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JUNE 2021

Turkish President: Tal Rifaat Is Next Target Of Turkish Forces In Northern Syria

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Turkish President: Tal Rifaat Is Next Target Of Turkish Forces In Northern Syria

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On March 25, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed during a speech in the city of Trabzon that the Arab city of Tal Rifaat and the villages around it are the next main target of the Turkish Army and its proxies of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

“We made our decision and entered the field. In short time, we will control Tal Rifaat and end the operation [Olive Branch],” Erdogan said in Trabzon, according to the Turkish news outlet, Ahval.

Thousands of civilians took at streets in the Euphrates Shield (ES) areas in the northern Aleppo countryside on March 23 and 24 calling on Turkey to capture the city of Tal Rifaat and several villages around it from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Over the last few weeks the SAA has deployed a large force, including armored units, in Tal Rifaat and the villages around it. However, this force will likely withdraw once Turkey launches its offensive on Tal Rifaat, according to Syrian pro-government sources.

Several Syrian news outlets have speculated over the last few days that the fate of Tal Rifaat has been the subject of a long negotiation between Russia and Turkey. Erdogan’s announcement may mean that the two sides have reached an agreement regarding the city.

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Michał Hunicz

Shouldn’t that “Syrian” be actually “Sultan” on this photoshop?


Means ruler of syria.

Michał Hunicz

Ah, okay.

Christian Gains

Erdorgan WANTS IT ALL…BEWARE! I’m PRAYING that President Trump wises up & gives Syria up…We REALLY don’t NEED to be there…But I HONESTLY believe that Erdorgan is MUCH MORE dangerous for Assad! Erdoragn is looking to eject BOTH Israel’s AND Iran’s interests, AND to consolidate his control over Syria…HOPEFULLY Putin is not as dumb as SOME think…He & Assad SEEM to be working well together…Maybe Putin’s smart enough to let Assad alone, & simply assist him…THAT will give Putin a REAL “IN” in the M.E., AND! Dampen Erdorgan’s lusts for control…I’m thinking that Turkey & Iran will soon be at each other’s throats…hmmmmm….

Promitheas Apollonious

relax. take two aspirins and dont worry yourself sick.

Brother Ma


Christian Gains

Erdorgan is after NOTHING LESS than a Caliphate with him as it’s Calif,[sp?]…I’m thinking that MERELY “Sultan” will be an affront to Erdorgan’s pride!


And the syrian ministry said that he is ready to defend against USA. XD. First defend against Turkey and israel. After, you will see.

I said that people will no stop being deceived by Trump and Putin.


IF Assad and liliputin allow this step, Aleppo will fall. And later also latakia. Until Jisj Shuygur is not in assads hends, latakia is still endangered.


In your dreams…..


he speak the truth


No, he is saying BS as usual…. He talk too much and understand too little.


Erdogan is making a complete idiot out of Putin. First he promises to attack manbij if Russia gives away afrin. Now he promises to attack manbij if Russia gives away tell rifaat.

Erdogan is never going to attack manbij. Stop giving him more parts of Syria.


I wrote always. The friendship with russia = keep mamba on your chest. We learned this bloodily in the past.


SAA must act on their own… Tel rifaat would be a great danger to Aleppo. but i wonder what Iran say about this? they seem very quiet now.


Sorry, but you just aren’t smart enough to understand the Putin plan. That’s a good thing, we don’t want the yankees to understand, until it’s over.

Brother Ma

Well said!

Iona four

Bloody mans nuts.I thought the iran was there .

Iona four

the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group.
“a campaign of genocide”
synonyms: racial killing, massacre, wholesale slaughter, mass slaughter, wholesale killing, indiscriminate killing; mass murder, mass homicide, mass destruction, annihilation, extermination, elimination, liquidation, eradication, decimation, butchery, bloodbath, bloodletting; pogrom, ethnic cleansing, holocaust, Shoah; literaryslaying; rarebattue, hecatomb
“the killing of native Americans was the biggest genocide in world history

Bjorn Metaal

Today a great man, Jos Abreu the man in Venezuela who made the children play music in poor neighborhoods died he was a great man. God bless him!


He can’t be good because he supports Hugo Chavez. XD.




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jim crowland

A democratic president, Carlos Perez helped him set up the Youth Orchestra System. Unfortunately, once the dictator and murderer got in power he quickly supported him because he would receive large amounts of monies. Have a nice trip to hell.


But can you imagine an orchestra playing music to the poor in the USA?
In the USA the poor are used as target practice, USA USA USA, the world champion killer.


Turkey is very popular among sunnis.

If Assad doesn’t strongly defend syrian interests, syrian sunnis will prefer to be ruled by Erdogan.


Erdogan is more likely to liberate Golan height than Assad. Assad must be taugher. Otherwise, he is finished.


The Sultan wont go against Israel! he’ll be too frightened to enter Golan


Don’t be sure of that. Erdogan have gone agianst USA SDF in Afrin and ask to go against Mandjib.

What he sure is that he will speak about golan height and ask to liberate it and pressure the west.


You can’t want to be the king of the hill and do nothing when you are the king of the hill.


Turkey has best cards in Syria because Turkey is sunni like most syrians. Syria being ruled by USA or Russia is like Poland being ruled by Saudi Arabia. Weak situation.


Syria may be majority Sunni but they prefer a secular state no Syrians want to be ruled by Turkey except those FSA types.


Don’t be sure of that. Assad is too weak. Assad was not able to protect Syria and recover Golan Height.


USA and Russia are israeli interests in Syria. You can see that these two countries don’t help Syrians nor Syria.


You Russian WHORES will now watch Putin The PROSTITUTE suck MONKEY Sultan Erdogan’s cock.


Russia and USA has no legitimacy to be in Syria. They are in weak positions that they manage to keep by military power on behalf on syrians.

Moreover, these countries want Syria but don’t want to help and protect Syria. Very strange behaviour. That’s why karma is balancing everything now.

Christina Friedman

Prostitute is your mother, bitch


Your WHORE mother is in Turkey sucking dirty MONKEY Turks’ cocks for free. And so are you. Like mother like daughter.


Hey shiteater with 10 fake accounts, your inbred family are mutant SUBANIMAL sex-slaves… your rotten mother is a WHORE who sucks dirty turkish cocks, dirty yankee cocks, dirty arab cocks, dirty chinese cocks, dirty monkey cocks, dirty dogs cocks and all dirty cocks in the world.. 100.000 per day. Or more!
Too bad that crack whore you call mommy didn’t swallow that load of sperm you were in: you are just a slimy excuse for a partially aborted fetus that is miraculously still drawing breath.

So go die from cancer and rot in hell. Join your dead mother while she sucks Satan’s smelly balls.


What are you doing here pretense SS? The Red Army has killed the SS long time ago. You only can be a poor crazy, return to your mad house.


Says the American wahhabi prostitute.


SAA can expel the Kurds forces from Tal Rifaat in according to Erdogan request which then according to Erdogan will ends it’s Olive Branch operations that may as well scaled back it’s overt cover of FSA


They defended Tal Rifaat together with Kurdish forces that may bridge them for a political settlement in the future.


