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Turning Of Hagia Sophia Into Mosque Is Sign Of Weakness Of Orthodox World: Metropolitan Seraphim

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Turning Of Hagia Sophia Into Mosque Is Sign Of Weakness Of Orthodox World: Metropolitan Seraphim


On July 10, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan signed a decree officially turning the world-famous Hagia Sophia into a mosque. This move caused a wide criticism on the international scene and an expected negative reaction of the Christian World, first of all its Orthodox Part. Nonetheless, Turkey is rock-solid in its decision and already declared that no foreign reaction will change the decision.

This expected situation became a major blow to the Orthodox World, which sees the Church of Hagia Sophia (Church of Holy Wisdom) as a landmark site of the Orthodox Christianity.

Commenting on the situation with Hagia Sophia, Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus (the Church of Greece) stressed that this development is an apparent sign of the lack of unity in the Orthodox World. He recalled the ‘tragic mistake’ of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople to grant a tomos to the ‘independent’ Orthodox Church of Ukraine (a pseudo-church organization created from several non-canonic entities in Ukraine in 2019) that created a rift among local Orthodox churches around the world. This, according to him, undermined the unity of the Orthodox World and weakened it. He criticised forces that “cling to heretics” rather than working to set up a united and powerful Orthodox force.

“I hope it’s now clear how tragic a mistake it was to grant autocephaly to schismatics and an unauthorized bunch in Ukraine at the behest of the Euro-Atlanticists, because this is an event that destroyed the unity of the Orthodox Autocephalous Churches,” Metropolitan Seraphim concluded.

Additionally, Metropolitan Seraphim called on the Greek government to react to the Turkish decision immidiately. Earlier, Metropolitan Seraphim criticised the Greek leadership for “investing into the West”, which regularly betrays it.


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USA is looser of all losers and last to mock against anybody now.
Your country is literally falling apart while Orthodoxy is here for 2000 years and still kicking.


That’s why you are obsessed with them cause they are losing.


Ha !
Obsessed of course.

Can’t sleep all night when I see all that mess you are in :-))

Poor terrorist U.S. of losers.
Your rich have already escaped to the other countries what are you waiting?


You can sleep but you can’t spend a day without remembering how much you hate them. Ohh noo the dollar escaped to another countries! Now all the shitholes know how the dollar looks like, what can we do, it was suposed to be secret.


You are delusional to the point that I sincerely feel sorry for you.


Orthodox church is responsible for museums?

Raptar Driver

Satanic assault on God’s Church. Punishment for it’s sins.

Politolog Externista

are u stuck with byzantine emppire ? It is gone, just as western. While this is an insult and mockery aswell as blasphemy from the pagan Erdo, he is a man of the world as is his cult. God does not want to live in buildings, but in peoples hearts.

As for erdo fail empire, he is seemingly lashing out similarly to the US, sign of faking greatness but being very limited in real circumstances. To me it seems they want a war with Greece hoping to provoke it by implying some wannabe superity of the mohamedan cult. Militarily to me this smells of vast overextension by Erdo, creating a whole lot of open space for Russia to strike Erdo empire and finish what paused 100 years ago. It looks like Turks have a victim complex for losing their empire. But no comlex for their murderous wars and extortion. Who else would want to cut up Turkey ? At the same time westerners want russian resources and hope for Turk-Rus confrontation.

Brother Ma

I believe noone cares about Greece anymore. The west and Russia would seemingly just as happily have Turkey gobble up Greece as they still get the oil ,gas and tourist hot spots. The evidence is Cyprus 1974. Russia allowed a non aligned nation to fall to Nato and the stupid Greeks were fooled by the zioyanks to lose Cyprus to Moslems! Just like fellow euro Christian allies allowed Yugoslavia to fall to Moslems!

It is no accident that Greece was beggared just before the oil and gas in the Greco/ Cypriot areas became much publicised.

The writing is on the wall. Huntigdons clash of civilizations and periphery of Europe. The powerful of the world ie NW Europe and The US have decided that only Protestantism or Secularism should exist. They can’t stand history or culture so have slated orthodoxy to die. So Greece and the Balkans are on the chopping block. Then Italy ,France and Spain for its Catholicism ,leaving Judaism and the Christian Zionist (protestants fundamentalists ) of the USA.


