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Two Explosions Rocked Turkish-Occupied Ras Al-Ain In Northeastern Syria (Videos)

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On September 12 morning, two explosions rocked the Turkish-occupied town of Ras al-Ain in Syria’s northeastern region.

The first explosion took place in the Haj Wassfi alley in the town’s center, where many shops are located. The explosion was reportedly caused by an improvised explosive device. Three women and a man, all civilians, were killed in the blast, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

A few minutes after the first explosion, a booby-trapped motorcycle, which had been parked next to Ras al-Ain’s central bakery, blew up. No human losses have been reported, thus far.

As usual, some opposition activists accused Kurdish forces of orchestrating the bombings in Ras al-Ain. No evidence was presented to back these accusations.

A series of bombings rocked Ras al-Ain and other Turkish-occupied areas in northeastern Syria over the last few months. The perpetrators are yet to be apprehended by the Turkish military and its Syrian proxies.

Turkey is yet to take serious measures to improve security in areas occupied by its forces in northern and northeastern Syria. Ankara, that is working to assert its military presence in the country, does not appear to be interesting in the well-being of civilians in these areas.


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