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Turkish-Russian Relations And Issues Of Idlib

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Turkish-Russian Relations And Issues Of Idlib

IMAGE: RIA Novosti/Mikhail Voskresensky

On August 27, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin attended the MAKS-2019 International Aviation and Space Show in Zhukovsky, outside the Russian capital of Moscow. The meeting took place amid the complicated situation in the northern Syrian province of Idlib. The two sides discussed a wide range of questions related to the Russian-Turkish technical, military and economic cooperation.

In particular, the two leaders inspected a Su-57 fifth-generation fighter. The export variant of the Su-57 was being displayed at the show for the first time. The Su-57 model entered serial production earlier in 2019. Erdogan wondered if the warplane was already airworthy, which Putin confirmed. The Turkish leader also asked if it was possible to buy it. Putin responded in affirmative and reassuring.

Besides this, the presidents also examined a Su-35 fighter, a Ka-62 medium helicopter and a Mi-38 heavy helicopter. hen they headed for a Be-200 amphibious plane and the MC-21 civilian plane.

“We have plenty of options and we have demonstrated new weapon systems and new electronic warfare complexes,” Putin said. “To my mind, many things evoked the interest of our Turkish partners not only from the viewpoint of the purchase but also from the viewpoint of the joint production.”

“As a matter of fact, we are ready for this and will be actively discussing specific areas,” the Russian president said.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Defense Ministry reported that a transport plane with parts for the second battalion of S-400 air defense systems landed in Ankara.

During the joint press conference, the two leaders also adressed the current state of the economic cooperation between Russia and Turkey. Putin said that the launch of the first gas pipeline string of TurkStream will be carried out by the end of 2019.

The sitaution in Syria’s Idlib became one of the key topics of the talks. This is especially important for Turkey that sees the recent advances of the Syrian Army in the region as a threat to its influence in the war-torn country.

Putin confirmed that he will visit Ankara in mid-September for participation in the Russia-Iran-Turkey summit on the settlement in Syria.

“I will note that it is not the first visit of the Turkish president to Russia this year. In April, we held a productive session of the Russian-Turkish High-Level Cooperation Council with Mr Erdogan and met at other venues as well,” Putin noted. “In mid-September we will come to Ankara for the summit of the Astana process guarantor states – Russia, Turkey and Iran – on the settlement in Syria,” the Russian president said.

Commenting on the recent developments in Syria, Erdogan said the Syrian Army offensive disrupted the calm that set in after Turkey and Russia agreed last year to turn rebel-held Idlib province into a de-escalation zone.

“We do not want this to continue. All necessary steps will be taken here as needed,” Erdogan added. “The situation [in Idlib] has become so complicated that at this moment our troops are in danger.”

Putin stressed that Turkey and Russia had agreed on “additional joint steps” to “normalise” the situation in Idlib, but did not provide any details.

“The situation in the Idlib de-escalation zone is of serious concern to us and our Turkish partners,” Putin told the news conference. Putin emphasized that Russia did not want this region to be a “haven” for “terrorists”. 

Turkish-Russian Relations And Issues Of Idlib

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Later, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Idlib de-escalation agreement works, but issues with it still exist. The defense minister emphasized the agreement work is tense and compicated.

Erdogan’s visit to Russia put Putin into a complicated situation. While both Russia and Turkey declare that they respect the Syrian territorial integrity, in the current conditions, northeastern Syria, including the Idlib zone, is in fact a kind of quasi-state under Turkish protectorate. Let’s suppose that the situation would remain the same within the next 3-5 years. In this event, there is a high chance that Turkey will likely be trapped in conditions in which it would have to try to annex this territory.

Politically, this situation may be compared with the conflict in eastern Ukraine where the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (the DPR and the LPR) act as de-facto independent “quasi-states” with Russian backing. Nonetheless, there is a significant difference. The DPR and the LPR are not the source of terrorist activity and are not conducting or seeking to conduct offensive operations to expand their zone of control towards central Ukraine. The Kiev government is the side constantly escalating the situation and attempting to carry out offensive operations against the DPR and the LPR.

In Syria, the situation is different. The Idlib zone is a constant source of terrorist threats and military escalations. In all previous cases when Syrian and pro-Syrian forces ceased their offensive operations and started unilaterally fulfil the ceasefire agreement, Idlib armed groups immediately started conducting attempts to seize new areas, attack pro-government forces and launched terrorist operations within the government-controlled area.

