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JUNE 2023

Turkish supports ISIL main source of incomes

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Turkey has become the main destination of the oil produced in the areas under control of the terrorist group.

Turkish supports ISIL main source of incomes

The Oil Stills of Al Mansura near Al Raqqah Photo: David Rose

According to the German media “Bild”, Russia was right when stating that Turkey is supporting the Islamic State by means of the purchase of oil produced in the areas under control of the extremist group.

The author of the article claimed that Turkish businessmen keep signing deals with the jihadists to buy the outputs of Syrian oil which comes from no other place than the camps in ISIL-seized territories. This is how the jihadists are receiving revenues of about $10 million per week.

Al together with Kurdistan and Jordan, Turkey is right now the major consumer of ISIL’s oil, namely its major sponsor, and it’s for this reason that Ankara can’t just overlook Russian airstrikes over IS infrastructure.

Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, qualified Turkey as an accomplice of the terrorists, not only due to the oil purchase issue, but also because Erdogan allows terrorists sneaking into Syria to go through Turkey without hindrance.

All these allegations take place in the frame of the controversial incident in which a jet of the Turkish airforce downed a Russian warplane that had supposedly invaded their airspace.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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