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JUNE 2021

Turkish President Hints That Turkish Army May Adance Further Into Syria’s Idlib Governorate

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Turkish President Hints That Turkish Army May Adance Further Into Syria's Idlib Governorate

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On January 28, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the Turkish Army may launch an attack in the northern Idlib governorate after capturing the Afrin area, according to the Russian RT TV.

“If Allah permits, then we will reach Idlib,” Erdogan said at the Youth Conference that was organized by his Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the northwestern Kocaeli province.

The Turkish president also stressed that all the Turkish people are supporting the ongoing military operation of the Turkish Army in the Afrin area and claimed that over 394 fighters of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) were killed by the Turkish Army during the operation.

Some experts believe that any possible military operation of the Turkish Army in Idlib governorate will be aimed against the former branch of al-Qaeda in Syria, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). The radical armed group clashed before with Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups on several occasions, which threatened the interests of Ankara in northern Syria.

The Turkish Army conducted at least one reconnaissance mission in the eastern Idlib countryside on January 26. However, the mission was approved by HTS as both sides are currently coordinating on the western front of the Afrin area, according to Syrian oppositions sources. This indicates that such a Turkish military operation against HTS won’t happen before the Turkish operation in Afrin is over.

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I was with the idea that he stuck in Afrin going back and forth there and as the rumors have it turkish soldiers have yet to enter the grounds been too busy using twitter and other media to brag with selfies. Now he want to go farther?

I am with the idea the turks believe a war, is won by media rather than soldiers and a lot of words.

Promitheas Apollonious

come on turks stop farting and commit yourself, according to the plan of your final destruction. You are not attacking a city you are attacking a population of 25 million kurds. Most of it within your borders and they been kicking your ass for a very long time now.

Words and farting will not save you.


:D:D I love ignorant fuckshits like you. Try visiting Diyarbakır and screaming “Love live the PKK”. I give it 5 minutes before Kurds start murdering you with their own hands.

Why do you think Kurds are voting for Erdogan? Millions of Kurds suffering from Stockholm syndrome or… you bunch living in EU know zip shit about the Kurds in Turkey.

Promitheas Apollonious

fuckshit is the one who did not jerk you off SOB. And I have absolutely no sympathy for kurds, to me is same shit different name, as the turks and you.

Assuming just make an ass of you boy.


You didn’t get my point sweetcheeks. “Turkey is attacking a population of 25 million Kurds” is DELUSIONAL and IGNORANT at best. You see, Kurds in Turkey couldn’t care less about the animals living Afrin.

But ignorant fucktards like you doesn’t know this because you know nothing about the Kurds in Turkey.

So, no, i only stated your ignorance and i still do so. Now go bark at somewhere else.

Btw, PKK is not inside Turkey, its in Qandil Mountains, whose half is in Iraq, other half is in Iran. 30~years of constant attacks from there and they control NOTHING in Turkey. Your definition of ass-kicking is as retarded as your ignorant and baseless assumptions about the Kurds.


Good luck. Its odd that the Turks would fight ISIS since they are their proxies.

Promitheas Apollonious

They are not fighting ISIS. Is the army they use named differently to attack the kurds, since they scare shitless to face them themselves.


I disagree. The Turks are just following a trend that has been happening in all Western military interventions. And the current Russian intervention in Syria as well. Having lots of soldiers get killed and return in bodybags is just bad PR for any government these days. Because even total control of the traditional media won’t stop bad news making it through the public via the internet. Having lots of mercenaries get killed however, well nobody gives a shit about that. And the TFSA is just the Turkish equivalent of Blackwater.

Promitheas Apollonious

go to twitter and you see what the turks are doing been behind the front lines. And you may disagree all you want. If the kurds don’t compromise and fight as they fought against ISIS, then the turks have absolutely no chance to win. And even less chance if they use their own army and not veterans as they do now. the next days will be very reviling.