Instead of attacking YPG to grab lands, Assad chose to fight with kurds that have betrayed him with no deal about east Euphrate !! XD. Very stupid decision. Now, he went from a dominant position to a lower position.


Why didn’t Assad make YPG a terrorist organization ? Very strange.

Mr. Alwaysbanned

He will, but for now the government have to deal with the other fractions first.


Ergodan’s announcement more likely means that he has NOT made a deal with the Russians, so he states that if he doesn’t get a favorable agreement that he’ll seize it anyway.


Turkey is showing to the rest of the world that the Russian military cannot do a damn thing in Northern Syria plus putting in plain view that the federalization of the Syrian Arab Republic is fait accompli (Putin’s strategy in that country was indeed a total fiasco, something difficult to swallow by his cheerleaders).


Flip it around and I would total agree with you.

Brother Ma

It is looking like this more and more.


Yeah right, you shiteater said zillion times that the US airplanes were going ‘to obliterate’ SAA in E. Ghouta… and of course you failed again: yankee cowards did nothing lol. You should at least apologize for your stupidity before making new dumb claims…


If you want Syria, you must protect and defend syrians and Syria sovereignty. Otherwise, karma will not allow you to stay forever.

You can’t fight karma. Too powerful.


There is a lot of disinformation. We are not seeing the full picture here. There are many deals being made behind closed doors. Not all of them are honoured, that’s why some of the actions of different actors seem erratic.

There is method in this madness. We just don’t know it because we don’t have the full information. Nor do all the experts. Just keep that in mind.

Also worth mentioning, there is some psychological issue that Turkey and Russia are dealing with. They both looking for a recognition from the “civilized world”, you can call that inferiority complex. Something China, DPRK, Venezuela, Cuba and Iran do not have at all. Very disappointing.

Daniel Castro

There are lots of chinese and venezuelans coming to my country to get an opportunity, there are no north-koreans(guess why…), but there are no russians, and in fact some of my friends here are going to russia and liking very much.

Venezuela is a dumpster… whe people is fleeing a country to go to our Brazil’s norstheastern region you can bet their country is hell.


Because people are dreaming. they always think it’s better elsewhere.


Daniel Castro

Do you know with whom you’re talking to? I go to Rio every month my friend.

We have a very grave problem of urban violence, or I should say civil war… but at least people here is not starving. Venezuelans are coming for the food, just like the haitians.


Where did you see that Venezuelans are straving ? XD.

It’s like Cubans. They are starving too. XD.


a right wing brazilian, hmmm worse then a german nazi…
vai tomar no cu

Daniel Castro

Well, at least we are not the ones commiting genocide against our own population… you know, just like in all socialist paradises.


ainda nao, mais vai acontecer……

Daniel Castro

You’re wishing bad things for Brazil, you’re really a nice person indeed.


I am not wishing it, the thug government of temer is creating it

Daniel Castro

Thug government of Temer? Lol

Temer is hanging by a thread, he can’t rule, all his efforts are to remain as president because if he falls he and all his pals are going to jail.

And in fact it were his actions when he took power after the fall of Dilma that averted the venuzuelization of Brazil, with dilma food prodution was starting to fall (because, you know, socialism…). Since then we have recovered a little, so at least people have food, unlike in venezuela.

Temer is corrupt, but still better than socialists… boy, if you knew how everyone is cheering up for the military to take over again here you wouldn’t be talking shit.


Apenas os brancos, que sempre robou o povo brasileiro quer as juntas militares pegar o poder.
VAI TOMAR NO CU, descendente de bandeirantes europeus sujos

Daniel Castro

For what reason do you use google translator?!

Anyway… you are wrong, a lot of black people want the military in power, honest people who work want security in their lives, color of your skin means nothing.

A lot of the bandeirantes were mixed from portuguese and natives.

I won’t lower myself to your uncouth level.


Eu falo portugues, nao uso google translator….
Morei no Brasil, a mae da minha filha e Brasileira!

Meu coracao e sempre com Brasil, maise eu prefeiro um outro Brasil que voce…

Daniel Castro

Bem, seu português estava cheios de erros.

Você não prefere Brasil nenhum, vem morar aqui daí conversamos, não respeito opinião de brasileiro que vive no exterior, e menos ainda opinião de gringo que acha que conhece o Brasil só pq fala português mais ou menos.


Pfffhhh, voce e desagradavel, quasi fascista……e burro tambem

Daniel Castro


Qual foi a crítica que você fez? Pelo contrário, não respeito opinião de quem não entende de um assunto, que no caso é o Brasil. Minha namorada é professora da rede pública no Rio de Janeiro, e ela já foi de esquerda, deixou de ser ano passado depois de testemunhar toda a lavagem cerebral que os colegas militantes dela estão fazendo com as crianças.

Eu tb já fui de esquerda meu amigo, eu moro e trabalho no interior de Minas Gerais e lido com pessoas pobres todos os dias, a maioria descendente desses “bandeirantes sujos” que você pensa conhecer. Meu pai foi alvejado por metralhadora na ditadura, um dos meus tios torturado, meu sogro era um militar de esquerda e foi torturado também, tive amigos que foram membros de organização terrorista de esquerda na ditadura e membros fundadores do PT. Todos os honestos se decepcionaram com a esquerda meu amigo, só são de esquerda aqueles que são privilegiados pelo sistema e os criminosos, e uma meia dúzia de moleques sonhadores.

Você não entende nada do Brasil, abstenha-se.


esta doido. So porque voce foi esquerda, mais mudou, VOCE entende Brasil e todos pesoas que sao esquerda ainda, entende nada….

que burro

Daniel Castro

Não, eu entendo o Brasil porque eu vivo aqui e eu acompanho o que acontece no meu país, eu conheço, a cultura, a história e o povo, eu vivi em vários estados e conheço todo tipo de gente, não sou um idiota repetindo ideologias pré-concebidas sobre um lugar enquanto vive do outro lado do mundo.

Agora, adeus, passar bem.


Ok, justo. Claro que voce conheco Brasil mais que eu!!!

Mais……ainda tem muitos pesoas, tambem que eu conheco com outros ideas sobre o situacao no brasil hoje, ta ligado?

Daniel Castro

Conhece várias pessoas que vêem através de uma ótica ideológica esquerdista.

Como disse, eu não só fui de esquerda como conheço a esquerda brasileira por dentro e por fora, e eu também deploro a maior parte da direita pq conheço. Por isso digo que o Brasil vai ficar um bom tempo sem rumo, não existe ninguém com um projeto de governo decente, todos são capachos de algum interesse internacional.

No entanto a questão da segurança pública é urgente, é necessário lidar com esse problema antes que o país se irrompa numa guerra civil, e infelizmente a esquerda é incapaz disso pq acha que criminoso é coitadinho(e eles vêem as facções criminosas como um protótipo de exército revolucionário). A direita apesar de ser escrota e idiota, bando de sionistas como os neocons americanos, tem um enfoque certo no que toca a questão da segurança. O crime deve ser combatido usando todas as ferramentas possíveis, inclusive as armas.


