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Two Killed, One Injured In Reported ISIS Attack Southeastern France – Police

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At least two persons were killed and one injured as a result of the reported ISIS attack in the parking lot of a supermarket in Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux in southeastern France where a knife-wielding man attacked passersby, according to Police.

Following the incident, Police carried out in the Trappes commune of Yvelines prefecture near the French capital of Paris. Police have issued a notification asking people to avoid the area of the attack.

According to Le Parisien’s police sources, the suspect was inside a pavilion shouting: “Allahu akbar, if you enter I will blast you all.” Media reprots also speculated that the attacker was shot by police during the encounter. The suspect was allegedly known to intelligence services. However, security forces have not conducted enough efforts to prevent a possible attack.

ISIS has already claimed responsibility for this attack via its news agency Amaq.

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So thank you very much to you Mr Macron for kindly supporting terrorism. In fact , responsibles of all this mess are our politicians rather than muslims. Wahabism comes from Saudi Arabia, and the Saud family was given power by the US. …..But the final responsible is Khazar mafia which hold the FED, FBI, Pentagon under their control, and instigated Israel creation…


It is terrible what has been allowed to happen. This video is about Paris, but it illuminates the problems well.



Sorry to dissapoint you Southfront, but this actually wasn’t a ‘terrorist attack’ and the french police are not currently treating it as one. Apparently the guy killed his mother and sister after a family dispute before being shot by police. he also had psychiatric problems. Daesh claimed responsibility (despite having NO proof yet again) because they do that now for everything as they are so desperate for attention and the desire to remain relevant especially now that they have lost almost everything.

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