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JUNE 2023

Two Commanders Of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham And Syrian Liberation Front Are Assassinated In Idlib

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Two Commanders Of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham And Syrian Liberation Front Are Assassinated In Idlib

“Abu Salim Binnish” on the left side, and on the right side “Abu al-Ward Kafr Battikh”

On April 26, unknown gunmen assassinated “Abu al-Ward Kafr Battikh”, a military commander of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), and his bodyguard north of the town of Maarrat al-Nu’man in the southern Idlib countryside, according to a report by the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi.

Few hours after the assassination of Abu al-Ward, a military commander of the Syrian Liberation Front (SLF) named “Abu Salim Binnish” was killed by unknown gunmen in Binnish town in the eastern Idlib countryside.

These assassinations came only a day after HTS and the SLF reached a “permanent ceasefire” designed to stop the so-called “war of abolition” between the two groups which had lasted for more than two months. Due to this, Syrian opposition activists believe the assassinations are an attempt by a third side to sabotage the ceasefire agreement.

HTS and the SLF have not commented on the assassinations yet. However, some HTS-linked sources accused the SLF of assassinating Abu al-Ward, which could lead to an new round of escalation between HTS and the SLF.

According to local observers, the new ceasefire may not last long due to these incidents. It should be noted that the previous ceasefires had failed because of similar reasons.

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Let’s hope the SAA did it ?. Keep the animals at each others throats. Weaken them further so when the idlib operation starts they will fold like a cheap suit.?

Tudor Miron

The more the better. This scum has no place on this planet.


If they weren’t here, Who would you hate ?


I smell a rat.

Tudor Miron

You are wrong when assuming I hate those dead rats. I want the neutralized – yes. There’s no desire to inflict pain and suffering on them – just make sure they are stopped. Hate is counterproductive and actually very detrimental to its carrier.


aww wonder if that Iraqi army lt. finally caught up to them. The one that said he was going to hunt down the ones that killed his family.


Did we see the bodies? Or was he just spirited away to Israel. You have to disbelieve everything you see printed these days (including this comment)


Vitex, I am not sure whether I should believe that you even exist. How do I know your existence is not a lie?


you have a point :)


I feel so sad for these fine gents. Cut down in the prime of their lives. They could have accomplished so much and……, who the fuck am I kidding? Two down, hopefully all of them to go.


Hmm, either HTS got lucky and counter-assassinated the SLF leader extremely quickly, or Spetsnaz are up to their old tricks in the area; making sure these terrorists stay at each others throats.


We have ti understand that these guys are not the brightest and they are unruly. Even HTS is made up of a thousand different opinions. They kill each other to go up in ranks. I don’t think the SAA did it. The SAA is apparently more engaged in intelligence gathering. No need to kill these guys, all you need is transfer more to Idlib and they will do the SAA job for us.

Mustaffa Ashaa

Two down , few hundred more to go. … Good ridden …. Without them the air is fresher and less contaminated …. I hope this good news reaches those who endure and suffered their savagery.

Cheryl Brandon

Die rats Die; Hoorah whoever took them out; less destructive/violent/intolerant criminals/mercenaries faking it as “rebels” hahahha

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