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Turkish Service Members Spotted In Ukraine’s Mariupol – Report

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Turkish Service Members Spotted In Ukraine’s Mariupol - Report

Illustrative image. Source: Zumapress.com

150 Turkish service members have arrived in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol on the coast of the Sea of Azov, WarGonzo reported on April 15, citing residents of the city.

Locals said that the service members were not likely drone operators that have been sent to train Ukrainian troops on newly-acquired Bayraktar TB2 combat drones before. According to the locals, the newly-deployed personnel look like Turkish special forces.

“Perhaps, of course, they are some kind of Turkish PMC [private military contractors], but most likely they are the personnel who will coordinate actions and cut tasks for militants from north of Syria, whom Turkey is recruiting to be sent to Ukraine,” WarGonzo said in a report.

The outlet was referring to recent reports which revealed that Turkey was preparing its proxies in Syria for deployment in Ukraine where they would fight as mercenaries.

According to WarGonzo, Ukraine deployed large reinforcements, including heavy weapons, in the direction of Mariupol. A large number of foreign specialists from NATO countries were also spotted in the region.

If confirmed, the deployment of Turkish service members in Mariupol would contradict the last statement of Turkey’s Foreign Minister. Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Ankara is not picking a side in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia and supports a diplomatic resolution of the conflict in Donbass.


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  1. shylockracy says:

    Maybe they’re the same Turkish terrorists Erdogan has been sending on joyrides with Russian soldiers in the terrorist Ziocorporate globalists’ ISIS/al-Qaeda mini-caliphate in north Syria.

    If so, Erdogan should make this clarification to Putin on their next phone call, just to prove the goodwill and disposition to negotiate of EUkraine’s Western Zioterrorist/NATO overlords and allies.

  2. cechas vodobenikov says:

    turkis preparing yet another defeat again vs Russia
    no cure for masochism disease…anglo/amerikans are proof

    1. M.D says:

      Erdogang needs to win a war to prop up support. His country is not doing well.

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        He will lose this one.

        1. Oliver Eitel says:

          What is if Erdogan is faking it, like Russia was nice in Armenia…..Turkey will be nice in Ukraine…..you never know what games they play, if the war breaks out and Turks get not hit….but Ukraine suffer bloody hell very fast….maybe some Turks gave intel to Russia…what people here do not understand is Turkey is already dancing heavly with SCO, China and Belt Road….Why well Turkey plays yes game with US and Europe…but gives a fuck just takes the money…. Russia or China have a problem if Turkey gets bigger in middleast? nope stay out of Russian and CHinese buisness but do what ever you like….with Europe and US not possible because all is their buisness… so which road will Turkey really go..

          1. Ahson says:

            come on man, turdo gan couldn’t do shit in Syria, wtf is he goin do in the Donbas no? Come on bro.

      2. disTheeNot says:

        he has lost in Syria.
        he has lost in Libya.
        he has lost in Armenia/Azerbaijan.
        he has lost in the Ukraine.

        …and soon he will lose in Turkey.

  3. John Tosh says:

    Silly Turkeys!

  4. Voldemort says:

    This guy doesn’t make sense at all. A drone operator at the same time special forces at the same time PMC?

    1. Random Dude says:

      Wargonzo is the same guy that still believes Karabakh war is ongoing and Armenia is winning:)))))))) Silly ginger dude

    2. John Wallace says:

      He never said they were both. HE said they were unlikely to be drone operators AND the LOCALS said they looked like special forces.

  5. Ulli says:

    Hope this is not true or there is another explanation for it.

  6. John Wallace says:

    Turkey is playing a dangerous game pretending to be sitting on the fence while supporting Ukraine . They ( Ottoman ) should remember they lost Crimea too Russia in 1770 and with the aid of Britain and France , two major powers of that time , lost the Crimean war of 1853-6.

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      It only takes one button to push and Turkey is gone from the map…
      I doubt rest of NATO would sacrafice themselves for a revenge, more likely they would throw a party…

      1. John Wallace says:

        Talking about pushing a button over Ukraine here is Tulsi telling Yanks to wake up before it is too late.

        1. Tommy Jensen says:

          One of the few decent persons in US.
          But they are wrong. US General Dunford said that we could do it but it would take time. Science showed it and said it…………………….LOL.
          Why not do it if we win? We have done this before…..and we won! We are the many and smart enough to do it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S70FNVN2auY

      2. <> says:

        That’s not how it works Ranger. Any attack against a NATO member is like an attack against the entire alliance. That’s why the USSR has never attacked and that’s why Russia would also never attack Turkey directly. So hopes aside, it will never happen. I wonder what would happen if Ukraine joins NATO too…

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          It could happen.
          NATO wont start WWIII over Turkey.
          Thats not an if but a fact.
          Ukraine will never be a NATO member because of two reasons.
          First no county with an ongoing conflict and or contested territory can join.
          Second even if… Russia would be faster in Kiev than they could sign the papers.
          Thats another fact.