You have strange explanations..
How “euro Christian allies allowed Yugoslavia to fall to Moslems”?
It was only official policy of USA created during the civil war in Yugoslavia to always support Muslims. They already knew that they will attack Iraq again so they needed to kick some Christians (whom they labeled pro-Russian) to defend Muslims….Europeans have obediently followed their Master.

Kosvo UCK was on the terrorist list as an organization… yet they took them off from that list and have supported them against Christian Serbs.
But still Yugoslavia “to fall to Moslems”? When ? Where?

Brother Ma

Natouszio supported Moslems during the Yugoslav wars. So they backstabbed an ally ; Yugoslavia. By doing so they allowed Bosnia to become independent and then Kosovo etc.This created a rift in Europe which may take hundreds of Years to heal.


Yugoslavia was not “an allay” of NATO and USA, so there was no “back stabbing” really.
Creation of the Bosnia and Kosovo are direct result of new USA “pro-Muslim” global policy that was created in Yugoslavia.

It was not complete victory either (creation of Serb “Republic of Srbska” within Bosnia)

Destruction of the Yugoslavia was part of NATO expansion and they needed excuse to destroy it. They have put the blame Orthodox Serbs labeled “pro-Russian”(who were fighting for the preservation of the Yugoslavia)
The explanation for sudden “pro Muslim” policy is simple.
They did “pro-Muslim” global policy because they had parallel project going ; “War on Terror” that kick started with false flag 9/11 attack on Twin Tower NY.
So their “pro-Muslim” foreign policy was to complement systematic vilifying of the Islam in representing Muslims as terrorist through the “War on Terror” .
Of course it is the USA and “allays” that artificially created that Islamic terrorism.

Brother Ma

Serbia and Yugoslavia were allies of the Allies in WWII and two respectively when Croatia became a Nazi puppetstate.

The Yugoslav wars started a good eleven years before 9/11 and its aim was to destroy weaker Russian friends and give Germany more “lebensraum” in Europe . In all to crush all memory of a Soviet Bloc. They have practically succeeded. Bastard Nato ,Germany and ziostate.

I agree with most of the rest you said.


Well we don’t agree again.

“Yugoslavia was ally of the Allies” and so was USSR and even capitalist Russia And they almost got destroyed by their “friends” from USA and UK as capitalist “ally” country after USA and UK supported Islamic Chechen terrorist war and total economic plunder and destruction of Russian economy.
Please stop with that kind naive argument that leads nowhere.
There is no such thing as “ally” for USA just those in submission.

11 years are detail , a technicality of no importance. It just took more than decade to completely destroy “Yugoslavia 1” and “Yugoslavia 2” and create 2 Muslim majority “countries”.

That is all.

I have ignored details like that to put things in clear perspective over the major key elements of USA global strategy.
So that was about depicting core of the problem a forest = global problem and motives. Not about picking details now to hide what is important

Like using tree and hiding the forest behind it.

To “destroy weaker Russian friends”?!

“Yugoslavia 1” was not “friend” of USSR and within Yugoslavia1 only the Serbs were in majority pro Russian. Even that Serb pro-Russian element is hugely blown out of the proportions by USA propaganda….since before the NATO bombings huge number of Serbs was pro-West.
USA didn’t get involved in destruction of Yugoslavia to make “lebensraum” for Germany. They did that only for their own interests.

Germany had Green light even during the Cold War to work on destruction of Yugoslavia. And Germany was main architect and leader in destruction of Yugoslavia. USA came later on and got involved specially in Bosnia and everything else after that.
Germany has recognized Slovenia and Croatia (German vassal satellite countries) LOOOOOONG before USA or any other country which actually started civil war in Yugoslavia.
Than they have retracted under the pressure from “allays” like France

But than they have blackmailed rest of the EU that they will step out if the EU if the rest of the EU collectively doesn’t recognize Croatia and Slovenia.

