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Turkish Puppets Accuse ‘Wagner Mercenaries’ Of Nerve Agent Attack In Libya


Turkish Puppets Accuse 'Wagner Mercenaries' Of Nerve Agent Attack In Libya

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If anybody was wondering what was missing in the Libya conflict, wonder no more – it is chemical attack accusations.

The mythical Russian PMC “Wagner” was accused of having used nerve agents against Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA).

The GNA interior minister Fathi Bashagha said that the legendary mercenaries had used a nerve agent against the Turkish-backed forces in the Salah al-Din area in southern Tripoli.

“We are in a strong cooperation with Turkey, US and UK to ensure security in Libya,” Bashagha said.

He also did say that in addition to Turkey providing thousands of militants from Syria, alongside UAVs and other weapon systems, the US and UK were somehow involved too.

In Bashagha’s words – the GNA fighters were subject to a nerve agent and were then killed by sniper shots.

“Russian Wagner mercenaries are using nerve agents on Salah Al-Deen frontline, where some fighters of GNA forces were killed by snipers after being subjected to nerve agents. This can’t be done by any party but Wagner Group mercenaries.” Bashagha indicated.

It is not so dissimilar from accusations in Syria that the Syrian Arab Army, supported by Russia and Iran, carried out chemical attacks on civilians and the enemy militants. But, in Syria, the effort was a bit more high-level, as there were attempts to provide some sort of evidence, unlike this situation. But the mythical “Wagner” PMC sends so much fear in the hearts of the enemy, that no proof is needed, one just needs to mention the name and then all sorts of atrocities are expected.

Speaking about eastern Libya, Bashagha said his government was concerned about the threats faced by medics and paramedics in areas under Haftar’s control, saying lack of transparency and credibility remained very alarming.

In the same press conference, the interior minister condemned the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and said it was a threat to Libya’s national security. The only course for the UAE was to “terminate its project” and that Haftar’s Libyan National Army would be defeated.

Bashagha added in a press conference in Tripoli “that [Field Marshal] Khalifa Haftar’s project” in Libya is sponsored and supported by the UAE, Egypt, Jordan and lately Saudi Arabia.

Bashagha also called on Egypt to reconsider its stance and preserve it the interests of its people, saying what harms Libya would harm Egypt as well.

“The UAE’s support continuous to create chaos in Libya and it must be terminated because it’s obvious Abu Dhabi doesn’t want to change its policies in Libya,” he underlined.

Bashagha also said that several Egyptian soldiers had been killed fighting for Haftar’s forces, adding that the Interior Ministry couldn’t verify whether they were sent by the Egyptian government or just mercenaries.

He said that GNA forces were near Al-Watiya airbase, and Tarhuna and it was just a matter of time until both locations are wrestled away from LNA control.

Just hours earlier, LNA spokesperson Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Mesmari said that “Turkish aid” in Tripoli had turned into a direct occupation of the capital city.

“Turkish officers lead operations in open areas and flights continue from Istanbul.”

He also said 3 more Turkish UAV were downed.

There appears to be no fighting for Al-Watiya as of April 21st and 22nd, while airstrikes are being carried out on LNA positions in Tarhuna, however Haftar’s forces appear to be holding on, according to al-Mesmari.

The LNA is carrying out a shelling and airstrike push on Misrata, in an attempt to impede it from providing air support to the GNA.




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