Furthermore, the Idlib zone is the area where the most murderous part of the so-called opposition is concentrated. The core of the ‘Idlib opposition’ is mercenaries, criminal gangs and radicals. This looks like Russia’s Chechnya after the Khasavyurt Accord (1996) when it became a hotbed for various terrorists, mercenaries and gangs from around the entire post-Soviet space and further. Russia put an end to this during the Second Chechen War (1999-2000).

By the visit to Russia, Erdogan demonstrated that he recognizes Putin (and thus Russia) as the leader in the bilateral relations. Erdogan’s Bonapartism is not a secret. So, this is an important signal and step towards the further rapprochement amid the already growing military and economic cooperation between the sides. At the same time, Turkey remains a key NATO member state and the key US ally in the Mediterranean.

Therefore, Putin cannot afford an opportunity to reject Erdogan’s effort. It’s likely that Russia will use its influence to halt the ongoing phase of the Syrian Army’s operation in Idlib for some time in the nearest future.

In own turn, Erdogan will have to fulfill his part of the deal by using the Turkish influence (including the military presence) to stabilize the situation in the area and prevent militant attacks on the Syrian Army. Right now, Turkey has not enough tools to directly impose its will on Idlib militants. The key issue is Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the branch of al-Qaeda in Syria), which unites most of terrorists, mercenaries and gangs in the area. Ankara can take control of the situation, but it will need a year or two that it does not have.

Therefore, the most likely result of the current Turkish-Russian talks is another temporary ceasefire in southern Idlib. However, the recent attacks on Syrian Army positions near Abu Dali demonstrate it would not last for a long time. A new round of escalation could be expected in late September-early October.


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  1. Jacob Wohl says:

    SU-57 is not even true stealth since it has a RCS of literally 1 meters squared, the size of a 4th generation F-18 super-hornet on radar. It’s engines aren’t stealthily designed, it has a minimum radar cross section of only 0.1 meters squared, while the F-35 and F-22 both have radar signatures of 0.0001 meters squared (size of a pebble)

    1. Jacob Wohl says:

      the SU57 radar is generations behind the US F-18/F-16/F-15 radars, and the su57 UV warning system is outdated and similar to USAF tech from the early 1990’s

      1. Jacob Wohl says:

        F-35 is all around stealth, can detect enemy SAM radars up to 200-400km away, and has the most advanced electronic warfare jamming system on the planet

        1. Jacob Wohl says:

          An F-35’s radar would detect the SU-57 at up to 150 miles away and engage it at 115 miles. While the SU-57 can only detect the F-35/F-22 at 20 miles away and engage it at 10 miles. Haha! imagine that! 10 miles vs 120 miles! You do the math!

          1. Jacob Wohl says:

            F-35/F-22 electronic warfare jamming is so powerful that it can literally fry enemy radars/electronic components at up to 50 miles away. It can completely jam any powerful SAM radar and render air defenses useless.

          2. Jacob Wohl says:

            moral of the story, Turkey should have bought American F-35s

          3. Jacob Wohl says:

            even India doesn’t care about the PAK-FA because they want a 5th gen fighter that’s actually TRUE STEALTH

          4. Barba_Papa says:

            Replying 6 times to your own posts? That’s gotta be a record. You finally succeeded at something in life. Good for you, you win a participation trophy. Cause everyone is a winner. Especially those people with special needs. Like you.

          5. LR captain says:

            Why do you keep replying to your self rather than edit the comment, cause only crazy talk to themselves

          6. EveryoneIsBiased says:

            Or paid trolls.

          7. LR captain says:

            he is not a troll he is Zionist supporter. so he does on his own without pay

    2. EveryoneIsBiased says:

      You just made even the last idiot clear, that you are a propaganda fake account spreading your BS when you spam this comment section like this talking to yourself.


      1. You can call me Al says:

        Just block the c***.

  2. jorge says:

    Let’s laugh: ” It’s likely that Russia will use its influence to halt the ongoing phase of the Syrian Army’s operation in Idlib for some time in the nearest future.”

    For Al: who wrote this can indeed go to hell and close his doors.

    1. EveryoneIsBiased says:

      Dont shoot the messenger jorge.

      1. jorge says:

        Don’t make a mistake, we shoot everything.