Check out the dates of recognition of Croatia and Slovenia and you’ll see that USA is far behind for example

Brother Ma

My dear friend ,you are very pedantic or English is not your first language. I know very well Russia was an ally of The Allies until the end of WWII. I also know Yugoslavia was a unique communist state ,not part of the Soviet pact and a mix of Capitalist and Soviet. So allThe More shame that Europe destroyed her as she was the closest state to the West in the Cold War.

Yes. I know that Germahy is the jackal that first started it and I am aware of how Slovenia and Croatia were first acknowledged by the Germans. The Germans hated Serbia since WWI and before. They are still jackals to this day bringing in rapefugees! That is why is said ” Lebensraum”.

The US instead of building- up allied countries in the Balkans ,reinvested in a two-time enemy -Germany- and made her strong so she rules Europe now.


I was arguing for the sake of clarity and good conclusion. While you persistently obfuscate the line of thought in the argument by adding new elements.
And labeling me with lack of knowledge in English at the end,.. was not really the most elegant finale.

I understood perfectly your level of knowledge when it comes to Yugoslavia just like you did mine, when it comes to English.
Still my English was good enough to understand that you don’t know
certain things about Yugoslavia yet you are good in hiding it because of your excellent English

So lets leave it there. Because I exchange my point of view to learn
something and not for the sake of it, or to show that I know something, or to exercise my bad English.
I wish you nice and pleasant day

Brother Ma

You too. We agreed on all major points if not all points ,so I leave it there.

Porc Halal

The US and its allies have not created any islamic terrorism … Islamic terror has been present all along since the beginning of the mohammedan religion … The US and its sunni arab allies have only supported islamic terrorism and helped it grow large enough to pose a global threat today …


“Huston we have problem..”

Islamic terrorism was literally non-existent before 9/11 and beforehand prepared “War on terror”announcement.
Tons of proves have been documented over the years of USA and Western collusion.
From creation of terrorist groups to support of terrorism.
With terrorists from Afghanistan against USSR to the present day.

And if you reject obvious I can’t give flying f*ck about that.
Good bye.

Porc Halal

Hmmm, obviously YOU have a problem, not Huston!…and I know what your problem is…good bye


My “problem” is not parroting NWO “deep state” propaganda meme like you.

Porc Halal

And the quran was also a USA / Western creation, wasn’t it?…


“War on Terror” is Israeli Mossad brain child just like it was creation of ISIS and war between Shiite and Sunni Muslims (Americans-CIA are too stupid and too ignorant to come up with similar ideas )
Islamic terrorism was first created and supported only by CIA and MI6 (Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, Kosovo) while later on many other NATO and conservative pro-fundamentalist Arab countries have joined into the project (Saudi’s, UAE, Katar)

You are prejudiced against Muslims while in the same time West (specially Europe) is exposed to systemic invasion of the Muslim population.
All that was deliberate, planned, financed and organized by “deep state” and world super rich globalists.
Their objective is replacement of the population and braking of the cohesion of every Western nation state into multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi-religious society.
With simple objective of “divide and rule”.
That’s all I have to say to you. Stay ignorant that’s your problem….

Porc Halal

I am not ignorant at all … what I have said so far is absolutely true that islamic terror did not start with its recent support by some Western countries but since the founding of this religion … I hope I have been clear enough…as for the “deep state” I don’t see any difference between your point of view and my point of view …


Of course you are “clear” because your understanding of the problem is very simplistic.

Jihad from middle ages has nothing to do with would be”jihad” today.
Today Muslim “jihad” is 100% instrumentalized and artificially produced and financed.
Your hatred is counterproductive and misplaced. Your true enemy are the super-rich on the West. And they are much more dangerous than those fanatics they finance and manipulate into the confrontation with the the West.
Everything is staged and pre – calculated.

Porc Halal

You know nothing about islam or islamic jihad…from this perspective you are a very big ignorant…muslims have a name for this category of individuals namely: useful idiots…

you take for granted every piece of rubbish delivered by fake news aka globalist elites – controlled mainstream media or islam-controlled media / sources of information…

Porc Halal


Maybe this will help you understand this topic better than you do right now…



USA is decadent as hell, think whatever you want can’t care less about your biased comments.

