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Turkish Security Forces Conduct 1,950 ‘Counter-Terrorism Raids’ On July 9-16: Interior Ministry

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Turkish Security Forces Conduct 1,950 'Counter-Terrorism Raids' On July 9-16: Interior Ministry

FILE IMAGE: dailysabah.com

Security forces carried out 1,950 counter-terrorism raids across Turkey on July 9-16 neutralizing 53 members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the country’s interior ministry said in a statement on July 16. This number includes 37 PKK members, including two high-ranking members, whom were killed.

HINT: Turkey describes the PKK as a terrorist group. The PKK is de-facto seeking to establish an independent Kurdish state within the territory of Turkey as well as areas in northern Syria and Iraq if this would be possible. The group has carried out a large number of attacks on Turkish forces and governing structures since 1984.

The interior ministry added that three shelters and caves used by the PKK were destroyed in the provinces of Diyarbakır, Tokat and Hakkari. 46 heavy- and long-barrel weapons, a high numer of explosives, thousands of pieces of ammunition and 26 Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were captured by security forces.

Furthermore, police squads, gendarmerie units and the Turkish Armed Forces detained 209 suspected PKK members, 58 suspected members of ISIS and 467 people with suspected links to the so-called Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ).

HINT: the FETO is a term used by the Turkish government to describe the movement led by Fethullah Gülen, a political figure and preacher currently residing in the US.

Fethullah Gulen – Wielding Power and Influence from the Shadows

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The Syrian Golan Heights is demileterized zone, ok but ISrael have militarized not only Golan Heights rather whole Palestine.


PKK and SDF in Syria are using supply and logistic routes through Turkey.

If Erdogan don’t like then stops these supply routes to PKK and SDF then just with in two months entire occupied Syria can be liberated from US and NATO forces. Blockade them as they have blockade Palestinians and have butchered millions of civilians.

In alliance with US Pakistan has lost 75,000 innocent civilians and US$120 Billions. Obama had wanted to invade Pakistan but China and Russia saved them.


Destroy the PKK atheists and kuffar. Good job.






what’s the difference?


kaafir = one person, kuffar = many kaafirs


The number of reported raids should correspond to many more arrests and deaths than I’ve been hearing of. It would be very believable if there were +2,000 arrests so this is probably a matter of word choice.

Real Anti-Racist Action

These Kurds just launched a terrorist attack against the Iranian people and nation.
Anything that Turkey can do to arrest or kill these terrorist is welcome news for Iranians. Get them before the smuggle into Iran and kill more civilians.

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