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Turkish Proxies Create Chaos In Northeastern Syria

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Chaos is spreading through the Turkish-occupied part of northern Syria.

Late on July 7, a car bomb explosion rocked the town of Tell Abyad killing at least seven people. Pro-Turkish sources immediately accused the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) of plotting this attack. However, such claims seem quite shaky given the ongoing armed confrontations between various Turkish-backed groups all vying for control over limited resources in the Turkish-occupied part of Syria.

Just recently, Tell Abyad and Ras al-Ayn were the site of armed confrontations between Turkish proxies. It is likely that these same groups could employ IEDs, car bombs and night raids in their internal struggle while blaming their use on the YPG and even ISIS.

A new US convoy with weapons and equipment entered northeastern Syria from Iraq. According to the available data, the convoy consisted of at least 27 vehicles and proceeded to the US military base at Qasraq Tal Baider. On July 8, sources close to the YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces reported that some of the weapons will, as always, be delivered to the Kurdish group.

The Syrian Army killed 3 ISIS members and detained 3 others in an operation against the terrorist group’s cells in the countryside of al-Sukhna in Homs province. Syrian state media claimed that the terrorists entered the government-controlled territory from the area of al-Tanf, which remains in the hands of the US-led coalition.

Syrian and Russian sources have consistently been accusing the US of indirectly and even directly assisting ISIS cells operating against the Syrian Army on the western bank of the Euphrates. According to them, Washington has been doing this to undermine the stability in the part of the country controlled by the Damascus government and to instigate a new armed conflict in central Syria.

Meanwhile, at least one member of the National Defense Forces (NDF) reportedly died in an IED explosion in southern Raqqa, where the NDF and the army are also conducting a security operation against ISIS cells.

On July 7, the Russian Military Police and the Turkish Army conducted another extended patrol along the M4 highway in southern Idlib. The patrol started near Saraqib and covered about 66km reaching Bidama in the western countryside of Jisr al-Shughur.

Turkey has apparently come to at least a partial understanding with al-Qaeda-linked groups in Greater Idlib. This has allowed it to facilitate the implementation of joint patrols in the framework of the March agreement with Russia.

Now, Ankara will likely make another attempt to rebrand various terrorist organizations operating in Idlib as the so-called moderate opposition and neutralize factions which do not support this initiative. In previous years, numerous efforts by the US, Turkey and other ‘supporters of Syrian democracy’ to do this have failed. However, this time Ankara has deployed its own armed forces in the area and the terrorist groups have been weakened by a long string of losses to the Syrian Army. So, the Erdogan government may really achieve this goal if it has enough time and the situation does not get out of control.

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Northern Iraq: Kurdish women’s unit kills 14 Turks.

Ankara seems to be hiding many deaths, as the losses of the Turkish army in northern Iraq have again reached double digits, without any announcement from the Turkish Ministry of Defense.

The Kurdish “masters” of the guerrilla war are in the midst of a counterattack to the Turkish invasion.

According to the Press Office of the People’s Defense Forces (HPG (People’s Defense Forces) in South Kurdistan (Northern Iraq)), 14 Turkish soldiers were killed during operations by the YJA-Star women’s guerrilla unit in Heftanin.

The HPG statement also mentions guerrilla action in the province of Sirnak in northern Kurdistan.

In the Heftanin area of ​​southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq), guerrillas continue to resist the Turkish army’s occupation operation that began in mid-June.

YJA-Star guerrillas targeted a camp in Qesroka on July 7.

One shelter was completely destroyed and twelve soldiers were killed on the spot.

In the Sheshdara area, two soldiers were killed by gunmen early in the morning.

As for the latest airstrikes, the HPG said Turkish fighter jets bombed the Karker and Sida areas in the Zap region on July 7, but there were no casualties among Kurdish rebels.

Kurdish rebels publish daily reports of the Turkish army’s losses, documenting their actions through recordings, but the Turkish regime is hiding a large number of dead.

But this war is not just about the guerrillas.

The Turkish invasion of northern Iraq is another attack on human rights and another war crime that complements Turkey’s “criminal record”.

There is ethnic cleansing in the mountain villages, massacre of people, destruction and looting of houses and property and agricultural equipment, deadly attacks in which no distinction is made between guerrillas and young children in Kurdistan.