    2. You can call me Al says:

      I never wrote that !!!, did I ?.

  3. SFC Steven M Barry USA RET says:

    (Erdogan) “The situation [in Idlib] has become so complicated….”

    The situation will become uncomplicated when the Turk shit eaters pack up their Muslim Brotherhood clown show and crawl back into their sewer.

    1. Yavuz Fatih says:

      Its easier to throw the usa out. No one needs the “obongo obama” soldiers in European southeastern flank.

      They can confront Russia in the baltikum.

      1. Spit says:

        The Russians Forced Turkey to abandon Americans.
        The SU-24 Shot Down. The F-16 russia is Pushing around, the F-22. The American Missiles Tamahawks. that made America look bad.
        The Russians have Played this game Perfectly.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Only in Hollywood, the Ruskies have only helped the Zionists and Ameicunts in carving up Syria. The Ruskies are even protecting the Turkeys who are illegally occupying Morek in Idlib, deep inside Syria.

        2. You can call me Al says:

          No, the USA forced Turkey to abandon the USA. The US would not supply patriot defence systems nor even supply hand guns.

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Not likely as long as Putin kisses ErDOGan’s arse for his Jew masters. Just look at the map, the Turkeys are controlling 30% of Syria.

    3. Harry Smith says:

      Erdogan needs muslim brotherhood to fight SDF.

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        The Zionist drones have been launched from bases controlled by the Kurdish-led
        militia with the financial support of Saudi Arabia and UAE, Iraqi intelligence
        has concluded.

        Iraq’s intelligence services believe that five recent drone attacks on Iraqi PMU paramilitaries were launched from bases under the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia’s control in north Syria, an official told Middle East Eye.

        The Iraqi official, who has knowledge of the latest intelligence briefing from Baghdad’s security services, said the strikes were conducted by Israel, with the understanding of the SDF and backing of Saudi Arabia.

        1. Harry Smith says:

          Does it evaporate the problem of Kurdistan for the Turkey? Please try to understand the situation in the Middle East: in the region everyone fights for his own interests, but sometimes, these interests, are on the parallel courses.

          1. Zionism = EVIL says:

            I believe the only overriding mutually inclusive Russian and Americunt goal is the preservation of the Zionist cancer in Palestine and endless wars and destabilization. People are naive to think that Russia will ever take on the Turkeys,today it is a weak corrupt state under total Jew oligarch control. It is desperately trying to woo the Turkeys, but does not understand the depth of hatred the Turks have for Russia considering their 17 consecutive defeats and loss of 40% of the Ottoman Empire to Russians since Peter the Great started moving towards Crimea, Caucasus and the Sea of Azov.

          2. Free man says:

            You really hate Russia.
            Is it just because Russia doesn’t want to fight your war? Or do you just hate Russians?

          3. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Disagreeing with weak and corrupt polices is hardly hating Russians. Historically, they have proven to be weak and incapable of maintaining friendships, let alone allies as the fate of Warsaw pact showed.. During the USSR era they played with the dumb Arabs in the same manner as today.Even the Jew Markus Wolfe who was the head of the Stasi in the DDR had no kinds for Russia and its abandonment of “allies”. Russia is a weak state and most of its people simply want out, just like the end of USSR. Putin is a just a Jew hack and has sold Russia out to his Americunt “partners”.

          4. Free man says:

            Russia is not perfect, because no country is perfect.
            When it comes to the war in Syria, the Russians are the biggest winners. Russia’s relationship with Turkey is the best example. Although they support the opposite sides of this conflict, Russia is able to maintain good relations with Turkey, even though Turkey’s side is losing.
            But it seems that whoever is unwilling to fight your war, automatically becomes your enemy. Regardless of reality. The only ones you support are Hamas, the ones who supported the jihadists fighting Assad. am I wrong ?

  4. Barba_Papa says:

    Here’s how I see it. Erdogan wants to keep the Idlibistan Terrorist Reservation in his sphere of influence. Putin is willing to allow for it within reason as its no real threat to the survival of Assad’s regime. But he wants Erdogan to put a stop to the attacks from the inmates. Erdogan can’t or is unwilling to do so. So Putin allowed the SAA to launch an offensive. Which so happens to take place in those areas that the inmates used to launch attacks at the Russian base. Erdogan knows this, is unhappy about it, but as long as the offensive has only that limited aim in mind he can live with it. While publically huff and puff a lot about it. Once the Idlibistan Terrorist Reservation inmates have been pushed back from the areas from which they launch attacks against the Russian bases the SAA offensive will probably be halted. And then Putin can go back selling stuff to Turkey and play the long game of weakening Turkey’s ties to NATO and use Erdogan as the stick with which to beat the Kurds in control of East-Syria. Which is the real prize Putin wants to secure for Assad. Because in the grand scheme of things beyond some agriculture Idlib is not as important to Syria as the oil fields of East Syria.

