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JULY 2022

Turkish President: Half of Weapons Delivered by US to Syrian Kurds Fell into Hands of ISIS

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According to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, almost half of the weapons, which the US has delivered to the defense forces of Syrian Kurds, fell into the hands of members of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group.

Turkish President: Half of Weapons Delivered by US to Syrian Kurds Fell into Hands of ISIS

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes that almost half of the weapons, delivered by the US to the defense forces of Syrian Kurds, fell into the hands of terrorists.

“Three days ago, three aircraft with US armaments for Syrian Kurds’ forces landed in the Syrian city of Kobani. Half of these weapons fell into the hands of terrorists of the Islamic State [IS] group. We warned Barack Obama about this, but could not convince him. Now, unfortunately, they play the same games. This will not lead to concrete results, but will just continue the bloodshed in Syria,” the Anadolu news agency quoted the words of the Turkish President.

In addition, the president urged to hand power in Syria over to Syrian people, and called Bashar al-Assad the cause of the death of 600,000 compatriots.

It seems that Erdogan has finally found reasons to explain the recent failures of controlled by him militants in northern Syria. The offensive on Al Bab clearly does not develop as it is wanted – terrorists are in no hurry to allow Turkish tanks and ‘green’ militants to reach their last outpost in northern Syria.

Despite rumors that the IS has surrendered the border to Turkey in the framework of unofficial arrangements with Erdogan, in fact IS terrorists carried out a planned retreat to the positions, from which they plan to resist Turks and Kurds.

Due to Turkey’s threats against Kurds and the termination of a direct support of Kurds from the US side, the Kurds’ offensive on Al Bab has been almost stopped. It would seem that now Erdogan has all the advantages, but traditional military weakness of the Syrian Revolutionary Forces, high efficiency of suicide attacks, and effective countermeasures of the IS at the tactical level do not allow the Turkish President to use the situation to his advantage.

Turkish President: Half of Weapons Delivered by US to Syrian Kurds Fell into Hands of ISIS

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The southfront map indicates that the “Syrian Revolutionary Forces and Islamic Groups” Turkish-backed Free Syrian army are still 22km from Al-Bab.

Whereas this source in Yeni Şafak claims that the FSA are clashing only 10km from Al-Bab, though I have been unable to identify the place names quoted on any map of the Al-Bab area.

41K Turkish soldiers ready to support operation Al Bab http://www.yenisafak.com/en/world/41k-turkish-soldiers-ready-to-support-operation-al-bab-2535329

Heavy clashes between FSA and Daesh were reported on Wednesday in Savran, Tuğlu, Baragat and Kafergan areas only 10 kilometers from al-Bab.

“Savran, Tuğlu, Baragat and Kafergan”? Do these places really exist on any map, or do they only exist in Yeni Şafak’s imagination?

After all, if the FSA are only 10km from Al-Bab in Erdogan’s imagination too then the 41,000 troops can continue to sleep on the Turkish border “on stand by” instead of having to be sent into action to make some real progress against ISIS towards Al-Bab?

Jens Holm

Well, Mr Erdogan could – just as since 1978 – and during the last 11 years – have made reforms in the parlament changing the constitution – and even avoided that PKK was there anymore. Many reasons for PKK being there has very good reasons and a lot more than PKK`s support it.

“Fools” in UN and nato says same thing. Read news i a couple of Tuirkish Newspapers 2 days ago. A lot of things were not there, others were totally twisted or worse.

Suyanto Ng

hahaha, he seems pointing Obongo with his bloody hands, because he another actor behind Syrian bloodshed

Kristy Rain

Half the weapons from kurds go to ISIS by “accident” ALL the weapons givrn to Turks to give to Al Qaeda go to Al Qaeda on *purpose* ?

Jens Holm

Whatever. If they then were used to kill ISIS and Kurds it was probatly fine for them that some Kaida/FSA were killed too.

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