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Turkish, Russian Forces Conduct First Joint Patrol In Northeast Syria (Photos)

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Turkish, Russian Forces Conduct First Joint Patrol In Northeast Syria (Photos)

Click to see full-size image. Source: the Turkish Ministry of National Defense. (@tcsavunma) on Twitter.

The Turkish military and the Russian Military Police conducted on November 1 their first joint patrol in northeast Syria fulfilling a key term of the recent Turkish-Russian agreement.

“First Turkish-Russian joint patrols with ground and air units are underway east of Ad Darbasiyah in NE Syria as agreed between Turkish and Russian presidents in Sochi on 22 October,” the Turkish Ministry of National Defense wrote on Twitter.


Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan finalized the agreement, which is supposed to ensure Ankara’s security concerns and protect civilians in northeast Syria.

Kurdish fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) were pushed 30km away from Turkey’s border with northeast Syria under the Russian Turkish agreement. SDF fighters were replaced with troops from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

The success of the first Turkish-Russian joint patrol in northeast Syria will likely solidify the agreement and help to build trust between all the sides involved.

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Toronto Tonto

HA HA dumb and dumber LOL.


Pond scum is smarter then you solomon kupek.


He is Zygnemataceae, under microscope corresponding to Van Geel type HdV 58.


Russia-Erdogan cooperation smell bullshift.

World Wisdom

bullshit is the US and Western murderous foreign policy toward the Middle East for over a century. Russia and Turkey cannot be allies, but Russia does everything possible to make Syria a sovereign state again. It means that Russia has to also talk with Turkey. Turkey and Russia have completely different fundamental interests this is why Russia makes this compromise in a middle term to make sure it can stabilize Syria and convert it in a strong Russia FOB against the US and Western backed terrorists and proxies, also proTurkish terrorists and proxies.

George King

Toronto Tonto, I understand in Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, “tonto” translates as “a dumb person”, “moron”, or “fool”, however are you referring to Toronto as dumber for supporting Justin Trudeau? “Dumb and dumber”, indeed. Maybe your comments are starting to make a little sense (not!) now…….


He is not a canuck, toronto tonto is an obsessed Russophobic Israeli troll who used to be known as solomon kupek. This pathetic neurotic Israeli psychopath is pissed of that Russia put a damper on his setter state plans to destroy Syria. Hence his idiotic postings.

Taz T

Russian helping to consolidate Turkish occupation.

Sasan Jamshidi

Syria is a madness now! Assadis that hated kurds now are ally with kurds, Russians that are ally with assadis are now supporting turkish aggression against syria while turkish terrorists attack assadis! What kind of BULLSHIT politics is this! Russia & USA are like each other.


Don’t be so narrow minded. See this in a broader, longer-term view. This is a strategy, winning the hearts of enemies. If Russia can persuade one of NATO’s strongest members to oppose its former comrades, this will be a mutual benefit for all those who are fed up with America’s evil agenda. Wait and see, chess tactics are being played.


bla bla bla


Hmmmm how ironic Russia works with NATO together.

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