    1. Sakaramanga says:

      makes sense.

    2. DannyC says:

      Erdogan can’t without losing face for starters. He also wants those Syrian refugees in Turkey out of his country. The ones he has are mostly anti Assad FSA losers. He’s in a corner here. He will need to retain some sort of sphere of influence in Idlib. He knows the war is lost. He isn’t going to sacrifice Turkish soldiers to save it. Russia is just running out the clock

      1. You can call me Al says:

        Do not forget, jis main objective is the SDF ->the Kurds. Just watch, my guess he will move to the east sooner rather than later due to the mounting Turkish casualties.

    3. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

      Erdogan has no political longevity at all, all predictions forecast losses for both Erdogan and his party in the next general election in about 4 years time, maybe even less if early elections are held, but even worse for him and his party, it’s starting to look like they might not even be able to form part of a coalition government, and just become an opposition party after the election, with no real power at all.
      And I can’t see Erdogan ever recovering politically after that happens, too many people in Turkey hate him, he locked up and tortured 10,000 Turks after the coup attempt, he won’t be forgiven for that when he loses power, he’ll probably be thrown to the wolves and possibly even end up in jail.
      Putin must worry about that whenever he ponders his future relationship with Erdogan, 4 years isn’t very long time.

      1. Barba_Papa says:

        True. But then again 4 years is an extremely long time in politics. And who knows what kind of shenanigans Erdogan may pull when he can no longer stay in power democratically? Nothing seems beyond him if you ask me.

        And just because the player in charge changes doesn’t mean Turkish foreign policy will change that much. Overall foreign policies of countries are remarkably the same over decades, even centuries. Putin’s main foreign policy aims are not that different then those from the USSR, which wasn’t that different from the Russian Czars. The issues and dangers that face a country do not change when a new leader takes office. An independent Kurdish state has always been considered a national security disaster for Turkey, long before Erdogan and I reckon it will be to his successor. And Turkey has wanted to be part of the West since Ataturk, and been getting the cold shoulder since Ataturk. And if the West seems hell bent on supporting Kurdish states along Turkey’s border it seems natural for any successor to Erdogan to continue pursuing good relations with Russia. If only to play Russia against the West for better treatment and against that Kurdish state. And that’s excluding the economic benefits of trade with Russia and that gas pipline being constructed to and through Turkey.

        1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

          After he’s voted out of office I don’t think he’ll be able to pull off the same sort of shenanigan Putin did, he doesn’t have the same high popularity rating Putin did [and never has] when Putin redesignated power the way he did, and I don’t think either the US or NATO, or even the EU would let him do it anyway, I think they’d also try to stop him from delivering himself any more political lifelines, probably using more sanctions and by withholding Funds from both NATO and the EU.
          As to Turkish foreign policy changing or not changing after Erdogan loses power, I agree with you, it won’t change dramatically, but what will change is this, the new leader whoever he, or she is, won’t be anywhere as adversarial as Erdogan has been for the last decade concerning both domestic and foreign policy. The biggest grudge even the moderate Erdogan supporters have now with Erdogan is Turkey’s deteriorating foreign relations, any new leader can only be voted in if they have a moderate stance on just about everything and anything to do with foreign relations, the Turks are not in the mood for any more confrontation, now they want dialogue and cooperation, sorry I mean need it, or at least their economy needs it.
          And concerning Russia, a new leader in Turkey would be just as good as Erdogan was and probably even better for Russia, from Russia’s perspective the relationship they built with Turkey doesn’t just go skin deep, it involves trade and industry [the Turkish industrial security sector is now more than a little dependent on Russian industrial cooperation], tourism and foreign diplomacy, and now even security arrangements in the region, especially concerning the Syrian Kurds, and as you said, even if a country’s leadership changes, it doesn’t necessarily mean a country’s Overall foreign policies will change as well.
          That gas pipeline to Turkey will turn Turkey into a transit hub to the EU and make them very rich and influential, and also give them way too much power over the countries that will depend on that gas, but it will also cleverly punish the Ukrainians by ending their status as a transit hub into the EU, thereby denying them much needed tax revenue.
          So Putin’s killing two birds with the one stone with that arrangement, firstly he’s finally punishing the Ukrainians in the very best way he could, by sending them broke and making them more economically dependent on the US and EU :] and secondly he’s also cleverly redesignating any possible blame for any joint foreign policy stances both Russia and Turkey could possibly pursue in the future, where Turkey uses the the gas supply to blackmail dependent countries to comply to political demands, that just coincidentally Russia happens to share. When the non compliant countries gas supplies are shut off or slowed, Putin can then legitimately say, it’s not me it’s them, LOL, clever guy isn’t he.