Porc Halal

typical answer for an ignorant person when he has nothing to support his own claims and to reject the claims of others

Porc Halal

I will give you just one quote from the satanic book called quran by citing momo, piss upon him…”I have been made victorious with terror”…this is not CIA thing…

Brother Ma

Turks always have a victim complexe as they know they are the sons of cutthroats ,murderers and thieves who have not been punished . They know they are squatters and are always insecure someone will kick them out .

What is worse they know that if you scratch them hard enough there is a Christian below who was either forced to convert or was a prick who converted for benefits. They hate that.

Raptar Driver

I agree that the church is not a building that’s why if you read in the beginning of the book of revelations the 7 churches are still intact


So if Russia is “to strike Erdo empire and finish what paused 100 years ago.”how is possible that “Byzantine Empire is gone”?!
If Turkey is destroyed than Istanbul will become again Constantinople maybe even Greek again like few thousand years ago.
Byzantine’s are Greeks.
It will not be “gone” just transformed.

You in way contradict yourself.

Tommy Jensen

Byzantine Hagia Sophia finally return to its true ancient origin Turkish Islam.

The Cathedral was looted and burned in 1204 by Venezian money lenders and the Crusaders together in their fourth robbery crusade.
Not able to defend anything and anybody, the Ortodhox Catedral were tranformed to a Islamic Mosque under the Turkish Mehmet II conquest of Istanbul in 1453 and thus Islamic in 600 years………..LOL.

Islam won and you guys lost :( …………….LOL.


How the Fuck are you Muslims going to pray in there? when you know that there are so many Crosses everywhere around you? Don’t you need to be clean from the forces of the holly Cross??
Hagia Sophia is full of Christian saints and crosses everywhere…….
I thought a Cross is your biggest blasphemy in Muslim terms


Muslims respect Christian divinities and the same situation happened in Armenia many times when Churches and Mosques reverted back and forth. Islam began to make inroads into the Armenian Plateau during the seventh century. Arab, and then Persian Iranian Safavids (who had changed from being Sunni to Shia Muslims by then), established definite control over Armenia and far beyond and displayed more tolerant and inclusive approach. However, the Turks are fanatic Sunnis and committed the holocaust of Armenians, while in Shia Iran all Armenian and Orthodox churches are safe and allowed total freedom.

Brother Ma

Which is why I prefer Shia to Sunni anyday . Also Iran needs to be careful it’s alliance with Turkey does not turn into a nightmare by Sunnis taking over their religion and culture .

The Objective

Shiites are a lost sheep. Left to them, Islam would have perished long ago. Most learned Shiites are non-muslims. The common Shiite folk is considered a Muslim, but disobedient and following innovations.

Brother Ma

They will cover it all up with curtains , screens and lights .

The Objective

They’ll be removed. That’s an easier move than converting a museum into a mosque

Politolog Externista

pride comes before fall. One could remember the turks on spikes in their tends of thousands.

Do you not understand that God wants your repentance before it is too late ? God is not reliant on buildings. Because He decided that you still live is His mercy even though you are blaspheming. In the end, your deeds will come up with you and you will have to explain them all. Do you think that God will allow unrighteous in His kingdom ???! You have no idea about God, who allowed the muslims to try the people of God. And if God wills, Turkey will cease to exist as an imperial enity. Do not wish evil and do not do evil without expecting a payback. God will repay the good and the bad, not sometime in an unknown future or just in eternity … God want s your repentace. God does not support wicked evil people.

The Objective

I want you to check yourself by applying the same holy standard to claim to follow.
What do you know about the Qur’an? What do you know about Muhammad?
If your answer to these questions is “zero or limited knowledge” then how can you know for certain Islam is wrong? If Allah were to punish you for rejecting Islam, is He not justified? What’s stopping you to study these two subjects in order make an objective verdict regarding Islam? What if Islam is right, how will you know that without knowledge? Are you willing to risk eternal by rejecting Islam without first knowing it’s prophet and its holy book?
Well, please yourself.

