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Twitter Nukes Alleged Hunter Biden Sex Tape After Letting Borat-Giuliani Sex Scene Trend

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

A few days ago, the MSM and their political allies in the Democratic Party celebrated the release of a “compromising” photo appearing to show former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani with his hands down his pants. Giuliani claimed that he was merely retucking in his shirt after removing some recording equipment, but nevertheless, the whole news cycle played out in full view of the public as social media giants like Twitter and Facebook looked the other way, allowing the photo, and links to news stories covering the controversy (orchestrated by “Borat” prankster Sasha Baron Cohen) to circulate widely.

However, just days later, a Chinese digital media company has published footage showing a man who looks identical to Hunter Biden engaging in a sex fetish act with an unidentifiable woman (along with a photo purporting to show what appears to be the same man engaging in sex with a Ukrainian prostitute). But instead of allowing discussion and links to the video to circulate, Twitter has scrubbed all links and photos related to the video and story, and is suspending accounts that appear to be trying to spread the video or screenshots from the footage.

Some background: Late Saturday afternoon, a mysterious link surfaced on Reddit purporting to be the vaunted Hunter Biden sex tape – or at least, one of the Hunter Biden sex tapes (whispers about more footage have so far gone unsubstantiated).

In it, a naked Hunter Biden can be seen, smoking crack, and laying with an unidentified woman, possibly a prostitute. The woman’s face is blurred out, making it impossible to tell whether or not she appeared to be underage.

The video itself was posted by a news site purporting to be an anti-CCP intelligence operation called G-TV, which is also tied to Guo Wengui, the Chinese billionaire dissident who is close to Steve Bannon (Bannon was reportedly arrested after a visit on Guo’s yacht in Connecticut).

Interested parties can find the video here.

Footage of the sex act is preceded by footage of Guo Wengui at the national press club raging over a Chinese takeover of the US, “9/11 times a thousand,” he says, before transitioning to a screed slamming Western politicians who collaborate with the CCP, and warning about the dangers of American kleptocrats falling sway to CCP “influence” (blackmail etc).

During the opening minutes if the video, Hunter can be heard complimenting the woman on her technique. “That’s so professional,” Hunter exclaims. “You can’t even find that on there,” he laughs as he gestures toward something off camera.

A few minutes in, the man who is allegedly Hunter Biden can be seen firing up a crack pipe.

The reaction on Twitter was swift. Users who tried to share the link and photos were quickly blocked (even though Twitter famously allows porn and nudity). Some cracked jokes about Hunter Biden receiving what appeared to be a ‘footjob’, while shrugging off the video as simply evidence that Biden has been victimized by revenge porn.

Others focused on the statement at the beginning of the video, which also begins with footage of an unrelated event.

Of course, now that actual pornographic footage of Hunter Biden has been produced, the world will stop and wonder: could these other rumors be true?

Even some conservatives urged the public not to share the Hunter Biden “revenge porn”.

Others simply noted the disparity in treatment between the Hunter Biden story and the “Borat” revelations about Giuliani, and wondered aloud how Twitter might be handling this if those photos were of Donald Trump Jr., not Hunter Biden.

Of course, twitter didn’t simply ignore the Giuliani photo; the news became one of the top trending topics (thanks to the fact that Twitter’s user-base skews toward young leftists).

One Twitter used even proclaimed that Hunter was really “a victim” of his father, Joe Biden.

At any rate, the group that released the footage and the above-mentioned screenshot are promising to release more compromising material, while the MSM and Big Tech rallies to Hunter Biden’s defense.

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Porc Halal

No wonder, one of the shareholders of twitter is a muslim, a saudi or qatari citizen, I think … he is one of the spokespersons of the judeo-muslim conspiracy worldwide…


Don’t like Biden, but still. Should a sons sex tape affect fathers career?


Yes, because his stupid son is just a middleman to put various powerful entities in touch with his father. The real corruption has happened on Joe Biden’s side.

And it is important to show these things, because they are the exact opposite of the american dream. The american dream is based on the concept that hard working people have success. Here we have a drug addicted, good for nothing son of a billionaire corrupt politician.

This is as anti-american as it can be.

Damien C

What are you smoking? Are you on the crack pipe too?

1) Biden has a house worth $4 million a pension worth $1 million and approx $4 million in investments which totals $9 million his total worth! Please do a little bit of reading before regurgitating what some insane Ultra Right website says

2) The so called Biden laptop is a joke, mystery guy with no cctv footage leaves equipment which is not broken in to be fixed?
The shop owner only has a name and an old contact number!
The guy paid cash in advance story then changed to he hadn’t paid.
The owner ilegally goes through emails and finds smoking guns (lmao)

The shop owner (hard core Trumper) hold on to the macbook for a year
He then gives the macbook no to the police but to Rudy the crook?

3) I like most outsiders were rooting for Trump against the witch but Trump kept no promises that he made to the voters. He screwed over the little guy to feather the nest of the super-rich and now it turns out the cheap bastard paid $1,643 dollars for 13 years of Taxes.
Overflowed the SWAMP with his buddies and family

His non handling of the Sars-covid2 … jeez this guy has killed any republican president for the next 20 years, republicans can only hope to hold as many senate seats as possible to limit the damage.

