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Turkish Warplanes Hit SDF Posts Near Ain Issa As Clashes Around The Town Heat Up (Videos)

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Turkish Warplanes Hit SDF Posts Near Ain Issa As Clashes Around The Town Heat Up (Videos)

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Late on March 20, warplanes of the Turkish Air Force targeted posts of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the outskirts of the town of Ain Issa in northern Raqqa.

The airstrikes came amid a heated battle between Turkish forces and the Kurdish-led group. The battle broke out two days ago following a series of attacks by Turkish-backed militants, who are attempting to reach the M4 highway. The strategic highway links Raqqa with al-Hasakah and Aleppo.

According to the Hawar News Agency, the Turkish airstrikes were carried out in support of a unit of militants that was ambushed by the SDF.

“The occupation and its mercenaries suffered heavy losses at the hands of our fighters, so they had to use warplanes to bomb the north of the district in order to recover the dead bodies [of their fighters],” Riad Khalaf, SDF commander in northern Raqqa, said.

As of March 21 morning, Turkish forces are still shelling Ain Issa and its vicinity. Clashes are also ongoing, mainly near the villages of Saida and Mu’alk.

Despite sustaining heavy losses, Turkish forces are not backing down. The militants may soon kick off a large-scale ground attack on the center of Ain Issa.

A full-on Turkish offensive on Ain Issa may result in a confrontation with the Syrian Arab Army that maintains several fortified posts around the town. Unist of the Russian Military Police are also present in the town.


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Jens Holm

A change enough to be on Danish TV.

It shows well Russians are not able to handle things there. Much as they are comic Ali but not funny.

Very good airplane photoshopping. I might print it out for my wall.

cechas vodobenikov

turkeys/amerikan/kurds give jens LSD for cheap sex w English lesson

Pave Way IV

There’s U.S. SoF embedded all over with those SDF. Now we got NATO ‘partner’ Turkey potentially killing U.S. soldiers? Maybe they already have. Note this is easily hidden from the citizens of the U.S. by classifying the SoF as ‘intelligence assets’ instead of ‘military assets’. Everything including their deaths is classified and will not be reported to citizens. Outrage makes democracies both noisy and messy. Best to keep the peons in the dark by whatever means possible.


SDF better hand it over to the SAA since Uncle Sam aint give a shit. M4 is to important to fall into the hands of Turkistan

Potato Man

SDF is aided/ funded and supported by NATO-Zion+Wahhabi block and yet another NATO country is killing them…Goood, fuk Kurds and Turks, both side want money and wouldn’t mind killing civilians for it.

Supreme Blyat

The real question is: did Turkish planes enter in Syrian aurspace?

johnny rotten

As long as Kurdish terrorists and Turkish terrorists kill each other everything is fine, tomorrow there will be fewer terrorists around, the whole world sincerely thanks.

cechas vodobenikov

turkeys and amerikans ==NATO love

Diana Cornwell


Tell us again why Putin is enabling Turkish F-16s to violate Syrian airspace and bomb sovereign Syrian territory? Like, for the past half decade or so?

Putin is NATO’s best secret agent.

Thanks Putin.


Can’t wait for Russia/ China/ Iran to gulag the turkish mongoloid goplu race back to its original home in the East Torkestan of Xinjiang.


Sorry I got confused by Turkish Warplanes doing airstrikes in Syria.. It must be a typo..

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