Politolog Externista

I know Koran contradicts the Word of God. Mohamed living standard is not that worthy of either old testament prophets most of who were prosecuted for telling what people in power did not like, generally to repent or suffer the consequences, neither is his standard of life of Jesus, who did not and could not sin, because He is God with Father and Holy Spirit. Old jewish Torah – old testament + prophets, is consistent in prophecizing Son of God – Jesus Christ to come in the flesh and to carry the sins – Lamb of God. And New Testament, New Deal, is not limited to Jews, but for all mankind who would believe in Jesus as Son of God, who died and was resurrected and is now in heaven. (Jews were hardened to reject God, they sought worldly conqueror king to savem from Romans) There is simply no space for any new religion of God, because the Church is the new Israel, people of God, holy nation, and Jesus accomplished his mission on earth by dying on the cross to free the whole world of sin they could not otherwise. But you dont know any of that. Koran claims to be ‘abrahamic religion’, well, Jesus said that salvation is from the Jews. Not from Ismael, who lived a worldy life,who wasnt even chosen . Koran claims to be in agreement with Word of God only to contradict it. God does not contradict himself. Who contradicts God is not of God. Allah thus cannot punish me because he doesnt even exist, unlike the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. I have nothing to fear. Jesus healed my arm, brain, freed me from 7 addictions. So yes, He is my God, ith Father and Holy Spirit, One God. To not tell that He is not a philosophy but a real, powerful with Father, Holy Spirit would be a sin by me.

God is God of freedom, not of violence, neither is He of disorder, but of peace. I have witnessed many people try to fearmonger me with sin, that you cant this, you cant that, only for them to try and order me around, this isnt about God, but about them. Shaming for things not being responsible for, or inventing evil narratives to blame myself for their own sins ? It is hypocrisy work. Pious in appearance, with God far away from their heart, deeds reflecting that. Preaching chastity only to do horribly in hiding. I have seen many such practices. But nobody can hide and these people, faking humility, are one of many real problems.

So, if you wish to not belkieve in Jesus, and do everything against Him, then you are against God, while imagining to be on Gods side. You are free not not believe, not to do the Will of God. But in the end, you will be asked, why did you resist Me ? I wanted you to have life and I already paid for your sin, so, why did you not want to have life ? Outside of Jesus, there is no salvation, no life eternal. Salvation is only through His sacrifice on the cross, resurrection. Koran thus lies that He didnt die on the cross.

Cross, instrument of death becoming symbol of salvation. Crescent moon gods dont have any such power.

Porc Halal

This is very true!

Brother Ma

True ancient origin ? How so?


USA loser bragging with success of their terrorist friends

Porc Halal

What an worthless dumbfuck you are!…
—- ”Byzantine Hagia Sophia built in 600 AC finally return to its true ancient origin Turkish Islam” —- are you even aware of the idiocy you wrote you wortless numbnut?!… Are you so stupid as to confuse Christian Orthodoxy with islam?????… The Christian Orthodox cathedral was build in 360 AD and not in 600 AC you worthless douchebag…


It is not a sign of weakness but the reality is that the extremist Sunni world has the full backing of the west and NATO. Turkey’s AKP was created by the CIA with Wahhabi money from Persian Gulf puppet regimes and Erdogan is pushing their Islamist agenda and seems unstoppable as the US, Zionists and NATO vassals are firmly supporting it. Russia and China need to strengthen Iran as a counter-balance to rein in Turkey’s growing ambitions. Even the Czars always favored the moderate Shia’s of Persia as allies against the Ottomans. Iran is the only heavyweight in the region that can check Turkish ambitions as the Arabs are too divided and weak.

Brother Ma

Sadly Turks and Persians are be oming more and more friendly with one another. A big mistake for Persia.


Turkey should first get out of Libya otherwise Turks will continue to return in body bags


“Completed in 537, during the reign of the eastern Roman emperor Justinian I, it was then the world’s largest interior space and the first to employ a fully pendentive dome. It is considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture[4] and is said to have “changed the history of architecture”.[5] It is also an important example of the common Islamc practice of converting non-Islamic places of worship into mosques, which has led to religious strife in several parts of the world. …

