Two Israeli Soldiers Dead, Four Injured In Accident During Training Maneuvers In Golan Heights


In the course of Israeli Defence Force (IDF) training maneuvers in the Israeli-held part of Golan Heights, an accident involving armored vehicles occurred at night on September 27.

During night maneuvers, a self-propelled gun overturned, resulting in an officer and a soldier dead, and four soldiers injured. Two of the injured are in critical condition. The injured have been transported to the Ziv Medical Center in Zefat, one of them by helicopter.

According to IDF website, the military police has opened an investigation into the circumstances of the incident headed by the Commander of the Border Protection Division and the Chief Combat Officer, Brigadier General Mordechai Kahane.

The training maneuvers are suspended until next week.

Two Israeli Soldiers Dead, Four Injured In Accident During Training Maneuvers In Golan Heights



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  • Derapage


    • Isawayto

      Lmao this news made me giggle.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Me too. I will sleep soundly tonight.

        Its far safer for the Jew soldiers to murder a few Palestinian children than drive tanks and things in the dark :) They really should write a Risk Assessment first.

  • MD Ranix

    same incident happened to my country, a zio lapdog one, and wonder how these souls answer to God for serving an illegitimate satanic emtity

    • Gary Sellars

      ….they boil for eternity in a giant cauldron full of excrement.

      • BL

        oy vey!

  • Alex

    The guy on the picture is like, hello , is it warm there under the tank ?

  • Gary Sellars

    I always cheers me up to hear of dead Yid SS.

  • BL

    haha excellent news!

  • Bru

    is that the same hospital where they help wounded Al Qaida and ISIS terrorists?

  • chris chuba

    I wonder how good the IDF ground forces are at this point, they haven’t fought a serious ground war since the 1980’s. Gaza was a skirmish, 2006 was a short stalemate.

    I wouldn’t laugh at them, they might decide to go psycho and just bomb their neighbors. Everyone talks obsessively about Hezbollah’s missile arsenal but I bet the Israelis have built up their own.

    • 55lanfag

      They are probably overconfident and underprepared, seeing how they manage to get themselves killed during training

      I’m assuming they rely too much on air support, be it theirs alone or the US’. If war does break out, and I believe Russia would help at least in the air defence question, they’re gonna have a hard time.

  • Jeroen Pierik

    I see that people making comments are considering this good news and celebrating soldiers deaths. That’s terrible. I consider this mostly irrelevant news, and I don’t see why SF is putting this out since this type of commenting can be expected. Moreover, it is an incident, not a trend, it is not relevant for any war. It was during training so I would consider this civilian casualties.

    For the record: Israeli soldiers are drafted. They serve zionist interests, but they are not necessarily zionists. There is actually a movement that protests the occupation of Palestine that is founded by, and made out of (former) Israeli soldiers ( These deaths should not be celebrated. And even the soldiers that do support the hawkish policies of their government, you still shouldn’t celebrate personal deaths. Think about it. Some of your loved ones would probably susceptible to the same kind of brainwashing in the right (or wrong) circumstances. You yourself might even…

    • Jonathan Murray

      Pretty much all the comments on SF are by brain dead fascist racist conspiracy theory believing morons. As a result I don’t bother posting except to support intelligent comments like yours..

      • Rakean Jaya

        I’m deeply understand to your feeling, sometime it’s hard to handle a truth. I believe not all SF readers are morons, for me SF and their readers comment is very refreshing and intelligent compare to MSM. As for IDF death, i agree with @Jeroen P

        • Jonathan Murray

          I just wish they would ban Americans off here – a nation of morons. A superpower that controls the world and they blame Jews for problems they have! Idiots.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      This is a call to end the stupidity during training, never try to climb an embankment and when your stuck a) abandon the Tank b) call and wait for recovery vehicle to do it’s job c) never listen to someone who will put your life at unnecessary risk. This is what happens when soldiers lack the proper training to be around any equipment , a handful of you are not going to right a Self-Propelled Gun no matter what anyone says.

    • RamboDave

      Well …. I am going to celebrate the Palestinians that might just get to live a prosperous life as a result of the deaths of these two Israeli soldiers. No matter how you look at it, there are now two less killers out there. Whether they were drafted or not is irrelevant.

      I see that you represent the “good cop” half of the “good cop/bad cop” routine, as the land thefts and ethnic cleansing continues decade after decade. And your side continues with their mantra ….”were not all bad.”

