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Turkish-Saudi Tensions Grow Following Disappearance Of Journalist At Saudi Consulate In Istanbul

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Turkish-Saudi Tensions Grow Following Disappearance Of Journalist At Saudi Consulate In Istanbul

Turkish authorities have launched an investigation into the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist. The investigation will include a Turkish search of the premises of the Saudi Arabian Consulate.

On October 2nd the well-known journalist, went into the Saudi representative office in Istanbul to obtain a marriage document. His Turkish fiancée was waiting outside. She said that he never came back. Eight days later he is yet to come out, according to Turkish Police

On October 9th, during a press conference in Budapest, Turkish President Recep Taiyyp Erdogan said the following: “He entered the general consulate himself and if he has entered by himself and if he did not exit it, of course this should be proven by the general consulate.”

Erdogan also said that the consulate should have CCTV cameras and should be fully able to show footage of Khashoggi leaving the premises. Airport exits, and entrances are being controlled as the Justice Ministry and the chief prosecutor in Istanbul “started an investigation and efforts are continuing,” according to Erdogan.

CNN cited Yasin Aktay, a political adviser to Erdogan, who believes that the journalist was killed. “I personally think the possibility of him being killed is stronger than other possibilities, although I do not want to accept it. Because if he was alive, Saudis would provide evidence that he is alive,” CNN cited Aktay during a phone interview. “If he is not in the consulate and if he did not leave through the normal ways, he might have left sedated or left in pieces.”

He said that the Turkish authorities are not ignoring any evidence and that the Saudi side is not “sharing any convincing explanations on what happened inside the building.”

Turkish Anadolu Agency reported that on the day Khashoggi went missing, fifteen Saudi Arabian nationals arrived in Istanbul on two planes and visited the consulate, citing police sources. All 15 other visitors have since left the consulate and Turkey itself.

Saudi Arabia denies any involvement in the disappearance. According to a Saudi official cited by CNN, Khashoggi left the consulate shortly after his visit. The consulate has not released any footage or evidence to back their claims.

On October 9th, Turkey’s Foreign Ministry said that they have been allowed to search the Saudi Arabian consulate for traces of Jamal Khashoggi.

Jamal Khashoggi was born in Media and studied in the US at Indiana State University. In the 1980s he returned to Saudi Arabia and worked as a journalist for regional newspapers covering the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Following that he covered major events in the region, such as the first Gulf War in Kuwait.

In 1999 he became the deputy editor of the English-language Arab News newspaper. In 2003 he became editor of the Al Watan newspaper, but he was fired just two months later because he published stories that were critical of the Saudi clerical establishment. He then moved to London, and returned to Al Watan in 2007, but due to further controversy left three years later.

Jamal left Saudi Arabia for the US in 2017. According to his first article in the Washington Post, he and several others had left Saudi Arabia because they feared of being arrested.

Khashoggi said dozens of people had been detained in an apparent crackdown on dissidents under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has been pioneering an ambitious economic and social reform program in the country.

He also accused the Saudi government of pressuring the publisher of the Arabic daily newspaper Al-Hayat to cancel his column and said he was told to stop tweeting to his 1.8 million followers warning to be cautious of Trump’s election prior

“I have left my home, my family and my job, and I am raising my voice. To do otherwise would betray those who languish in prison. I can speak when so many cannot. I want you to know that Saudi Arabia has not always been as it is now. We Saudis deserve better,” he wrote.

The Saudi journalist also accused the Saudi government of ignoring real extremists in its supposed crackdown on corruption.

In his final column before disappearing, he criticized Saudi intervention in the Yemeni conflict.

After Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud came into power, he began a massive “anti-corruption crackdown” on members of the clans competing within the Saudi royal family. Numerous people were detained or went missing.

Saudi Arabia has always been known for some sharp disregards of human rights. Examples are its conduct in the intervention in Yemen, as well as the recent diplomatic row with Canada regarding human rights violations. Its support of terrorist groups is also not a secret, in the case of Al-Qaeda and other radicals.

It would be no surprise if Khashoggi, as one more opponent of the Crown Prince was simply killed off.

The incident will cause further deterioration of Saudi-Turkish relations.

The interests of the two countries recently clashed in Syria where Ankara sides with Moscow to boost its own influence. In turn, Saudi Arabia spent millions supporting militant groups, which are now fully defeated or seeking patronage from Turkey.

Turkey also supported Qatar in its standoff with the Saudi-led bloc and even opened a military base in the country. This became another blow to the Saudi regional policy.

In case of the further deterioration of relations between the Qatar-Turkey bloc and the Saudi-UAE-Israel alliance, Ankara and Doha will likely contribute additional efforts to strengthen their ties with alternative regional and global power centers, like China, Iran and Russia.

