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Turkish Warplanes Attack Kurdish Forces In Northern Aleppo

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Turkish Warplanes Attack Kurdish Forces In Northern Aleppo

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In the afternoon of October 12, Turkish warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes on positions of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the northern Aleppo countryside.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Huma Rights (SOHR) said that the Turkish airstrikes targeted the town of Umm Hush, southeast of the city of Tell Rifaat.

“There is no information about any human losses so far … Turkish warplanes are still flying over the region,” the monitoring group’s report read.

The targeted region is located south of the occupied area of Afrin. The region is controlled by the YPG and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Several units of the Russian Military Police are also stationed there.

This was the first time the Turkish Air Force bomb the region since the end of Operation Olive Branch in Afrin in March of last year.

A day earlier, Kurdish forces killed at least two Turkish service members in eastern Afrin. The airstrikes were likely a response to the attack.

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Rhodium 10

Syrian air defense and air force should protect its own country( Especially in Aleppo) in spite of Russian&Turkish agreements!

Real Anti-Racist Action

Syria can start first with at least shooting down the IDF. IDF bombs Damascus not Turkey. Damascus needs to concentrate on liberating the heart of Syria which is the Golan Heights.


Might I suggest you look at a map? For the first time?

The heart of Syria is the zone from Damascus to Aleppo. The rest is fringe area.

danjuma musa

It seems to me that Turkey and the US had a deal where the US will let Turkey dismantle Kurdish forces only to replace it with another terrorist army – this time, an Arab army, most likely a re-branded ISIS so that there is no more friction between the US and Turkey over Syria. America picked the wrong party in Syria and this has seriously undermined its policy there. By letting Turkey destroy the Kurdish fighters and handing Eastern Syria to ISIS, the US and Turkey can align their policy of dividing Syria. The US presence in Syria, though limited, is intended to deter Assad from taking opportunity of the Turkish invasion to expand territory under his control. I think Syria will break up along religious lines. The Sunnis in the East, and Shias in the North. NATO will rebuild Eastern Syria and make it a lot Stronger than Assad’s North. America and NATO will then have military bases in Eastern Syria aimed at Iran and Hezbollah. I think Putin has agreed to a break up of Syria. The US probably threatened indefinite occupation if Syria does not break up. This is why the refugees from Syria will be moved to the east. Seriously, Assad has his own faults. There is a history of oppression of Sunni scholars in Syria with many of them tortured by the Assad ruling family. Syria’s leadership itself is a monarchy. Most Sunnis in Syria are against the regime, and this is where America will get some support. I would really hate to see Syria break up, but I think it is almost a done deal now. Putin warned about this just days ago. He seems to believe that there will be a resurgence of ISIS. Those who thought that Russia and Assad will scramble their forces to defend the Kurds are mistaken. Doing so will lead to a war with NATO. Do not forget that the US has made some serious military deployments just of recent. I think these deployments are not aimed at Iran at the moment. Any attempt to stop the Turkish invasion will draw in the US. I think it is absurd to think that the US will suddenly abandon its project in Syria, and also let a NATO ally help Assad remove a major obstacle to the unification of Syria, i.e the Kurdish forces. Senior Kurdish commanders recently said their is only one army in Syria, and that is the Syrian Arab Army. They are also itching to strike a deal with Assad. They accuse the US of abandoning them to a Turkish slaughter. I think the Kurds get the message. I may be wrong, and I hope I am. But I can’t think of any other thing at play here. Do not forget that Pakistan, a strong ally of Saudi Arabia in the war on Yemen, is in support of the invasion. NATO is also in support. Saudi Arabia and Israel are saying nothing, and that means they too are in support. I heard Iran conducted a military drill on its border with Turkey against invasion. Why? Iran had better brace itself for bigger troubles to come soon. The Anglo-zionist are hell bent on destroying the Shias in the Middle East and they aren’t backing down. Iran produce nukes fast.


the liberation of syria is in a safe pair of hands -putin’s. no way that turkey is going to do anything that might piss off putin. the unhinged states of A’s hold in the northeast is tenuous at best so trump does what is best under the circumstances – take the troops and go home in line with his election promises. trump, surprisingly enough,much prefers to sit down and talk before threatening with guns or missiles and he’s even prepared to sit down with rouhani, who so far has said no. but rest assured if the unhinged states of A relents on some of the sanctions, iran will be discussing the future with the great unhinged and unwashed states of A sooner or later. trump is very much in favour of quitting the middle east but is hindered by the usual suspects – pentagon, pompeo and others, but the war in afghanistan will be over shortly, whatever the outcome for the unhinged states and trump’s not going to start a war with Iran, too costly and too uncertain and with a national debt in the region of 22000 billions, another war is too ruinous and also, fortunately, spell another devastating defeat for the yanks – and that they can’t have.

danjuma musa

Just think of it. the USA will not turn its forces loose on the Kurds after advertising for so long that they are America’s major Ally in Syria. But the Kurds are a problem for Turkey. yet Turkey is critical to the success of America’s agenda in Syria. Wouldn’t it be more convenient to just let Turkey destroy or pretend to destroy the Kurds? Turkey is fighting alongside a so-called Syrian National Army. This, together with some ISIS members will be the new army in Eastern Syria. All the US had to do is threaten Russia with a never-ending war against Assad, and an indefinite occupation of Syria. Study the Syrian war map. Iraq-Syria border is almost cut off. When Syria breaks up and the US stations forces in Eastern Syria, they can easily interdict Iran’s weapons shipment to Hezbollah, that is if the Iraq-Syria border is not completely cut off. The US has declared a deconfliction zone in Tanf. There is an ISIS presence between Tanf and Kurdish controlled East. Why is the US preserving ISIS in several places in Syria, particularly along the Iraq-Syria border? there is only one logical answer: to cut off Hezbollah. Arab League Secretary General and Iraqi Foreign Minister condemns Turkey’s invasion of Syria. Looks like they understand something big is coming. I used to think a US war on Iran will not happen considering Iran’s ability to cause serious trouble in the Middle East. Now I think this war is not only inevitable, but fast approaching. First, when Syria breaks up and America succeeds in severing the Iran-Hezbollah link, Israel will invade Lebanon regardless of the damage Hezbollah will cause. Of course America will support. Iran is unlikely to openly retaliate against America’s forces because it will seem Iran provoked a war with the US. American politicians will then have the justification they have been looking for to strike Iran. Iran will instead try to assist Hezbollah covertly, but there is little they can do if the Iraq-Syria border is cut off. they can’t ship supplies to Hezbollah. When Hezbollah is crushed with American help, the US may then pick on the PMU in Iraq. after this they will feel a lot more confident to attack Iran. What do you think?


Iran has no problem supplying Hezbollah with weapons they can always ship them or fly them into Syria. The crossing at Al Bukemal is firmly under Syria control & the PMU on Iraq side

Jack Hansen

And now forward to the most important, Europe…….https://alt-right.com/


Industrial quarter of Serekaniye recaptured by YPG in the face of artillery and cas on their forces. Turkey not capturing this bordercity but being pushed out. If Turkey can’t even get the border under control, what long term chance to they have.

As for Trump, he can rot.

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