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Turkish Troops Join Al-Qaeda-linked Militants In Their Attack On Saraqib (Videos)


Turkish Troops Join Al-Qaeda-linked Militants In Their Attack On Saraqib (Videos)

A screenshot from the video

Turkish troops joined al-Qaeda-linked militants in their attack on positions of the Syrian Army near the town of Saraqib in the Syrian province of Idlib.

During the past few days, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other radical groups recently received a large number of military equipment and weapons from Turkey. On February 10, they launched an attack on the Syrian Army using weapons and equipment that they  had received.

According to pro-government sources, the advance is also supported by Turkish artillery strikes.

The situation is developing.

This video shows Turkish troops near the frontline:

Radical militants with their brand-new military equipment:




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  • Lee Vanderheiden

    We saw videos of incoming Turkish forces and equipment over the last couple of days. Why didn’t the Syrian army take them out before they reached their destination? Sabotage the roads, bomb the approaching vehicles?

    • Ashok Varma

      Syria will have to get more aggressive in defending its land from Turkish terrorists.

    • Toni Liu

      Some of them came with civilian car , got deposited in refugee camp, then to the battlefield using civilian car again, so its too dangerous to attack them, last syria attack using tochka missile hit ammo dump near refugee camp, it blows up and kill some of civilIian because how close they put ammo dump to refugee camp

    • Josiah Gaxx Isaboke
  • Redadmiral

    Just read a report on AMN News which suggests the SAA have been watching this development growing and that they were not launch attacks against the Turks unless attacked by them. So, it appears we are on the cusp of a very serious regional war if not a world war. Hope the SAA and its; allies make their strikes count if this report is correct.

    • John

      Hello Admiral. Some of what I have come across is that Erdogan does not have enough domestic support to get into a situation where large numbers of casualties can be streaming home. Few leaders can. From what I have observed in northern Syria, in action involving Turkish troops, they take a lot of casualties. This won’t hold at home.

      My opinion is the SAA and Co. have already made their calculations on this and are merrily moving right along. No matter how many Turkish troops or gear has come south, it has not slowed them down one iota. So, something is false here. I still hold my position that Turkish, in particular President Erdogan, threats are part of the dance which is in fact ditching HTS and family. I wish well to you Red.

      • FlorianGeyer

        There has been little evidence of Turkish infantry units crossing into Syria with the Turkish armour and artillery. There have been so called special forces entering Syria, but I would think that their role will be as platoon commanders etc for the re-grouped Jihadis.

        What we will see is likely to be a mirror of the Turkish adventure in North Eastern Syria in my opinion.

        Russian airpower and influence is key to the fate of the SAA and allies in idlib now, and in my opinion President Putin will NOT allow the Turkish ‘backstab ‘ to succeed as this will impact on the very favourable Russian reputation on Syria and the Russian bases there.
        All of which are to prevent the US strategy of using Jihadis to weaken Russia as the CIA attempted to do in the Chechyn War.

  • klove and light

    Putin u treacherous Zionist pig!!!!

    • geopolitica

      take a pill and relax if putin was sionist he will let the syria die in 2015 and israel take a huge part of territory he will not give new weapon to hezbollah in 2006 and so on but putin is not arabic and muslim putin is doing what is good for russia and heneim and tartous are good and important for russia so we will not move back in syria at least he goes slowly is true but never go back putin can send all his army in syria and taking idlib in 10 days but it’s not working like this the goal is to consolidate iran and syria without lauching a new large scale war

    • greatndit

      Turk Stream
      Arm sales to tuki
      tourism and many other business relation with turki…
      all of this create revenue for Russia . yes , it’s love and hate situation .
      russia need money to keep the campaign in syria…
      if all of those income gone then what ?
      Russia will play the strategy carrefully

  • klove and light

    and as far as this “Farce” with Turkey in Idlib is concearned.Get real Folks.

    PUTIN could end the turkish incursion with 1 fucking phone call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    all Putin has to say to pig erdogan is
    ” from tomorrow on 06:00 a.m. every turkish warplane which crosses into syrias territory will be targeted by our air defense”


    and thats the end of Turkeys inavsion and occupaton of syria!!!

    but treachrous Zionist pig PUTIN has other plans.On orders of his masters.Satanic zionism!

    • Dawn

      Grow up! Real life is much more complex than some stupid PC game where you can make decisions with one click and reload if you make a mistake!

  • igybundy

    Death Wish part IX.. starring erdoggie the trans dyke and his troupe…

  • S Melanson

    If reports are true, then Saraqib will be the final burial place of the Astana Process. The tombstone will read “To those that pretended this Process was ever alive, there can be no pretending now. And the legacy of this delusion will be the many many tombstones to come as a consequence of its failure.

