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Twitter’s “Red Wedding” Moment Arrives As Musk Layoffs Begin

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Twitter's "Red Wedding" Moment Arrives As Musk Layoffs Begin

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Originally published on ZeroHedge

Twitter – long considered a safe space for election-influencing jackboots drunk on their own arrogance – is having its ‘Red Wedding’ moment, as one Employee characterized the widely anticipated mass layoffs following Elon Musk’s acquisition of the social media giant.

Indeed, with the abruptness of a guillotine, the company’s 7,500 employees were suddenly notified in a Thursday email that the layoffs had begun.

According to the NY Timesworkers were instructed to go home and not come back on Friday as the cuts proceeded.

“In an effort to place Twitter on a healthy path, we will go through the difficult process of reducing our global work force,” read the email. “We recognize that this will impact a number of individuals who have made valuable contributions to Twitter, but this action is unfortunately necessary to ensure the company’s success moving forward.”

According to previous internal messages and an investor, around half of Twitter’s employees were just laid off – however the final number is unknown. On Wednesday employees circulated a message on Slack that suggested 3,738 people could be fired, but that changes could still be made to the list.

On Thursday evening, employees posted heart emojis and salutes in their Slack channel.

The mass layoffs come a little more than a week after Musk completed his $44 billion purchase of Twitter – after which he immediately fired its chief executive and other top managers, while other execs have since resigned or were fired.

Managers were asked to make lists of employees based on performance.

Meanwhile, Musk brought over 50 engineers and employees from his other businesses – including Tesla – to assist with the firings.

The Times then cites some ‘industry’ insider who said there was “nothing visionary or innovative about summarily firing workers by email,” because Musk is firing people with “specialized expertise and de institutional knowledge” before he “even seems to have a basic grasp of the business.”

Or, he’s completely wrong and Musk’s team of 50 were able to figure out how to fire 3,500 people based on contributions.

Twitter's "Red Wedding" Moment Arrives As Musk Layoffs Begin

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For employees, it’s a question of whether they ‘can’ or ‘can’t even.’

On Wednesday evening, some employees circulated a “Layoff Guide with tips on corporate surveillance and employment rights. One worker created software to help colleagues download important emails and documents. He was later fired, he said.

On Thursday, workers got other signals that their workplace was changing. Twitter’s “Days of Rest,” which are monthly days off so employees can rest and recharge, were removed from their calendars, two people with knowledge of the matter said. Some workers also noticed that the employee directory had been taken offline, according to internal chats seen by The Times.

Has the red wedding started?” one employee wrote on Slack, a reference to a massacre scene in “Game of Thrones.” Nine minutes later, the company sent the email informing workers of the layoffs. Employees who will keep their jobs would receive a message saying so on their corporate accounts, the message said, while employees being laid off would be notified on their personal accounts.

As the Times further points out, keeping employees out of the office on Friday means that laid off workers can’t take any items from the company (or sabotage it).

“To help ensure the safety of each employee as well as Twitter systems and customer data, our offices will be temporarily closed and all badge access will be suspended,” the email continues.

Twitter's "Red Wedding" Moment Arrives As Musk Layoffs Begin

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Congratulations Twitter, you played yourself.


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Nice decision , he must fired the indians, pakistans, muslim trash and brownies from the twitter company , then the company will be number one


Like you could look it up before opening your stupid ass mouth…no?

“As of March 2022, 30.8 percent of Twitter employees were of Asian ethnicity. Overall, 8.4 percent of Twitter employees were of Latinx ethnicity. Additionally, the majority of employees were white. There were a total of 7,500 Twitter employees at the end of 2021.”



Paypal is controlled/owned by the US government, SpaceX works openly with the CIA, MI6, and West government, and now Twitter wouldn’t be any different (trust me a few years later people laugh at Twitter as being a spy tool of the CIA).

WT Baker

expect much disinformation on this. Cyber warfare and censorship is the real culprit here. Twitter had become contaminated with both.

jens holm

Well its on so many platforms. The world has to work harder for less.

Elon the Fucker

Nice pay off for the propaganda parazytes by the Musk the Cuck in a tune of $44 Billion for a crap that is worth nothing and that is 99% ghost accounts and language AI.