          1. <> says:

            Those are assumptions, and Biden has already stated he would support Ukraine if Russia sends its army into the Eastern part. I wouldn’t bet on what you wrote.

          2. John Wallace says:

            Biden put the Dem into Dementia and he has already forgotten he said that. When Biden is told that Russia has gone in by the time he gets his nappy changed it will be all over.

          3. Lone Ranger says:

            A bit more than just assumptions.
            They said the same in 2008.
            They let Georgia fall in 5days…
            You shouldn’t worry about Turkey or Ukraine.
            If they could they would wipe you off the map.
            Jihadis and and braindead neo nazis arent really your friends…

          4. <> says:

            Nah, I don’t take sides here just viewing it objectively. NATO would not let Ukraine fall, they have too much to lose in that case. Atleast that’s what they keep saying.

          5. Lone Ranger says:

            They let Georgia fall…
            What is at stake in Ukraine?
            For the west nothing.
            They only wouldn’t be able to make threats right on the Russian border.
            Big deal.
            Gas and oil would flow as usual.
            What would the U.S. do if Russia would send troops to Mexico, trying to help Mexico to retake Texas and New Mexico…?
            If Russia really wanted they would be already in Kiev.
            But they have a red line.
            Crimea is Russia.
            Donbas and Lughansk are buffer zones.
            Try to contest that militarily and see what happens…

          6. Icarus Tanović says:

            Colorado, Nevada, California and Arizona too.

          7. Frank says:

            New Mexico was stolen from Mexico as the name implies as late as 1915. The whole US cesspool is built on genocide and stolen lands like the illegal and untenable Khazar occupation of Palestine.

          8. disTheeNot says:

            u.s. vs native american population almost 300 yrs of genocide (1622 > late 1800s)

          9. Ulli says:

            It is obvious.

          10. The Objective says:

            They just slapped massive sanctions on Russia.

          11. Lone Ranger says:

            Worthless sanctions…
            Only party it will hurt are U.S. companies trying to escape worthless U.S. bobds.

          12. The Objective says:

            Worthless sanctions. Oh really. Then why is Putin throwing such a tantrum here?: https://sputniknews.com/world/202104151082638672-us-slaps-new-sanctions-on-russia-expels-diplomats/

          13. Lone Ranger says:

            Sputnik news is a cia front along with Moscow times.

          14. The Objective says:

            Don’t worry what Sputnik News is. the important point is that they are quoting people you can confirm about. Just do some search.

          15. Lone Ranger says:

            Quoting lol.
            Indeed, indeed they do, CIA PR stunts.
            Haeretz is more newsworthy than them.

          16. The Objective says:

            You haven’t provided any proof that Sputnik is lying, yet you keep claiming that they are. Do some google search over the sanctions issue. I’m sure you’ll find something.

          17. Lone Ranger says:

            Everyone knows Sputnik is fake news.
            They are as reliable as CNN.

          18. Fog of War says:

            Then they shouldn’t be allowed to operate, no ?

          19. Lone Ranger says:

            As long as RT can operate in the U.S. they will allow it.

          20. Fog of War says:

            Not even a close trade.

          21. Lone Ranger says:

            Indeed, RT is lightyears better.
            But thats Russian generousity…

          22. disTheeNot says:

            it ain’t over. it’s RU turn now.

          23. The Objective says:

            Yeah, we’ll all wait to see what Putin will do. I hope he isn’t foolish enough to get bogged down in Ukraine.

          24. Gregory Casey says:

            Russia couldn’t care less. Russia is entirely self-sufficient and the largest exporter of wheat in the world with all of Russian Agricultural produce having been transformed to Organic over the past 10 years. Russia and China already have their shadow financial system set up and ready to go. The day of the dollar & of Exceptional American Hegemony is over. Dead.

          25. Diana Cornwell says:

            Not true.

            The monetary transactions between China and Russia are kept secret, meaning most of their transactions are done in dollars.

          26. Gregory Casey says:

            Not so.

          27. Diana Cornwell says:

            Not true that they do not disclose what currencies they transact in between themselves most of the time?

          28. HB_Norica says:

            If they’re trading in USD how do they keep their transactions secret?

            Transactions in USD are settled through SWIFT …. unless of course you imagine tractor trailer loads of cash changing hands.

            If a country can make large denomination USD trades outside of SWIFT how does the USA enforce sanctions?

          29. Diana Cornwell says:

            The Russian central bank is owned and controlled by the City of London. Putin did not nationalize the CB even though he did everything else, no?
            When both Putin and the CB are Rothschilds’ assets, who needs to circumvent the SWIFT system?
            Why did the USSR sell Russian oil for American dollars at the height of the Cold War thence effectively backing the petrodollar with Russian oil?
            More importantly, why was the USSR *allowed* to do so, instead of getting its Dollars (Eurodollars more precisely. Read up on it if you care.) confiscated?