          1. Barba_Papa says:

            I don’t think that if Erdogan suspects he will get voted out of office will let it come to an election though. The piece of shit (no insult to shit intended) will just come up with an excuse to postpone those, maybe some state of emergency excuse, maybe he’ll ratchet up the conflict with the Kurds to 11. Me also thinks that its the Turkish diaspora in Western Europe that will be the canary in the coal mine. He’s already heavily relying on them to the point that if you removed the foreign voters he probably would lose, just like he did with the municipal elections. Once they start turning against Erdogan it’s game over for him come an election. But they also don’t suffer from his policies like ordinary Turks do.

          2. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Ratcheting up the conflict with the Kurds to 11 would certainly provide the excuse he needed to postpone an election, going to war is guaranteed to provide him a legitimate excuse to do that, even if he’s the one who started it.
            I think he’ll lose regardless of which way the foreign voters sway, though many of them agree with his current foreign policies, not all of them agree with his domestic policies, so even though the foreign voters as you so rightly say don’t have to suffer from his domestic and foreign policies, they usually have family members back in Turkey that do.
            He’s getting desperate now, maybe we won’t have to wait until election time for that excuse to stop Turkish elections, I think he’s already ratched up the kurdish conflict to 10.5 already, or is the ALF Kurds who’ve done that :].
            edit, that was too insulting to shit to compare them together, I’m glad you added, “no insult to shit intended”.

  5. EveryoneIsBiased says:

    WTF.. That some consessions would be made at Astana was clear.

    But THIS?? A few main take aways:

    “Let’s suppose that the situation would remain the same within the next 3-5 years.”

    When SF writes this, it likely means this scenario is being talked about in policy circles, intelligence or diplomatic sources in Russia where SF has its sources. Imagine that, frozen Idlib front, constant attacks on SAA and civilians, Highway still not useable strangling the economy, and 10000s of Jihadists having their best protected base in the world for world wide operations.

    A fucking disaster is this.

    And Shoigu says the Idlib deal WORKS! In which world of diplomatic bullshit is he living now?

    “Later, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Idlib de-escalation agreement works, but issues with it still exist.”

    And then writes SF:

    “Therefore, Putin cannot afford an opportunity to reject Erdogan’s effort. It’ likely that Russia will use its influence to halt the ongoing phase ofthe Syrian Army’s operation in Idlib for some time in the nearest future.”

    Nice spin they try to give the message, but i dont buy it. Putin bows down for further military hardware deals. Just like with India, Russias military economic interests now seem to top all other interests, and even threatening the carefully builded up long term national security objectives of Russia and partnerships.

    I am beginning to think those here who fear Idlib may freeze in its current state for a long time might be right. Military hardware sales to Turkey like India are so important for keeping the Russian economy from crashing down from sanctions and its own inefficencys, that Putin seems willing to sacrifice pretty much every other forein policy objective for it.

    When Shoigu and Putin now talk into the direction, that the deal works (the opposite of statements made at top level days ago), and there are only “problems”, means they now try to prepare the public on the option, that Turkey now again gets a year to “solve the problems”.
    Which means, if HTS does no attack SAA, or maybe lesser than before, this would mean this god forsaken deal would go on till eternity. And as SF above said, Turkey would then annex it, like it is prepared step by step in Afrin.

    With the pressure of the majority of the population who are still appaled by the neoliberal pseudo reform on the pension system, and the huge difference between the rich and corrupt and normal peoples struggles to survive, Putin has virtually no wiggle room economically.

