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Turkish Proxies Launch Missiles At Joint Russian-Syrian HQ In Southern Idlib

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In Syria’s Idlib, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham seems to be consolidating control, with neither the Syrian Arab Army nor its Russian support making any significant progress in recent days. This lack of progress comes down to the fact that they still support the existing ceasefire regime while Turkey has refused to honor its responsibility and clear out radical elements from the region.

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) is operating with increasing impunity, even as the Biden Administration’s think tanks strive to rebrand them as non-terrorists and cooperate with them in future endeavors. At the same time, the Russian-Turkish patrols in along the separation line in Idlib are taking place, largely without issue, with militants that enjoy Turkish protection that carry out small-scale but regular attacks on the Syrian Army and even on Russian targets.

On February 7th, in Southern Idlib in Kafr Nabi, Al-Qaeda-affiliate Ansar al-Tawhid, a HTS ally, targeted a Syrian and Russian position, claiming to kill 11 as a result. The militants in Idlib appear to be moving outward, with attacks popping up far from their initial positions.

The contact line and the demilitarized zone have been allegedly imposed for a while now, but it is plain to see that it is ineffective to remove the terrorist threat. Moscow continues to put effort toward enforcing the ceasefire agreement, documenting every violation, and responding to most of them.

Again, on February 7th, the Russian forces were also targeted, with two UAVs being downed within 24 hours. One was downed by HTS-affiliated militants in the skies near Idlib, while the other was downed by the SDF, likely following a US order.

The other area that is becoming increasingly volatile is northeastern Syria, with the SDF becoming more and more assertive in their operations.

The SDF continues its activities against ISIS. It launched a revenge operation against the terrorists in Deir Ezzor, over the killing of two officials. At the same time, SDF fights the Turkish forces and the Turkish-backed militants in the area. With the downing of the Russian drone, they appear to be signaling that there will be no cooperation with anybody but the Americans, who have undertaken no movements in recent days.

Terrorists are organizing attacks, and carrying out provocations throughout Syria, and mostly in the southern regions. They pop out of either Idlib, or from the US-controlled areas in northeastern Syria.

Israel has remained static over the last several days, following a large airstrike on reported Iranian positions. The US allies in the face of SDF, however, are causing more than enough trouble for the SAA and Russia.

The HTS is likely also to start more assertive operations against the SAA and Russia. In recent days, the Biden Administration has begun its efforts to rebrand them as a reformed group with no remaining terrorists.

Furthermore, ISIS activity is at a long-time high, and it is likely no coincidence that it began happening as soon as Joe Biden and the Democrats returned to power in Washington.

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Cant trust Turks thats for sure.

Jens Holm

Of course You can trust Turks. They are very very reliable and dont do as You hope as well as they are not as You think they are.


Sleep with one eye opened,don’t make the zio turd lapdogs any better though far from it!


Keep poking,on you go then,wait and see what happens,greedy corporated fascist problematic fks!

Jens Holm

Biden just go back to common sense, which is a kind of Obama Care.

Its very difficult. USA at the time of Obama promised to stay in Syria at least until som structured relation was with the Assads divided and United.

Russia has tryed the same thing, but Assads denyed that and demanded things in Afrin at onece should go back to the Assad version of “normal”. YPG there denied and Tuyrks gor or took it.

So we see 2 fiascos and no succces for any of the rest of them.

I still see no plans for the future apart from PYD one by Kurds. NONE.

Assad must stay

torkis are such a problem and need to be neutralized and kicked out of syria ASAP!

Jens Holm

Thats a limbo. Only Americans can do that or neutralize them.


No chance,usas mentally diseased greece would have a better chance,seens they have strict anti kweer military policys unlike usa however like it or not both would end up fkd regardless how many shiny new frenchie war planes superior to f35 dogshts they have combat ready and able,because turkey has other means and superior defense structures thanks to the russians(too bad greece)

God did not create man to be deluded in sexuality,only real men survived on top,

No savvy video card would ever bail out any millenial rant delusional fkfests! Not easy as two soros fake mates holdeth hands skippling the park,fk no,never!


Turds need to follow the law of the land,fk your feminazi/sdf/kiddie headchoppers,isis! What the is it with asswipes,sure assad will remain (period)

but for the life this is not bush week,turds must accept true leadership not cia lgbtq fkfests! Untill that happens Turkey will defend their peoples from what are mental diseased spigots!

Mustafa Mehmet

Do it who stopin you. Assad is proplem not TÜRKIYE


Pootin is setting up Syria by restraining their forces from reacting. Remember, the same zio terrorist jew controls the evil empire USA and Pootin.