    • Redadmiral

      Agree totally. However, we have to recognise the process was undermined by Erdogon. Maybe the backsliding snake got a promise from his original masters . The kind of promise that will eventually allow the Yanki backstabbers display his head on a stick

      • FlorianGeyer

        Yes, that is very likely.

      • S Melanson

        I see your point, but, should this not have been understood/anticipated when forging the agreements under the now very dead process?

        What is happening seems to be real as Turkey is mobilizing army.
        Also, Britain just declared medical martial law

        • Redadmiral

          At the time of the Asanta agreement it really looked like Turkey had moved firmly into the Russian Iranian camp. This was underscored with purchase orders of Aircraft and Air defence systems from Russia along with production contracts for the Su 35 airframe in Turkey. Erdogan had also softened his language towards Assad and had reached an agreement with the US to attack their Kurdish Proxies. Russia then reigned him in and controlled the attack which significantly limited the incursion. Of course he has become more bullish of late but it really seemed he was getting rid of his unwanted proxies to Libya which also undermined their position in Idlib. This action in Libya was in direct opposition to Russia, however, there was the above quid pro quo. Now he seems ready to invade. And I think we all realise the consequence of that. Russia will use it’ ADS to neutralise Turkish attacks. After that what happens?

        • Ronald

          Sorry, but what is ‘medical martial law’ or a link, thanks

    • EveryoneIsBiased

      It was always to end like this. Despite the delusional hopes of many.
      No way around it.

      • S Melanson

        This is how I saw it ending As well although I took a wait and see approach. But it never really worked right from the get go. Hopefully some lessons learned.

    • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

      Diplomacy continues to progress in the situation. Russia continues to bomb. Simples

    • Wegan

      Unfortunately for Turkey, they can do nothing. The supply chain is not right and what they’re doing is just improvised. You can’t improvise a military campaign. When your opponent has been planning it for 2 years.
      This will be a humiliation that they can’t afford. I am not sure what kind of face saving event they will look for to get out of this.
      Idlib is lost for them. It’s just too late. Even if the fighting stops after 2 weeks. It’s gong to be expensive to maintain the payroll and financing of the jihadists, there are no economical regions to benefit from and exact taxes. The only viable way to stay in Syria is to go to deir ezzour where Kurds and americans are stationed.

  • Ashok Varma

    Turkey is the new Pakistan of the Levant, a prime sponsor of terrorism and aggression against peaceful neighbours.

  • Xoli Xoli

    If it’s TRUE use multiple atgm and drone attack against Turkey. Split up in battalions of 35 five man.Dug in if possible plan land mines wage Gorilla war.Avoid being to close to moving armour cars.

    • occupybacon

      Yes rogue general!

  • World_Eye

    So is someone surprised, but it seemed that Mr. Putin gave the Turks green light, I don’t understand the ottomans, maybe cuz they are ottomans, they send their army embedded with Wahhabi Al-Qaeda Terrorist group. The Syrians will battle anyone, but you will see that Russian air-strike will stop now.

  • ButtonPlay

    where do you think erdogan is going with this, does he want to take saraqib back for his terror cronies and stop there just for streetcredits and try force the saa to the negotiation table or has caliph erdo really gone wild on the captagon and wants an all out war?

    THe problem putin has is that his country cannot print money like the americans and have the world pay for it, so he must use more smaller and smarter moves on the chessboard.

  • Jimmy Jim


  • S Melanson

    There are indications Erdogan is going all in. Is this a bluff?

  • ButtonPlay

    From Huriyet turkish newspaper: Delegations from Turkey and Russia will meet on Feb. 10 for a second time following a weekend session in the Turkish capital Ankara.

    i think he want to strike a deal with te russians and put some pressure on it, but he will overplay his hand someday

  • Rhodium 10

    That Turkish outpost are an easy target for SAA rockets…Syrian troops should advance to Idlib capital because it would mean to retake the of Idlib province…

  • Toni Liu

    As long as turkey soldier not too active then it will be like their northern campaign in the past against kurd, that even kurd able to hold them a month before retreated. Their new weapon cant help them turn the tide just to prolonged their downfall

  • Rui Teixeira Neves


    • Dumb bitch, there is nothing ‘democratic’ about your zionazi turkey-israeli-american terrorists and criminals that you love and serve so much; their jihadist puppets are already crushed – go join them in hell you shiteating degenerate.

  • James Kira

    Good job.

    When yazids army beseiged Saraqib, Jaish Ali(as) Ibn Abi Talib(as), AnsarTawhid, and Turkey stood back to back.