Olha, a maiorida de criminais SAO pobres!!!! E verdade. E um doente na cabeca, cientificamente comprovado

Daniel Castro

A maioria dos criminosos são pobres, mas uma minúscula minoria dos pobres são criminosos. Aqueles que se tornaram criminosos optaram pelo crime, eles optaram por roubar, matar, estuprar.

Sempre há uma alternativa, e eu conheço gente suficiente que vive à beira da miséria e são honestos, não existe justificativa para o crime.


existe! Os criminais pobres perdeu suas mentes

Daniel Castro

Descordo. Eles querem ser ricos e poderosos, não estão loucos não.


Yes they are mentaly ill, and this is where we DISAGREE
In my opinion ALL people that want to be powerfull and rich ate mentaly ill!! This is why the mayority of poor people are decent and accept their shitty life, they just want to survive and be good for the people around them, because the human nature is socialism! We are social beings that OVERWHELMINGLY prefer to help eachother instead of fighting eachother. The ones that have this mental dissorder, unfortunately not only terrorize the people directly with criminal behaviour, the ones at the top of the pyramid terrorize us by poluting us, brainwashing us, controling us with fake news, stealing our taxmoney for their own interests, selling us stupid consumer products that make us stop thinking and wasting time with sports, fashion, gossip, collecting whatever, eating too much, drugs, both legal and illegal.
In the end we are all slaves of the capitalist system. The slaves in Europe, just have the highest level of living, but at the same time they are mayebe more controlled by the system then in some developing countries.
How bad are the rules in Brasil nowadays? A few years ago, the people told me that all the stupid rules that we have in europe were getting imposed in brasil as well. So i got the impression that the people get less personal freedom like in europe, but they still have little money, shit law system, corrupted goverment and dangerous police..
Do you agree with that or not?

Daniel Castro

I disagree.

People want to get along with others, but they don’t necessarily want to help. They don’t necessarily want to get rich, but they want security and prosperity, and in preference with zero effort. Meaning, the majority of people is acomodated, and socialism bring the worst of people regarding to that, that’s why all socialist “paradises” become hell.

The answer is not capitalism, neither socialism.


Ofcourse you disagree with anything i say, it is one of your hobbies ; )
You believe Thomas Hobbes, rather then Jean Jaques Rouseau.
Again this tendency to see protestantism as superior…..
Today, new studies have discovered that most peoplr do want to help eachother and do like to work. It gives people self esteem and purpose in life. Most people don’t want to lie down on the sofa and watch TV. It makes most people depressed….
So, if you don’t believe in neither system, do you still believe in anything?

Daniel Castro

These leftist “studies” go againt the perception of reality, so I dismiss them, pure manipulation they are.

Look how even the people of USA, Europe, have become lazy, even those who work are so spoiled by thousand priviledges the economy of these countries can’t keep up, governments resoert to overspending and debt slavery. If there is a difference from western leftism and eastern socialism is this, on China the state don’t treat people like spoiled little brats, everyone has to work or else they starve, the result is China is ruling the world.

Yes, I do believe in Thmas Hobbes more than Rouseau, not because of religion, but because the 1st made an analysis of reality and the second just spew a ton of idealism with zero foundations on reality.


You are brainwashed by the capitalist media, that is your problem.
What did you study? How many countries have you been to in your life?

It seems you just don’t know a lot. Mayebe you are still young….

Daniel Castro

When you talk all Ican hear is an imperialist trying to spread your own empire ideology to others.


what is “own empire ideology” i am trying to spread here???
Eu quero nao preconceito, nao violencia, direitos iguais pra tudo mundo, mais tecnologia sustentável, comida sem produtos de animais, educacao pra tudo mundo.

Que e errado com este ideologia?

Daniel Castro

Humanism is european imperialism, enough.


Here you are dead wrong! First statement about humanism, WRONG!
This concept is older then what you learned in school. It was born in Asia, not in Europe.
Second mistake: I am not a humanist, but a post humanist. I am VEGAN, another ideology that does not come from Europe….

Daniel Castro

Vegan, another shitty ideology from someone which doesn’t understand reality.

And you know what I mean with humanism, don’t be smartass.


I disagree, if you understand that other animals (yes, we are one species of animals) have feelings and understand much more then we always wanted to believe, a civilized animal does not need to eat other animals.
You are mayebe not ready to admit that, or hypocrite again…..

I know what you mean, with humanism, but i DISAGREE it has anything to do with imperialism, its the opposite, it made the world a better place in many diferent cultures and in many times of history
You just don’t understand the ESSENCE of it.

Daniel Castro

Your stupids ideologies which dismiss reality and only care about your own peronal feelings because you are a snowflake which has problems with your own conscience and has to prove your self you are good boy.

Just ask yourself the question of what would happen if all humanity stops to eat meat… Well, as it seems yo uhave very little understanding of reality I doubt you will be able of doing this exercise.

Well, I have been on this debate with several other vegans before, I always have to teach you guys from the basics, this is very painful for me as I don’t like being a techer, won’t do that again, sorry.

Humanism is shit, it is the single most destructive ideology created by humanity, it killed more than any weapon.


you are crazy, go find mental help

If all humans would stop eating meat, the world would be a much better place!!!!

I have to teach YOU some basic knowledge about meat, it seems!!

Silly, your view on humanism is based on NOTHING blablablabla


mais ou menos deiz porcento de populacao nao functione na systema. Na Holanda por exemplo, os pobres dar ajuda de governo, entao nos temos MUITO menos criminosos violentos que Brasil. Temos uma systema mais justo, menos direito ;))))) Mais importante: Paises grandes nunca sao justo, e quasi imposivel de governar Eu acredito paises pequenos sao melhor. A gente sao conhecidos, menos corrupcao

Daniel Castro

O sistema super justo da Europa que entupida de dinheiro sujo de guerras vive de sugar o sangue de países de 3o mundo, e continua com as guerras imperialistas… sei…

Acho q já tive essa conversa com você uma vez, só existem países pequenos pq existem os grandes, se todos fossem pequenos o mundo iria inevitalvelmente retornar para um ciclo de guerras feudais generalizadas.


Nao, EU e grande, mais a maioria as paises sao pequenas


Fui varios vezes pra Brasil, varios estados, morei em Olinda, Arraial d’ajuda, Sao Paulo capital e Curitiba tambem, mais claro que voce sabe mais, nao quero discutir isso


política esquerdista nunca teve uma chance no brasil e america sul…..
Os estados Unidos, e os familias Camargo, de Moraes, Marinho, Lemann, Steinbruch, Telles, Safra e outros

Meu jornalista favorito e Glenn Greenwald


Daniel Castro

All these are in bed with the leftists, specially the media.


Eu tambem :)))


o que voce pesquisa no southfront? outros pessoas direitos? informacoes sobre syria?

Daniel Castro

Eu tenho interesse em politica internacional pq as notícias domésticas são muito deprimentes.