    Maybe some EU countrys may decide to defuse the sanctions against Russia, and the economy can improve, but it is pretty sad to see.

    1. Tchoutoye says:

      What’s Putin going to do to stop the SAA from advancing in Idlib, bomb them?

      1. Jaime Alberto GALARZA CASTANED says:

        The SAA should go ahead. What I fear is that the air suppport may be withdrawn. In this case, I wish Iran had a powerful air force.

        1. You can call me Al says:

          The SAA have a decent enough airforce to kill the vermin, anyway that is besides the point. Just keep the faith in Russia.

  6. Ivanus59 says:

    Next time Turks try to conquer the Balkans they will be armed with Russian weapons..

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Actually, the Turks are slaves to Americunts and Zionists and the largest cannon fodder for NATO. Russian weapons, besides being technologically compromised will be used against Russia itself. What kind of a totally insane country would be selling its most advanced weapons like flower pot S-400 and SU-57 to its most devious enemies.

      1. daniel says:

        Turkey will give S-400 and SU-57 to US as a present,

        1. Jimmy Jim says:

          Putin must smoke a lot of dope to hand over Russia’s best tech to Turkey…what a dope….

    2. You can call me Al says:

      Export versions, please remember that, it could be very important.

  7. gustavo says:

    In Spanish one says something funny about Erdogan-Putin behaviors…….Erdogan solo quiere agarrar de los “eggs” a Putin para que Putine pare la ofensiva de SAA en Idlib.

    1. Jaime Alberto GALARZA CASTANED says:

      No veo de qué manera Erdogan puede agarrar a Putin de los huevos. Más bien es al revés.

      1. Free man says:

        Putin is just a lot smarter than Erdogan.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Not sure about that. Putin was just a junior KGB flunkie with no grasp of realpolitik. Remember the idiot’s only posting was Dresden in the DDR and he was so incompetent that he could gauge the USSR falling apart even from center stage.

          1. Jaime Alberto GALARZA CASTANED says:

            Putin was, I understand, a KGB lieutenant colonel. I don’t think that makes him a “KGB flunkie”. Whether he could have “gauged” the USRR falling apart or not is besides the point. What do you think a lieutenant colonel could have done to arrest the fall of the Soviet Union when even much more powerful people were totally overwhelmed by the events? This is what happens when great historical event unfold. They take a life of their own and nobody is able to control them.

  8. RichardD says:

    I’m assuming that the terrorist’s money and supplies are coming through Turkey with essentially the full complicity of the Turkish government. It’s no different than Iraq allowing the US to occupy and partition Syria from Iraqi territory. Saying that you’re for peace and Syrian territorial integrity while you’re fueling a secessionist and regime change effort is self defeating and injurious to Turkey’s reputation and standing in the world.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      According to the senior Iraqi officials, the plan to strike the Iran-backed
      PMU paramilitaries in Iraq was hatched when Thamer al-Sabhan, the Saudi
      minister of state for Gulf affairs, visited SDF-held northeastern Syria
      in June.

      There Sabhan, who is known to be one of Crown Prince Mohammed bin
      Salman’s top lieutenants, laid the groundwork by offering the initially
      reticent SDF funds in return for their base being used as a launchpad
      for the strikes against Iraq and Syria.

      The SDF is a Kurdish-led militia that currently holds swathes of
      Syria’s oil-rich northeast, after waging a campaign against the Islamic
      State (IS) group with significant US-backing. It remains Israel and Washington’s
      chief partner in the country.

    2. verner says:

      sdf is toast when assad is finished in idlib and turns to the east to deal with the kurds – turkey will be forced to join up with assad since the kurds are a continuous threat to turkey and the alliance between the unhinged states of A and turkey will come to an end, possibly brutal, which is unlikely since the unhinged states of A is short on time and need to have the situation contained before the end of 2019. and that won’t happen.

      as to the zionist=evil below, he’s most likely a troll for the squatters and always harping and denigrating russia and turkey and iran and in this particular case – why would saudi all of a sudden alight on the syrian arena where they’ve never been the most visible party and with the war in yemen turning to the bad. why the kurds, why the sdf, unless of course the clown prince is doing favours for the squatters. but no, hardly likely.

      1. RichardD says:

        He sometimes writes sensible comments. But he mixes in a lot of deliberate disinfo. So you may be right.

