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Turkish Soldiers Involved In Operation Olive Branch Leave Trace Of Geolocated Posts In Instagram


Turkish troops involved in Operation Olive Branch against Kurdish militais in the Syrian area of Afrin are leaving trance of geo;pcated posts in Insagram. According to RT Digital, they actively share photos and videos potentially revaling sensetive information about their location and positions. The photos and videos show battle tanks, missile launchers and artillery pieces.



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  • François

    So dumb. Their excess of confidence will cause them trouble. They need it.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Turkey captured a village and have been repelled in other areas, and have failed to recapture Hamam again.

      • Margaret

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  • as

    It will be too costly for Turkey to occupy Afrin with the Kurds lavishly armed by the US. I think their only goal is just to squeeze the kurds into compromise they can stand by the kurds own initiative. In other words they seek to break the Kurds out of the US total control by some reality check that the US can’t get in trouble with Turks on their behalf.
    So i expect they would keep their position around the area they could defend and keep the bombardment into any Kurds concentration point they spotted.

  • Christian Gains

    Not well disciplined I see…GOOD! That’ll cost’em DEARLY in the future…Yeah…genuinely slack!!