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Turkish State Media Fuels Speculations That Ankara May Buy Su-57 Istead Of F-35

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Turkish media are fueling rumors that Ankara may buy Su-57 jets from Russia instread of US F-35s. In particular, Turkey’s Anadolu Agency released an infgoraphics comparing characteristics of the two warplanes: max speed, fliying time, take-off weight and combat load. The infographics was intentionally designed in a way to demonstrate that the Su-57 has an advantage over the F-35.

Earlier, the Turkish top leadership threatened that it will consider buying Su-57 jets in response to the US threat to fully halt the F-35 jets delivery over the already working Russian-Turkish S-400 deal.

Turkish State Media Fuels Speculations That Ankara May Buy Su-57 Istead Of F-35

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Tommy Jensen

The big difference between SU-57 and F-35 is easy to see if you are a free and civilised country, its freedom!
Any dictatorship and shethole country will off course buy F-35 if they want freedom. But if you only want Hitler and sh.thole values you buy SU-57. Its completely up to you Turkey.

Хасен Жасем Халфет

the way I see it the only country selling arms without conditions is Russia. you have money buy weapons and you can use them as you like. with the US you pay more money you get weapons that you need to ask permission before using or deploying. does not sound like freedom to me Tommy. and if that is your idea of freedom. Fuck it. don’t want it.


Your trolling has been better Tommy. This is just lame. You can do better!
Freedom! as in USA. Or NATO. LOL.


The sensationalist always loves to call those in power they don’t agree with Hitler. Pathetic really.

El Mashi

Who is free and civilized? The US? Nato?


What is more interesting is that they haven’t announced any possible economic sanctions against Turkey. Normally that’s their go to…..


anything non-moronistan (aka usa) is good since the morons in washington dc single-handedly have managed to finish off moronistan- what is left is a husk of good intentions and democracy and all there is now is avarice and greed beyond even the sleeziest of minds, such as donny the dunce’s. moronistan is no better than hitler’s gemany 80 years ago – just think fatso and goehring and bolton and himmler and abrams and heydrich und zu weiter.

John Whitehot

” The infographics was intentionally designed in a way to demonstrate that the Su-57 has an advantage over the F-35.”

No, the SU-57 has advantages over the F-35 in every possible aspect.

The infographics was done under the premise of simply telling the truth.


The infographics represent the tip of the iceberg, what is not publicized are the F35 maintenance costs and sortie availability per week. Estimated maintenance costs are estimated to be 800 million from current estimate for the lifetime of the airframe, and sortie availability of once a week.
Suk 57 maintanance costs are lower, my estimate is 200 million PPP dollars, with sortie availability of several times a week.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Can’t see Russia selling the most top-tier of Russian weaponry, weaponry that could fall into NATO hands.
If I were the Russians, I would not be wanting to export anything beyond Su-30/35E capabilities to Turkey.


The Russians would sell an export version without fully showcasing the capabilities of the aircraft.


Yet india is a US ally and they will be getting them! As a matter of fact, US airforce often trains against Indian Mig’s!
If they are willing too sell the S-400 then why not sell the SU-57 with some downgraded tech!
Remember when someone has your equpiment, it literally guarantees an ally!

Turkey is literally THE most important NATO ally!
1. because they are geographically important (bridge between Europe, Asia and Middle East)
2. Pipelines
3. Black sea access
4. protection from Caucus infiltration
5. the most powerful NATO member

What this deal can give in return is awesome! Why have Turkey as ur enemy with F-35’s when u can have them as ur ally with SU-57’s and get all the benefits that alliance gives!
Not to mention the arms sales which will drive the production and profits for this system through the roof!
If the US is exporting stealth, russia should export it too!
Makes good sense to me!

Mustafa Mehmet

Money talks. business comes first

El Mashi

The only way that an F-35 is off the radar screen is when it crashes. Its main feature that makes it the most expensive weapon in history is its stealth properties. Russians can see it with their S-300’s, and blow it from the sky. Notice, the Israelis are not using their F35’s. Wonder why?

Saddam Hussein

Good news. Hope the Sultan has the guts to do it. He has to know by now that Turkey’s future lies with Russia and the Arab World, and not with the Zionist front.


Let this burn the assheadists, that Turkey is the new leader in The Axis and asshead takes the back seat.

Its seriously time for the fanboys who live in america and europe to quiet down about 10 notches, and let Russians Iranians Muslims and Asians speak.


well if the morons back down and sell the f35s they are as they say ‘fucked’ since the world will know that the threats coming out of washington dc is nothing but hot air – if you threaten you sort of have to carry through if the threatened doesn’t bend over, which turkey won’t do this time. and remember that the coup in 2016 was masterminded by cia and that is something erdogan ain’t prone to forget.

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