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Turkish Proxy Fighters Shell Russian Position In Northern Aleppo

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Turkish Proxy Fighters Shell Russian Position In Northern Aleppo

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Militants of the Turkish-backed National Syrian Army (NSA) shelled late on August 17 a position of the Russian Military Police in the northern Syrian city of Tell Rifaat, the Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reported.

“Three shells landed in a position where Russian soldiers are stationed,” ANHA’s reporter said.

The news agency said that NSA militants fired dozens of shells at urban areas inside Tell Rifaat and the nearby towns of Zyuan, Nyrabia and Tell Madiq.

The shelling started a few hours only after an attack by the Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF), in which five Turkish-backed militants were allegedly killed or injured.

Tell Rifaat and its surroundings are under the joint control of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Several units of the Russian Military Police were deployed there a few years ago.

Three days ago, units of the Russian Military Police and the Turkish military conducted a joint patrol around Tell Rifaat as a part of an agreement reached last year.

There was no immediate comment from the Russian Defense Ministry on the shelling, which didn’t result in any losses, according to the available information.

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klove and light

lololololol thats what happens if 2 snakes are in the same room…Putin and erdogan….

so let me get the Story straight…

Russia and Turkey make Joint patrols…..

Turkey jihadi Groups under turkish command and turkish weapons attack russian Military….lololhahahaha

well ..it was PUTIN who gave the green light for Turkey to invade syria and occupy afrin….

it was Putin who allowed Turkey to invade Idlib and build 12 Military bases in Idlib

it was Putin who made the evacuation Agreements with ALL jihadi Groups in aleppo,douma etc.. to evacuate with their fucking jihadi families and light weapons to Idlib ( here at SF, was a great article About the evacuation of the jihadis from aleppo to Idlib, and how hezbollah fighters went beserk and even attacked and torched a dozen buses carrying These jihadi pricks to Idlib under Putins Agreement!!!!)

Putin u Zionist treacherous pig……..following orders of his satanic jew masters!!!

All nations that RECOGNIZE the illegal satanic Entity named Israel are part of the satanic Agenda of one world Government with Jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish Leadership.that includes USA,uk,eu,china,russia etc….

wake the fuck up!!!

death to america death to Israel curse on the jews death to Putin and death to the british Crown elite

Hanny Benny

.. and death to captain popper and mr. univesum and superman and batman and spider man ALL DEATH!!!!!

Free man

Death also to the witch from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

chill the fu** out. take a breath, there’s clearly not enough oxygen going to your brain to think rationally

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Russian Airforce preparing a massive burn party for these turko terrorists. al-bab/aleppo jihadis prepare to be dog food from SU-34 :)

Simon Bernstein

you mean the SU-34 which is comparable to a 1980’s fighter jet? F-14 is more advanced, heck even the F-4 is


I hope your joking, otherwise that is dumbest thing I have heard all week.


Hes’s not joking, but he is the dumbest person.


look at his boi, israeli bot

Terence Franks

yes – what else ?!….


SU-34 first flight 1990, F-14 first flight 1970, F-4 first flight 1958, Simon’s stupid post just today.

Black Waters

You look like a terrorist.

Hasbara Hunter

Oh I thought he looked more like an Antisemitic Khazarian AshkeZioNazi Kidkilling Paedophile…

Toronto Tonto

Shut up stupid .

Hasbara Hunter

You wish Antisemitic AshkeZioNazi Paedophile… That you may end up six feet under pretty soon…Karma is a bitch…you sold your soul to Satan…remember that..

Terence Franks

he does !

Rhodium 10

F-14 is a joke!…only useful for Hollywood movies or to shot down old Libyans Mig 23/ SU 22…but in Gulf war Phoenix missile of F-14 failed!….Iraqi Mig 25/29 was able to shot down 3 Iranian F-14 and during first gulf war desert storm operation 2 Tomcats where shot down by Mig 29/25 and one pilot captured LT Lawrence Randolph Slade…in 2003 another Tomcat was shot down by SA3 missile near Baghdad!..


F14 is a decent aircraft and if any fighter jet gets shot down is because the missile technology has improved.


Su-34 is a bomber not interceptor

klove and light

jew bot…just 1 message 4 u..

die jew scum…your whole fucking jew Brothers and Sisters…dirty stinking raping stealing murdering satanic jew scum

Simon Bernstein

the russkies wont do a darn thing. just like they didn’t do a darn thing when 400 of their mercenaries got absolutely obliterated by the USAF in Conoco at the battle of Kusham

Alberto Garza

400 ? last time i heard it was 200 .


He can’t even get the dates right as to when air force planes have been introduced as in previous post. Needles to say numbers aren’t mongoloids Simon’s strongest ability.

David Parker

I thought it was 100 and I do not believe they had any tanks or artillery.


Nah you aren’t joking you really are that stupid, I guess it hasn’t been good month for stupid Israelis hence the troll brigade, is on overdrive on comments.