            Unless both the USSR and the US are owned and controlled by the same certain parties?

            There are no heros nor honest women and men anywhere on this planet. What I explained above is proof of that.

          30. HB_Norica says:

            You don’t need a convoluted jewish conspiracy to trade outside of SWIFT. Any country can circumvent SWIFT by trading in a currency other than USD.

            You claimed Russia is trading in USD outside of SWIFT. That’s bullshit …. and what would be the point? If two parties can agree they can pay for goods in goats and turnips.

          31. Diana Cornwell says:


            I didn’t say that. You’re lying.

            They’re just keeping the public at large out of the loop, that’s all. They’re fooling the little people, the serfs.

            Everybody else knows.


          32. HB_Norica says:

            What on earth do you believe “they’re” hiding??? As of January 2021 Russia holds $224B in USD to trade with. It’s public knowledge …. no conspiracy, no ones hiding anything.


          33. Diana Cornwell says:

            Hiding from world opinion that they are trading in dollars and euros mostly between themselves.

            The City of London bankers know it already but do not disclose it as they own and control the leadership of Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. And they do not wish the goyim cattle to wake up.

            Anyway, the Red Pill doesn’t work. I gave it to you.

          34. Gregory Casey says:

            You have no idea how Russia and China are processing transactions between them.

          35. Diana Cornwell says:

            Do you?

          36. Gregory Casey says:

            I’ve got a very good idea.

          37. Gregory Casey says:

            And btw I’m not at liberty to disclose what it is.

          38. Diana Cornwell says:

            The Biden family’s investments in Ukraine + The Bidens’ reputation.

            It is safe to assume the Ukrainians have plenty they can blackmail the Bidens with.

          39. disTheeNot says:

            your objectivity is tainted by your subjectivity.

          40. Gregory Casey says:

            They’ve already abandoned it but are afraid to say so.

          41. Aleks Noir says:

            totally wrong. there would be a lot of international crying. thats about it.

          42. Lone Ranger says:

            Russia will send in its army if Ukropisstan starts an invasion in Donbass.
            Thats 100%.
            And Russia will win.
            That’s also a 100%.

          43. The Objective says:

            Nothing is 100% about Russia winning. They also thought it’d be a 100% victory when they invaded Afghanistan.

          44. Lone Ranger says:

            That was the Soviet Union.
            Times hace changed.
            Its a 100%.
            Trust me.
            On the other hand the Greater Israel Project and New Khazaria projects are toast :)
            Oy gevalt…

          45. The Objective says:

            The Soviet Union was much more powerful than Russia in conventional military terms. Times have changed indeed. Ukraine is not military pushover and it has lots of friends with weapons tech worse than what the Taliban used in Afghanistan against the Soviets.

          46. Lone Ranger says:

            Russia is more powerful than the Soviet Union was both financial, economic, tech wise.
            Ukropisstan has no friends, its a nazi vassal colony, they will throw them away like a used battery same as it has happened with Georgia.

          47. Tommy Jensen says:

            Ukraine is old Russian land.
            Its a scoop for the Empire if they can get Ukraine to war against their own Fatherland. They know its a really nasty one to swallow for Russia.

          48. The Objective says:

            They don’t have to die for Ukraine. All they need do is supply the kind of weapons that Russia currently has no defenses against. Like precision missiles, atgm, drones, EW systems, anti-aircraft systems, and even planes. Russia’s current deployment around Ukraine makes for an ideal target by precision missiles.

          49. Lone Ranger says:

            Russia already has the defense systems against these weapons.
            Even if it wasn’t the case they could take Kiev in a week.
            So your weapons deliveries would end up in Russian hands :)
            Oy gevalt…

          50. Lone Ranger says:

            Western trolls have already died.
            Both in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq…
            May they rest in pieces…

          51. Fog of War says:

            ” Russia is more powerful than the Soviet Union was both financial, economic, tech wise ”

            Are you serious ?

          52. Lone Ranger says:

            Its a fact.
            Russia could mop the floor today with the Soviet Union.

          53. disTheeNot says:

            200k troops + air + missiles + navy
            the mighty nato has already turned tail.
            you’re a bit behind the curve.
            afghanistan? look who has been there for over 20yrs and is still losing. lmao
            the russians had the brains to get out, guess who doesn’t have the brains to piss a hole in the snow.

          54. The Objective says:

            “look who has been there for over 20yrs and is still losing’
            Which is why Russia doesn’t want to get bogged down in another endless war over Ukraine’s national sovereignty.

          55. Gregory Casey says:

            I’d give the Ukraz 3 days maximum.

          56. The Objective says:

            America did give the Taliban days only. This won’t be the first. We’ll see what happens.

          57. Gregory Casey says:

            Eastern Ukraine is not the Hindu Kush. Eastern Ukraine’s rolling Steppe is, essentially, as flat as a pancake with little by way of cover. The Russians will simply roll over everything and anything in their way. Ukraz haven’t got a chance. Watch the pullback from the border along Donbass and Crimea over the coming weeks.

