Turksih Media Reveals Location Of 13 Major Ammo Depots Belonging To Syrian Democratic Forces


Turksih Media Reveals Location Of 13 Major Ammo Depots Belonging To Syrian Democratic Forces

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On December 1, the Turkish state-run news agency Anadolu revealed the location of 13 ammo depots in the provinces of al-Hasakah, Raqqa and Aleppo where the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are storing the weapons and ammunition received from the US-led coalition.

The 13 large ammo depots of the SDF are located in Afrin, Ain al-Arab, Sirrin, Harab Isk, Chalabiya, Tal Abyad, Soluk, Dirbasiya, Gibse, Tal Baidar, Zone 47, al-Hul and Maliqiyya, according to the report.

Syrian pro-government sources confirmed the information provided by the Turkish meida. According to them, Maliqiyya and Tal Baidar are the biggest ammo depots of the SDF.

The Anadolu agency also revealed that the SDF is mainly receiving weapons and ammunition form the US-led coalition through the Semalka border crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border. The Iraqi side of Semalka is currently under the control of Kurdish Peshmerga forces. However, the Iraqi federal government is planning to take over the border crossing soon, which will make the situation more complicated for the SDF.

According to the Anadolu map, the SDF is also locally manufacturing mortars in many workshops, which are mainly located in the city of Afrin in the northern Aleppo countryside.

Syrian and Turkish sources believe that the SDF is storing the weapons for a future battle against the Turkish Army or the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), as most of these weapons were not used against ISIS.

As a part of the US efforts to reassure Turkey’s fears regarding the armament of the SDF, the US Department of Defense (DOD) said that it had shared lists of major military equipment provided to the SDF (like heavy machine guns and Humvees) with Turkey, according to a report of the US-based Monitor on November 28.

The report also said that the US DOD is working to ensure the safe return of the heavy weapons provided to the SDF and stressed that it is planning to take back the “large vehicles and heavy or crew-served weapons” from the SDF once ISIS is defeated.

Many Syrian and Turkish experts doubted that the US will be able to take back the weapons provided to the SDF. The US had previously failed to return weapons that it supplied to different groups in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.



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  • dutchnational

    US has promised to take back weapons and replace them by more suited weapons when the time is there. Imo US will replace them by heavier weapons once IS has been defeated.

    Afrin is turning into an industrial hub, including iron melting and will be able to fabricate weapons, low tech, soon.

    • Tudor Miron

      Dutchy is still pinning his ugly hopes on US :) Kurds seem to never learn – they genocide Armenians on behalf of Turks and where are they now? Now they hope that “most reliable ally in the world” will suddenly change its ways and start actually keeping their word :) Even events in Iraq where both US and Kurd’s new “friends” Israel abandoned them don’t seem to teach them anything. SDF (and Dutchy) think that this time it will be different LOL
      “replace them by more suited weapons when the time is there. Imo US will replace them by heavier weapons once IS has been defeated.” (c) Go to the mirror and try to repeat this while keeping a straight face :)

      • χρηστος

        not only Armenians…..Greeks as well…..Kurds and Turks have been very busy practising the art of genocide …..

        • Brother Ma

          And Nestorian or Assyrian Christians. Basically ANY and Every Christian.Funny how you dont see uncle sam speak about Kurds ‘ history around 1920s.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      :))) and where wil take energy, metals, ha?

    • John Whitehot

      iron melting? perhaps they’ll be able to produce swords, maces and morningstars.

      • Goran Grubić HardyVeles

        You would be amazed how low-tech is the production of hand-held firearms. For a handgun or rifle you need 9-axis milling machine – and that’s it. If the alloy is rubbish (and it will be, that’s sure) it only means your AK47 replica will last shorter. But still, you can make it. And 9-axis milling machine is something you can buy on German second-hand machine market for 40-50k EUR top.

        • John Whitehot

          i may be wrong but 9 axis seems overly complex to produce firearms.

          Once you are able to produce the barrels, you can make the rest from stamped parts.

          Of course as you said, the materials are critical. Not only that Ak replica will last shorter, it wlll also probably blow up in the face of its shooter.

          having an eye cavity filled with a rotating bolt isn’t an happy perspective for wannabe militants.

          • Skagos

            I think it would defintely blow up in a short time.

    • hhabana

      Trump will quietly forget about Kurds to placate Iraq and Turkey. The Kurds who are smart should respect the country governments they reside in and the others should be defeated, jailed and sent to work camps-Stalin Style.

  • juan carlos ayala

    en vez de hacerlo publico deben de bombardearlo de una vez

  • gustavo

    ¿ Return these weapons at the end of ISIS ? NO WAY !. First, there is not such a end of ISIS since SDF is happy willing to get them into its elements fighters, as USA can command. Second, these weapons are (as the article said it) to attack Turks or Syrian army or people. War is not over after ISIS, it is just having different face.

    • Admiral_Moorer_believed

      I am guessing that those weapons will be requested to be returned. . .

      The Kurds will refuse. . .

      Then the Russian cruise missiles will hit.

  • Don Machiavelli

    I think that ‘ LOL ‘ would be perfect comment but i do it like this for the sake of science :D

  • TiredOfBsToo

    Well now that those weapons depots have been identified, maybe it’s time for Turkey to preemptively test how effective their weapons are at destroying the terrorists ability to wage war.

    • cortisol

      Anonumously drone strike the depots.

      • TiredOfBsToo

        Sounds good.

  • matt


    • Garga

      matt, are you like doctor jeckyll and Mr. Hyde? Sometimes polite, sometimes filthy-mouth-ed?

      • matt

        It is called “human emotions”

        • Garga

          When you feel “human emotion” of rage, do you also turn green and hulk up?

          • matt

            I wish!

  • Joe

    Ya… Trust the Americans on what they say
    These guys cannot even keep the treaties or agreements they sign on let alone their words.

    The Kurds are already well supplied

    • John Whitehot

      “These guys cannot even keep the treaties or agreements they sign on let alone their words”

      As a jewish state, the US probably signs treaty with the intent to disregard them

      It’s a way for exceptional people to tell others that they can do whatever they want.

      • Brother Ma

        Yes zio writings do say you can ignore contracts with the goyim.

        • John Whitehot

          i remember reading that not only they can ignore them, but defying them is encouraged.

      • Bob

        To identify a incongruent individual need only compare their words with their actions and identify any significant differences. If there are repeated contradictions between the two areas then you have identified an untrustworthy and problematic individual. The same scrutiny for incongruence is equally applicable to larger social units, ie societies, as well as individuals.

  • hhabana

    Once that border is taken by Iraq, the Turks and SAA should crush Kurds.

  • Brother Ma

    Hmm ammo bases?? They wouldn’t be the us bases that Turkey exposed months ago would they?

  • Do remember that Russia has the exact location of these basis. They are targets waiting to happen if and when the time comes. Remember this is the long game. The slow crush. Step by step the nation of Syria is freed. Stand in the way and you get stepped on. Russia does not just go and bomb every potential target. You noticed that? They are peace keepers and nation builders and not destroyers. There will be appropriate negotiations with the Kurds when the time comes. Learn to think Putin.