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Turkish Strike On Alleged Syrian “Chemical Facility” Was A Complete Failure (Photos)

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The Turkish strike on an alleged chemical facility in southern Aleppo last month was a complete and utter failure, satellite images released by Obretix, a defense observer, on March 7 revealed.

On February 29, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense announced the destruction of the “chemical warfare facility” and released a video of the alleged strike.

The target in the Turkish footage was identified as the al-Safirah defense factories. The complex indeed used to house chemical weapons facilities. However, they were destroyed in 2013 by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) as a part of a deal brokered by Russia.

Now, the al-Safirah defense factories are developing and producing conventional ammunition for the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Obretix’ images show that the projectiles fired by the Turkish military fell short of some hangars in al-Safirah, without causing notable damage what so ever.

Turkish sources claimed that T-300 Kasırga heavy multiple rocket launchers (MRLs), which were deployed in southern Turkey last month, carried out the failed strike.

Over the last few weeks, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense was accused of exaggerating the losses of the SAA and sharing false materials on numerous occasions. The strike on the Syrian “chemical facility” is a perfect example of these practices.

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Russians need to stop letting their leadership play partners to the Ziocorporate globalist terrorists, make Gazprom a 100% state-owned company so all the money Turkey pays Russia for Turkstream goes entirely to solidify Russia’s strategic position. The US-led Zioterrorists’ Western capital markets are mostly closed for Russia and now mostly in turmoil after all. And fuck Turkey.

AM Hants

Thought Turkey supplied the chemical weapons, used in Syrian White Helmet false flag in 2012? Why does Benghazi, so come to mind?


Often times the empire psychologically projects, as in Assad kills his own people. Wherein no one holds the US president responsible for civilian deaths in the US. For instance Opioid overdose or shot by police, interestingly they don’t even keep complete statistics. So I see repeated accusations of chemical/biological use, to be a real window into our past and future.

To say vaccines have been weaponized does not seem at all a topic of debate when one considers that the ongoing, not well publicized, payoffs to vaccine victims annually, are simply a business write-off for our heroic big pharma. Yet once again somehow they conflate getting away with it and legality. Morality is not even a topic when cash is King.

Did your Benghazi remark imply the Turks got the juice from the US during the benevolent Obama arming of every two bit Wahhabi wannabe that could draw breath? We came, we saw, he died style?

As a blue collar hi school dropout, cannon fodder, the impact of a long term historical awareness has dawned on me late. Your fount of knowledge is a rare treat in an age when most people can’t remember what they had for breakfast, never mind how many times the Russian people have fought off invasions of Crimea.

Most amazing how their most recent campaign succeeded without a drop of blood, contrasted with the utterly disgusting display the Nazis presented in Kiev. Given the press the Russians got you would think they had rounded up kittens after finishing off all the kids and burning pregnant women alive. In a democracy I would feel like I had a hand in some of this, so thank God it’s all oligarch these days. I know Biden’s buddies, Trumps benefactors.

As for the white helmets it’s beyond anything the Nazis pulled. Not only are they intrinsically evil but our masters spend countless millions portraying them as heroes, be careful who you cheer for. It’s beyond cynical.

If the Canadian government knows the truth, surely Christie Freeland does anyway, my question becomes, how the hell are they going to be integrated into Canada? Is that why royals are being imported? To manage the white helmets?

AM Hants

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your informative comment.

With regards Turkey, Benghazi and CWs, it was courtesy of reading about the Seymour Hersh ‘Rat Line to Red Line’ articles. Including, back in 2012, they tried to blame the CW on President Assad. However, Russia had sent samples to Porton Down, which was not noticeably corrupted back then and found the CWs had nought to do with Syria. Believe they placed them with Turkish backed moderates, but, there were also allegations France was the source.

Must admit, since following events in Ukraine, back in 2014, I have gone through a mega learning curve since then.


Rather have a quiet chat than jump into big troll battles. You seem right on top of things. There is so much information out there its almost as if Empire knows they are ruining the world and want to be stopped. What if they threw an election and no one voted? That seems where we are headed, honestly a president that needs to sniff little girls hair ( Biden) and they won’t let Tulsi in the debates? Yeah we get it already it’s a figurehead and the real rulers don’t want to be recognized. We get it!

Have not gone very far back but went and looked at your posts, always dignified but pow, lots of home runs. Good knowledge of history too. Everyone acts like these are fresh outrages when the sad truth is psychopaths have been hijacking the agenda for centuries. I love the simplicity of old books that lay it all out plainly. Grapes of wrath, All quiet on the western front, War and Peace. Just getting to those finally. At least no one had to force me to read them.

Christie’s grandpa took over a newspaper that was taken from the Jews and printed Nazi propaganda. My understanding. She was highly offended but never denied any of the obvious facts. All the business with Galicia and Ukrainian Jewish Oligarchs in a government that uses Neo Nazi thugs to keep peaceful folks in line. It boggles the mind. Certainly the way the Palestinians are treated demands some logical explanation that is simply not forthcoming.