Nossa! aqui tambem cara!


You did not get my concept of bandeirantes, i did not mean the pawns, but the leades of the movement, that also decided to get rid of Lingua Geral, wich was a racist and stupid desicion, just like the mass immigration of white people at the end of the 19th century. How much richer and authentic Brasil could have been when they would have chosen lingua geral to be the national language?
There lies of the core problems with Brasil, there is institutionaised racism, descendants of those same racist families still pull all the strings and therefore there is a lack of self esteem…. que penas!!!
Sorry if i offend you, but sometimes foreigners make better judgements of a country then locals, because they can have a look from the outside, without the emotional bond….

Daniel Castro

Os líderes eram só uns poucos, no entanto aqueles que os seguiram faziam parte do mesmo projeto imperialista, e eles foram os vencedores, venceram as tribos inimigas e tiveram a terra para sí

A decisão pelo português ficou lá atrás, hoje todo mundo fala português então não há conflito quanto a isso.

Você está enganado quanto a baixa auto-estima, o Brasil não tinha isso, é algo recente que foi causado por influencias externas, tanto do imperliasmo ianque quanto pelos esquerdismos(que é outra forma de imperialismo eurocêntrico no final das contas).


You have a twisted view on reality. The mayority of the bandeirantes did not get jack shit!! They remained poor and only a small group of families got all the land, untill today this is the case in many locations!!
Again you misunderstood me. I never ment to say that Lingua Geral is an issue today, i just said it would have been mote honest if that language was chosen to be the official language, because the mayority was talking lingua geral!!
Here again, as always the mentaly sick criminal and white european MINORITY wanted to grab power, by imposing THEIR language on the MAYORITY. Offcourse this makes people develop low esteem! And this same minority has always put white skin color as superior in Brasil. In the USA, everyone with even little non European “blood” was considered inferior, while in Brasil its the opposite, just some white in the family is enough to declare yourself to be white. In the end its both racist. I know this from personal experience!

Daniel Castro

You do not hav view of history. They were fighting against enemy tribes, they got the country for themselves, try to see things for what they are. Brazil is HUGE, the leadership, the nobles, they got what they wanted, which was gold mines, the rest, the land, it was ups for grabs.

They would not choose lingua geral, it was not their choice to make, Brazil was part of the Portuguese Empire, they had no choice on that.

“Brasil. In the USA, everyone with even little non European “blood” was considered inferior, while in Brasil its the opposite, just some white in the family is enough to declare yourself to be white.”

Because you are biased against mixed people. In fact we have dozens of definitions for skin color, it is something cultural and you can’t quite deal with this. No, we are not biased against mixed people, however there is racism against blacks.


I do have a view on Brazilian history. I went to MANY museums, talked with MANY people, but i have to admit that my portugese is not good enough to read history books :(
So now you want to deny that there isn’t a movement that is occupying land? That there aren’t families that own more land then the size of some countries in Europe? That the inequality isn’t one of the worst on this planet?
You basicaly repeated my view on the choise for portugese, the people could not choose, that is excactly my point. Brasil was and in many cases still IS a feudal country.
And about the racism, you also basicaly repeated my point. To have all these words like caboclo, cafuso, mulata, morena, and others doesn’t make it less racist (preconceito). BUT, while USA is exclusive, Brasil is Inclusive. This is one of the reasons i love Brasil and do not like the USA.
I know people that also look to mulato’s japonesas, indiginos as inferior. It not just negros nao e verdade nao
Caboclo ingles, that is sort of racist.
It suggests that europeans are better educated…..

Daniel Castro

“So now you want to deny that there isn’t a movement that is occupying land? ”

This is something new, it is from 20th century, back in the times of bandeirantes there was a tiny population in vast territory, they couldn’t keep track of the settlers een if they wanted.

“To have all these words like caboclo, cafuso, mulata, morena, and others doesn’t make it less racist (preconceito).”

It is not racist as it is considered normal. indeed you’re talking about something which changes from region to region. But, racism is normal in the world, it was always normal, and the top racist region of the world is yours. You europeans hate each other, you hate blacks and brown, and slavs, and asians, so on ans so forth, and you dutch commmited genocide against the people of africa.

Race was always a minor subject in Brazil, the only really noticieable problem was the real prejudice againt black, but dortunately that has been reduced on the last decades as everyone knows it is wrong.


Come on! race was a minor subject in Brasil???? BULLSHIT!! I have seen with my own eyes how people have a lot of preconceito towards eachother.
Even between people from diferent states, never heard the expression: “que baiano” por exemplo, tem muitos mais, sobre mineiros, sobre nordestinos, sobre indiginas. If it wasn’t an issue, you wouldn’t need to point out the diferences with all these words, you could just call everyone human!!
If racism is normal in the world, wich i agree, why do you deny it for brasil??

Sure, you are absolutely right, the fake science about races was invented in Europe. This is a long time ago though
Race does not exist as science prooved back in the seventies. This is how most Europeans think today
We do not hate eachother that much, south and east Europeans have been migrating to the north since 60 years ago. You probably read to much comments on sites like this. Come have a look, i show you the real Europe. Minha casa esta aberto pra voce!

Daniel Castro

“If racism is normal in the world, wich i agree, why do you deny it for brasil??”

I don’t deny, I said it is a minor subject. When someone calls another person baiano, something which is getting increasingly rare these days, he says on the context of a joke, not like, let’s say, north-americans calling people of california mexicans.

Also with nordestinos there is the prejudice about them because the vast level of crime which plagues their region, but you never mistreat someone personally because of that, it stays on the joke level. The same with me being mineiro, we are called rednecks and addicted to cheese… oh boy, how I feell insulted… not!

There’s prejudice, but the intensity is low, people would never point a weapon to someone because of the color of skin. The exception was with blacks as somethign like 60 or 60 years ago there was stuff like balls where black people couldn’t enter, but this over now.


Increasingly rare?!?!?!? go to Sao Paulo, where my ex-wife comes from!
Americans calling californians mexicans???? Have you ever been in the USA???
About the redneck, yes you are a redneck!!! All you believe in is TRUE redneck ideology
Stop spreading your twisted lies about Brasil, i have been there 8 times, lived there for 6 months, worked there, married one.

Daniel Castro

You know nothing about Brasil.

I don’t know your job, but staying I don’t know, a month, a week in a place is not enough, you know shit.

As for your paulista wife. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are the two states more exposed to international influences, they have lost touch with brazilian identity a long time ago.


HAHAHAHAHAAAA, dificult to admit that some gringos know Brasil huh???

Minas Gerais is one of the states that is less Brazilian then the rest!! too many redneck whities!! it is a bit like the midwest of the usa, crazy gun loving, god fearing idiots except Bello Horizonte, this is a nice place.
Other less Brazilian states (very european) are Santa Catarina, Parana and Rio Grande do Sul

Daniel Castro

” too many redneck whities!! it is a bit like the midwest of the usa, crazy gun loving, god fearing idiots”

Are you crazy? Only state with more blacks is Bahia, because of the gold rush a lot of blacks came to Minas. It is nothing like midwest in USA.

