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JULY 2022

Turkish Parliament Approves Deployment Of Troops To Azerbaijan For Monitoring Center, MPs Claim Its For “Observation Posts” In Conflict Zone

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Turkish Parliament Approves Deployment Of Troops To Azerbaijan For Monitoring Center, MPs Claim Its For "Observation Posts" In Conflict Zone

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On November 17th, the Turkish Parliament approved the deployment of Turkish troops to Azerbaijan for a peacekeeping mission to Azerbaijan.

The vote passed with overwhelming approval.

The vote is advertised as a deployment of Turkish troops to take part in the Russian-brokered ceasefire agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan, but it is simply Turkish experts taking part in a monitoring center, alongside Russia.

The peacekeepers are from the Russian military, as it has been made clear.

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) and Good Party (IP) accepted the bill, which will allow “Turkish peacekeeping efforts in the aftermath of the recent Nagorno-Karabakh deal.”

The agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan doesn’t include the deployment of any Turkish forces to Nagorno-Karabakh, regardless of what the claims are.

The mandate will allow Turkish troops to be stationed at a peacekeeping center for one year as part of an accord between Ankara and Moscow to monitor the implementation of the cease-fire, which locked in territorial gains by Azerbaijan.

In comparison, the mandate of the Russian deployment is 5 years.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s government would determine the number of troops to be sent and it wasn’t immediately clear how many the country planned to deploy. The motion states that civilian personnel could also be deployed as part of the peacekeeping mission.

Russian and Turkish defense ministers signed a memorandum last week to create a joint monitoring center in Azerbaijan. This came as a result of several days of negotiations between the two sides.

The Turkish troops to be dispatched to Azerbaijan will work with their Russian counterparts to observe and report the ceasefire between the two rival parties, Azerbaijan and Armenia, which ended their six-week war.

Meaning that no actual troops will be deployed to Nagorno-Karabakh, but simply in Azerbaijan’s sovereign territory, where the monitoring center will be established.

In some internal propaganda, however, Turkish members of parliament appear to believe that there would be Turkish observation posts, similar to the 16 that Russia is establishing in Nagorno-Karabakh.

According to Ankara’s understanding, Turkey reiterates that the troops will be deployed in “the territories of Azerbaijan liberated from occupation.”

During the discussions in parliament, Turkish MP Abdul Ahat Andidjan said that “UAVs should be deployed in the observation posts created by Turkey, which will be guided and analyzed by Turkish Armed Forces officers. These observation posts should have a specific function.”

This is unlikely to happen, since, as mentioned numerous times, Turkish presence only relates to personnel in an monitoring center, which will not be part of any single or numerous observations posts, but at a distance from any potential frontline.


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Lazy Gamer

Putin’s hand is called. Is NK, Azerbaijan or is its status still to be determined? Otherwise, they will claim that this is an Azeri internal matter under the invitation of Aliyev. lol


Putin under the CSTO provisions can “protect” the area and deflate the Turkish bubble. Deploying their EW against Azeris and Turks would make Turkish “prowess” a laughing stock around the world. Just ask the Ukrainians.

Mark M. Nobelman

I don’t understand why the editor is trying to sugarcoat things here. Areas regained by Azerbaijan in Nagorno Karabakh is Azerbaijan. Turkey can deploy even 1 million forces if it wanted and got invitation without anyones objection.

Turkey has also defesne treaty with Azerbaijan. It can and will deploy forces to every city in the regained territory including Susha since they are all Azerbaijani territories.

This has nothing to do with Russian brokered deal but the deal between Turkey and Azerbaijan defense treaty


OFC SF is spinning this so Putins alledged “master piece” of diplomacy does not get tainted by the not so pretty reality. Russia may have prevented even worse outcomes, but the harsh reality is that Erdogans new Ottoman plan has marked a huge win here. As you correctly say, Erdogan can freely deploy troops in ANY part of NK now again occupied by Azerbaijan as it is their offical UN recognized territory. It is also no wonder that a Russian site like SF tries to spin their reports pro Russia. Nothing to wonder here, on the contrary it has never been any different here. No harm in that, i also read RT, and i am of firm believe that Russian view point should not be suppressed and be published. Just like western media pushed their viewpoint exclusively. But to get the whole picture, one needs to piece together all sides. And this spin here that tries to sugercoat how Erdogan managed to push further and further into Russias strategic depth is just that, a spin. Just like SF has been spinning the Putin-Erdogan deal since now 3 years. At least on that issue they now show a bit of cititism.

Антон С

“It is also no wonder that a Russian site like SF tries to spin their reports pro Russia.”

“SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is a public analytical umbrella organization created and maintained by a team of experts and volunteers from the four corners of the Earth.” https://southfront.org/about-southfront/

“All posts on behalf of South Front are made by Gordon Duff” https://www.veteranstoday.com/author/southfront/

The main server is in Holland. https://www.cy-pr.com/a/southfront.org

So i personally assume it’s international volunteer project without main geographic location, but with authors which are living in different countries. Just some of them are from Russia, that’s why russian version of SF is almost empty with last article published in May.


The Azeris can deal with the conquered territories on their own. Erdo is sticking his nose in too many places where he does not belong. Eventually his nose will be cut off.

Yea right, a million Turkish troops on Azeri land. Lol. Aliev was a signatory of the cease with Putin, he agreed to Putin’s conditions and he will observe them regardless of what Erdo says….. otherwise there is a Russian peace/battle force in the area to make sure the cease fire agreement is observed.