  9. Spit says:

    You all have Failed to see the Obvious.
    Russia Has Put Turkey into Checkmate.
    every single Move Russia Makes. Look and Open Your Eyes.
    Russia has Put Turks into Checkmate.

    1. Black Waters says:

      Exactly, if Erdogan does something stupid he would be the “agressor”, it will give Russia a free pass to retake Constantinople.

  10. DannyC says:

    I think some of you are missing the big picture here and I understand why. Yes Erdogan is playing both sides. Putin and company are much smarter than him and see that. They also see he’s fed up with NATO. This is THE key Nato country. The rest are paper tigers. Given the location and size of that army, it makes sense to pry them away from Washington even if it means pretending to not see him for what he is. There’s a line they won’t let him cross. Obviously any real threat to Assad and Damascus would be snuffed out by Russia. In the meantime they let him play some games until he realizes it’s best to turn his back on his jihad buddies and their losing cause. He will. In time. Russia plays the long game

    1. Paul says:


    2. Free man says:

      I agree, except for “This is THE key Nato country. The rest are paper tigers. “.
      Putin is an excellent chess player.

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        That is pure hogwash.

  11. verner says:

    erdogan should know and knows that he gets more bang for each buck paid for the su-57 than if he spends a megasized fortune for some yanke-crap f35s.

  12. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    According to Erdogan, Putin’s been hinting that the Turks and Russians could possibly co produce the SU-57 together, which would potentially save the Turks heaps of money, and also help to advance their technological capabilities quite a bit. But is Erdogan telling us the truth, I’m not really sure, but I really hope he isn’t, the S-400’s though, mmmm.
    If Putin and Erdogan try to breathe life back into that useless Astana agreement just one more time, I hope the rest of Putin’s government and military hang him for treason.
    Putin enables Erdogan to remain in Syria, and Erdogan enables the terrorists to remain there with him, and then Erdogan not only lets his terrorist friends constantly attack the SAA, he also lets them attack his Russian friends/enemies in their bases, but even worse than that, Erdogan actually supplies his terrorists friends with the grad rocket launchers and rockets they use to attack the Russians, as well as heaps of other brand new stuff they also use to help try and kill both SAA and Russian soldiers.
    How can that be tolerated, and how can that tolerance be defended, it’s like doing a bargain with the devil where you agree to sell your own children’s souls for simple material gain, that’s a bad deal no matter how much gold the devil promises you.
    Please President Putin not again, no more Astana compliance, If Erdogan’s not BSing about these new enticements you’re offering, please don’t let them be about enticing Erdogan to once again comply to the Astana agreement, please let those enticements instead be used to forcefully drag Erdogan out of the Astana agreement, and then send him home to Turkey where he belongs.
    Erdogan’s really crapping his pants now, because if the SAA continues stirring up the anti Assad civilians the way they have been, they’re going to start heading towards Turkey, because they’re totally surrounded by SAA now, so they can’t go anywhere else, so the only way out for the anti Assad civilian population is to go north to Turkey.
    It seems like Putin has a really big bargaining chip this time, he only has to either stop or allow the SAA attacks to either make or break Erdogan’s world, will he let the SAA push the refugees north into Turkey, or will he do a deal with Erdogan that stops them in their tracks, Erdogan’s economy can’t handle too many more refugees so even just a few more is too many as far as his economy is concerned.
    So Putin can really get a lot out of Erdogan this time, he has a lot to potentially gain if he agrees to Erdogan’s requests, but he has to stop the SAA first to do that, and I’m under the impression President Assad is in no mood to end his death dealing blow to Erdogan. So I hope all Putin’s fellow government ministers, his Generals and military advisors, and his own conscience, all convince him to totally ignore Erdogan’s plea’s and let Erdogan self destruct in his own country. I’m sure Putin’s political advisors would be saying, he’s going to lose the next election in 4 years time anyway, so what’s the point of hanging on to him or his political party, just let him go now, why wait for 4 years or maybe less to lose him as an ally, how much good can he be if he only has a 4 year political lifespan left.
    I definitely don’t want to hear “Astana agreement, ceasefire, reconciliation, demilitarized zone, moderate opposition, resolution 2254, new Syrian constitution”, I just want to hear Erdogan say, “Assad can remain in power”, and “we have no need for Turkish troops to remain in Idlib”, that’s all I want to hear please president Putin, and you could make him say it if you wanted to.

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