          58. HB_Norica says:

            First off Russia has no military need to nuke Turkey. Turkey in no way shape or form could threaten the existence of Russia so Russia will never attack Turkey with nuclear weapons.

            NATO is based on the principle of an attack on one is an attack on all but I’m not so sure that will hold up in every situation today.

            I know Ukraine isn’t a NATO member but bear with me.Look at the situation in Ukraine today.

            The media tells us that Russia is massing on Ukraines borders but we’ve all seen the videos of Ukrainian armor moving to the front since the beginning of March so Russia is in fact responding to Ukrainian moves.

            Do you really believe that NATO members would risk losing Rome, Berlin or Paris over Donstek so Biden and Zelenski can look strong to their base and cancel a pipeline from Russia to Germany that France and Germany want and have invested a fortune in only to have to pay double for US shale gas

          59. Gregory Casey says:

            Perfectly put. Without the new Nordstream Gas pipeline European manufacturing is a dead dodo.

          60. disTheeNot says:

            i wouldn’t bet on Biden

          61. Aleks Noir says:

            empty talk, Biden would do nothing. the only thing that keeps russia from taking ukraine is the fact that its worthless

          62. Monte George says:

            I wouldn’t bet on anything Biden says.

          63. Putin Apologist says:

            There are over 500,000 Russian citizens (holding Russian passports) living in the Donbass. If Russia is forced to defend them by force of arms Russia will hunt down that little Jew in Kiev and he will pay with his life for his crimes. And Washington will do just what it did when Russia use force of arms in Georgia 2008, in Crimea 2014 and in Syria 2015… Nothing.

          64. <> says:

            Biden is less talkings and more actions, I wouldn’t advise you to test him. He is not Trump.

          65. HB_Norica says:

            First off Russia has no military need to nuke Turkey. Turkey in no way shape or form could threaten the existence of Russia so Russia will never attack Turkey with nuclear weapons.

            NATO is based on the principle of an attack on one is an attack on all but I’m not so sure that will hold up in every situation today.

            I know Ukraine isn’t a NATO member but bear with me.Look at the situation in Ukraine today.

            The media tells us that Russia is massing on Ukraines borders but we’ve all seen the videos of Ukrainian armor moving to the front since the beginning of March so Russia is in fact responding to Ukrainian moves.

            Do you really believe that NATO members would risk losing Rome, Berlin or Paris over Donstek so Biden and Zelenski can look strong to their base and cancel a pipeline from Russia to Germany that France and Germany want and have invested a fortune in only to have to pay double for US shale gas?

            ****Edit This was supposed to be a response to Iron Zion

          66. Ulli says:

            This is true.

          67. Gregory Casey says:

            Russia will be on the Polish Hungarian & Romanian Border faster than NATO can blink.

          68. Lone Ranger says:

            That’s correct.
            And I will tell you that Hungary and Romania wont lift a pinky against Russia.

          69. Gregory Casey says:

            And that’s a fact!!

        2. Oliver Eitel says:

          no if one member attacks an other country…..not …..its a defend support treaty….if Turkey attacks Russia and Russia hits back…..will NATO do anything no……..did NATO do anything When RUssians bombem Turks in Syira….no….cried a little bubbu bubbb my terrorists a freedomfeighters bubbbbu…evil Russia ….and over…

        3. Alberto Garza says:

          the way things are going i really doubt the united states will continue to be relevant in the next ten years and the gay friendly politically correct european armies are a joke so nato is becoming obsolete .

        4. Frank says:

          Dumb idiot, Ukraine is not NATO soil, it is Russian territory and the war or liberation being waged by the Donetsk People’s Republic fighters is an internal matter and the Turkey’s are foreign invaders on historic Russian territory. Russia is acting under international law to liberate Ukraine from Zionists.

        5. LRcaptain says:

          Greece and turkey attacked each other

          1. disTheeNot says:

            so much for nato. lmao

        6. disTheeNot says:

          nato = all smoke and no fire.
          it never attacks anyone unless that anyone is defenceless.

        7. Gregory Casey says:

          There isn’t a hope in hell that the Ukraz will be allowed into NATO.

      3. Frank says:

        Ideal spot to weaken Turkey is Syria and Iraq by imposing casualties. The Turkish economy is in tatters and its third rate military is in overstretch and facing domestic resistance.

        1. The Objective says:

          If they were so weak, you wouldn’t be complaining so bitterly about Turkey on this forum. You would have solved their problem through a military defeat.

          1. Gregory Casey says:

            You obviously haven’t been reading what’s happening economically and politically inside Turkey.

