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Turkish Warships Off The Coast of Libya, As Erdogan Vows to Counter Haftar’s Forces

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Turkish Warships Off The Coast of Libya, As Erdogan Vows to Counter Haftar's Forces

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On January 28th, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the Libyan National Army (LNA), led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar only controlled the desert areas of Libya.

He further said that Turkey monitors the LNA’s attempts to capture the populated areas and Ankara would do whatever is necessary to counter their offensive.

He alleged that Russian soldiers, with funding from the UAE was making the LNA’s offensive possible.

Around the same time Erdogan made his claims, reports began surfacing of Turkish navy warships in the Libyan exclusive economic zone.

The Turkish Navy was delivering some sort of undisclosed cargo, with a roro-cargo ship, which was escorted by frigates.

Despite the presumed no-fly zone established by the LNA over Tripoli, a Turkish Boeing 747 ER-BBJ departed Istanbul en route to Libya, it is possible that this is filled with more militants or equipment, (since the 747 ER-BBJ is a cargo plane), being delivered to fight on behalf of the UN-assigned Government of National Accord (GNA).

It is likely that the GNA forces gain a second wind in some areas, since reinforcements reached the Al Qurain and Al-Washaka areas, which the LNA has been attempting to push in the last few days.

The GNA downed a UAV, and it reported that it was a LNA one, but the LNA denied, saying that they accidentally targeted and shot down a Turkish UAV over Misrata.

The significant part is that the UAV, according to photos was shot down by a surface-to-air battery, and not by any anti-UAV measure.

There are little reports of the activity of the LNA in recent days, but the attempts to push west of Sirte and south of Tripoli are on-going, but currently most propaganda is being pushed out of the GNA and Turkey.



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Xoli Xoli

Erdogan is q terrorists generator.Buttering his bread on both side with Russia and USA.


a decent anti ship missile would do.


Despite Egypts most ships and its Mistral LHD, Turkeys Ships have at least Phalanx CIWS and Ram missile for Self Defense. I really dont understand how Egypt bought it (LHD), without any EW and Self Defence Systems. Mounting Avenger Sams on top of it is ridicilous and will not do the job against incoming missiles. It is just a big target.

Zionism = EVIL

Have you ever met an Egyptian? LOL


I have met many , why you asked that ?


Even with these systems active, a YJ-12B would do the job. Yj-18 and YJ-52 are also good candidates for it, not to talk about the russian hardware.


If you say so…Let’s see…but i doubt that Hafter has the balls to start a direct war with Turkey. Sinking a Turkish ship would be declaring war to Turkey.


Well actually it is TURKEY which has declared war on Libya by ongoing military support for the Sarraj gangster regime, but you are right- no country , neither Iran, Syria, US, Greece (what a laugh !) will dare to confront Turkey. The neo-Ottomans learnt from Israel, attack, occupy, settle- Afrin, n Aleppo, n.Cyprus etc..


Correct again – but technical specs are meaningless unless backed by political will – contrast the Houthis with small arms and a few T-34 !! kicking Saudi butt.

Xoli Xoli

Expel USA from Middle East end of terrorism.

Jimmy Jim


Zionism = EVIL

Is the Jew faggot Sissy going to do anything or the queer cowardly Egyptians just circle jerk each other while dumb Turkeys land in their backyard :)

Mehmet Aslanak

That’s a Perry-class from 1970s. I would say Meko-class from 1990s or more recent Milgem-class would be a better show of force.


Upgraded with new Genesis Battle System just a few years ago! Link-16/22 system, EW-System, MK-41 VLS for ESSM Missiles and RAM missiles, new advanced SMART-S Mk2 3D air search radar and new long Range Sonar etc.

Mehmet Aslanak

Yeah, but the Perry-class hulls are like 40-50-year-old. You should visit a Knox-class museum ship in Izmir, Turkey. Its hull is from 1960s & even after excessive paintings, you will notice the walls, ceilings & the floors are in an unrecoverable condition.

cechas vodobenikov

no soldiers on the sea—irrelevant turk idiocy…the LNA controls most of Libya, the GNA less than 5%…they can import some ISIS mercenaries to delay defeat…little else turkey is galvanizing others to oppose them…Greece, Egypt, Israel, UAE….the LNA has reduced oil export dramatically, something that will harm the GNA more than the LNA


LNA controlls mostly was land of sand! Tripoli alone host 30 Percent of whole Libyan population. GNA controlls still big Urban Areas with cities like Misrata, Ghariyan, Zawiya etc.

Urban warfare is not easy. Turkey and FSA are experienced in it from Syria. This will not be a easy ride for Hafter. It took him 40 months alone to take Benghazi. You should check how long the Battle in Aleppo (nearly same size as Tripoli) took, despite heavy Russian Air and Ground support.

Tripoli will be a death Trap for LNA. Turkish officers together with FSA are already organizing the Defense of the city with Bomb traps, Sniper Positions etc.


This is correct – see my tweets https://twitter.com/Waynalmillayeen

Like LAA in 2011, LNA/HoR completely UNDERESTIMATE the determination of the enemy to destroy Libya – EU Germany and Italy pathetic- claim to enforce UN arms embargo/ceasefire but do nothing. Turkey has openly deployed troops, mercenaries, armor, etc.. as detailed by Ayman and continues in plain view with RORO cargo unloading – so much for LNA declaring no fly zone over Tripoli including Ma’itiqah AP – After 8 months LNA has yet to breach even the outer, forward enemy defense lines (3 Ring Road). Tripoli is an urban defenders dream – protected by sea to the north, mixed rural-urban areas in southern sector with all avenues of approach easily covered by direct and observed indirect fires, berms, obstacles (C-containers etc..) mines etc.. and now , due to LNA incapability, with highly effective and experienced Turkish operations staff – why LNA wasted 8 months politicking when Tripoli was up for grabs I don’t know – as for Misrata, the militia gangs stronghold this will never be taken – defenses improved plus, like in 2011 full NATO naval and ground support. Sometimes I despair at the strategic and operational failures of Arab armies, SAA the shining exception and example.

cechas vodobenikov

nonsense—bemghazi, sirte, misrata now LNA LNA was able to interrupt nearly all oil export the pitiful GNA only survives in parts of Tripoli w the aid of Turkish imperialism….turkey has no capacity to wage urban warfare, unless u refer to genocides of the Armenians and now the Kurds


Yes we saw how much the Greeks stopped the turkish ships, Haftar needs to shoot that ship immediately


Yes- the Greeks and Egyptians are all talk. LNA has the capability (on paper) to directly attack Turkish ships and aircraft off Tripoli but never does. You can’t win a war by letting your enemy get stronger every day and do nothing !

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