Musk the Cuck loves propaganda prostitutes the most for sure.

Last edited 4 months ago by Elon the Fucker
i wonder

South front links are blocked by twitter and musk = us puppetmaster cabal i dont understand why southfront editors have a hard on for him. And fix the darn chat southfront its almost impoissble to comment

Last edited 4 months ago by i wonder
jens holm

Many others has blocked SF and has their reasons too. Those are well descriebed fx at Wkipedia.

In Russia Facebook is blocked by Putin and most people only use the infantile Yandex, which dont show the rest of the world, as we are.

I use SF as addiction. Its very much not a part of the real world but creates the dark we fight in Ukriane.

Elon the Fucker

They use VK. Much more popular than FB in Russia even before FB ban.

Paul Citro

I wasn’t going on Twitter much before. I will now.

jens holm

And then to someone else: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ffLpnI-RXY

Mr Blue sky


IT remains to be seen if this is just putting another face on Globalism. Soon the US will have a kill list like Ukraine when cancelling people like “YE” begins to fail.

jens holm

When people here speak of globalisme its almost always because they see a country as controller of everything as owner and patent.

We have seen the results very well by the Russian collapse. We also has seen the opposite fx for the Westerns uniting each other in competition. The winners are us in fx EU.

And of course we as usual in the same country see its about USA even USA is only a part of that system and its many affiliates.

Rusty is far behind in how things actually are. They do everthing not to know. By that they only can decline their positions even more and mainly for themself as sliding into lees and less impirtance.

When I and others tell whats wrong and how You can improve things its totally ignored.

I have frequented Yuandex the last many days for the first time. No wonder so many people in Russia knows nothing about so many things. Its not there making bright people into well instructed dark.

Last edited 4 months ago by jens holm

If anyone likes Russia or not is not the important thing, the balance of power and the right of people to choose their culture, which globalism does not allow is. If globalism succeeds the word has no future against slavery and bioweapons , population control and complete government dominance by and for a cabal of Kleptocrats.


lt’s always heartening to know that fools such as your good self have taken their unique ‘distinctness’ out of the gene pool.. thanks in no great part to the fact that they are irredeemable homos who have submitted themselves to the phi-sore stab….

And believe me when l say people have observed your myriad ‘recommendations’ and clumsy geo-political observations… and have quite rightfully discarded them for the lunacy and gibberish they undoubtedly are…


I thought this was the guy that had billions of $USD invested in sensors/satellites for the AFU about two weeks ago who’s only reason for going “hat in hand” for peace between Russian and Ukraine was because the Russians were blowing the $hit out of his paid for Federal Re$erve/BOE investment!…


NOW he’s a fucking hero because of taking over Twitter???…

Guess we know who owns both sides?… And they ain’t Russian Orthodox Christian!

Last edited 4 months ago by Matt

Excellent, let’s hope Twitter becomes a bastion of free speech instead of globalist propoganda


Will Southfront be able to return to twitter?

Peppe il Sicario

Elon Musk, the hypocritical phoney-ass “rebel” billionaire idol for dolts and assorted half-wits in the degenerate fawnish West who still believe in Disney-spun fairy tales!


The actor “Elon Musk” is a total clown who has never achieved anything in his fake life other than the Tee Veeeee series he acts in playing the fake character “Elon Musk” for his owners at Al CIAduh. PayPal billionaire? Research it and learn the truth about this fake bag man. Now he’s going to ensure “free speech” (for a price) at Twatter? Don’t make me laugh. Let that sink in for a minute, as the clown said recently with his “sink” stunt as he marched in to the Twatter memory hole. And let Jeffy Epstein, the Mossad pedovore kiddy porn maker and Mark Scheissberg the peeping tom and “his” Fecesbook and Jeff BoZos the AmaZon credit card scammer behind the filthy unWashed Po and Haim Saban the “American” ZionaZi, cum Hollyweirdo producer of jooganda ad nauseam and all the other fake Zillionaire straw men posing as “philanthropists” for Al CIAduh.

It’s clown world gone mad. But the most evil of all these strawmen aka Al CIAduh slash Mossad crisis actor meat puppets is the mass murdering bag of filth, Kill Bill gates of hell, pedovore, narco and so-called Microshit “inventor”.

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