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JUNE 2023

Turkish Operation In Northeastern Syria Is Coordinated With United States, Russia?

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Turkish Operation In Northeastern Syria Is Coordinated With United States, Russia?

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On October 10, the U.N. Security Council did not agree on a statement condemning Turkey’s military operation in Syria. Following an emergency, closed-door session of the Security Council, ambassadors issued somber assessments of the situation. Five European ambassadors demanded that Turkey cease its military operation against Kurdish armed groups in northeastern Syria.

U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft said Washington does not endorse Turkey’s actions, but did not contribute a lot of efforts to condemnt it.

“Failure to play by the rules, to protect vulnerable populations, failure to guarantee that ISIS cannot exploit these actions to reconstitute, will have consequences,” Craft said.

Russia’s U.N. ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said that the United States and its coalition are conducting “demographic engineering” that led to the conflict. He called for a solution that would “take into account other aspects of the Syrian crisis, not just the Turkish operation.”

“It should speak about the illegal military presence in that country,” Nebenzia said in an apparent reference to the U.S. military presence in Syria.

Reactions of Russia and the United States to Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring demonsrate that Ankara may have in fact pre-agreed it actions with Moscow and Washington.

The Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish-backed militants have been developing a ground phase of the operation against Kurdish armed groups in northeastern Syria since October 9. So far, they have achieved limited results only. Nonetheless, it’s expected that if Turkey continues its operation, it will be able to make some notable gains in the region.

The key question is how deep into Syria the Turkish military is planning to expand its Operation Peace Spring. Currently, pro-Turkish sources speculate about the possible creation of a 30km-deep corridor. In this event, Anakra will boost its role in the conflict even further and gain a wide range of options to influence its possible settlement. More limited gains, for example a 15km-deep corridor will have no such effect to the sitaution in Syria in general and will mostly impact the chances of the Kurdish political leadership to turn their plans to create a semi-independent state within Syria.

From the side of the Trump administration, the current situation is a step to return confidence of its key ally in the eastern Mediterranean and, at the same time and deliver a blow to efforts of the Obama administration and the CIA that had contributed notable efforts in supporting the Kurdish project in northern Syria.

The possible rapprochement of the US and Turkey over the conflict in Syria would theoretically allow Washington to strengthen its campaign to limit influence of Iran and the Assad government in the war-torn country, as well as open additional opportunities for a revanche of the US military industrial complex on the Turkish market. This is a logical step in the framework of the national-oriented policy provided by the Trump administration.

At the same time, some experts say that the Turkish operation in northeastern Syria may be a part of the Turkish-Russian deal over the situation in Greater Idlib, where the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance has recently made notable gains in the area of Khan Shaykhun.


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turkey has the approval by the unhinged statesof A and by russia to deal with the kurds, that no one want’s around. and in a while syria and the SAA will join the fray and that is when the going gets real tough for the kurds – back to being tenants with just some minor concessions where selfdetermination is concerned – you might say that the kurds at this stage are royally screwed.

Sasan Jamshidi

The Imperialists Coalition babie..

Sasan Jamshidi

Kurds whatever they do the fascists blame them of israel plan while from 2011 to 2014 we see no help for kurds, and then Afrin, and then now when US-Turkey-Russia Join each other against them yet the paranoia people blame kurds be with irsael! What a joke these people are .. and how Kurds were/are alone indeed.


after all the double crossings we saw the last 8 years, who can still believe Americans, Russians or Turks? Nobody, nor can I believe European leaders, Iran or Saoudi. I can believe there are some groupes who fight for family and land but most nationalities involved are body snatches and vultures. So do not support the lap dog of Erdogan; Trump. Boycott Turkey: all products barcodes who start with 868 or 869 DO NOT BUY THEM. While your governement is doing nothing do not helpErdogan and Trump commit the next invasion and Turkish genocide on the only real protectors of the world against Islamic State. And better boycott Russia and America also.

Semen Sh!tstain

Kurdish LGBT Antifa transgender homosexual brigades putting up EXTREME resistance! They will defeat and destroy capitalism and imperialism! Meanwhile they are fed and supported by (guess who) CAPITALISTS AND IMPERIALISTS lol xD oh the irony, if not for imperialist and capitalist USA, kurds would have been exterminated by isis back in 2014. Now Turkey is going in to finish the job


Yeah, Turkey is doing the job of ISIS.

Why do you sympatize with that? Assad sees the Kurds, despite the tensions, as natural allies, and his citizens.

Russia too, and has all the time held good realtions with the Kurds, preparing this exact moment of making a deal that will reunite Kurds with Assad.

Why do you guys here sympatize with the islamistic turks, who are the true enemys of Syria??


and despite what you say they turned on Assad and joined forces with the unhinged states of A which was a serious mistake. a life threatening mistake in fact and they can’t really expect any leniency from either Assad or Russia – back to being tenants in the borderland.


It is not what I SAY, it is what ASSAD and RUSSIA says! Life in your dream world, or read their latest OFFICIAL announcements.

Sasan Jamshidi

Haha says one its filthy nation got 450 million US dollar in 1946-1953 and is in nato and protector of israel with embassy and relations! Haha are your minds really fucked or you were like this since your bloodthirsty chingiz khan ancestor huh? Filths ..

Zionism = EVIL

The Kurds are cowards and absolute scum and will be wiped out as Turkey has multiphase game plan for Syria operation which was green lighted by both Americunts and Russia. Even the Jew masters have not spoken a word for their Kurd arselickers. The hundreds of Zionists in Arbil, Suleimaniah and Salahdin are going about their devious business as always. The Kurds are pimps.


The deal is; Russia alowed Turkey to invade NE Syria if they stopped supporting the jihadists in Hama Idlib and took most of them fighting the Kurds. One more cheaty trick from tricky Putin and dictator Erdagan.



Xoli Xoli

Where is federal state of Raqqa.Where is Rojava.Where is Altanf Garison.Where is illegal fire arms.If no answer please die like you used to killed Raqqa and Altanf Refugees. Kill with the bullet die with the bullet.


The current Limit of Advance (LOA) for the regular Turkish forces (TSA) is set at the M4 Highway running East-West from Manbij City to Qamishli. This includes the main SDF base at Ayn Issa, but Qamishli city district will remain Syrian. The plan is to repopulate areas vacated by Kurds with displaced and families of the 30 assorted jihadi groups forming the Turkish proxy Syrian National Army, exactly as in Afrin and northern Aleppo province. Rinse and repeat. Ignore US and NATO bluff and bluster, this is by agreement.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly what I have been saying. US is leading from behind and we controle everything on the ground in Syria for freedom and peace. No one and especially not Turkey would dare to mess around with an American in leadership.


What’s this ‘we’ business, English is definitely not your first language. How could you be so blind about America’s involvement in Syria. ‘Freedom and peace’, lol, you imbecile.

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