We are so smug with our modern computer tools but honestly the same dumb old mistakes, haven’t learned a damn thing. You remind me a bit of Diana Johnstone, very few words, lot’s of meaning. Keep up the good work!

AM Hants

Thank you for your compliments and again, lovely comment.

Must admit, since following events in Ukraine, it has been such a learning curve.

I was interested in Victorian history, prior to 2014, but, focused on the good that came with it, courtesy the British industrial revolution. Bearing in mind I am English and looking at the British take on things. Not realising the very same people also had a very dark side. Or others infiltrated their achievements and took the societies formed in their names, down a black path.

After 2014, and looking at the chronological history of the late 19th Century and early 20th century, including events surrounding WWI, it seemed so obvious how we have all been played. As we run round in circles, following the same script. If you look at the 1920s, just after the demise of so many Empires, it is so easy to see the patterns forming, to get part 2, WWII started. Which no doubt led to patterns forming, for the seeds of WWIII. Back in those days, ten score years and ten, was a long life and none of us, who could remember the history or times of the two world wars, were meant to be alive, over 70 years later, let alone remember things.

I keep comments simple, even if long winded, owing to not being an academic, together with using social forums. My basic aim, is for others to go away, thinking about something, from possibly a different viewpoint, or basic curiousity, then find out more. Using critical thought, to make their own independent minds up. Whether they do or do not agree with me, they decide to find out more. One of the few weapons, the little people have, communication and critical thought.

With regards where we are at the moment, no doubt there are many of us feeling as though we are an image, that you would find in a ‘Munch’ painting. None of it makes sense, apart from the 1% in hysteria mode with no Plan B, just doubling down on the old Colonial scripts, which centuries ago, served them so well.


Seems they may close our local library so there goes my internet. Don’t like it at home or a smart phone. Kind of a personal experiment to see how not having 24/7 effects me. Did open up a ton of your most recent comments so that will be good to read even without the connecting conversation.

It seems vitally important that we be a force to unite humanity and that is one of my favorite things about how you post. Easy on the insults heavy dose of reality. So just a brief so long for now and hope I can get back in touch in future. Keep raising hell in your way.

AM Hants

Sorry about your library. Hope something pops up to replace it.

Will keep on rambling on, whilst curious as to what the next chapter of the story opens up.

Take care, look after yourself, stay safe and it has been lovely chatting with you.


Just a quick hi! Doing well, they called from the library, the internet is on just sit outside. Apparently the CIA’s been missing my rants and complained the internet is essential. How could they pull this stunt without it. All the best.

AM Hants

Haha. Keep up with the rants.

AM Hants

With regards White Helmets, Nanzis, Freeland and their media and political supporters. It is the reason I can no longer vote. Owing to not being able to get my head around politicians lust for genocide and ethnic cleansing, owing to nought more than their personal greed and life style choices.

Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather, wasn’t he Ukrainian, but, specialised at promoting Nazi Propaganda? Funny how Sorass has so many friends with Nazi connections, considering the best times of his life, was working with the Nanzis.

Nara ??

Does anybody have information on if the Damascus area is safe from the war? I have relatives there.

Xoli Xoli

No Israel still has to flatten Damascus.


True it is planned to be flatten by Israel in real life and bible prophecy


Homosexuality is the abonimnation in damnation,lies and or blatant misinterperetations are no exceptions,no excuses,to be or not to be:


And by homosexuals.

Cheryl Brandon

You mean the lying book=BIBLE

Séamus Ó Néill

Written by Jews, for Jews….very little to do with Jesus !


Check a Canadian and an English reporters have spent many months reporting from there.

Cheryl Brandon

Follow Kervok Almassian’ Syriana analysis/ and Vanessa Beeley’s blogs and war coverage/Press;TV reports

Saif Imam

Actually Combat is different than that of Twitter & Reddit porp Combat.??

Hasbara Hunter

The entire Dönmeh Muslimbrotherhood Community is a Complete & Utter Failure…Erdocunt & his Headchopping Brothers will go down….


Icarus Tanović

How about Wahhabis? Oh, you have already mentioned Muslimbrotherhood, so that’s basically the same thing.

Hasbara Hunter

It is my friend….you can call them anything but they are definitely NO Muslims…They are Childraping Genocidal Maniacs just Like their Puppetmasters in Hell Aviv & Washington

Icarus Tanović

They are monsters created in CIA laboratories, and masquerade is getting over.


They are hiding under NATO’s mini skirt. But Nato will also have its day of reckoning against Iran and NATO will claim plenty of brain injuries.

Hasbara Hunter

European peoples are slowly waking up at the moment…Brussels & ZIONATO should be very careful not to take any rash decisions at the moment….Brussels, London & Paris might burst into a spontaneous combustion in case of any War

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