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Turkish Service Members Killed, Injures In Road Accident In Northeast Syria

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A Turkish service member was killed and four others were injured in an “accident” in northeast Syria, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense announced on February 8.

In an official statement, the ministry said that the service members were aboard a vehicle that was involved in a road accident in the “Peace Spring” region. The service member killed in the accident was identified by the ministry as Piyade Uzman Onbasi.

Turkish Service Members Killed, Injures In Road Accident In Northeast Syria

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Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that the Turkish military had withdrawn from several positions in northeast Syria.

The London-based monitoring group said that Turkish forces evacuated positions in the vicinity of the border town of Tell Abyad and the nearby villages of Shrkrak, Ali Bajilah, Khrab Rz and Kurmaza.

Turkey provided no official comment on the surprise withdrawal. However, it could be related to the Turkish-Russian agreement on northeast Syria that was reached last year.

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Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

So what? Stupid grunt shouldn’t have been in Syria in the first place. Blame Erdogan.

Bilal Abdul Kareem

most likely killed by a PKK terrorist. may Allah grant him Jannah


pkk= elquaida and isis! mdr! djihadists kiss the kurds!!


Allah grants you to die in Syiran dust for nothing.

Nice present of him, dont you think?


Bilal, here is the photo with your brotherhood.comment image


More likely killed in an illegal and unnecessary war of aggression against a peaceful Arab neighbor.

Pave Way IV

RIP. Cannon fodder like every other soldier there.

The withdrawal is suspicious – maybe related to the Turkish-Russian agreement, but the Turks also may be doing this in advance of an attack. I still don’t think Erdogan is satisfied that his ‘Safe Zone’ has been de-YPG’d enough. He could be thinking about another Turkish wave of ethnic cleansing.


As long as he has not gotten his will, of having a big chuck taken from the kurds he could use to settle his Jihadi puppets, he will not stop.
So yeah, at least as soon as Idlib offensive is done or ends prematurely (With another bloody ceasefire for example), the Turks will start screaming again to push that project.
EU has already promised millions for this sooner or later to be completed turkish occupation zone.

Xoli Xoli

Uslesss Turkey terrorists soldiers died.Good news kill more Erdogan terrorists soldiers.Feed them to the vulture send only heads back to Sultan Erdogan. Second coup is coming
in Turkey.


“Operation Peace Spring” what’s with Turkey’s ironic invasion names these days?


Turkish casualty figures are dubious to say the least, and with rising casualties in Syria, Erdogan is taking a leaf out of Pentagon creative accounting of casualties by obfuscating the real numbers and the actual cause of their deaths. It is quite shameful that Turkey is lying to its own people and deceiving the world.

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