Jens Holm

Haha: “Remember, the same zio terrorist jew controls the evil empire USA and Pootin”. If true they are doing very well for me. . Thank You Adam and Eva. Thank You Noah and wife and children too. Thank You Moses which today ha https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/abe5ae212b0e74fb018e7e7fa40a3e7113cc959c143b8243a09eafcb78a1f92f.jpg s made muslims to bad svimmers.

As long as you kill each other, You wont come here – as the right wings say here. If You ask, they even will donate weapons for it, if You trade with food.




Geta grip with that cnn rant! Your gonna make the world better or ever earns the proper set to change anything by upvoting yourself like that,zat feminazi,howz about for once in your fekn life blame it on france eh,fekn atheistio p00fta,Putin ain’t gorbachev,retarded poot’ what a fkhead!


Hey MC zio rectum licker, learn English first, take your head outta Chickenshit Bibi arse, get a brain, then talk

Servet Köseoğlu

Hts:The best sniper crew in ME✌️.The last shabiha benders ?.


nah..Houthis and Hezbollah are much better.

Servet Köseoğlu

No,they transferred Afghan uzbeks from Afghanistan with Orsis T-5000 experience.


This is whats come from calling off the SAA offensive when they were on their way to Idlib city and doing a deal with the Turks,some of us said this would happen,its way past time to burn Idib down and those rats with it,then it can be reborne once the poison is gone.

Jens Holm

You can ask to be their General I will recommend You. I will help and ask Jesus to wake up some dead soldiers for You too.


No need for that,just take the gloves off.

Diana Cornwell

But, dear boy; why did you get mad when I pointed out the exact same thing which now you’re parroting?

Putin transported millions of ISIS members to Idlib in air-conditioned buses with Turkish collusion. Putin and his Russians are succoring the Muslim terrorists there instead of eliminating them. The Turks are happy, Israel is happy. Putin is NATO’s greatest asset at the moment.

El Mashi

Turkish Army is demoralized as occupiers. They spend their days playing video games and watching porn, and scared to death to get infected by Covid. Turkey’s economy is contracting. Punishment from Allah. Turkey not halal.

Diana Cornwell

Turkey is the best Islam has to offer. Literally.

John Tosh

This will prove to the world the only solution is the end of the CIA…. Changing governments in the USA has nothing to do with global murders….. the CIA has to be shut down to end global murders.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“The contact line and the demilitarized zone have been allegedly imposed for a while now, but it is plain to see that it is ineffective to remove the terrorist threat”.

The “contact line” is the M4 highway, and the “demilitarized zone” is a 30km buffer north of the highway controlled by Turkey, and a 30km buffer zone south of the highway which is supposed to be Russian controlled, and it’s been in effect since March 2020, so 11 months now, and there’s nothing alleged about it, it’s a signed document agreed on by both Putin and Erdogan. SF must’ve forgotten that even though they widely published the finalization of the deal. The 60 buffer zone above and below the highway was the areas of separation, and Erdogan was supposed to remove all the designated terrorists out of the 30km buffer zone that his moderate opposition forces controlled north of the highway. And what’s happened since then, Joint patrols were attacked and paused several times and they’re still not holding regular patrols all the way along the highway yet. Turkey built a bypass extension between Sarmin and Nayrab allowing traffic to bypass Sariqib using the alternate route. Then Turkey built concrete barricaded/blocks over the highway just east of Nayrab blocking off access to Saraqib, which means the Russians have to travel off road to get around them when they want to continue their patrols further west, so will the SAA if they want to advance on the enemy. Turkey’s built dozens of OB posts and checkpoints south of the highway in the areas that the Russians are supposed to control according to the 2020 March agreement, but not one Russian checkpoint or OB post has been built during the last 11 months. Turkey’s also been building dozens of OB posts and checkpoints north of the highway where they’re SUPPOSED to build them according to the 2020 March agreement, so that part of the deal is working out fine. :[ And even if Erdogan could separate his moderate opposition forces from the terrorist force it still wouldn’t be enough, his moderate opposition forces attack the SAA ten times more often than the terrorist do, so separating them won’t achieve much at all. So as far as I can see the deals been pretty lopsided from the start, not only has Russia failed to achieve anything but their simple joint patrols that don’t achieve anything, they’ve also allowed Turkey to build infrastructure in the areas they should be controlling. So unless the Turks are going to vacate their positions south of the highway and allow the Russians to take over, this deal isn’t going to plan.

Diana Cornwell

But it is, dear boy. Putin works for NATO.

Diana Cornwell

Putin is Erdogan’s best friend. They just killed thousands of Armenians in Karabakh together, enabling NATO and Israel to encircle Iran and Russia by establishing Turkish and Israeli bases in the Caucasus. With a leader like Putin, who needs enemies? Putin is NATO’s greatest asset at the moment.

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