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Turkish, U.S. Forces To Patrol Syria’s “Peace Corridor” On Sunday


Turkish, U.S. Forces To Patrol Syria’s “Peace Corridor” On Sunday

Click to see full-size image, by the Ministry of Defense of Turkey

Joint Turkish-U.S. patrols in the so-called “peace corridor” in northeastern Syria are set to begin on Sunday, Turkey’s national defense minister announced.

“We plan to start the joint ground patrols on September 8 … There is a general agreement on which we expect the activities to be carried out at a certain sequence and pace,” Hulusi Akar said on September 6 during inspections in the eastern Malatya province, according to the Anadolu Agency.

Akar noted that Turkey and the U.S. had begun air patrols with both helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) over the “peace corridor.”

Turkey and the U.S. reached the “peace corridor” agreement, last month. The agreement is meant to address Ankara’s security concerns in northeastern Syria, where the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are in control.

The SDF has been complying with the Turkish-U.S. agreement, so far. Last month, several units of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) were withdrawn from the “peace corridor.” The group also destroyed some of its fortifications along the border with Turkey.

Damascus, on the other side, rejected the agreement, calling it an “aggression” against country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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  • dutchnational

    Let hem patrol, together with US forces and SDF.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Double tongue Erdogan

  • David Parker

    Erdogan can establish whatever “peace corridors” he wants just north of his southern border.
    Drive the bloody Turk out of Syria and then start removing the US military invasion bases in Syria to go with it!

  • Hanny Benny

    turkey = REAL ISIS (500 years of devsirme)
    our history-books are full of turkish torture, beheadings, rapings and children-abductions..

    • dutchnational

      Yes they are.

  • Ronald

    What Bull, the US “peace corridor” from Iraq, connects to Erodogs Idlib “observation towers” and creates a “safe pipeline corridor”. The plan all along.

    • dutchnational

      No observation towers, no garrisons, no jihadis to Rojava. Turks participating in the patrols will work with the local military councils and leave after the patrols. No chance for turks to create incidents as US special forces will also be present. Likely US will send lots of hardware to the MC’s to equip them.

      • Ronald

        Both Turkey and the US illegally invaded Syria, and both have to leave.
        A “safe pipeline corridor” connecting Iraq’s oil and Syria’s gas to the Mediterranean , has been the plan motivating both invaders actions.
        Sooner or later the Kurds will learn they are just disposable pawns in this Turkish and American collusion.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Erdogan wants at the very least a 60 km wide peace corridor, but the US is saying no it has to be way less, Erdogan also says he wants to resettle Syrian refugees in the peace corridor when it’s functioning safely, but the US says no to that too.
    Off to a good start isn’t it, LOL.