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Turkish Twitter Victories: A Total Of 531 Syrian Soldiers Reportedly Killed In Idlib


Turkish Twitter Victories: A Total Of 531 Syrian Soldiers Reportedly Killed In Idlib

Typical example of footage released by the Turkish Defense Ministry to prove its military success. Click to see full-size image

On February 26th, the Turkish Defense Ministry said that it has struck 114 “regime targets” in Idlib, in response to its two soldiers being killed.

Turkey’s information network is spreading media posts saying that 114 Syrian Arab Army personnel were killed in response.

“According to the information received from various sources in the region; It was learned that 1 air defense missile system, 1 ZU-23 anti-aircraft, 1 anti-tank, 3 tanks, 1 ammunition vehicle, 2 construction machines were destroyed, 3 tanks were seized and 114 Regime elements were neutralized.”

“Turkey retaliated for the attack with full force and 114 regime targets were heavily struck and destroyed, the ministry said in a series of tweets,” Anadolu Agency reported.

This is accompanied by wide posting on Twitter and claims, but there’s as always no evidence, no footage of any kind.

Incidentally, in 38 hours the Syrian Arab Army liberated 38 villages and towns in Idlib within 38 hours, which means a town was liberated every 114 minutes.

If Turkey’s information network is to be believed, in spite of the complete lack of proof it provides for any of its claims, it should be considered that for every 2 or 5 killed Turkish troops, the Syrian Arab Army loses upwards of 100, thus Ankara is clearly winning the fight, in spite of all the towns being liberated.

Ankara has sent thousands of troops and truckloads of equipment into the region, in Syria’s northwest corner bordering Turkey, to support the rebels and Erdogan has vowed to push back Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

“We are planning to liberate our observation posts from the surrounding (Syrian government forces) by the end of this month, one way or another,” Erdogan told his party’s lawmakers in a speech.

On February 22nd, one Turkish soldier was killed, and in response 21 Syrian Arab Army personnel were targeted and “neutralized.”

Two days earlier, on February 22nd, according to various sources, 50 Syrian Arab Army personnel and various equipment were destroyed, as Turkey lost 2 soldiers.

On February 14th, 63 “regime” targets were “neutralized” based on “various sources.”

Just two days prior, 55 targets were “neutralized” also based on “various sources.”

On February 11th, 51 regime targets were “neutralized”, along with other military equipment.

On February 10th, 5 Turkish soldiers were killed as a result of Syrian Arab Army shelling, and in response Ankara forces killed 101 Syrians, by striking 115 targets. Other various equipment was also reportedly destroyed.

And the report that started the “avalanche” of presumed casualties for the Syrian Arab Army began on February 3rd, when 5 Turkish soldiers were killed, and the Turkish Forces responded by striking 54 targets and killing 76 Syrian soldiers as a result.

In total, from February 3rd, the Turkish Ministry of Defense has claimed that it has killed 531 Syrian soldiers, and in response has lost less than 20 of its own troops. Despite that clear advantage, based on no evidence at all, the SAA has cleared dozens of villages from Turkish-backed forces.




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