Get him into jail don’t let him pass go and don’t let him collect $200 dollars


4 million, 1 million…the money we know about…how much he has on offshore accounts? Do you remember when Killary transferred 1 billion dollars to Dubai? Biden is in the same ballpark. During the Obama administration, he has amassed a fortune.

Also his official net worth for 2020 has been 9 million dollars https://www.townandcountrymag.com/society/politics/a31265187/joe-biden-net-worth/

As for the other points, this is the same that has been happening in the last 4 years in regard to Trump and Russia. Mystery intelligence sources. Traces popping up here and there after years. Hard core globalist shills posing as independent experts or witnesses.

Globalist media censoring everything could put the dems in a bad light. And this is the real smoking gun. Why censor something if it isn’t true? Give Trump a slap in the face, by showing truth. But they cannot, because it is true. Hunter Biden was damn naked in the video. His wewe was clearly visible. And the chinese girl was half-naked.

For a lot less, you dem-globalists have leaved for the crusade against Trump. You lot have also faked photos of him with his ( then adolescent ) daughter, purporting her as an unknown child molested by Trump. Yes…in the hall of the Trump tower!!

Have you people really the moral high ground to judge other people methods?

Damien C

I said he was worth $9 million above 4 for the house 4 for the investments and 1 for the pension.
Pao if there was even the slimmest chance in hell of Biden having extra 4 years of Trump and 8 years of Republican Senate investigations found fuck all.
Biden is a dick but he’s a cleaner dick that the rest of them


He is a dem and a globalist. He is one of those politicians advancing the neoliberal ( or we should say neo-feudal ) ideology. I don’t want my sons to be Bezos’ slaves in an Amazon warehouse.

I support localized productions, small enterprises and I am against having a bunch of families always on top.

Harry Smith

Biden said he had nothing with his sons business, but then the tapes appeared and he really had. Who believes Biden now?


Obama and Hillary perhaps :)

Decatur Guy

Hunter, is that you?

Damien C

Unlike you I prefer facts and truth … got it!

I’m against all Globalism but yet you love the globalists of the republican party who get 99% of their donations from globalist companies ….. Do you ever even bother to check?, do you even know anything about the party you cheer for?

The republican senate members spend 90% of their time and power getting taxpayers dollars into the vaults of the Globalists and multinationals the other 10% of their time is lying to the media that they are fighting for the American people. Even a glancing search will prove that to you.
The republican states by in large depend on the Democrat states for a hand-out every year, most Democrat states are net contributors to the US federal finances whereas most Republican states continuously have the begging bowl out, but even this money is funnelled in the direction of big business.

I’m against overseas factories or plants for any company from any country.
I’m against money being used as a weapon against democratically elected goverments because they won’t tow the line.
I’m against any military intervention that is not passed by the United Nations on humanitarian grounds to stop slaughter.
I’m against men telling women what to do with their bodies.
I’m against women wearing religous head covering unless inside a building of worship.
I want Israel to return to the 1948 borders (would prefer it not to exist but it was passed wrongly by the UN in a fit of sympathy)
I’m against the banning of Chinese tech companies using security excuses just because they made a better product which is superior to the ones currently being sold by western companies. This is an unfair trade blocade.
I’m against the big pharma companies
I’m against the de-regulation of banks they only destroy small investors with their cowboy actions.
I’m for National health sevices for every single country in the world

There you now have an idea of where i’m from and going just so you don’t get confused again with your tar-brush accusations

Decatur Guy
Decatur Guy
Peter Jennings

Noone pays cash up front for a laptop repair, let alone three. Even the engineer couldn’t tell from a glance what the cost would be.


its about the money they took from russia,china, ukraine

Porc Halal

No, only if the father’s son is republican (sarcasm)…

Lazy Gamer

That is twitter interference. ?Imagine if Biden is president, how much more money can hunter extort or how many more prosecutors can he fire? ? Now imagine if Trump wins, maybe another Trump gets a sidejob in the white house and gets more Saudi money. If kamala wins. we’d never hear the end of race policies.

Potato Man

Why I remembered when Saudi crown prince with his Zion friends tried to hack Jeff Bezos phone….to blackmail him…. :/

Steve Standley

Joe Biden is a sexual predator and has exhibited a penchant for pedophilia. These are the kind of people who rule in the US today. Corrupt to the core.


so true, trump is so repugnant though, at least with biden it would take a few months to figure out he’s a pos as well

Steve Standley



I am confused. Is Southfront against Dems and Joe Biden.

Sharing zero hedge tells me they are for Trump.

Anyone that is pro Iran can’t possibly be for trump.


Supporting Trump here for one reason: to spite the neoliberal commies.

Another 4 years of Trump will buy some of us enough time for valuable preparation ahead of the inevitable takeover *attempt* by the unholy alliance of Technocrats + Trotskyite neoliberals and their Mobs.

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