Turkey is trying to sever ties between the people and the guerrillas, so the Turkish state is attacking not only the mountains and nuclei of the HPG but also the civilian settlements, trying to impose its rule in the region.

Xantur Hill connects three parts of Kurdistan. That is why this hill is a strategic target for both sides and a priority for Turkish attacks.

Turkey then plans to move south so that the illegal Turkish invasion affects the entire region of South Kurdistan. The Turkish army had already failed in such an operation in 1992.

The Kurdish population is already on the streets and makes it clear that it does not want the Turkish occupation army in its country.

This makes it more than clear to the people who are willing to fight that there is no alternative but mutual support from the guerrillas and the Kurdish people.

Nothing is stronger than guerrillas whose power springs from their Nation.

It seems that the war will last a long time, but the guerrillas have no intention of retreating and the occupation troops do not have the courage to come down from the occupied hills.

The Kurdish resistance, then, can take a long time, but it will almost certainly be victorious!

Long live the free independent Kurdistan!


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M.A. Lamett

Don’t bother with the free kurds. Turkey takes care of them and making them free by shipping them to the other side on daily basis. Be concerned about your chickenshit country with no industry, no weapon production facilities, nothing. Only shish tavuk grilling, cooking musakka. playing backgammon, smoking hookah (nargile) and drinking Uzo. Even those are stolen from Turkish cuisine. Look at the picture below. And be very concerned for your own future. Greece will fare possibly much better as a province of Turkey (as shown below).


Brother Ma

Back to nationalistic crap,ha?

M.A. Lamett

To nationalist crap coming from Greeks and others doesn’t leave much of a choice but to make them taste their own medicine. You will be more credible with your rantings, the moment you criticize the “crap” constantly coming from the Greek or Russian nationalists here on SF. So far, I haven’t seen that. This leaves the impression that you are just another BS frustrated propagandist troll.

Brother Ma

I tried but you are beyond all help. I have given you the opportunity to see, but you wish to remain blind. I have spoken to you reasonably and politely . I have told you about official archives now open from US ,UK and even Turkish general’s books but you still keep to your view of things because it scares you to admit the truth.

And that is why noone wants you in Europe; as the Rationalist Movement and The Enlightenment moved on past you and you are still in the Middle Ages as Mustapha Kemal found you.

People who refuse to see the truth are called fanatics.

There can be no agreement ,negotiation or sympathy for fanatics. You shoot them as we do ISIS and Turco -Headchoppers. More power to Haftar and Assad!!

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Brother Ma

“Turkey has apparently come to at least a partial understanding with al-Qaeda-linked groups in Greater Idlib. This has allowed it to facilitate the implementation of joint patrols in the framework of the March agreement with Russia.&

In other words ,Turkey was always able to control them and in fact led all Salafists in Syria on behalf of Saud ,Uszionato and itself. Isis and the Turcoheadchoppers only started to fight when Turkey and Saud and America started fighting. Russia should have cooked all Turks when it had the chance.

Icarus Tanović

Don’t worry, Turks will be out of Syria, just be patient.

cechas vodobenikov

the turkeys will withdraw soon–as their official unemployment is 15%—actually 45%, their extreme poverty 60 million…their economy crashing into debt—as they lose the 10 billion USD that drove their economy from Russian/German tourism….middle class Russians now prefer Egypt and Goa or Cambodia….the balance of trade between Russia is lopsided—they need Russian gas—their tomatoes can be purchased from Uzbekistan, Kazakstan,etc …better quality….as they impoverish themselves paying their head chopper ISIS proxies, the ink on their lira is becoming invisible…without their human shield civilians the turks would be naked…their imperialist interventions r funded by Qatar—however this will soon dry up

Brother Ma

Why is this article talking about Turkey reaching an understanding with its headchoppers being a good thing? So now we have to be grateful that the pimp can properly control his whores in my own house!

Russia should be bombing and starving Turk forts in Idlib one by one and torching Headchoppers . The aim is to get all invaders out of Syria not make Russia comfortable there with new” partners”.

I support Russia, but Syria is not their field to decide who and what is to be sown in it! Rusia ,do all you can to Help get rid of all the squatters ,or you simply become the drunk and disreputable relative helping out the “guests “who won’t leave and are eating us out of hearth and home.

Assad must stay

are you happy with what you let happen here russia? you could have stopped erdocunt from doing this

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