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Turn The Other Cheek? Israel’s Savage Response To Gaza’s Rockets

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Chaos is returning to the West Bank, as rockets are raining down on both sides of the Gaza fence.

On the afternoon of May 10th, after days of violent protests in Jerusalem’s Mount Temple, Hamas’ military wing gave Israeli authorities a deadline to withdraw the police and release the detained Palestinians. As it was expected, Tel Aviv did not respect the ultimatum.

As soon as it passed, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group reportedly launched about 30 rockets from the Gaza Strip towards Israel. An ATGM also targeted a vehicle, injuring one civilian.

The Palestinians called their operation the “Al Quds Sword”, while the Israeli response is titled “Guardian of the Walls”.

The mighty Iron Dome intercepted most of missiles launched from Gaza towards Israeli Ashkelon and other areas, but its coverage is strained. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have recently deployed several more batteries in the south and bolstered it with more radars and launchers. There is ample footage showing rockets targeting civilian, and not open, areas.

In a swift response, an Israeli UAV was launched towards Gaza. The strike reportedly resulted in the death of at least 9 civilians, 3 of which were children.

This was not the “crushing blow” Tel Aviv expected it to be, as rockets continued raining down from Gaza towards Israeli territory. During this night only, over 200 rockets have been reportedly launched from Gaza.

In response, the IDF claim they have killed 15 Hamas members and have struck 130 Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets. The IDF reportedly destroyed several rocket launchers, at least 2 military posts, 2 tunnels, a Hamas military intel facility and alleged weapon manufacturing and storage sites. The IDF did not mention that the strikes have resulted in the deaths of dozens of civilians.

The numbers of casualties, as well as material damage caused by the hostilities from both sides, are not comparable.

The rocket exchange has already been marked as the biggest escalation in the West Bank in recent years.

It comes down to speculation how likely a further deterioration into chaos is. Tel Aviv appears to be dead set on indiscriminately targeting alleged Hamas targets, regardless of civilian collateral damage. The Palestinian groups in Gaza could potentially hope that the “international community” will not sit idly by and watch as Israel’s incredibly severe response takes place, and so far it appears they are hoping in vain.

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Zionazis are worse than real nazis : cowardly baby-killers and genocidal psychos. May the devil devour every degenerate who supports ISreaheII.

Benjamin Satanyahoo

I diots D emons F aggots


Mark my words, if any more Hamas rockets come over the fence line: my unit will be activated and I will shoot some women and children. Because I am a brave soldier with no fear.


I think you can just shit in your pants that’s what you are practicing from recent years Arrogance can only bring misery

Rodney Loder

At first Trump was self politically isolated from Britain and France, as such in no position to start a war, Trump was an incredible achievement by Allah (swt), Bidens objective so far has been to reverse that isolationism, but he’s not there yet.

Old man Bush created the necessary conditions for the US to launch a campaign young man Bush used that resource up, now its the other way around Biden has to make it, but without homosexual Sid Loder’s Freemasons backing it’s not going to be easy.


Mark my words, I am a brave soldier with no fear, not some 5 years old dumb cowardly sociopath troll with inferiority complex!

I don’t turn the other cheek. Except Bibi’s cheeks. And Benji Gantz cheeks.

Arch Bungle

Cheeks are meant to spread O Iron Zion, not turned.

Last edited 11 months ago by Arch Bungle
Soba Machine

Explain to me how killing women and children makes you brave


this right here tells you how small minded and unintelligent israelis are: they continue responding to attacks that they have initiated, hoping the other side will give up, its not gonna happen

Tom Fuller

So the Israelis started rocketing themselves? Is that how it started this time?

Arch Bungle

No. It started with ethnic cleansing on Nakba day, decades ago.

Tomato man

It seems BiBi wants more money and also to cover up his crimes (again)….jews being jews can’t change their ugly faces. Hell is the only land Zion has the right to, in the end, they going to end up there one way or other.

Tomato man

It is also funny to see Plastic Dome can’t even hit Gaza’s homemade $50 rocket and they think they can fight Hezbollah and Iran LMFAO. The UN wouldn’t do anything nor any other country…like before, but the hate is building up around the world against Zion. Stealing is not good you backward apes.

Tomato man

SF I asked you guys before, can we block “smart” looking apes here? They are spawning like bots.

Super Twat

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Oy Vey

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Hens Jolm

That was savage. Holocaust all over again


Gens jolm Go go Germany ,it ils your country, Hitler ils jour Friend

Arch Bungle

“In response, the IDF claim they have killed 15 Hamas members ”

Is suppose they mean Hamas Members under 9 years of age …


Israël gangster state ils thé nazistan


What are thé sionistes doing in this site? May be Palestine is toi small for thème.It ils a pity .America ils a great secure country or Germany go go ses there if you Can find a place for the nazi colony


L’état maffia d’Israël nazi ne connait que la force,il se détruira lui même par le glaive et l’épée car la haine et la violence le détruira,comme le nazisme a été détruit par les soviétiques qui ont eu 16 millions de morts et qui n’ont jamais été indemnisé alors qu’Israël a touché le jack -pot grâce à la shoah. N’oubliez pas messieurs les sionistes que ce sont les russes qui vous ont délivre des des camps de concentration,vous êtes vraiment des ingrats,et vous continuez a toucher le vos lot comme si vous jouez au loto ou a la roue de la fortune dans une émission télévisée tout ça pour investir dans des armes pour tuer des enfants innocents de Palestine et voler leurs terres.


since SF changed moderation more infantile CIA meth addicted employees post their bad comedy here

jens holm

Same procedure as last year.

Israel build out the jewish part and they as rountine being one to ten also hit back one to 10.

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