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Turkish Police Prevents Terrorist Attack in Ankara: 2 Suicide Bombers Blown Up

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On Saturday, Turkish police has prevented a terrorist attack in the country’s capital. As result, two suicide bombers have blown themselves up. At the same time, 8 PKK militants have been killed by the Turkish Army in Hakkari province.

Turkish Police Prevents Terrorist Attack in Ankara: 2 Suicide Bombers Blown Up

Turkish police (Photo: businessinsider.com.au)

According to local media, a terrorist attack in Turkey’s capital Ankara was prevented by Turkish police on Saturday. As result, two suicide bombers blew themselves up, when the police ordered to surrender.

As the Daily Sabah newspaper reported, attackers allegedly planned a car bomb attack. It was not reported about any casualties so far. According to Governor of Ankara Ercan Topaca, the attackers have been identified as Mahide Atas and Harun Arslan. The identity of the third assailant is currently ascertaining by police.

“So far the PKK [the Kurdistan Workers’ Party] link is not certain but current evidence indicates that Harun Arslan may have PKK links,” local media quoted the words of Topaca.

Also 200 kilograms (441 pounds) of explosives were seized by police at the scene.

Meanwhile, local media also reported, citing the General Staff, that eight PKK militants were killed by the Turkish Army in the country’s southeastern province of Hakkari.

According to the Anadolu news agency, five fighters were killed by an unmanned combat aerial vehicle, two militants lost their lives in an air strike, and another one was killed by sniper fire in Cukurca district of Hakkari province. As the news agency noted, the total number of PKK militants killed in the Hakkari has reached 374 people.

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'Sup Bruh!

Awww :( YPG couldn’t bring democracy to Ankara citizens. Fucking monsters!! And we see retarded people saying “omg turkey is attacking YPG :(“


omg turkey is attacking everyone who is not erdogans servant (YPG, PKK, kurdish civilians, Irak, Syria, leftists, journalists, gülen follower…. :)

Jacek Wolski

Also Armenians…. oh, and don’t forget Russians.

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