Built as the Christian cathedral of Constantinople between 532 and 537 on the orders of Justinian I, the basilica was designed by the Greek geometers Isidore of Miletus and Anthemius of Tralles.[9] The present Justinianic building was the third church of the same name to occupy the site, the prior one having been destroyed in the Nika riots. Episcopal see of the ecumenical patriarch of Constantinople, it remained the world’s largest cathedral for nearly a thousand years, until Seville Cathedral was completed in 1520. In 1204, it was converted by the Fourth Crusaders to a Roman Catholic cathedral under the Latin Empire, before being restored to the Eastern Orthodox Church upon the return of the Byzantine Empire in 1261. After the Fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire in 1453,[10] it was converted to a mosque. In 1935, it was secularized into a museum.[11] In early July 2020, the Council of State annulled the Cabinet’s 1934 decision to establish the museum, revoking the monument’s status and a subsequent decree of the President of Turkey ordered the reclassification of Hagia Sophia as a mosque,[12][13] a controversial move that has invoked condemnation from the World Council of Churches and many international leaders.”

– Hagia Sophia –



I was born and raised Roman Catholic and completed 13 years of catechism instruction K through 12. When I started driving interstate truck 20 years ago I stopped going to church because it didn’t work well with full time long haul trucking.

As I got more into ET contact work and research. And started having experiences that in previous times would have been considered supernatural and religious. It became clear to me that a lot of it was advanced technology and interdimensional based.

My view at this time is that Judaism is a problem and should be abolished. Other mainstream religions like Islam and Christianity have issues, Islam more than Christianity, but have been developed to a level that they have value and can make a positive contribution to society when managed constructively. I think that the Chinese have got it about right. In the sense that they didn’t legalize Judaism, but did legalize Islam and Christianity. Though evidently not Orthodox Christianity for some reason. It’s my understanding that the first President of China was a Chinese Christian.

If you look at catholicism, which for all it’s faults, is the only original Christian sect with a direct unbroken line from Jesus Christ and the apostles to the present day. It’s clear that it’s very much a human creation done after the fact of Christ’s life with a lot of invention along the way. How much it accurately reflects what actually happened in Palestine and Egypt is an open question. My view is that a lot was simply made up along the way after the fact. And that it doesn’t always accurately reflect what actually happened in Christ’s and the apostle’s lives and work.

I’m going through the Meier material, which is extensive and covers religion in depth. From what I’ve seen and experienced, both at the Meier residence, and studying his material before and after being there. He makes the case, and to the extent that he actually is involved with real ETs. That ETs had extensive involvement in Christ’s life, and the development of Christianity. I’m assuming that there’s some truth to that. And that they’ve been involved in developing other spiritual ideologies as well.

Without getting involved in theological philosophy. My basic view is that creation isn’t happenstance. And that it’s a designed process by a more advanced creational existence. At this stage in our development as a planet bound species. I think that we have limited comprehensional capacity to understand the creational process and who and what is responsible for it. We can assign names and concepts like god and divinity. But I think that like us in our current stage of development, these names and concepts at most are only partially correct. And that the reality is that who and what actually exists and is happening is more extensive than we have the vernacular and IQ to comprehensively describe and understand.

What is clear to me is that we’re an integral part of the creational process. And if we don’t destroy ourselves in the process. We’ll gain a better understanding of who and what is involved as we go along.

Lazy Gamer

Assessing it at hind sight. It looks like this is a directed spite by Turkey and the hidden hand behind it against Russia, Greece, and the Orthodox world. It is good that Russia did not take the bait.

For now, the respective patriarchs should buy off anything and everything that can be removed from the temple. Maybe plan for a new Orthodox center that will be grander.

AG Korvin

Order came from downtown: it is good as it ishttps://sputniknews.com/middleeast/202007131079867183-moscow-sees-decision-to-convert-hagia-sophia-into-mosque-as-turkeys-domestic-matter/

The Farney Fontenoy

I lived in Turkey for years, when the Patriarch of Constantinople still had grudging respect from Erdogan, he’s always wanted Hagia Sofia, but it was clear the backlash would be huge-so Erdogan didn’t even publicly say he wanted it, he couldn’t, the Patriarch had too much support.
Erdogan would never have made this announcement if he was not supremely confident he could get away with it-and he HAS! A a whimper from Constantinople,a few mumbles from Greece & as for the Vatican?
The pope is “very saddened”. Christianity is already defeated, that’s why Erdogan did this.

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