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JULY 2022

Two Britons, Child Of British National Killed In Kabul Airport Suicide Bombing

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Two Britons, Child Of British National Killed In Kabul Airport Suicide Bombing

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Two British nationals and the child of another British national were among those killed in the August 26 Kabul airport suicide bombing, the UK Secretary of State Dominic Raab announced on August 27.

According to Raab, two other British nationals were also wounded in the attack. The Secretary didn’t clarify their current medical status.

“It is a tragedy that as they sought to bring their loved ones to safety in the UK they were murdered by cowardly terrorists,” Raab said, according to the BBC.

ISIS-Khorasan Province (ISIS-KP) took responsibility for the attack, claiming that was carried out by a single suicide bomber. Nevertheless, US defense sources said “gunmen” also took part in the attack.

The suicide attack claimed the lives of 13 US service members, including ten Marines. At least 18 others were wounded.

The death toll from the attack rose on August 27 to reach 170. At least 200 people were also injured. Most of the victims have not been identified, yet.

Citing unnamed US officials, Reuters reported that President Joe Biden had given US commanders full authority to conduct operations against ISIS-KP targets. A day earlier, Biden vowed to “hunt down” those responsible for the attack on US forces in Kabul airport.

Meanwhile, US forces continue to evacuate American citizens and Afghan collaborators through Kabul airport. The forces are expected to end their mission and leave before the end of August 31.

According to White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki, advisers told President Biden the next few days of the evacuation mission from Afghanistan will be the most dangerous to date. Biden was also informed that another attack in Kabul is likely to happen.


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Arch Bungle

What kind of fool brings his children to a war zone, given the choice?

Marco Polo

I don’t know. Across the border, a local was publicly sexually assaulted by 400 of her fellow Pakis for many hours.


“⁣In Lahore, 400 men groped, dragged & assaulted a woman in broad daylight. The assault went on for hours as bystanders streamed it live. Some in Pakistan are justifying the incident and defending the mob.”

Last edited 10 months ago by Marco Polo

What the fck were these western clowns doing in Afghanistan to begin with? Supporting terrorist campaigns against the Afghan people?

Last edited 10 months ago by block
Marco Polo

A Canadian Army officer complained how the army brass refuses to give them clearance, it’s easier for them to communicate with foreign soldiers and governments than receive orders from their superior officers.

Christian J. Chuba

Two bombs, one targeting the British and another American soldiers and only two British citizens killed. I bet the British have worked out how to use foreign nationals as make shift blast walls. I don’t think you erase 300yrs of successful Imperialism overnight. It looks like some vestiges of competency remain.

Marco Polo

You’re conflating kikes with the “Anglos” again, they’ve been financing many wars on both sides since antiquity to bring forth their one world government. Hence the modern expression: “All wars are bankers wars”.

Last edited 10 months ago by Marco Polo
Marco Polo

There are more American than British soldiers in Afghanistan and abroad, resulting in more casualties.

By definition, the Soviet Union was imperialist. Empires are typically multiracial to hold themselves together, leading to the collapse of the founding stock when they become mixed with foreign populations they conquered.

RT is being absurd: https://www.rt.com/russia/533105-soviet-union-legacy-conquerors/


[There’s a lot of confusion as to what ‘colonialism’ and ‘imperialism’ actually mean, since Leftists use the terms interchangeably and define both as “stuff that evil White people do to innocent brown people.” So, I thought I’d write a short article explaining the difference between the two terms, and how they relate to our situation today.

Colonialism is the mass migration of one ethnic group into the territory of another, whereby the invasive population attempts to displace, genocide, or establish control over the indigeneous inhabitants, in order to forcibly take their land and/or resources.

Imperialism, simply put, is the act of establishing an empire — the political process by which a state expands its power and influence over foreign states and nations. This can be achieved through various means, roughly divided into direct imperialism and indirect imperialism. Methods of direct imperialism include colonialism, elite displacement, overt military occupation, and so on. Indirect imperial power can be exerted through puppet leaders, diplomatic or economic pressure, economic domination, etc.

Imperialism does not necessarily require colonialism, but often involves some form of physical invasion, be it military or otherwise. Similarly, not all colonialism is imperialist in nature. Settler migrants can establish colonies that are politically distinct from their country of origin, though this is generally a rare occurence.]

Last edited 10 months ago by Marco Polo
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