          2. The Objective says:

            Indeed I’ve been following Turkey’s economic situation. One of the major developments in the past few weeks is that a Chinese company revealed plans to invest $10 billion in Turkey for electric vehicles. This came just days after Erdogan sacked the CBN boss. Samsung and other tech giants have already started building factories and most aim to produce at least one million pieces of their products yearly to sell to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

          3. Gregory Casey says:

            All very well but for the fact that Turkey’s Finance Ministry is in turmoil & Turkey, its currency & Debt are unsustainable – no less unsustainable one might say than US except for the fact that as King of the Castle US prints its own money on the basis of the Dollar being THE Reserve Currency while Turkish Lira most certainly is not. Observe what happens over the next few years as the Yuan and Rouble begin to build their value independently of the dollar.

      4. Mustafa Mehmet says:

        Don’t need NATO. we can deal with russki..

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          In your dreams only.
          Remember Idlib…?
          You lost in 2 weeks…

          1. The Objective says:

            Who lost in Idlib? We still own it so how did we lose? On the other hand over 1000 SAA soldiers died and hundreds of equipment blown up. Erdogan flew to Moscow to warn Putin himself about the consequences should Russia try any such moves again. Erdogan didn’t send anybody. He went to Russia himself so Putin knows how important that message was.
            Since then, no one dared it again.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            Disney calked, they want you back…
            Sorry your magic wand moment has expired.
            Better luck next time Shlomo…

          3. disTheeNot says:

            Your sense of history is really FUBAR.
            You own squat in Idlib.
            You must be a close relative of the Little Corporal in Ankara.
            No one else believes this tripe other than the Little Corporal and his family.

          4. Ahson says:

            He’s a pakistani jihadi…….

          5. disTheeNot says:

            wet dreams, no doubt.

        2. Ahson says:

          you pulling up your own pants up after pee pee is a mean feat little guppu……lol…..you try handling that on your own first, before you handle russki no?…..lol

      5. The Objective says:

        And you’ll also die in the millions from chemical weapons.

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          What chemical weapons…?

          1. The Objective says:

            You won’t know until the time comes. I hope the time never comes for that.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            If you use chemical weapons Russia be will use Status 6 and Cobalt 60 bombs on every party that had something to do with…
            And will win in the end.

          3. The Objective says:

            You’re just some evil loser. These things can only happen in your dreams.

          4. Lone Ranger says:

            Truth hurts try to handle it…

          5. The Objective says:

            What truth. You spew nothing but garbage. It just goes to show your evil nature. How can a normal human being advocate for nuclear war. Maybe you should visit a psychiatrist.

          6. Lone Ranger says:

            Im not advocating, I only stated facts.
            Evil are the ones supporting wahabi terrorists anf neo nazis…
            Maybe you should, indeed…

          7. Lone Ranger says:

            Russia is leading the free world now.

          8. The Objective says:

            You thought you are the only ones who can kill in millions?

          9. Lone Ranger says:

            Chemical weapons are banned by international treaties…

          10. The Objective says:

            And so is the use of nukes.
            So if Russia uses nukes, Turkey has the right to use chemical weapons all over Russian cities.

          11. Lone Ranger says:

            No, actually the use of nuclear weapons arent banned, its only heavily limited by treaties.
            Turks arent thst suicidal.
            They would meet their 72 Virginians before they could launch anything.
            Same is true for Ukropisstan, but they will meet adolf and bandera…

          12. The Objective says:

            Let’s see what happens then if and when the Ukrainian war starts.

          13. Lone Ranger says:

            I already know, like everyone else with an IQ above a 100…
            If Ukropnazis invade, Kiev will be the second capital of Russia, like it was a 100years ago.

          14. Lone Ranger says:

            For a war you need two sides.
            It will be a steamroll.
            Taking out a bunch of cua/mossad run braindead neonazis high on adolf and bandera juice…

          15. Fog of War says:

            Because slowly dying from Chemicals is so much worse then slowly dying from radiation ?

            This is just a way for the PTB to prevent poorer , smaller countries from having a viable deterrent against them. War is war, and death is death no matter what weapons are used.

          16. Lone Ranger says:

            They are banned for a reason.
            They are worse than nuclear weapons.
            They can melt the flesh from your bones in slow motion.
            Compared to that radiation poisoning is a walk in the park.

      6. Mustafa Mehmet says:

        Do it….

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          Everything in its time…

    2. Jihadi Colin says:

      Sultan Erdoğan is very aware of the 1770 loss and probably genuinely believes that Crimea is rightfully Ottoman territory.

    3. Frank says:

      Some Turkey’s need to be slaughtered.

  7. Lone Ranger says:

    Hope they brought their own bodybags, they will need it…

    1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

      🖕 🖕

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        Truth hurts, try to handle it…
        Dont start a war you cant finish…

      2. Dicksonrp says:

        Who are you Turkeys licking of zio terrorist jew scumm arses coming along??

        1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

          I’m gonna leave that to you know how to lick.. I am after you Mama

  8. Anti_Globalista says:

    Never trust a Turk! Most duplicitous and nasty people on the face of the of the earth. Nazi learned how to do genocide from their Turk brothers.