And here you show your true colors your racist pig.

People have weapons. mostly rusting inside an old box or hidden somewhere, and don’t even have ammo or even care for weapons. The few hunters we have here are mostly black and poor, they hunt with dogs and fisgo(a type of spear).

God fearing idiots?! You’re talking about the entire country which is mostly catholic, even bahia, southern region, são paulo, rio, pará, you name it. Except from the evangelics which are something from the last decades, the vast majority of brazilians are catholics, but also inclined to spiritism and candomblé.

“Bello Horizonte, this is a nice place.”

Belo Horizonte is shit and I know it very well as I was born in that shithole of a city. You seem to like the unbrazilian places of Brazil.

You know shit, specially form MG, you couldn’t be more racist than that.

The fact is you know just the surface, even Paranã and Santa CAtarina which have a lot of european immigrants, they also have a huge portion of the population with native roots. Rio Grande do Sul, they are indeed gun crazy, but brazilians to the core, they were traumatized by several wars there in the 19th century.

You are racist and imperialist, but I’m not surprised, after all you are western european, it’s just standard behavious for you to be like that.


Ok, fair enough in this last post you were the stronger debater.
I was WRONG, i admit it
Just don’t see the racism on my side here, you mean i hate white people?
Yes, a little, sorry if you are white :)

Daniel Castro

You probably hate white people, but the real problem is you hate brazilians.

Just don’t tell your wife.


EX-wife I LOVE Brazilians, and even YOU i invite you in my house!!!


Fighting enemy tribes?? You mean the indiginous that came to brasil first, the bandeirantes stole the land from them, killing the men and enslaving the women and children. The newborn kids wete declared subjects of the colony.
Still today this happens, disqusting!!

Daniel Castro

No, here we can see how you don’t know brazilian history. The number of poruguese were tiny, when they came here they made an alliance with some tupi tribes, the capitanias who could not make friendship with the natives did not succeed. These tribes had enemies, in fact Brazil was a territory of never ending bloodshed, all these tribes hated each other and were constantly hunting each other. When bandeirantes went on their imperial incursions into the territory of Brazil it was not against the interest of the natives they were allied with.

“the bandeirantes stole the land from them, killing the men and enslaving the women and children.”

Just like all the tribes did before them when they waged war, just like the english did in scotland and ireland. This was just the reality of the time. It is still better than to kill everyone, wipe out an entire native population, like your country did in africa in the late 19th century.


This is completely NOT true!! You are copy paste the filthy lies about the indiginas that were spread by the whites, the Portugese and now Brasilian propaganda to justify the land grabbing that goes on till today!!!
Humanos sao hypocrita no mundo inteiro!

My country did what??? First i need to tell you, i despice the concept “my country” it is complete NONESENSE to think like that. Where someone is born is a coincidence. Nationalism is one of the most foul ideologies on this planet! Not only foul, it is utter rubbish and not usefull for our COMMON future!!
Second, i live in Amsterdam, part of the Netherlands. That country never wiped out an entire population in the 19th century! We, once killed almost the whole population of one of the Banda islands in the 17th century, with the help of japanese mercenaries, after we kicked out the Portugese.


Get your facts straight before you start throwing accusations

We also killed many more people in what is now called the republic of Indonesia, and we were slave traders as well, with several fortresses on the west African coast. I could tell you many more shit about our history, we have been pirates, slave traders, murderers, drug dealers, invented the stock market system, so yes, nothing to be proud of. In my case i am not proud to be from here even if we had a sweet and innocent history. I DESPICE nationalism, period.

Have you red this book? The lost city X. You should read it and learn a bit more about indiginas, or watch some documentaries.
Yes, some tribes were violent, others were not at all. I strongly believe that most of the violence came because of the European ivasions that brought disseases and fucked up their system of sharing MAE TERRA

Daniel Castro


Já que a você falta os mais básicos conhecimentos sobre a colonização do brasil, leia esse artigo de matéria de segundo grau escolar aí que vc vai entender.

Ah, me desculpe, eu meio que confundi a holanda com bélgica, foram os belgas que massacraram o pobo do congo… mas, pra ser sincero, vcs meio q são a mesma coisa.


The title of the website is wrong to start with: “Descobrimento do Brasil”
HORSECRAP, it was discovered long before those portugese pirates came to plunder it……
Can you even accept other people with other views then yours???

Daniel Castro

The title is not important. Did you read it?


Not yet, just some sentences. At first it seems to be the same propaganda that you were saying about the creation of Brasil, but i promise i will read it.

Daniel Castro

There is no propaganda, it’s just some historical facts, like how they were allied with the tupiniquins against the tupinambas.

Sometime we are called tupiniquins because that was the original tribe allied with the portuguese. There were very few portuguese to begin with, they could only do what they did with local help.


I red most of it. Very similair to what Holland did in Indonesia. Using the natives to slowly take over, divide and rule. Keep local culture if needed to keep the peace, make rules that seem fair, the basic tricks that ALL empires used. The spanish in the filipines, the dutch in indonesia, the turks in turkey and the balkans, the russians in siberia, the arabs in north africa, the moghuls in india, the khmer in southeast asia, the han in china its human history

Daniel Castro

You keep seeing things as it was a chessboard. Remeber these people were here, they were DUMPED in the coast of Brazil and had to survive by themselves in a land filled with enemies that would literally eat them alive.

Most of portuguese were degredados, they were as much a victim as any native, and later they picked all the prostitues and orphan girls in portugal and sent them here to marry these man, which were in a state of animalization, they were savages.

Your mistake is you consider europeans special, they were not, they were as barbaric as anyone else. Judging them you make the same mistake of judging native canibal tribes.

And in a way humanity hasn’t changed at all, we’re still savages killing each other.


Why the FUCK!! do you think i consider europeans special???????

I feel sorry for you, your worldview is sad.

Have you been to Europe?

Daniel Castro

You did consider them special, as you said, the bandeirantes did this, they did that…

They did what they were told to, they did what they had to, simple as that.

The natives and mamelucos which followed them also did, they went there and killed other natives and took their lands, the portuguese couldn’t have done anything whithout local help.

However it is differente from USA where they didn’t consider natives to be human, here the natives were always considered humans (and that can be atributed to the Jesuitas influence).


No, no you misunderstood me. And i will repeat it (mayebe you missed it) ONE OF THE REASONS I LOVE BRASIL, IS THAT THEIR APPROACH WAS INCLUSIVE, WHILE IN NORTH AMERICA IT WAS EXCLUSIVE.
The jesuitas were the most fanatic order within the catholic church and they understood very well how to use religion and humans for the benefit of the church.
I am atheist, in the sense that religions are fabrications of the human mind, for all we know today. Mayebe other animals have forms of religions as well. In my view all is connected living things as well as not living things.
I would eat meat if i have to, but fortunately i am in the position that i can easily have healthy food without meat. In many places we can not change to veganism overnight, i know that and have lived it in several places.
You don’t have to teach me that. You can teach me some portugese and knowledge about Brasil, for sure though!!


