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Two Civilians Killed, Others Injured In Recent Israeli Strikes On Syria (Photos)

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Two civilians were killed and many others were injured in the recent Israeli airstrikes on the Syrian capital, Damascus, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on November 20.

The state-run agency reported that the civilians were killed when an Israeli missile struck their apartment in Damascus’ Western Ghouta.

“A man and a woman were martyred and others were injured in an aggression on the village of Beit Saber in the area of Saasa, southwest of Damascus,” the SANA’s reporter quoted a medical source as saying.

Local sources identified the two victims as Ayoub Safadi and his wife Nadia Sabah. One of the couple’s children was reportedly injured in the same airstrike.

Fragments from another Israeli projectile also hit a civilian building in the district of Qudssaya, northwest of Damascus, injuring a girl.

Two Civilians Killed, Others Injured In Recent Israeli Strikes On Syria (Photos)

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Two Civilians Killed, Others Injured In Recent Israeli Strikes On Syria (Photos)

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Two Civilians Killed, Others Injured In Recent Israeli Strikes On Syria (Photos)

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Beside civilian casualties, at least four service members of the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF) were killed in the Israeli airstrikes. Many others were reportedly injured.

Israel warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes on Damascus and parts of southern Syria in the early morning. Tel Aviv said that the “wide-scale strikes” were carried out in response to 4 rockets, which were reportedly launched from Syria at targets in northern Israel on November 19.

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For a fee of a few shekels, traitors near the border fired four rockets at the Golan just to make Israel have a reason to bomb Syria with the pretext of targeting Iran’s troops. The victims were Syrian civilians and SAA. At present it is not possible for SAA to open a new war with Israel. Hopefully SAA is not provoked, there are still more important tasks to do before they can focus on fighting these parasites.


This could be a mossad operation. Firing rockets from Syria land, and having justification for the attack. On the other hand, Russia has full capabilities to see and stop any ISrael attack to Syria, and it looks like it did nothing, am I wrong ?

Rhodium 10

SANAnews dont talk about casualties among SAD…


Even with the S-300 system this happen, hummm, something is wrong here… I do not what.

Derek Johnson

Simply because S300 was all for show so some people could cry the following;


Syrians don’t have control of S300 as Russia and Israel are allies.
Sooner some people understand that the better, why do you not think Russia does not lock down Syrian airspace?


Essentially, pushing for war: The war that will bring all parties to the field. Yep, insanity on all levels

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Russians haven’t fired up the S-400’s yet, despite the fact they’ve had ample opportunities to showcase their effectiveness against attacking Israeli warplanes, I wonder why.
After the loss of 20 Russian airmen due to Israeli diversionary tactics, I would’ve thought Putin would’ve come down like a ton of bricks on the Israelis, and demanded that there’d be no more threatening behaviour from the Israelis, especially anything that could possibly endanger Russian service members in Syria, but no, sadly it seems the Israelis still have free reign to do whatever they like in Syria.
Assad also seems to be saving his precious stock of S-300 missiles for a special occasion, he doesn’t seem to be wasting them that’s for sure. I suppose he’s keeping them locked loaded and ready just in case the Israelis decided they wanted to do more than just lob in a few missiles, and perhaps instead launch a full scale invasion/incursion, that’s when I think the S-300’s would be used most effectively and
efficiently, and also get a good return for the money spent.

And what about the timing of the supposed Syrian launched missiles that attacked Israel, coincidentally just as Gantz’s opposition party and 2 of the Israeli/Arab opposition parties were sitting down to discuss terms for forming a minority government, what a coincidence hey.
It’s more likely this is a FF operation by Nutty Yahoos party Likud, devised to scare the Israeli members of the White and Blues party, into ending negotiations with the Arab minority parties. That’s what I think this attack was, just a political stunt by Netanyahu, and now the White and Blues and the Arabs haven’t been able to come to some sort of arrangement, the Israelis will have to hold another round of elections.
The White and Blues are still demanding Netanyahu faces corruption allegations in court, so Netanyahu is desperate to hold onto power for as long as he can, because once he loses government, there’s a very good chance he’ll end up in jail. So he’s desperate to hold onto power for a while longer, at least long enough for him to make some of the allegations go away, be lost, get swept under the carpet, or even be forgotten.
The only person with anything at all to gain from both the initial Syrian missile strike against Israel, and the subsequent Israeli response to that strike, was Nutty Yahoo himself, no one else got anything at all from that initial strike, and no one claimed responsibility for it yet either, but Nutty Yahoo benefited big time from both the initial strike, and also benefited from the Israels retaliatory strike as well, a double dose of goodness for Nutty, some would say that’s just circumstantial evidence and nothing more than a lucky coincidence, but I have my suspicions it’s not.

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