    1. Zyklon B says:

      They’re a barbaric and savage breed ever since the days of the mongoloid invasions during roman times. They seem to take great pleasure in the suffering and misery of other people, the human equivalent of Orcs. A race we would better off without if you ask me.

      1. Jihadi Colin says:

        Please don’t insult orcs by equating them with Turks. Thank you.

      2. Mustafa Mehmet says:

        🖕 💩 🖕

    2. Mustafa Mehmet says:


    3. disTheeNot says:

      of course the khazars are also turkish and we know who they are genociding these days in ghettoland.

  9. Blas de Lezo says:

    Mariuopol needs some Krasnopol.

  10. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

    Chavusoglu got REKT!! by mr Dendias today :)

  11. John Wallace says:

    With Biden placing new sanctions and targeting Russia bonds it all looks like a continual ramping up leading too war. Biden may have sent Bush to give Turkey the ” You are with us or you are against us speech ” and with Ukraine holding back at the moment , pulling out of Afghanistan / Iraq soon ( maybe ) it looks like all the chess pieces are all not quite ready.. The US still needs to teach its citizens how to drop their pants , bend over and put their heads between their legs and kiss their arses goodbye.. Thos that think they can win will be safely out of the way in their deep underground bunkers while the idiots chanting USA USA USA learn what it is like to be a sausage on a BBQ..

    1. You can call me Al says:

      Remember the Turks also went to Azerbaijan as well, against “Russian” friend Armenia.

      1. John Wallace says:

        As well as opposing sides in Libya

  12. klove and light says:

    hahahaha the 99% zionist brainwashed dummies……………. so what is your ridiculous explanation this time???

    putins great buddy LOLOLOLOLOL with whom putin made several agreements on syria…

    1. invasion and occupation of afrin
    2.invasion and occupation of idlib
    3.invasion and occupation of north-east syria
    4. deescaltion agreemnt idlib 1.
    5 ceasfire agreement part 1. idlib
    6. ceasefire agreement part 2 idlib

    lolololololololololololololol….. you 99% dumb zionist brainwased dummies

    putins YES on the united nations security council vote on an arms embargo AGAINST the houthis, together with putins so called “enemies” usa,uk,france…….ps. china also voted FOR the embargo……..while at the same time, selling modern arms to the saudis and UAE.

    putins actions on the S-300 regarding IRAN……..IRAN purchased and payed in 2007 !!!!!!!!!
    russia would not deliver, ridiculously because of US sanctions against iran putin said.LOL
    iran then developed on their own the BAVAR 373 system.THe commanding offcier Esmaili said in january 2015, that BAVAR 373 will be combat ready by novomber 2015.And suddenly putin gave the green light to ship the S-300 to iran in april 2015.WEll what a fucXXXX coincidence.

    and the list goes on and on and on……with now in ukraine…..could not get more obvious anymore………here comes the saying, were the one eyed is king under the blind.
    You 99% dummies are totally blind, totally blacked out.

    Again 4 U 99% zionist brainwased dummies.

    All nations that recognize the illegal satanic criminal entity named israel are part of the agenda.
    A One world government with jerusalem as its capital under satanic leadership.This includes russia,usa,uk,china etc………

    what is happening RIGHT now on our planet is the FINAL LAST PATHWAY to this world government……….and no population, be it in russia,or usa or china or france etc…. would currently stand for such a world government.
    But they will once all 3 programs, that are interconnected with each other have been concluded
    1. corona virus…….lockdowns…..meltdown of the world monetary system…..digital vaccine pass…digital money = 2.Nano Dot Tattoo for all humans.

    nano dot tattoo= the barcode for humans

    3. controlled nuclear exchange between east and west

    YES, then the humans that have survived, will HAPPILY rejoice for a one world goverment after the horrors they witnessed.

    this is their briitish zionist satanic plan…and yes, there is NO WAY and NOBODY on planet earth that could slow them down, stop them .period.

    ps. does that mean that this satanic world government will be forever.No, on the contrary.This satanic government will break apart in a TRUE nuclear war in less than 4 years.

    1. Liberal guy says:

      R u a conspiracy theorist?

      1. Icarus Tanović says:

        Seem like he is. Parapsycholgy, flat earth, and so on.

      2. Fog of War says:

        He might be , but hes not wrong about the ” grand production “.

    2. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

      and why is this bad? 1 word goverment is the best thing that could happen to this planet if we ever want to move ahead of wars on earth and colonize the stars…wake up idiot

      1. Fog of War says:

        Silence demon !

    3. Ahson says:

      Mr klove, could you inform us which modern arms has Putin sold to the GCC?

  13. Aleks Noir says:

    Turks caught in Ukraine should die a horrible way

    1. Fog of War says:

      What about Russians caught in the Ukraine ?