Black Waters

What’s next? 800? Same as the victims of the holocaust? make it up numbers you little rat.

Toronto Tonto

And Stalin killed 12 right dumbazz.

Terence Franks

holohoax !

Hasbara Hunter

You never did a damn thing you Chickenshit Antisemitic Khazarian AshkeZioNazi Kidkilling Faggot… You always used the American Goyim Cannonfodder to do the Fighting & Dying for you…Go find some Goyim Babies and bake some Matzahs boy…

Toronto Tonto

That was the wagner girls BBQ LOL.

Simon Bernstein

I’m sure at least 80% of them quit after that. They were like “Fuck this, I’m out of here. Time to go back to Donbass Ukraine where there is no US Airforce”

Rhodium 10

But pro western SOHR told that only 13 Russian mercenaries died in combat vs ISIS that days in west Eufrates none of them in East Eufrates! ..4 in Al Mayadeen and 9 in a ammo depot explosion while they were desactivate ISIS mines!…so it was a propagande as USA& Backed SDF failed to take Deir Ezzor and told that Wagner PMC were killed as a result of US airstrike…it was as fake as the “Iranian drone shot down by ECM in Persian Gulf”…


Stupid jew; SU35 chasing away the F22 must have conveniently slipped your mind. Haven’t you got something better to do like make love to a donkey?

Simon Bernstein

the F-22 already detected the SU-35 from 400km away and had a weapons lock on it at 250km. It’s called the radar equation, look it up :)



David Parker

How would you know?

Simon Bernstein

its basic physics and science, that’s why. plus hundreds of avionics experts on Quora and National Interest have verified these claims and the numbers behind these radar ranges. It’s well known sceintific fact that an F-35 can only be detected at 30 kilometers by an S400, and an F-22 can only be detected from 17 kilometers by an S400. FACTS and LOGIC

David Parker

Which means you have no FACTS or LOGIC to back up your “well known scientific” bullshit.

David Parker

As I understand it from an excellent article, Assad literally gave the rights to a gas field near Deir ez-Zor to some American company if they would only take it from Daesch, the company spent a few million to hire mercenaries to take the field, and then the US military USAF gleefully killed all when they attacked Daesch. It is illegal for a Russian to hire out as a mercenary. Plausible deniability. And I heard it was 100 who died trying to take a gas or oil field away from Daesch (US) control.

Maninder Singh Batra

Wrong. The Russian military in response killed 200 US special ops forces and captured around 200 SAS in East Ghouta. The reason for the Skripal affair and chemical false flag in East Ghouta. Putin maybe a coward ,but General Gerasimov is not and he forced Mattis and Bolton to back down.

When Valeriy Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed

Forces of the Russian Federation, warned the US that if there were a

threat to the lives of Russian servicemen in Syria, then Russia would

shoot down both American missiles and carriers, he was responding to

this particular state of affairs.

Americans did not expect the pilots of the Russian SU-34 or SU-27SMZ

to execute 30 sorties per day and meticulously wipe out all British and

US military instructors. This convinced tens of thousands of rebels to

end their struggle.

On March 17, 2018, some 200 US special-forces operators were killed,

according to Chinese intelligence. The situation in East Ghouta was

different from Aleppo in that Aleppo “was like a pudding stuffed with

raisins” while in Ghouta a large group of British instructors were also

caught trying to escape the Russian encirclement “dressed as women”.

Satanovskiy noted that the British SAS soldiers often disguised

themselves as women in Afghanistan too. Some 200 were caught by Russian

military police trying to flee Ghouta. The British government opened

diplomatic channels to Moscow right away in order to reach an agreement

and at the same time launched the Skripal affair when the US effort to

save them failed.


Simon Bernstein

literally no proof. but the US Military confirmed it wiped out 200 ruskies PMC and 30 of their vehicles in only 2 hours

Maninder Singh Batra

Wrong again .And Western Fakestream media refuses to report the capture and killing of several British American experts in the Battle of Douma. The screaming of the US govt and British Govt during the Douma attack said otherwise. Second after the Vasiliy Nebensia the Russian representative to the UN himself stated that Syrian-russian military had captured several US military contractors and chemical warfare experts with US/UK citizenship.

Third Chinese military media ,Iranian media ,Syrian media all gloated over the capture and killing of British and American personnel in Douma and Evgeny Satanovsky a russian economist ,himself jewish and former member of Russian zionist congress himself also reported the mass killing of US/UK special forces in Syria with considerable detail . Not a wonder that USA was so eager to attack Russian forces after the Douma False flag but the threats of Gerasimov forced the Pentagon to back down from further attacking Russian forces.

Syrian military itself reported this:



Al Shalli went on to say that the Syrian
army had detained hundreds of foreign intelligence officers, including
from the United States, the United Kingdom, Arab states and Israel.