    This was one of the greatest moments in history.

    yazid is a tyrant and oppressor, and now Jaish Ali(as)IbnAbiTalib(as) AnsarTawhid, and Turkey are preparing to liberate the land from yazid the regime dictator.

  • The Syrians will beat the Turks in Syria. Sure Turkey has a much larger army and if they attack on a broad front will take Syrian territory but whenever the Syrians can concentrate their forces they never lose a battle. At some point the morale of the invaders will break.

  • RichardD

    The Turks are providing coffins for their terrorists to die in. Rather then allow them into Turkey.

    As far as the Turks supporting their terrorists with artillary. If true, it hasn’t stopped or even significantly slowed the SAA and company advance.

  • jm74

    Thought that the Turkey target was the YPG and incidentally what has happened to the YPG; gone rather quiet all of a sudden. Turkey trying to annex northern Syria should justify YPG attacking Turkey; starting to look like there is an agreement made between the Turks, US and Kurds.

    • geopolitica

      agreement between turks and kurds? who can you manage something like this ?

  • Samuel Vanguard

    Erdogan and Trump are both murderers supporting terrorists with labels of moderate opposition this will end badly for Erdogan.

  • Blaubeere

    Can anybody tell who the people shown in the second video are?

    • good american

      Moehamed Snackbar, Abdul Headchopper, Gary ‘The Goat’ Fu…. :)

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      I’m not 100% sure but the fact they’re mostly wearing standard issue uniforms and using Turkish supplied equipment would suggest they’re most likely members of the SNA Syrian National Army, or the NFL, National Front for Liberation, both groups are are members of the officially recognised opposition that Turkey supports. Russia/Syria/Iran/Turkey/UN all recognise the FSA/NFL/SNA/SLF as legal opposition, as opposed to the other groups like HTS/Al Nusra/Al Qaeda which they all designate as terrorists, even though there is no real difference between them as Russia and Syria keep pointing out.
      And I don’t think they were speaking Turkish, it sounded more like Arabic to me, so they’re probably Arabs and belong to one of the local area militias.
      Though the good americans answer is probably just as accurate as mine is, their names probably are “Moehamed Snackbar, Abdul Headchopper, Gary ‘The Goat’ Fu….”.

      • Blaubeere

        In the meantime, an arabic friend of mine confirmed they were talking Arabic, however, he was not sure if they really talked Syrian Arabic, or if they came from a different arabic country.

  • Rafik Chauhan

    Russia has seen this and also world. That’s the reason Russia refuse any turkey request to withdraw SAA to Astana deal. Now Russia will get more involve if Turkey support this terriost to attack SAA. Russia is tired of this terriost and thier supporter now no more excuse. BcuzTurkey Erdogon already told that Astan and shoci agreement is dead.

  • Tudor Miron

    Many seem to get into panic mode because of this Turkey “invasion”. I have a feeling that it would not change much. Russia gave green light to this SAA operation and this wasn’t “accidental” the timing was well thought out and calculated. Turkey’s moves and options were known and accounted for.
    I don’t expect that Idlib will be fully liberated in one go during this particular operation (which would be great but not realistic). The tactic of gradual transformation of green into red will most likely continue. But the end will be the same.
    People who are planning events in Syria from Russian side have much broader informational field than I do. Much wider picture so to speak. Because of that I would restrain from giving suggestions like SAA must do this, Russia must do that.
    I suggest that we wait and see how it unfolds.

    • geopolitica

      fully agree with you russia and syrian army win field sometimes stop but never go back and russia come in syria to defeat djihadist and this is not going to change anyway. But mayby the huge amount of direct present of otan new material for djihadist from turkey will force russia to be less patient take idlib part after part is ok time is not a problem for russia but terrorism much stronger is a problem

  • Sima Gongsun Qin Jin sgqj

    The Turkish Armed Forces Must Execute A Coup Against Erdogan In Order To Stop Erdogan’s Ottoman Revivalism !

  • Kananda

    Sign of Russia´s weakness ..

  • Assad must stay

    its really a damn shame how so many countries have started openly supporting terrorists since 9/11 in order to further their own evil insane agendas

    • Islamic Power

      do alawites worship bashar?

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    The 2 reporters seemed nervous and anxious and the rebels seemed excited as well as motivated, which a bad sign they know somethings about to happen, the terrorists/rebels are spoiling for a fight but the 2 reporters look more like they’re thinking this is the last place they want to be right now, and I don’t blame them, this may become the last place on earth anyone would want to be soon.

  • goingbrokes

    Anyone can wear any uniform. HTS has every incentive to try to drag Turkey into war on their side, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. This attack on Syria is, and always was, engineered from israel and related think tanks, deceptions run deep here. Wait for real facts before going full retard…