But why now ?
After years of fighting, spending billions over billions in arms supplies to worthless ‘rebel groups’ turky decides to get boots on the ground, without the support of the syrian gouverment.
Well if Assad don’t supports the turkish invasion directly, then at least he allows him to set ground in Syria or am I wrong ?
So why did he allow him doing so, well knowing that Turky could annex these occupied areas, at the first place ?

Promitheas Apollonious

Assad or better Syria can not afford to open a war with ertoklan turkey`s. The kurds will take care of them and definitely Assad did not allow turks, to invade Syria he just has not enough man power at the moment fighting ISIS, that coordinate their attacks with the turks, opening new fronts against syrians.

The turks are even worst soldiers than the Saudis and this will be shown shortly to the world. Only an idiot and brain-dead military wise in this time of the year would have committed, what turkey is committing in that terrain, in the middle of winter.


I don’t think the Turks are worse soldiers then the Saudis. Because the Saudis are incompetent at any level, from lowly soldier all the way up to their commander in chief. They’re just in the army because it was supposed to be a cushy job. The Turkish army has been neutered by Erdogan’s purges. 1/4 to 1/3rd of the officer corps has been sacked. That will undermine performance dramatically. Not to mention that those that remain have learned to keep their mouths shut, and the replacements are getting their jobs based on ideological reliability. An officer corps that consists of people frightened to lose their jobs and people who say yes to any crazy scheme is not conducive to military competence. If you read the memoirs of Britain’s top generals during WWII you’ll find that they had to spend hours talking Churchill out of whatever crazy scheme he had come up with. Every day! Do you think there’s anyone in the Turkish army who still has the balls to say no to whatever Erdogan comes up with?

Promitheas Apollonious

I have fight against the turks and I know first hand what I am talking about. I also watch them and their military moves now. If the kurds have good strategists, the turks are walking into the bigger trap ever set, in the modern era and they will pay very dearly, their arrogance as well ignorance, in the art of war.

Promitheas Apollonious

p.s. that was exactly the point I was making none of the turlks ever had balls, hence the reason, if they don’t outnumber the enemy 100 to 1, they never fight.


Outnumbering the enemy by a factor of ludicrous to 1 is always sound military strategy though. Only a fool, or a desperate commander attacks when the odds are the same, or against him. I cannot fault the Turks for that. If anything using massive overwhelming numbers is how the Red Army beat Finland during the ’39-’40 winter war. They had no choice because the Red Army had been gutted into incompetence by Stalin’s purges.

Promitheas Apollonious

or a warrior, who know how to fight and is not a coward that fears is shadow. Numbers don’t warranty victory, on the contrary are so many more targets to be eliminated and the false feeling of security numbers giving you, is always what kills you.

If you ever go to war, then you know what I mean. The time numbers mattered ended the day powder, and guns come into play. Of course guns alone if you don’t have the warriors, is exactly what happens to the turks right now. They lack the balls.


Time will tell how capable the turks are..

Promitheas Apollonious

we already know how capable they are we don’t need time, you do obviously and is fair. The kurds we know they have the full support of israel so i am sure they will not run out of ammunition’s and as I said unless they decide not to fight as in the case of Iraq then, no matter what the turks have in hardware they don’t have the warriors needed to use it, but this is my personal opinion.


So… this article claims that HTS and the Turks are on the same team?


Claim… What planet are you living?


Turks and HTS both are Al-Qaeda.

Wagner Von Schmit

Pictures circulated online showed what appeared to be a crater in the centre of the Ain Dara site and rubble where there used to be carved basalt lions. By turkish airtsrike

The Neo-Hittite temple was built by the Arameans in the first millennium BC.
ISIS they are more like ISIS definetly

Pál Póli

Idiot arabs were very happy till the turks attacked the kurds, now they will be attacked… have fun guys


you are the idiot because Turkish forces are not going to attack “idot arabs”.. you have no clue about the region or what you are talking about. You are ignorant but don’t realize – the worst kind.


Clearly, the task of taking afrin will be measured in months, not days. Turkey at this point, Looks very unlikely to attack manbij. Attacking idlib would be much easier for them.

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