  14. Simon Ndiritu says:

    And maybe the Syrian militants will also be seen in Mariupol, Lyviv or Crimea

  15. Raptar Driver says:

    The Putin administration Has completely fumbled the ball on the entire Ukraine.
    If he would have kept going after taking Crimea this would all been over in a week or 2.
    Everybody would have been safe and sound and living in a prosperous country but instead there’s chaos, death, destruction and more is coming!

    1. verner says:

      why would he like to take charge of a bankrupt ukraine when all he really needed is crimea. donetsk and luhansk followed on their own volition having no intention of all of a sudden being part of the nefarious west.

      1. Diana Cornwell says:

        Because the people of Donbass are RUSSIANS, awful creature.

      2. Raptar Driver says:

        Because it’s Russian territory!

    2. Gregory Casey says:

      There’s a certain logic to this but is it not far better that Russia should simply wait it out while Ukraine collapses and then ride into town and pick up the pieces.

      1. Raptar Driver says:

        No it’s not better. Too many people have died already that need not have.

  16. Jihadi Colin says:

    “…the deployment of Turkish service members in Mariupol would contradict the last statement of Turkey’s Foreign Minister. Mevlut Cavusoglu…”

    Oh no! Who could ever have seen this happening! Everyone knows Sultan Erdoğan’s word is his bond!

  17. Michael Apanian says:

    I ask you:
    Who will be able to buy and sell? (Rev 13:16-17)

    Message from Our Lady on good Friday to Luz De Maria April 2, 2021
    Originally Posted By:RevelacionesMarianas.com
    Dear children of my Immaculate Heart:
    My Son, handed over to those who despised Him, beat Him, scourge Him, like a meek Lamb (Jer. 11:19), was led from one place to another before those who called themselves “doctors of the Law”, feeling threatened by the Truth from on High…. (Is. 53:7).
    At this time when so many deny My Son, even though they know Him, history is repeating itself. This generation, more than previous ones, is repeating this betrayal.
    At this moment great confusion is being generated; human beings do not know what the Truth is, they do not know which way to go, because they do not know My Son. They have devoted themselves to living half-heartedly, without going deeper, without reasoning…. Sadly, a great majority are only Christians by tradition.

    This scourges My Son, crowning Him with thorns because of My children’s lack of knowledge regarding Divine Work and Action. That is why My Son’s People are being led like docile lambs facing any event whatsoever; they have no discernment, they do not go into events in depth.

    They do not love My Son in spirit and in truth… (Jn 4:23b)
    they do not look beyond what their eyes can see…
    they do not acquire knowledge…

    In the end, they are people living in false religiosity. This wounds the Most Sacred Heart of My Son.
    Being a lukewarm people, they do not discern and are easily confused, even knowing how evil is proliferating, wanting to encompass all of humanity and to do harm to your bodies.

    I ask you:
    Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart:

    During his agonizing farewell, My Son’s Face shows the pain that He is about to confront: the pain of betrayal, the pain of human wrath. This sad reality has been repeated throughout Salvation history.

    It is the God-Man who has instituted Priestly Ordination….
    The God-Man consecrates Himself (cf. Mt 26:26) before departing to do the Father’s Will, even though He is betrayed….
    Out of love He feeds you with His Body and Blood, knowing that ideas and modernism will separate you from this Divine Food.

    Oh Humanity, that does not see, does not feel, does not grasp the wickedness of the one who is in your midst to usurp what belongs to My Son!
    Who will be able to buy and sell? (Rev 13:16-17)
    Pray, My children, for swift conversion.

    Pray, My children, that men would come to the knowledge of the Truth.
    I remain with the People of My Son.
    Mother Mary.


  18. georgeking says:

    Maybe the Bear’s friends can roast some Turkey soon.

  19. Ivan Freely says:

    Let’s wait for further reports. Did Wargonzo posted any pictures of these Turkish soldiers?

    IF this is true then Ankara is using this as a bargaining chip to save their mercenaries in Syria.

  20. The Objective says:

    “If confirmed, the deployment of Turkish service members in Mariupol would contradict the last statement of Turkey’s Foreign Minister”
    What is the aim of publishing such sensitive issue when you aren’t sure it did happen? Turkish analysts are saying the war between Russia and Ukraine will harm Turkey in many ways, and that the U.S is trying to provoke that war to target both Russia and Turkey. Read here: https://www.yenisafak.com/en/columns/ibrahimkaragul/the-war-in-the-black-sea-must-be-prevented-the-northern-siege-must-be-stopped-turkey-will-be-forced-to-make-a-deadly-choice-we-cannot-be-the-wests-eastern-front-2047833
    I don’t believe this bullshit. How exactly will Turkey gain from taking a side in this war? I can’t see any advantage worth that risk for Turkey. If anyone does, then spill it here.

  21. Nassim7 says:

    When Russia stopped buying tomatoes and stopped sending tourists to Turkey, their attitude changed rather quickly. I sincerely hope all the Turks sent to Ukraine are returned in body bags. Turkey has succeeded in making enemies of almost all its neighbours – Syria, Greece, Iran, Armenia, Egypt, Cyprus, Lebanon …

    It is only a matter of time before the Turks lose the Dardanelles IMHO.

