Union, made up of 15 member states, were under the control of the Georgian Stalin. There was no Russia, now was there, just a member state of the Soviet Union.

            You believe 2 million women from Eastern Europe were raped by Russian Forces, yet, provide no links to back up your opinion, now do you? Or do you believe the Soviet Union, led by the Georgian Stalin only consisted of Russia?

          • occupybacon has Ukrainian Auxiliary Police in his genes.

            Hope that helps.

          • AM Hants

            Yep, do not know why I am wasting time arguing with him/her.

            Just seen this, which may or may not interest you:

            German Detective Can Offer Russia, Malaysia Findings of His Own MH17 Crash Probe… https://sputniknews.com/world/201908071076488888-german-detective-can-offer-russia-malaysia-findings-of-his-own-mh17-crash-probe/

            So nice seeing so many not buying the spin and demanding attention.

          • occupybacon

            German Detective on Sputnik News, what else can be more credible than that?

          • AM Hants

            So are you saying the German detective does not exist?
            Are you saying he holds no evidence, including satelite data on the MH17?
            Are you saying, he would have nothing valid to say in a court of law? Especially, assisting the lawyers representing the German Families?

          • occupybacon

            German Families? please don’t make me cry.

          • occupybacon

            So what if Stalin was Georgian? Is he guilty cuz Ivan raped women? Ohh I forgot when a Russian is told to rape, he’s not guilty, the one who gave order was.

          • AM Hants

            Darling did he lead the Soviet Union or Russia?

            Remember, the space between the fall of the Russian Empire and the birth of the Russian Federation?

          • AM Hants

            Ukraine must be so proud, together with their good friends, who support this lot.

            Who Will Teachers With SS Insignia on Their Sleeves Raise in Ukraine?… https://www.stalkerzone.org/who-will-teachers-with-ss-insignia-on-their-sleeves-raise-in-ukraine/

            Weird, we support, fund and train the Nazis over in Ukraine, and, yet there is so much media outrage, should any UK citizen turn up to a fancy dress party, dressed in SS uniform. Cannot quite fathom that one out.

          • AM Hants

            Tabloid, with click bait titles – if you insist.

            Here are a few of my non-tabloid links.

            Russia Ukraine Friendship Treaty 1997 file:///C:/Users/user/Downloads/russianukrainian00stew.pdf
            UN Resolution 25/2625… https://daccess-ods.un.org/TMP/6667171.71669006.html

            FINAL REPORT
            THE KOSOVO CRISIS IN AN INTERNATIONAL LAW PERSPECTIVE: SELF-DETERMINATION, TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY AND THE NATO INTERVENTION … https://duckduckgo.com/?q=nato+final+report+Kosovo+in+an+international+law+perspective&atb=v180-5_j&ia=web

            UK and US Always Knew Crimea Wanted to Re-join Russia… https://nation.com.pk/29-Dec-2018/uk-and-us-always-knew-crimea-wanted-to-re-join-russia (based on UK Classified Papers from Prime Ministers Papers 1994)

  • Snowglobe

    This is effectively keeping pedophilia and government corruption out of the news. This makes the MSM’s job so much easier.

    Yup, no need to talk about Epstein and Baltimore now.

  • RichardD

    “37 percent of psychiatrists were Protestant (27%) or Catholic (10%). Twenty-nine percent were Jewish”

    – Psychiatrists are the least religious of all physicians –


    We had the guns and crazy people 30 years ago. But we didn’t have the mass shootings or the psychiatric drugs found in most mass shootings today.

    The El-Paso shooter was reported as a runaway at 14 and then the report was withdrawn. It wouldn’t surprise me if he has psychiatric meds in his medical history. Including recently.

    Psychiatry is extensively Jewish from it’s origins to today. And it’s also substantially a scam. There are no tests for chemical imbalances in the brain. Unlike other forms of medicine where diagnosisable chemical issues are treated with chemical solutions.

    All of these so called disorders are fabricated “diseases” for which there are no laboratory tests. And the FDA studies approving these dangerous drugs are fraud. When they know that they’re dangerous and shouldn’t be approved. Anyone can walk into a pusher shrink and get scripts for dangerous drugs given out like candy.

    They lying Jew media and their Zionist Israel firster anti American swamp traitors, including Trump, are covering up the psycho shooter drug elephant in the room component of the mass shootings.

    I can almost guarantee you that the 29% of Jew pusher shrinks, and it may be higher today, are writing more than 29% of the scripts for these psycho shooters coked up psycho drug cocktails found in almost all mass shootings.

    The exception being the Chicago gang bangers using handguns. Most of whom are on illegal drugs. Which also includes prescription psychiatrics.

    Big pharma is a Jew Wall Street cash cow. They know exactly what they’re doing pumping massive amounts of these dangerous drugs into society.

    • goingbrokes

      “Big pharma is a Jew Wall Street cash cow…”
      The illegal drug trade is a big cash cow too.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    I notice that all of these shootings happen in multi-racial areas.
    Perhaps nature knew what it was doing when we were separated into tribes.
    The US-empire should be broken up into ethnic based states.
    The blacks can have a part, the Irish another part, Hispanics the south west, Italians another part. The Jews can have New York city and so on.

    • Raptar Driver

      The White ethnic groups got along pretty well, it is the racial divisions that are choking us now.

  • Ed

    Americans really must be the most dumbest motherfuckers on the planet.
    There have been countless ‘mass shootings’ so far this year and all of a sudden the country comes to a grinding halt because 2 happened within 24 hours of each other? And of course, they are too fucking dumb to do anything about it as always. They will just carry on hugging each other, lighting candles, create hashtag campaigns, offer thoughts and prayers then act so ‘shocked and appalled’ when it happens again a week later and question why on earth it keeps occurring!
    The worst part is, they expect the rest of the World to mourn with them, when the rest of the World couldn’t give a shit and thinks they are a complete joke because of their gun laws

  • RichardD

    “Professor Healy estimates that 90 percent of school shootings taking place over more than a decade were linked to antidepressants.”



  • Snowglobe

    Secondary casualties of the shooting. These are intended consequences though. Another attack on the second amendment and another attempt to silence 8Chan.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, common sense will prevail


    Why The El Paso Mass Shooting Shouldn’t Surprise You