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Turkish Parliament to Draft Bill Allowing Troop Deployment to Libya

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Turkish Parliament to Draft Bill Allowing Troop Deployment to Libya


The Turkish parliament is drafting a bill to allow a deployment of troops to Libya to assist the Government of National Accord (GNA).

Turkish Presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin confirmed the information.

“There might be a need for an authorization in line with the developments over there. The parliament is conducting work on this issue,” Kalin told a news conference in Ankara.

“We will continue to support the internationally recognized Libyan government. This support may be in terms of military training, or other areas, such as political support,” Kalin said.

Kalin added that Turkey would continue to provide the necessary support to Fayez al-Serraj’s Tripoli-based government. Turkey has already sent military supplies to the Serraj’s government despite a United Nations arms embargo, according to a report by U.N. experts.

Fighting on the ground in Libya is on-going with Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) having besieged Tripoli and attempting to push from all sides.

The deadline for the withdrawal of GNA forces from Tripoli and Sirte hasn’t yet finished, as they have until midnight on December 25th to leave, but fighting is actively happening.

The GNA’s Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha claimed that the Russian mercenaries supporting Haftar are leading the battle on the front lines as infantry for control of the capital.

Bashagha claimed that the Russian troops have advanced technology to jam up drones.

“In the past two days, they fired 2,500 shells between mortar and artillery,” Bashagha confirmed.

The detained LNA pilot, who has been allegedly providing information to the GNA revealed some new details of the LNA’s operation and its support.

Amer Al-Jagam claimed that there are two air-defense and electronic warfare systems in Tarhouna city operated by Russians, adding that there is a small group of French experts working on logistical support, surveillance and wiretapping.

“The drones are entirely operated by UAE officers at Al-Khadim airbase in eastern Libya and they have been present in Libya since 2014, taking part in military operations in Benghazi, Derna, and the southern region.” the pilot said in a video.

He indicated that Egypt’s F-16 and Rafale aircraft, taking off from Al-Barani airbase in Egypt, are taking part in the war to target Misrata and Tripoli in coordination with Haftar’s forces in Al-Rajma.

On the side that supports the LNA, the Egyptian Foreign Minister and his Russian counterpart stressed the importance of working to avoid aggravating the situation in Libya and pushing for efforts to reach a settlement to the crisis there.

LNA airstrikes and clashes with GNA forces are on-going, with still the situation resembling the stalemate that it has remained at for months.


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Hasbara Hunter

Erdogan Remember: World War I started for less…



The Yids are pushing Sisi into war with Turks.

Hasbara Hunter

The Russians are backing the LNA….the only reason I can Imagine for a Turkish Backing of the GNA at the moment is a take-over…to take the Stinger out….Neutralize the GNA…All other reasons for Erdogan not to Back them Russians is PURE TREASON…and should be treated accordingly…Erdogan’s Focus should be somewhere else…

Joking & Playing time is over….


Personally I don’t think that can trigger the World War since Turkey (still NATO member) fighting Egypt would not start the fight of the exactly opposed groups of nations… fighting each other.

There is reason and motive for WW3 it’s just that Turkey is wrong country to be used as trigger for different reasons. But Turkey starting regional war against Greece, Cyprus can for sure explode NATO for good.

Hasbara Hunter

I just gave Dönmeh Erdogan some things to consider in any of his upcoming Adventures…. Whatever Erdogan plans to do…He better thinks it over very thoroughly….The Geopolitical Worldstage is somewhat different than internal Staged False-Flag Coup attempts….


I agree that he is overestimating his hand in dangerous game of poker. There is something about that guy… so reckless and so “megalomaniac” like . That from time to time he looks like not only danger for others but even more so for his own country and people. His biggest delusion is the “power” of the Turk army by far overestimated.

Hasbara Hunter

Erdogan had HIS SOLDIERS Slaughtered & Lynched by His Praetorian Guards…Soldiers that didn’t know what the f*ck they were doing on that Bridge anyway….Yeah something with ISIS & the potential threat of an attack….Those Soldiers already had surrendered, unarmed & knew nothing about a Coup…Definitely a Dangerous Game of Poker….


Peter Jennings

The detained ‘LNA pilot’,along with the GNA high command, are pulling out the usual finger pointing to implicate all who are opposed to UN/US/nato rule in Libya. It’s the usual bullshit of US/nato good, Russia and allies, bad. The Russian admin are playing a blinder. Having a nato member as a partner in Libya will eventually open the doors for more Russian involvement without exposing themselves to the bad UN/US/nato PR and propaganda that follows whenever a Russian coughs or crosses the street. The US will soon enter a debt spiral and will not be in a position to send US wealth abroad to stabalise US/nato regimes. They may need the troops at home to quell the civil uprising that is bound to follow. The US started the century as an empire and it will soon end in the same way as the Wiemar republic. What then for the GNA?


That is why US is extorting money from already broke eastern European vassals, Saudis, UAE and other puppet regimes and also stealing Syrian oil to fund terrorism and wars for Zionism. However. with the over-extension, corruption and waste in US military, that will not work either and also a semi-hot “cold war” brewing with China, Russia, DPRK and Iran. US is in its dying hubris.

Peter Jennings

The Trumpster also tried to squeeze more money from existing european nato members.

The US military is indeed over extended and corrupt. They rely on bluff to get them through a crisis and they haven’t yet faced a real army in 70 years. However, when the isreal regime says they should go to war, they go to war irrespective of their constitution. That used to be all good in the old days when their debt ceiling could be inflated, but times have changed and their debt ceiling is already way beyond anything the US could honour.

We should be vigilant because nato and the USMIC need a war to stay relevant, to keep their gravy train full of gravy, and hide decades of crime. The next war, if it comes, will strike closer to home than the last one and the american public will get to see first hand the effects of modern warfare on towns and cities.


Erdogan is an uneducated peasant with no military experience or understanding of Turkish armed forces current plight. Libya is over 1200 kms away and a logistical nightmare even for more developed NATO nations who did not deploy ground troops after killing Kaddafi due to fear of a quagmire. For Turkey to have a serious commitment of a brigade sized force, it would be a very expensive and vulnerable operations, especially if Egypt and UAE got involved. Egyptian airbases and western command is right on the Libyan border. The Egyptian airbase at Mersah Metruh is already flying Rafale and F-16 sorties to support the LNA and Haftar forces. The flying time is barely 30 minutes while Turks would need an expensive airbridge and several hours of flying time with expensive and vulnerable air refueling, even if they control Tripoli airfield, it would need SAM and extensive AD cover. Not a very feasible or easy operation for an army that has failed in Syria, right next door and could not defeat the Kurds for 60 years.


But could bring Erdogan’s end. So let’s cheer him on…


That could mean direct conflict with Egypt


War against the Egypt would be the best way to weaken the Turkey in Syria.


On this we agree.

Xoli Xoli

Turkey under Erdodig regime has become British puppet terrorist state sponsor.


And this would mean direct conflict with both Egyptian and Russian troops. Pass the popcorn…

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