I never denied, that the pawns on the chessboard were suffering while colonising!!! That is why i am against capitalism!!!


You fell in the fascist, capitalist hobbes make believe media trap. All you read is bad news, so you believe the world is violent and nasty. Its never been better, and i have seen it changing in the 40 years that i am aware of things. I am getting 52 this summer, don’t know about you.

Daniel Castro

The world is only better because technology vastly improved the means of production, that’s the only reason.

However socially, culturally and on the human level we are worse every year. People were never so lonely, so selfabsorbed. Wars happen and noone cares, we’re increasingly selfish, and yet people believe in socalled socialism, they couldn’t give a fuck for what happen to their neighbors.


You are wrong again there. I am an architect, mostly have been working on public buildings for the benefit of society.
Apart from that, i do volunteer work, i am language coach for two syrian refugees.
Third thing is my daughter, she lives with me 50 percent of the time. I had a mature divorce and we share the parenthood.
Yes i still have hope for humanity, but often i fear for the worst….

Daniel Castro

Well, you might be doing things for others, but that makes you an exception.

Tell me, what did europeans did when their countries were bombing Libia. They did nothing, a country is destroyed and people don’t even pay attention for what their own country is doing.

Everyone is self-absorbed, people talk about social justice as if it was debate on theology, unnatatched from the world. Ideals are more important than reality, to be a follower of a social movement is more important than treating well other people.

We are a society in decay, what we have on our favour is only the techonology, unfortunately that’s the truth.


Its your truth, not mine. There is not ONE truth, Daniel, its also what you make of it! Be more friendly to your surroundings, the people in the bus, on the street, waiting at the bakery. It all starts there.
Comeca no espelho irmao!


Oo Daniel, o que voce acha?


Daniel Castro

Reggae não é exatamente música brasileira, mas tem uns bons por aqui, tb tive minha fase de escutar com meus amigos. Não gosto de música com engajamento político escancarado no entanto, a arte tem que ser sutil.

Não tenho músicas para indicar para você, eu gosto dos clássicos, é só vc pesquisar que vai achar.


Pau duro caralho

Daniel Castro

Não entendi esse comentário.

Creio que você quis dizer pão duro… mas é oq eu disse, eu gosto dos clássicos da música brasileira.





E por aí vai.


Obrigado, eu gosto chorino tambem, gostei Adoniran Barbosa! Nunca ouviu.


daniel, did u see those ” zeitgeist” documentaries?
I believe those ideas, does that make me a follower of the empire?
A world without money? I believe there are 2 possibilities, either free money, or mass genocide worldwide, because robots will take over ALL jobs!

Daniel Castro

Money issecondary for the empire, the empire is all about control, and socialism is all about control, it’s about the central power managing everyone as cattle, you don’t need money for this, just make everyone dependent on the state and that’s it.

Socialism and liberalism, two sides of the same coin, their end game is world tyranny and the end of nation state, in either case we will have a tiny world elite ruling over mass misery around the world.


Watch the documentaries before you jump to the wrong conclusions
independency has ended long time ago. The computers we chat with, the clothes we buy, the food we eat, the knowledge we share: all comes from all over the planet, so if you wished for independency, go live in a quilombo and make your own clothing, stop using internet, no more electricity (i guess you won’t be able to produce your own solar panels) no more modern healthcare and so on….
Oo, you are hypocrite again? I thought so ;))

The nation state had a good purpose once, but reality made it irrelevant, open your eyes, brasil needs the world and the world needs brasil..
Anyway, the ruling elite of brasil has their heads VERY deep up the ANGLOZIONAZI system ASS
What indepentent brasil are you fantasizing off!??!?!
At this point, brasil is still owned by the USA, whether you like it or not….

Daniel Castro

“independency has ended long time ago. The computers we chat with, the clothes we buy, the food we eat, the knowledge we share”

When did I say countries should shut to the external world.

There always was trade, and there will always be trade, this means nothing. I’m talking about every individual being completely dependent of the state to eat his own food, to have a roof, this is wrong, every animal in this planet should be able to survive by itself. The own who feeds us is the one who own us, simple as that.

“Fidel Castro wanted to make a real socialist state, but he was not alowed by USA, so he had to make a dirty deal with the soviets. ”

Of course! Like I said to you many times, tiny countries will never work, they will always be colonies and their security will always depend on the big countries. Reality check!

“This is interesting, self governance on a local scale, no central government.”

Ridiculous! Anarchism is an ilusion, it will bring the world into a new era of non-stop medieval wars, exactly what the global elite wants, everyone fight each other while they rule the world with uber weapons and technologies.

“The nation state had a good purpose once, but reality made it irrelevant”

The nation state id still the only thing between us and a world tyranny dystopia, it still serves its purpose, even one in bad shape like mine. Of course you would love to see us cracking into 30 different tiny countries fighting each other.

“Anyway, the ruling elite of brasil has their heads VERY deep up the ANGLOZIONAZI system ASS
What indepentent brasil are you fantasizing off!??!?!”

Only to a certain degree, they have their own interests, it’s a mistake to think they have complete control over the local elite, they do not have that, the elite is not stupid, far from that, they use the zionists for their own purposes, but unlike what happened in europe(because, you know, socialism…), our elite rule the country for its own interests, not the interests of others.

“Did you take a close look at what happened when militairies took over in south america?? The countries ALL became the ANAL sluts of the USA even more!”

And who was the fault on that? Our country was infiltrated by socialist guerrilla hell bent on violent revolution, the military had to make deals with USA because they were losing. That’s the untold history, Castelo Branco wanted new elections, the return of democracy, there was division between the generals, they fought each other, Medici made a deal with Nixon, it was a coup inside a coup. But at least we didn’t became socialists, they prevented the deaths of millions which would certainly die. In the tiny little island of Cuba they killed 70.000 people on the revolution, and sent many more to USA, here in Brazil at least 10% of our population would die… but you would find it beautiful, everything for the socialist dream, isn’t it?!

“Take a good look what China does in Africa and understand that it will not have ANYTHING to do with independence”

I don’t want us under the influenve of no fuking external powers, that is what the socialist want, look at venezuela, they are China’s bitches!


You are hopeless, blind and delusional, dream on about your independent Brasil, but the facts are completely diferent!
The coup was staged by the USA in the first place, because THEY don’t want south america to develop like europe, while they easily could if the USA didn’t screw it up ALL the time!!!

You should stop thinking that i am against Brasil, but you have to admit it very badly governed. One of the reasons is its size. Europe consist of many small countries and a few bigger ones, but we do not fight eachother!
I want Brasilians to have the same quality of life as Europeans have!!