Mark M. Nobelman

Turkey can deploy as it pleases within Azeri regained territories from NK and the 7 districts regained. It has defense with Azerbaijan on top of that. It is not even up for debate and alot of people were blind sighted from the get go instead of investigating the matter further


Turkey is subject to what Aliev wants to do, Azeri land is not Turkish land. Azeris might get tired of Turks and gravitate towards Russia.

The Objective

You’re very correct. The author seems to contradict himself. First he says: “Meaning that no actual troops will be deployed to Nagorno-Karabakh, but simply in Azerbaijan’s sovereign territory, where the monitoring center will be established” And then he said: “Turkey reiterates that the troops will be deployed in “the territories of Azerbaijan liberated from occupation.” ““the territories of Azerbaijan liberated from occupation.”” This makes no difference. Turkey is actually deploying in large part of Nagorno Karabakh. The fact it was liberated by Azerbaijan makes little difference since Russia is not allowed in this part of the NK region. In summary, Russia deploys to Armenian-held Nagorno Karabakh while Turkey deploys in Azerbaijani-held Nagorno Karabakh. However, Russia seems to be annexing parts of NK despite having no borders with NK, as the Armenian forces are withdrawing from the region. Another proof of Russian aggression.

John Brown

Yes Turkey can deploy even 1 million forces if it wanted and got invitation without anyones objection.

But not in the areas covered by the cease fire treaty or the treaty is null and void.

Does Azer want to take on Russia and Iran?. How long would such a war last?

24 hours at most before the Iranian and Russian armies met in Baku.

It would be over before Turkey knew it had started.

Iran and Russia would then have completely castrated Turkey, as they would have control over the Azer pipelines to Turkey.

Why do you think Iran and Russia are massing troops on their borders with Azer?? To send exactly this warning message.

Mark M. Nobelman

Why you even inserting Iran into this they are none player and why would you assume Turkey is alone it has probably more allies on it is side.

There is no agreement that says Azerbaijan territories. They can invite in and rebuild Turkish or other. It is all the same

John Brown

Russia China and Iran together are far stronger then the Soviet Union ever was. They are are far more powerful militarily and economically then the racist supremacist global Jewish Satanic slave empire and their USSA and JEU slaves.

With Iran they dominate the middle east. in 10 years their economies and militaries will be many times the size of the empires and the USSA zio dollar will be replaced by the Yuan.

Lazy Gamer

A possible formulation could be that Turkey is the source of instability, terrorism, and also a belligerent and therefore, should not be present in NK and in the recent conflict zone. Armenia and NK should raise this.

Mr T

dream on armenian looser animal.

Lazy Gamer

What a stupid Turkish baboon wanting to sit on the winners table.

Mr T

Again SF Putler propaganda by weak Russia.

The Turks will be in AZ land and even you mention Turks are stationed in the observation center, these are still Turkish soldiers…monitoring the Armenian asala terrorists.

So the Russki cant hide their animal pet armenians doing wrong things.

Black Waters

Well, we already found the CIA bot from the U.S fascist regime.


If Aliev does not comply with the cease fire agreement, the Russians could sic the Armenians “dogs” against the Turks. The Armenian dogs are very motivated to pay back the Turks for atrocities committed in the past. Just consider Russian EW paralyzing Turkish drones and artillery followed by Armenian MRLS and heavy artillery decimating the mighty Turks. Armenian iskander missiles would be used against air bases and command centers, decapitating Turkish high command and making airfields unusable. More Turks would join the meat grinder?

The Objective

SouthFront just reported that the best Russian EW systems failed to stop Turkish drones. The Turks have penetrated the Russian EW defenses. Read more: https://southfront.org/treason-mismanagement-of-armenian-military-command-former-chief-military-inspector-revealed-details-of-nagorno-karabakh-war/


That is one component of the EW defenses. It takes several components to provide full coverage. There are no Turkish drones flying over Idlib when Russian EW is active.


Pole 21 max range is 80kms.

Guy Metdrapedes

Mister Turk. Calling people who don’t want their heads cut off terrorists doesn’t work outside of your neo-ottoman world.


Probably Turkish army that will suround the Russian contingent will be few times larger. Erdogan wants to show he is stronger than Putin.

Rhodium 10

Of course Israel and Turkey play in the same team…but if both are so strong why dont invade Syria and expel Assad , IRGC and Hezbollah?..why Turks allow Russian troops inside NK?…why Russian forces have taken control of the all Oil fields and export ports in Libya despite Turkish presence there?….


I didn’t say Turkey is stronger than Russia. I’m saying Erdogan play thougher than Putin. And there is no point in assasinating Assad, also occupying all Syria would be waste of resources, anyone who does this, needs to feed those people.

Rhodium 10

Both( Israel&Turkey) play what Russia allow them!…these constant israeli airstrike vs Syria are not in vain…because meanwhile Israel dont allow Arab pipelines through his territory to Cyprus to EU…while Turkey have built Turkstream and now most of Azeri gas in transit to Turkey is through Russian gas pipelines and by passing Georgia.


ROFL. Putin is owned by Chabad mafia. Russian peasants play what their Jewish masters allow them.


Irrespective of speculated cia doctrined whos superior to whoms,no future in fascism/soros/kweers, May the real works in mutual respect prosper peace and many needed infastructures there abouts:

Free man

It is understandable and natural that Azerbaijan would want Turkish troops to help implement the agreement with Armenia, especially in light of the Iranian threats.


Frankly, this the most idiotic comment so far. Well done.


Frankly speaking, this was a Turkish war and now tiny Azerbaijan is a defacto Turkish colony.

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