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You can call me Al

mm, glad he is dead then.


Well he got Chopped to pieces himself…the whole thing was videotaped from beginning to end and sent to Wahhabistan as Snuff-Movie for Mohammed Bin Salman…at least according to the whole story…this looks like the Beginning of the MBS-Take Down….

Zionism = EVIL

This usual Wahhabi savagery and body parts chopping plan was a joint butchery by the idiots in Dubai and Saudi Arabia under Zionist supervision. Dubai is the largest Mossad station in the region under the guise of “trade offices” and Mossad has hundreds of Emirati, Saudi and Egyptian passports. Moroccan and Bahraini passports are also used by CIA, Mossad, Mi-6 and French DGSE. It is no coincidence that the body parts hackers went back to Dubai and Cairo. The US had prior knowledge of the hit according to NY Times and the Saudi conversations were recorded discussing the plan the kill Khashsoggi.


Nice, completely groundless, conspiracy theory.

But why would the Saudis let Mossad agents chop up a Saudi in the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul?

My understanding is Saudis have all the head chopping skills needed for the job.

Plus did you see the list of 15 suspects? All Saudis.


No, he was human. And should be alive.


Interestingly, he didn’t feel that way about others, he encouraged ISIS to murder captured POWs and cheered the Yemeni war (though lately did back off for that, the damage had been done).

Do I care if a murderer is killed? No, frankly, I don’t. I care about the victims that he cheered on though.

Zionism = EVIL

This Khashoggi moron was previously a supporter of the ugly idiot MBS, Yemen war and later fell out with him and wrote pro-Qatar articles in the spat with Saudis and ended up in Turkey as guest of Erdogan and was about to marry a Turkish woman at age 60. Obviously Erdogan can not protect his “guests”.


Well what would you have had Erdogan do? He’s taking quite a personal interest in the disappearance. Was he supposed to accompany Khashoggi into the Saudi embassy?

Zionism = EVIL

Erdogan has been a sponsor of Wahhabi terror in Syria and the regionsince 2011. His APK Islamist party was funded by Saudis and Emiratis along with Qatar. The Turkish military intelligence MIT has close links with Saudis and trained many of them. The CIA and NSA run the biggest ELINT operation out of NATO bases in Turkey and knew well in advance the Saudi intention to kill Khashoggi, how can two full Lear jets with 15 assassins including the Saudi interior ministry’s medical examiner show up without the Turks knowing? It is quite obvious that the regional media accounts are more accurate as Zionists, US and Saudi/Emiratis and Egyptian patsies are all involved. How come Egypt did not know that a plane load of Saudi thugs has landed in Cairo from Istanbul? Even the most idiotic “intelligence” service would have known.

Kelli Hernandez

Doesn’t that sound like overkill for just ONE Saudi journalist? Perhaps this was just classic Saudi/MBS PSYCHOPATH BUTCHERY?
MBS cares only for his reputation. Does he really think anyone is buying his Saudi 2030 vision and reforms? Not only is he a psychopath he’s a malignant narcissist. Asdide from Nutty Yahoo & Trump, MBS IS THE MOST HATED MAN ON EARTH


how can two full Lear jets with 15 assassins including the Saudi
interior ministry’s medical examiner show up without the Turks knowing

Who says they arrived without Turkey’s knowledge? Oh, I get it: you are implying that somehow Turkey should have known not only that Khasgoggi was going to the Saudi embassy that day, but this was a hit team sent to take him out, something which FWICT has never happened before. All-rightee then.

How come Egypt did not know that a plane load of Saudi thugs has landed in Cairo from Istanbul?

Of course they knew. But what they most likely didn’t know is that Khasgoggi was onboard, kidnapped or dead.

You do realize that a billion crimes happen per day on this planet, and generally they are not known to all the authorities in advance?


Hey look at this – apparently the Turks had the Saudi embassy bugged, and recorded the murder: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-11/us-intel-sources-say-khashoggi-murder-possible-rendition-gone-wrong


Based on US intelligence intercepts, Saudi officials were heard
discussing a plan to lure Khashoggi from the US state of Virginia, where
he resides, back to Saudi Arabia where he would be “silenced”, Washington post stated, citing unnamed US officials.


Neither are you, are you suggesting that killing you would be justified?


You’re a special kind of stupid. By the way, I don’t go around inciting terrorists to murder innocent people. But nonetheless, how heartbroken would you be if I were murdered? Please do tell us.


The Zionist regime has also murdered many journalists and other innocent people on western soil, including a waiter in Norway.


Come to think of it, for a person of power inciting terrorists to murder prisoners of war, yes, he deserves the death penalty. He did not get a trial so we don’t know for sure he penned that tweet, but, assuming he did, I will not miss him.