      • Jeroen Pierik

        I am very anti-Israel by the way. But I also have a brain and a heart. You are saying that they ARE all bad? Do you feel the same about US soldiers?
        The US army is also committing war crimes regularly. How do you see the war in Palestine ending? Drive all (civilian) jews in the see? There will have to be some form of deescalation, and your perspective isn’t helping. Have some humanity, and share it. Maybe you will contribute a little bit to peace.

        • RamboDave

          Are they all bad? …. Of course not. But, there needs to be collective retaliation and punishment against all Israelis to counteract the collective punishment that Israel has inflicted on Palestinians, like blockades, walls, land theft, house demolitions, etc..

          The word collective means ALL Israelis are in the same boat. If the good Israelis get caught up in the collective punishment it is no difference than the 2500 civilians killed by Israel in Gaza in 2014. Israel argues that it is too bad, but they just got caught up in the big boat. Any means or outcome that produces, for example, these two fewer Israeli soldiers (killed in the accident) doing this killing is a good thing.

          Using your argument one could argue that the BDS movement is not legitimate because the good Israelis are punished along with the bad Israelis. I’ll bet you are against BDS.

          • Jeroen Pierik

            I told you, I am anti-Israel. I actually try to avoid buying Israeli products (if they’re properly labeled). BDS hopefully leads to the recognition of truth and justice. Killing, however, is rarely constructive. If a terrorist, oppressor or a nazi surrenders, and we’d have the means to lock him up, and we’d kill him anyway, then i.m.o. we are just as bad.

            “If the good Israelis get caught up in the collective punishment it is no difference than the 2500 civilians killed by Israel in Gaza in 2014.” You’re words, not mine. If there is no difference, then either condemn both or support both. You seem to support both (of course I suspect you don’t, but my point is that you have clouded judgement). Retaliation actually allows wrongdoers to justify their own actions for themselves and others (playing victims), and leads to more wrongdoing….

            If collective punishment leads Israeli oppressive institutions and leaders to admit the truth and leads justice to spread, then that is perfect. The key here is truth and justice. Just enjoying how soldiers who are not in the field (so basically civilians i.m.o.) get themselves killed, does not help the suffering of the Palestinian people and wrongdoing of the Israeli state to be recognized. Revenge and justice are not the same thing.

            I don’t put this effort in this discussion because I desperately want to be the better man in this argument. I just hope to make some sense in your eyes.

          • RamboDave

            I’m not “enjoying” anything (your words). There is a war being conducted by Israel against Palestine. I want victory for Palestinians. And I want justice. If it comes by means of an accident against Israel, that is good. We will take it. If two Israeli soldiers are killed in an accident that is a blessing for Palestinians.

            If there was an accident at Demona (spelling?), where all of Israel’s nuclear bombs are stored, and the place was destroyed, we’ll take it. I don’t give crap about about trying to stick flowers into the gun barrels of the killers.

            ” You seem to support both (of course I suspect you don’t,” …… I’m not able to understand your comment, but I don’t know how I can be more clear above.

          • Jeroen Pierik

            “trying to stick flowers into the gun barrels of the killers”. Well formulated, I guess that is my position. Maybe I am naive to never give up on people, though I actually think flowers in gun barrels would send quite a strong message, especially on a nice photo.

            “I’m not able to understand your comment”. I guess my point is that you basically say ‘if it’s okay that Israel kills 2500 civilians, then we shouldn’t worry about their losses’. But of course, you and I both don’t think it is okay that Israel kills 2500 civilians, so I don’t see why we shouldn’t have to worry about Israeli losses.

            I would understand your position if the only possible outcomes are either a win for Israel or a win for Palestine. But to me, the only way peace will be achieved is if both sides bury the hatchet. So no peace without forgiveness, all the more since one side is guilty quite a bit more than the other side.


      You undermine your own argument. These soldiers have an option: not to serve if they do not believe in the IDF and its dastardly work. Let them go to detention and join

      • Jeroen Pierik

        It’s not that black and white, you should know this. I might ‘ve done what you suggest if I were Israeli, but then again, there is also misinformation, social pressure etc. Raising the bar that high and accusing everybody that doesn’t make that bar of being complicit in war crimes is ridiculous. To forgive is the most important weapon to end a war.

  • Richard Noel Hedditch

    Two less Nusrat supporters.

  • Ronald

    Just guessing , but from the photo , it looks like the unit may have tried to climb the rock bank , track units are extremely side “slippery ” on steep rock surfaces .