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Turkish Shelling On Northern Al-Hasakah Claims Lives Of Five Syrian Soldiers

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Turkish Shelling On Northern Al-Hasakah Claims Lives Of Five Syrian Soldiers

Image: aa.com.tr

Five service members of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) were killed on November 21 when the Turkish military targeted their positions in the northern al-Hasakah countryside.

The Hawar News agency (ANHA) reported that the position, which is located near the town of Tell Tamr, was pounded by rocket launchers, while other sources claimed that the position was struck by a combat drone.

“Five members of Syrian government forces have lost their lives after Turkish-backed armed opposition groups targeted a position of Syrian forces with mortar shells and drones, between the villages of Rabiat and Tal Warda in Abu Rasin [Zarkan] countryside,” the North Press Agency (NPA) report reads.

The Ministry of Defense of Syria and the Turkish Ministry of National Defence have not commented on the incident, so far.

Earlier this month, a number of Syrian soldiers and officers were killed or injured while repelling a Turkish-led attack on their positions northeast of Tell Tamr.

Recent reports claimed that Moscow and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) reached an agreement to secure the Christian town of Tell Tamr with the approval of Damascus and Ankara. The new attack shows that Turkish forces are still attacking the town.

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Derek Johnson

Karma for the Tochka missile that hit the refugee camp.
Oh but no civilians were killed right?

Mehmet Aslanak

Kindly mark it as fake news, since no confirmation from Syria. Kurdish Workers Party tries to break the Russian-Turkish agreement that this area will not have any Russian or Syrian soldiers.


Does Syria no longer have an air force? Why do not they bomb the invaders? Is Assad only the puppet of Putin any more? Where are the Tiger Forces ??

Friend of Russia

If Turkish terrorists kill syrian soldiers, Russia will protect the terrorists. If Syrian soldiers kill Turkish terrorists, Russia will execute the Syrian soldiers

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