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Turkish Proxies Kidnapped And Killed Young Woman In Afrin (Photos 18+)

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Turkish Proxies Kidnapped And Killed Young Woman In Afrin (Photos 18+)

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Members of the Turkish-backed militant groups, the Sultan Murad Division, have kidnapped and killed a woman in the northern Syrian region of Afrin. The area is currently occupied by the Turkish Army and pro-Turkish militants.

According to reports, the incident happend after 16yo Malak Nabih Khalil had refused to get married to a militant. She was allegedly raped before being killed.


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El Mashi

Nato/Turkey proxy rapes and murders girl of US/Nato/Kurds proxies. The sooner Syria expels invaders the safer Syrians will be.

str0nk t0rk TSK

This is what the t0rks call a “safe zone”. Safe to them means rape, murder, human trafficking.

Zionism = EVIL

Turkeys are morally corrupt and degenerate historically. The sickos are homosexuals who used to rape young boys in occupied lands, if goats were not available, during the sick Ottoman Empire and the same perversions are prevalent today. Prior to the Americunt and Turkeys sponsored Wahhabi terrorism, Syria was the most peaceful and progressive country in the region.


Yes, in Turkler, ‘safe zone’ means it’s safe for Turklers to do what they do best: rayp

Zionism = EVIL

The Turkeys are degenerate goat fuckers and their terrorists just copy their masters. All Syrians, Iraqis and Libyans need to unite against the 21st century retarded mongol horde of rapist Turkeys.

R PLobo

Obama’s moderate head choppers.

Hanny Benny

Welcome to turkish calipHell !


Savages. This is what you get when socitial order dissapears and thugs gain the monopoly on violence. Americans rioting today would do well to remember this.

Icarus Tanović

I remember once, I think this happened in Bosnia, in ’96 or earlier, they wanted a very underage kid, to marry some Wahhabi animal, they threaten to her father and many other unbelievable stories has been are around such a guy who was selling his wife on flea market.
This is not Turkish business, it is more like Wahhabi Erdogan Satanistic rituals.


‘Sultan Murad Division’ – long term Turkish/NATO sponsored Islamist militant faction – who have been looting, kidnapping, extorting and murdering Syrian civilians for years on end.

Lazy Gamer

Somebody has to destroy that vile ideology so long as there are fanatics still living with its obsolete norms. These ottoman islamists think other people dont have the right to refuse them. No amount of freedom of religion justifies this.

Romeo Pesiao

An act of a Godless person.


SAA should exterminate the rat in Afrin and Idlib.

Porc Halal

This is just a way you can get rid of this plague…but not totally though…as long as this sick ideology is not banned you will always have some stupid apes to adhere to it!!..you can find many of them on this site as turdish cavemen trolls..

Black Waters

Where’s the western media reporting about this uh?

Porc Halal

The western media is just a propaganda tool in the hands of those who created and financed these savage cavemen and their masters … the globalist elite (of jewish origin) chose a certain religion for reasons that everyone knows (even if many refuse to acknowledge this) to destroy the entire Western civilization based on Christianity..

Lelouch Vi Britannia

Shitty ypg propaganda

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