Where did u get those fantasy numbers on Cuba, complete rubbish! You forgot the time Cuba was a fruit plantation, casino and a brothel for the USA? Your FUCKING elite rather stash their cash in the USA then invest it into developing Brasil. Why is it that under the right wing governments, good schools were never built for the mayority? Why they never take care of the poor? Asia did!! I have been to asian countries for more then 20 years, even while they also suffer from corruption, at least they help develop the whole population!!
How come internet is not widely available for EVERYBODY in Brasil? Because your filthy elite that is in bed with the USA want to keep the POVO BURRO!!!
To put your head in the ass of the USA is not the same as complete control, but it is not far from it…..The same goes for the Europeans, by the way, but at least we have a more honest society…

Daniel Castro

“we do not fight eachother”



“The coup was staged by the USA in the first place”

No, it happened because João Goulart was about to make a leftist coup with the support of China, there would be a coup one way or another. In fact it was an military intervention with popular and parliamentary support.


Look, even the leftist wikipedia shows you that.

“I want Brasilians to have the same quality of life as Europeans have!!”

Not gonna happen. European quality of life happens because your continet is filled with blood war money which you use to prop up your corrupt and lazy population, you sold yourselves to the global empire and your quality of life exists only because they want to show your model as superior, but anyone who understand the world knows your luxury comes at the cost of the suffering of 3rd world countries.

” Why is it that under the right wing governments, good schools were never built for the mayority? Why they never take care of the poor?”

Rightwing governments? When?! Are you talking about social democrats the like of FHC?! They are as leftists as they come! A lot of schools were built during the dictatorship though…

“Why they never take care of the poor? ”

The problem is they do take care of the poor, they make sure they stay poor and on assistencialism, they’re good as cattle to vote for leftist politicians. They will keep them as poors feeding them crumbles and calling that socialism, just like in venezuela.

“Asia did!!”

You mean the completely righwing asian countries like South Korea and Japan? Or the opressive pseudo-socialist (quasi-fascist) governments of China and Vietnam? Tell where there is your socialism in Asia? There is no socialism in Asia.

“How come internet is not widely available for EVERYBODY in Brasil?”

Everyone has internet here, we might have bad connection, but nowadays everyone have interenet on their pockets.

“The same goes for the Europeans, by the way, but at least we have a more honest society…”

You are murderesrs and imperialists, you’re the worst kind of criminal.


You are getting pathetic now.
Goulart was chose by the people and the coup was staged with the help of the militairy, to copy paste the fascist view that goulart wanted to stage a coup is ridiculous!
I said we ARE not killing eachother, to send a list of history does not make ANY sense.
How stupid can you be?? SEU IDIOTA!!!! Look at the diference in income in Europe and in Brasil, there lies the problem!!! We do not make money anymore with the suffering ot the “third world”. You know nothing about economics, that is clear now!
The name third world is old fashioned and not usable anymore. Wich part of the world do you mean with that?
Most governments after the junta in Brasil were rightwing, not leftwing and they did not supply everybody with good education, i have seen it for myself and the family of my ex, my brazilian friends ALL told me the same!!
I said at least Asian governments takes much better care for their citizens then the brasilian goverments, i did NEVER say that this was because of socialism, it its because their elite cares more for their own people. The elite in Brasil is mostly SCUM, with feudal moral!
Excactly, the connection is VERY bad!! Last time i was in Brasil was 2012, there was in many cases NO connection AT ALL, don’t bullshit me!

Pathetic silly European hater, i feel sorry for you
ALL killings in Brasil are done by Brasilians, not by Europeans and in NO means is the violence in Brasil directly related to imperialism, it is just your own corrupted society, that is ruled by a feudal elite that doesn’t want to change things for the better….
I love brasil and Brazilians, but you must be the ultimate exception ;))

Daniel Castro

“Goulart was chose by the people”

Being elected doesn’t make someone GOD, he was preparing a leftist coup d’estat, and that was the reason the people, the parliament and the army acted first to take him down. IT doesn’t matter what other brazilians told you when you were here as the leftist narrative is mainstream, we’ve been told lies by leftist teachers way back since the 70’s and 80’s, they twist the truth, but if you dig deeper you understand this.

“I said we ARE not killing eachother”

Ukraine, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, should I say more? And the only reason western europe are not killing each other is you all obey the same boss, USA, or else ther ewould have been 3rd, 4th and 5th world war already.

“We do not make money anymore with the suffering ot the “third world”. You know nothing about economics, that is clear now!”

No. You know nothing of economy. Where is the money, where are the banks, which contries profit with world system of deb slavery? Which countries sell weapons? Which countries have monopoly of world trade in commodities, control and manipulate the markets? Which countries are fiscal paradises taking for centuries money from corrupt politicians world wide? Which countries bombed Libia to stop the gold standrad to overtake the dollar in africa? You are vampire of the world!

“it its because their elite cares more for their own people”

No, it’s because they are not poisoned by leftism and european humanist crap, they do what they have to fix the country, just like we should, but we’re too busy trying to do things to appease you, taht’s the problem.

“Last time i was in Brasil was 2012,”

It is way better now, like I said, nowadays whatsapp took over comunications, noone calls regular numbers anymore, everyone uses internet.

“ALL killings in Brasil are done by Brasilians”

I’m not talking about Brazilian deaths, but european imperialism in africa and middle east, thhank god we are not so weak as to be your target…

“I love brasil and Brazilians”

No, you like the ones which appease you, you want low self-esteem aculturated monkeys that think your world view and society is superior. I’m not like that.


No, you are a pathetic hypocrite, probably white as well, so technicaly just as european as me….
Who said being elected does make someone god??
You are starting to sound like a mentaly ill person here. Eveyone that is not Fascist like you, is brainwashed….silly cow!!!
The European countries you mentioned are not part of the EU and those wars you mention are still the legacy of the past.
No, you don’t need to say more. If being part of the militairy aliance with the USA gives one peace and prosperity, let it be..
Here are some economic facts for you. As you can see, more then 60 percent of the EU economy is trade WITHIN the EU.


Yes the banking system is dirty, i agree (when you are right, i admit it, something you are incapable of :))) weapons are mostly sold by the usa and russia, but unfortunately as well by the EU.
If the Brasil elite alowes the EU to rule trade in commodities, the connection of the real with the dollar, is it because Brasil is still a colony? Or is it because your elite serves the interests of the Empire, because they don’t give a shit for their own people? Very diferent then Asia. …
What is it, that you cannot accept the fact that i love Brasil?
You act as a nasty mother in law here, that doesn’t want her daughter to have a european boyfriend LOL!!!

Daniel Castro

“Eveyone that is not Fascist like you, is brainwashed….silly cow!!!”

No, they’ve being lied to, just like everyone, however historical facts are historical facts, it was the parliament who asked for military intervention after a popular uprising, those are the historical facts. FHC has always been leftist, and still is, the other day he was there defending Lula, his pal:

comment image

Ever since diretas já we are ruled by the left.

“If being part of the militairy aliance with the USA gives one peace and prosperity, let it be..”

Peace, prosperity, and specially, tons of bloody war money.

But, you know, keep denying that, or else you will have trouble to sleep.

Anyway, I think we’re done here.

And by the way, Castro is a portuguese name, not spanish.


It comes from spain originaly.
Funny and also stupid, the way you are making a discussion. You pull out one sentence of my comment and then trow a lot of angry filth, typical populist tric. The rest you just don’t bother to react on, because it wouldn’t fit in your populist politrics.