  22. The Objective says:

    America has just slapped massive sanctions on Russia and expelled 10 Russian diplomats. These sanctions are like no other they imposed on Russia before since 2014.

    1. Gregory Casey says:

      And Russia could not give a shxt.

      1. The Objective says:

        Yeah, Russia won’t give a shit until the sanctions start biting.

        1. Gregory Casey says:

          The Sanctions imposed on Thursday won’t make the slightest difference. Best you catch up with what Russia has been doing to bolster its economy, currency and debt over the past 6 – 7 years.

  23. verner says:

    the megalomaniac erdogan at it again, trying to rebuild the ottoman kingdom, kicking and slapping every which way but nothing much achieved. from libya to greece to azerbaijan to syria to ukraine and qatar and lots of grand plans all muddied together.

    1. Gregory Casey says:

      I don’t think the Ukraz will be too happy with the little Emperor when they discover he wants Crimea for himself.

      1. Fog of War says:

        Crimea is not meant for the Turks.

        1. Gregory Casey says:

          Someone had better explain that to the deranged Erdogan.

  24. disTheeNot says:

    It is not difficult to imagine that forces are at work to remove the Little Caliph from his throne in Ankara.

  25. Gregory Casey says:

    Having the UkraNazis bedding down along the borders with Donbass with Emperor Erdogan’s Pet Poodles from Idlib may provide some light entertainment to the Donbass Defenders as they watch the Jihadi-Joes taking on the Ukraz in a fight to the death.

  26. Diana Cornwell says:

    With Putin’s blessing.

    Putin is collaborating with Erdogan and the Turks to commit GENOCIDE in Syria. Putin and the Russians have BLOCKED the application to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in order to prosecute the Turks’ horrible crimes against humanity and genocide which Turkey has committed in Afrin, Syria: https://www.genocidewatch.com/single-post/2020/06/08/Turkey-is-committing-war-crimes-and-crimes-against-humanity-in-Syria

    1. Gregory Casey says:

      I wouldn’t believe even a single word from any organizations having Samantha Power on its Board of Advisors and collapsing under the weight of ex-State Department officials.

      1. Diana Cornwell says:

        Maybe SF could ask Putin? Maybe you could?

        1. Gregory Casey says:

          If you want to live in Sammy Power’s Fantasy Land then go ahead. She’s a NeoLibCon in Lamb’s clothing and of entirely sneaky disposition.

          1. Diana Cornwell says:

            What does that have to do with the fact that Putin is Erdogan’s partner in crime, and is building nuclear power plants for Erdogan when he’s delivering S-400s to NATO (Turkey) or butchering Christian Armenians and Syrians with his buddy Erdogan in Karabakh and Afrin?

          2. Gregory Casey says:

            If you were clued in and concentrating you’d know that the present Armenian PM refused to ask for aid from Russia and only allowed Russian Forces to enter Karabagh when he had a gun pointed at his head. Moreover, you do need to establish the Russian Foreign Minister’s family heritage before you start throwing imbecilic ideas around the place. Wtat is left of Armenian Karabagh survives only because of Putin and Lavrov.

          3. Diana Cornwell says:

            Lavrov hates his Armenian heritage.

            Keep lying about Putin.

            If Putin truly were an ally of Armenia — even if Pashinyan were a traitor– Putin would have disabled Turkish and Israeli drones with Russian EW units thence preventing an Azeri victory.

            Whether Pashinyan asked for help or not, as you falsely claim.

            Who are you to call me an imbecile, lowlife troll?

            Putin made a big show out of declining to take a phone call from Pashinyan on a live Russian TV show.

          4. Gregory Casey says:

            Pashinyan refused to ask for help. Moreover, he refused to deploy the Armenian Army in the numbers capable of being deployed to Artsakh which is why the Azeris were able to progress so quickly.

          5. Diana Cornwell says:

            I am not defending Pashinyan or any other past or present member of the Armenian administration.

            I am criticizing Putin who is a crypto-Zionist and a very real Jew. Putin betrayed the Christian world, the Armenians, and the Russians themselves.

          6. Diana Cornwell says:

            And now Pashinyan is Putin’s new great friend, after the phone debacle on Russian live TV.


  27. Tommy Jensen says:

    Our Allies are landing from all over the world. Ready to defending freedom and American soil on the frontier.
    Our frontier soldiers from our Allies are specially selected and can be recognized by their face look as in the photo shown.

  28. liana sammartino says:

    when you are a Turk, always remain a Turk….

  29. Boxman says:

    Turkish operated drones will pound the Donbass forces while Ukrainian troops advance on the ground. Russia should see this attack coming and cannot claim to be surprised when yet another ally gets trounced. The Donbass forces are about to get hammered just like the Syrians and Armenians, while Russia looks on.

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