“For example,
there are about 300 only French soldiers of different ranks. We see
attempts to pressure the Syrian government to free the captive foreign
soldiers. But these dreams are not destined to come true, because now
the odds are in favor of the government’s forces and its allies,” he

Check the US training accidents , lol they are far higher since 2015,hint : coverup.

David Parker

That group of mercenaries had been hired by an oil company that Assad said could have the oil if they could take the oil field. Basically, the poor bastards were doomed from the start, Russians are forbidden to join mercenary armies so the MOD could not support them. I wish they had been Russian military. There would have been some F-15s and F-18s in smoking ruins if they had and the pussy US military that no one shoots at would have gotten a taste of Russian artillery as well.


Putin risks to be blackball by the military if he continues to lick Erdogan’s ass.

Toronto Tonto

Hey any more radiation leaks this week in the terrorist Muscovy wasteland that they wont mention ??????

David Parker

No, those are from Dimona.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

torki erdodog rats not happy with putin finally letting SAA take back idlib hahahahhahaahahahahaaahhaahhahahahhahahahah sorry rats but its all over for u guys now, what u think u can invade another country and get away with it? dont think so ratty rat rats :)))


Russia loosing control or is it that Erdogan stabbed Russia in the back, again? Turkey and the US are in cohorts and their aim is to divide up Syria and share the spoils, obvious from the minute that the US put their boots on Syrian territory.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Well Syrialiveuamaps reports that one Russian serviceman was seriously injured in the attack so there’s conflicting stories there, and normally I’d prefer to trust the official Russian statement about the matter, as opposed to the oppositions opinion [which syrialiveuamaps is], but in this case I’m split and not sure what to believe.
If Erdogan was able to convince Putin to allow joint Turkish/Russian patrols in this area to stop the ALF attacking Turkish interests, why can’t Putin convince Erdogan to do the same thing, allow joint Russian/Turkish patrols in the area to stop the NFL/FSA from attacking Russian interests.
They’re always lopsided these deals Putin does with Erdogan, why does Erdogan always have to come out on top every single time, I’d be totally embarrassed if I was Putin, it really just makes him look weak and stupid every time he signs a piece of paper with Erdogan, maybe he should stop altogether.
Ramp it up ALF, while you’re forcing Sauron’s evil eye to focus on you and you’re activities, the SAA are rescuing the hobbits from Idlib, and when they’re done there, they’re coming to help you get your homes back too.
Who dares say the Kurds don’t cooperate with Assad, that they’re all traitors, that’s the furthest thing from the truth, even members of the US run SDF are cooperating with Assad behind the US’s backs.
Erdogan recently sent 10,000 troops to the whole length of his southern border because he knows something’s going on, the ramping up of both SAA and ALF offensive operations in both areas of contested control aren’t just by coincidence, and the fact the Arab population is pushing for reconciliation with the Syrian government is also a worry for Erdogan too.
Erdogan’s starting to see signs of something more than just coincidental cooperation now, that’s why 10,000 Turkish troops were sent to the border, they may have to eventually repel all the Syrian refugees from Turkey that were resettled back into Syria, when they start trying to flee back into Turkey if things go bad.
We just see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SAA and ALF cooperation, but both parties want exactly the same thing for Syria, so be in no doubt, even if you’re not reading about it in the news somethings big is going on right now.
Millions of Syrian refugees may be heading to the border again soon, not something Erdogan wants to see happen, especially when he’s fighting wars on 3 different fronts.
He’s fighting the Alf Kurds in Aleppo, fighting the SAA in Hama and Idlib, and the PKK in northern Iraq, he’s also worried about the SDF and US in A Raqqah and Al Hasakah, and the Russians in Tall Rif’at, so just just imagine what an influx of millions of refugees [that he just got rid of], all of a sudden returning to the Turkish border wanting to return back into Turkey would be like, it would be a total disaster for Erdogan, and possibly the final straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Xoli Xoli

After Turkey Russian joint patrols Russian exact coordinates given to the terrorists.

Terence Franks

……….so who’s the real enemy there ?!…………

klove and light

urkish-US safe zone center in NE Syria to begin work next week – Ankara
Published time: 16 Aug, 2019 16:59
Edited time: 16 Aug, 2019 17:08
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Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar (L) and the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, US Air Force General Tod Wolters, speak at a NATO meeting in Brussels, Belgium, June 26, 2019. © Reuters /
Follow RT on
A joint Turkish-US operations center, which will establish and manage a safe zone in northeast Syria, will be fully operational next week, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said on Friday. “The joint operation center will start working with full capacity next week,” Anadolu quoted Akar as saying.
The minister said that Turkish and US officials have agreed that Syrian Kurdish YPG militia fighters should be removed from the area and their heavy weaponry should be taken, according to Reuters.
The US and Turkey have been at odds over plans for northeastern Syria, where the YPG had formed the main part of a US-backed force that fought against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). Turkey considers the YPG a terrorist group and its enemy.
Ankara and Washington have also agreed in general terms about control and coordination of the airspace in the region, Akar said.

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