Yes we are done

Daniel Castro

“It comes from spain originaly.”

You think you know it all, don’t you.


That’s the origin of the name. It’s Iberian, but mostly associated with Portugal, Galicia and Asturias.

” You pull out one sentence of my comment and then trow a lot of angry filth”

Who is angry? You are the one cursing here. What, do you want me to answer other arguments, like the one about trade inside EU? Well, take away 1/3 of that trade with other countries, like USA bloody war money, and let’s see how EU will fare… Funny thing is you even leech other EU contries, like Greece, Portugal, Spain, etc. The profit stays mostly with 4th reich germany.

Moreover, I think we’re done, I don’t pretend to convince you of anything, let it be.


In the end ALL big economies will have dirty bussiness, in the case of Brasil it is not diferent. Look how Odebrecht and Petrobras bought politricians all over the continent. Look where the huge amounts of commodities go to. So in the end Brasil makes a big part of its money with the evil empire as well….
That wasn’t my point. The point IS that if the wealth in Brasil was more spread equaly, the mayority could have a better standard of life, more like in Europe.
All you did afterwards was pulling my point out of context, by mentioning all dirt in european economics. In a way you prooved with your comments you are actualy anti capitalism. That leaves you……where??
And if you hate europe that much, it means you hate yourself, your ancestors are from europe, so without europe you would not exist at all ;)))

Daniel Castro

Of course we need better distribution of wealth in Brazil, but my point is socialism is not the answer because it just makes everyone poor, with the exception of the rulers, of course.

What I’ve shown you is your welfare state is fueled by crony capitalism and imperialism, and nowadays you can’t really think neoliberalism unnatached from leftist welfare state, both are the two sides of the same coin. You need perpetual war economy to keep colonies in their places sending cheap oil, commodities and so on, and also accepting fake money as payment, this gives a lot of profit to the empire, which gives a small part of this money as welfare to the stupid lazy masses who live in the capital countries, this serves two purposes, it keeps them happy and alienated, so they won’t do jack shit against the imperial system, and two it serves as a propaganda so they can say their system work and is humane. There are also other aspects. like the mantainance of debt slavery in local governments and population. You are saying your system is superior and humane, I say you leech the wealth of the world to fuel it.

Of course I’m against liberalism, but I’m also against socialism. You’re still trapped on the dichotomy of 20th century, I’m not. The answer is not easy, and it only comes from local realities, each country should find it’s own way to deal with problems, internationalism only brings suffering as it ignore local realities.


Ok, the way you wrote down your point is well thought of it seems. I agree with it in many ways (but i never said our system is superior)
I do not fully agree. The dutch welfare state was set up and could be financed because we found a huge gas bell, at that time it was the biggest in the world

The government made a big mistake though, they sold most of the gas to foreign countries, very diferent then what the Norwegians are doing with their oil and gas, in relation to their welfare state. They manage things WAY better

Right now, the drilling makes earthquakes, so they will have to stop driling, because the population urged the government to do so.

You have to understand, Netherlands is a dwarf in Europe, we don’t decide so much here, but at least our system takes care for itsw own people.

About the welfare, virtually nobody likes to have welfare. While in Sacandinavia, Germany and in the Benelux you can still have a minimum decent life, in most other countries in Europe, welfare is VERY little and it just helps you survive, nothing more.
I support FREE money for EVERYBODY, a basic income. Apart from that, everybody shoud be free to earn more money, untill a certain income, if it gets too high you must pay a LOT of taxes, taxheavens should be forbidden.

I FULLY agree that the European system is unfair for the south european countries, it is not going to last like this, and we are aware of it.
The first EU parties are allready created, we need a more transarant and democratic europe, also in relation to africa and the middle east!

I agree that internationalism has been ignoring the local situation very often, this is wrong, but i am against nationalism

You might be right that i am trapped on the dichotomy of 20th century
Then again, veganism is the future (the planet is too small for 10 billion meat eaters)
But you could also say that you are trapped on the dichotomy of 19th century
Nationalism, is fake and we are growing towards a common culture, wheather you like it or not, it is part of human history. We exchange much more then commodities, yes you dont like the cosmopolitan “shitholes”in Brasil, but the reality is that the mayority on this planet will live in cosmopolitan shitholes very soon!

Anyway, mayebe we are not done yet :)))))

Thank you for the interesting conversation

Daniel Castro

“yes you dont like the cosmopolitan “shitholes”in Brasil”

No, I don’t, they have are all becoming hell on earth, even Curitiba is becoming unbearable.

“but the reality is that the mayority on this planet will live in cosmopolitan shitholes very soon!”

Earth could be struck by a giant asteroid, it would be a better end for humanity.


Is Castro your real name?
If it is you are probably a spanish catholic fanatic Haaahahahaaaa!!!


Voce gosta de cultura brasileira puro. Que musica eu preciso conhecer?

Daniel Castro

Ah, e internacionalismo, seja o globalismo liberal ou o internacionalismo socialista, os dois fedem, são doutrinas imperialistas. Quem é contra os estados nacionais é a fabor do império global, mas como eu já disse, considero vc um imperialista, oq vc fala só confirma isso.


Ok, so now its clear, you are part of the club of idiots here on southfront….
i feel sorry for you……

You also buy that crap about putin the saviour, the anglozionazi conspiracy

Pffffh, it feels like i wasted my time talking with a complete dickhead

Daniel Castro

Of course you wasted your time, as you are a anglozionist your self spreading anglozionist imperial ideology. What, did you think you would convert me into your death cult? LoL


HAHAHAHAHAAAA, didn’t know you have humor heheheheh!!!


Ja morei la, pra minha filha europa e melhor……
Mais meu sonho e voltar um dia


In Egypt, 700,000 jobs per day is needed to give jobs to 98 millions Egyptians. Third of working egyptians earn 1 dollar by day.

So, my question is : where is the problem ?


The problem is that Egyptians keep making children whereas they can’t raise their kids. Swedish are 10 millions and live in lands full of water. Egyptians live in a desert and are fucking 100 millions !!

After, people say, “Oh Swedish live well, blah blah blah”. Of course, Swedish are not 200 millions. Otherwise, they will live like hell.

So, karma is only balancing the overpopulation.

Joe Dokes

Assad will give up sovereignty of Syria to Turkey? Russia has nothing to say?


We will see what happens. To early to take conclusions.

jim crowland

It is time to attack the ottomans and send them back to central asia…..but Putin has no balls except to gas civilians..

Promitheas Apollonious

Unlike the UK/USrael and nato allies, that killed few million people since the `90s alone and destroy several nations in the process.

Putin has the balls but obviously you dont have the brains, so your balls do the thinking for you.

Icarus Tanović

Yo, guys dont get tripping, just chill out, and wait.


Never trust a guy with the dishcloth on his head my mother said and again she is proced to be right. Was in Greece last weak there are more intelligent and wealthy Turks arriving as migrants, they are fleeing this lunatic. He will keep the stupid, poor, retardet, handicapt and imans.

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