Interesting not too many hasbara and other paid posters posting here on this sorry topic? Imagine if this was a story on Russia?

Zionism = EVIL

Indeed, most Saudi idiots are devils, but according to Persian Gulf states media the uber moron MBS had concentrated the botched hit and Pulp Fiction hacking of the body to Mossad contractors who used UAE and Egyptian passports. The 15 man head and body parts chopping team came in two lear jets with UAE registration and went back to Dubai and Cairo after the butchery.


There’s pictures and identities of the 15. They’re all Saudis.

But don’t let evidence get in the way of a far-out, far-fetched conspiracy theory!


The nefarious Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman himself ordered an operation to lure Jamal Khashoggi to the Saudi Arabian embassy and have him murdered, Washington Post and other media reports.


Check the comments on that tweet. There’s apparently considerable doubt about the accuracy of Fares’ interpretation.

A major faux pas if he got this wrong.

You can call me Al

Jamal Khashoggi was born in Media and worked as a journalist for regional newspapers -> well self-explanatory then.

PS Dont overlook this sentence – “Saudi government of pressuring the publisher of the Arabic daily newspaper Al-Hayat to cancel his column and said he was told to stop tweeting to his 1.8 million followers warning to be cautious of Trump’s election prior”.

Lena Jones

Actually, he’s a fake journalist – certainly not a graduate of journalism, just a recent columnist who’s getting published by his elite friends . He’s spent most of his life working intelligence for both the Saudi and the US Deep State.



It’s kind of like Stevens being a US ambassador in Libya. All he really was, was a gun Runner.


Oh he was also a pedophile, he liked young Arab boys.


Good article tells the whole story…very soon Mohammed Bin Salman will be Chopped up himself….just an estimated guess…Wahhabistan should Fall…


So maybe the US got the Saudis to kill him, and then use it as a lever against the Saudis.
The US did a similar thing to Saddam Hussein. They encouraged Saddam to invade Kuwait, and the made Kuwait pay a ransom to America to be rescued.
Never trust the US, they are like a snake, appear as no threat, then strike when you look away.


… I can’t help but wonder how many lives might have saved if govts/media had paid even a jot of the attention this man gets to the journalists abducted and murdered in Ukraine…..


The US is putting pressure on the Saudis to increase production and lower oil prices.
If not for that, I doubt the western media would have reported this story.


That is because the U.S. sanctioned Iran…Less Oil on the market so prices go up….Trumpster is really good in taking the right decisions & economics….

Harvey Swinestein

Also aimed at weakening Russia . .


America is doing a lot of damage to itself….The Other Countries realized that they need something else than the Dollar fast…Break Free…all the Sanctions only accelerate this process

Kelli Hernandez

But it will take a long time as all governments aside from a few are completely dependent on the US government teet.
The Rothschild FED reserve Ponzi is getting ready to blow again as the FED raise rates putting more pressure on the markets and with bubbles blowing up all over in housing car loans, student loans. Americans are in debt up to their eyeballs, but when the next crash comes no one will be confused as to whom the culprits are.
Without war and weapons sales the US economy would collapse, allowing the Saudis to get away with murder, as they are our number one buyer of weapons to bomb Yemen and we are dependent on their oil


This is what became Clearly Visible in recent Years the Khazarian Banksters…the whole Ponzi scheme…Moneyprinting out of thin Air… no gold to back it up… the Looting & Destruction of Nations…the Genocides….the Endless Massmurdering & Torturing by the West to Keep their “Without War No Trade” Imperial Wickedness going… the MSM MK-Ultra propaganda machine…the 911 inside Job Joke that started all our Wars in the 21st Century….There is only one answer to this: Mass-Trials & Mass Hangings….otherwise Humanity hasn’t learned a damn thing….


Sanctioning Iran increases oil prices, and high oil prices strengthen Russia.


they took him killed him simple enough

Harvey Swinestein

Saudi Arabia is just one big oil rich organized Islamic State. There’s not much difference. They should be ostracized by the international community and embargoed until the ruling criminal regime collapses completely. All government approved head-chopping should stop and women should have full rights . .


Lets stop using oil for fuell…


The Saud family rule Arabia, because the UK and US appointed them and protects them.
As Trump recently stated, if the US removed its protection, the Saud family would be dead or in hiding within weeks.

Zionism = EVIL

Not going to happen as Saudis besides being headchopping terrorists are the darlings of Zionists and the west, since they supply OIL. Most “western” media has ignored this disgusting crime, imagine if Russia or Iran had done such a despicable act, we would never have heard the end of it in western and Zionist media. The BBC has remained totally silent, along with all UK and French media, only the NY Times has covered the issue as Khashoggi wrote for some US papers.

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